Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kyurii 09SEP D is up!

hey hey have you browse through our new items yet? we have kind of divided it into work and play this batch. som ecasual items with a few pieces where you can wear to work. here are some weekend pieces which i like! we havent had any flower printed dresses for a while, so i thought it would be nice to get this piece for this week. sometimes it just feels so wonderful to wear a sweet little floral dress like this on a lovely sunday afternoon and take a walk in nature. isnt it? or is it just me? hee... sometimes we just cant imagine mixing stripes with floral prints, but this piece does it nicely! therefore i like it. takes me beyond what i thought i know.
ruching yes. i just love ruching. doesnt ruching makes a plain tee look so much more interesting and feminine? for this reason, i love this piece a lot. haha.. comes in soft pink and a slightly stronger green.
i thought its a very interesting green. its not dull like a khaki nor is it bright like a hornet green. right in the middle. i like it. i am taking the green one myself. what about you?
2 more interesting white tees for you this week. over time, we received some requests for interesting print tees in white. i duno if these are exactly what you have in mind, but i thought they are quite cool. skull and flowers. nice. haha... i like the oversized-ness of it, haha i am always buying oversized tees. did you recognize it? haha..
i like this disco ball print tee. you know sometimes when under the black jacket, you just need a white base tank or tee with some subtle print, so that the overall look doesnt appear too stark. personally i find it almost vital. haha.. ok ok not vital, but something is nice to take note of. i just cant wear a completely white tank top under a completely black jacket. its too bland. you either need some texture or some print. so i thought this is the perfect tee under a black jacket becos the print is in perfect grey. if the whole disco ball is in black, i wouldnt say its perfect. but the gradual silver grey is good. great. haha... again, its just me.
go to NEW IN! and see them in details now!

i finally got it!

hello girls! on my third attempt, i got my indian visa done! finally! it was a long long queue this morning, and i queued twice becos i forgot to make photo copies of some documents. woah and they are merciless even though they look friendly. i put on my sweetest smile and asked if i have to queue again, 'sorry miss, you have to queue again. next please.' SHIT! hahaha..

but my sweet smile did work on a more important level. the girl in front of me, for some reasons, couldnt get her visa processed on the same day even though she has all the documents (she has to come back next week). and some people were complaining loudly why they cant get theirs done on the same day too. maybe becos there were just so many people today after the holiday yesterday and also becos this coming friday they will have another long 5 day holiday break. the place is packed with visa applicants. when i heard that, i was like shit! i am flying off this sat! they told me last week i can get it on the same day. i was worried.

my turn came, i handed over all the documents to the man and asked as sweetly and as 'innocently' as... a flower (trying to use a bit of a feminine charm.. haha) i asked 'i have a problem. can i get my visa done today as i am flying off this sat?' the man replied 'yes, for you today.' YIPPEE!!!

i felt so relieved! becos there is no way i am coming back here again tomorrow (its just taking too much time and i have tons of work to complete). but i did learn my lesson. dont wait till the last minute. haha...

armed with my coffee, i am off for the 9:40am ferry! and i had a simple strawberry jam sandwich in the leopard bag. it feels kind of nice to have breakfast on the ferry, looking out to the sea. i love the pale grey with beige and a little brown from my bags and hairband (oops sorry it is cropped off the pix). girls, you may like to check out the bag SEPB ACC-1.2 and the grey skinny 0734-009 , it also comes in pale yellow and green . the other colours are sold out. sorry, the biege tank top that i am wearing is sold out. but i think we still have a few pieces of the broderie lace bolero in white left. It also comes in black too. dont miss them!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Kyurii 09SEP D preview!

yes girls, preview time! we are still lovind ruching! we also are missing a little floral prints after all that monotones last few weeks. this launch, we go a little softer with some pink, flowers and frills.
all the new items will be up tomorrow morning at 9am! dont miss them! hugs.

yet another ferry ride!!!

girls, guess what? haha this morning i set off happily, making sure i catch the 10:30am ferry to the consulate of india. becos the last time i was late. i need to get my tourist visa as i am leaving this sat. and when i get there, they are closed today!!!!!! hahaha! i cant believe this! its my second attempt and yes, i failed again. i went there, i couldnt remember which floor they are at, so i asked the lady at the lobby counter. and she told me, they are at the 26th floor but they are closed today. its their new year or something.

OF COZ IT IS! its dashain! its the most important festival for the hindus, which shakti, or goddess durga or mother goddess is worshipped for 10 days. goddess durga is one who fights for the good against the evil so that the destruction of the evil and the victory of the good happens. its a week long holiday in india and nepal. i actually had it marked down on my calendar to remind myself just in case i was there at this time (which i did last year). oh my goodness... but i wasnt expecting any inconveniences here in hk! hahahaha i burst out laughing to the lady telling her my experience.

oh well.... then i decide to go collect my ticket at the nepal airline office. but i think i better call them up first. i am glad i did coz no one answered, i guess they are on holiday too! haha.. so ok. just another ferry ride for me. i wonder how many it would take. i cant stop laughing at myself as i make my way back to the pier. and i cant help but smile thinking of and planning my third attempt tomorrow. i need to make sure it is successful!! oh i need some support from the divine.... haha. i think i should call them up tomorrow before i set off. just in case.

anyway. i hope you are liking this blouse. i have been wearing it a lot. i love the airy feeling when i am in it, and i like its wide sleeves, its so comfortable! check it out www.kyurii.com now!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Our first kyurii labelled item!

hey girls!! preview as promised! oh we really hope you like this very first kyurii item. we really love it! it will be available at www.kyurii.com tomorrow morning 9am. please give us your support! thank you thank you!

the sun shines on everyone!

hey girls, how are you? i am in the midst of doing the layouts. children's day is round the corner, also with our pre-children's day sale, i thought it would be nice to share this beautiful song with you 'the sun shines on everyone' by snatam kaur, with beautiful images and voices of children.

i think they should teach this song in school. haha.. but in our crazy society, they may not like it with the 'ram ram hari ram' at the back, associating it with hinduism. (ram means god-like or god or supreme in sanskrit). haha dun see anything wrong with it though. i like it. i like diversity. i love the simple lines of the song, or rather the profound truth of it. 'when the sun shines, it shines on everyone. it doesnt make choices.' think about how many times we are selective in our wishes. we ought to share these spiritual topics with the kids when they are young (well as best as we could, becos we are also still learning ourselves. haha) imagine how much lesser work they need to do when they are adults if they receive strong, steady fundamental teachings as kids... oh you know sometimes i wish there is an revolution to the educational system. oh well.. i would definitely sing this to my kids. but for now, i shall sing it to my cats. hahaha!

'when the sun shines, it shines on everyone. it doesnt make choices.
when it rains, it rains on everyone. it doesnt make choices.
the one spirit lives in everyone. it doesnt make choices.
and we pray, we pray for everyone.
yes we pray, we pray for everyone.
we pray, we pray for everyone. we dont make choices.'

isnt it beautiful? absolutely uplifting. you just smile when you sing this, dont you? at the next bhajan, if i were to lead a chant, i shall do this one.

oh last fri kirtan was great. singing out peace and love from your heart, sending out well wishes to people you love, with a group of people is truly powerful. the collective energy is amazing. we are encouraged to take a moment to remain silent with closed eyes like in meditation after a chant, and feel your heart space. and from that space in your HEART, the clearest knowingness takes place. no confusion. no fear. no doubts at all. the mind and thoughts have absolutely no control over us. its a beautiful silence of gratitude that excludes nothing. all inclusive, it doesnt make choices.

p.s. girls, when we have a kyurii office, we have to do a kirtan together!! those with kids, bring them along! i remember there was one kirtan i went to, a caucasian mom brought her 3yo daughter along and she was dancing on her own when we sang. it was such a beautiful sight. ok next trip i am home, i have to teach little kimi how to chant. haha!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kyurii Label!

please stay tuned girls. i will show you the preview of the very first kyurii item tomorrow! ooh i am excited! : )

Friday, September 25, 2009

what is love?

hello girls, weekend is here. i just thought it would be nice to share this beautiful video with all of you. enjoy.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

just another ferry ride

good morning girls! how are you all doing on a thursday morning? getting ready for the weekend. i am staying in lamma whole day to work. rachel is coming in later. we are going to see the sunset and have dinner together.

yesterday i went to the consulate of india to get my visa done, but haha it wasnt successful. you know before i go, i kind of have this feeling becos of past experience. i never get such things done in one trip (the last time i forgot to bring my passport, yes i can be absent minded). but this time i thought i got everything, 2 photos and the passport. i even read through the website to be sure (this to me, is considered an extra step). but guess what? when i got there, wow nice no queue. i went in. the 5 indian staff were behind the counter chatting happily among themselves. nice energy. i asked them about tourist visa. they told me 'come back tomorrow. we close at 12noon. now its 12:15.' WOAH!!!!! i forgot to check the hours. argh...

whenever it comes to doing stuff like that, i duno what to call them, stuff like applying for something, filling up forms, reading through manuals. i just cant do these things. i am a mess.

anyway i love the relaxed manner of the staff. they told me with a big smile 'it can be done in a day so no rush, you can go back next week.' (no wonder the indians are the happiest people around). yes they are right. no rush. no big deal. its just another trip to the consulate. just another ferry ride.

i smiled to the man said thanks and walked off leisurely to have coffee with miranda and rachel.

to katharine

hi katharine, leekeng just shared your email with me. i love that vest too! i am so happy that you like it! and that you also sound like a vest girl! yeah! haha... thank you for your encouraging words, we will continue to work hard. hey now its only 2 more days to the weekend! enjoy!

Kyurii: zebra and leopard bags back in stock!

hey girls, the zebra stripes bag and grey leopard print recycle bags are back in stock! those who missed out on the last round, get them now! no more plastic bags.
its a lovely day here today, the sun shining brightly... i was on my way to the pier, stopped by my property agent's grandfather's house. i put the camera on the bin and took this photo.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

i climb the tree to see the world

girls i have to share this with you! i absolutely love this. the visuals, the movements and the song. i am really feeling it. its so beautiful. 'pour your body out' i love this expression. each time you bend forward with your arms stretched out, it does feel like emptying yourself, pouring whatever that doesnt serve you out with your exhale. and as you inhale, breathe in the new, lift your hands and heart up to face the sky with complete freshness. every breathe is fresh, every moment is new. flowing with grace and beauty and feeling and merging with the space around you.
i really love my yoga with music. maybe i should choreograph a series of flow to a good piece of music and have a 'yoga flow' night at club81 roof (well, actually some of the yogis who came last sunday mentioned about yoga dancing at the roof next time. haha). it would be fun. oh now i am really inspired to get my headstand done in slow motion. it requires great core work! core core core! its all about the core! haha...and oh i love the running pig!!
behind the scene, if you are interested.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What I wear today

today i wore the new culottes to class, my yoga buddies saw it and asked me where i got it from. it would be nice if kyurii would eventually have our own yoga line. check it out at www.kyurii.com . it also comes in green.
i had a great hot flow class today at central with margie, rachel and roni. 4 of us in a row, it was fun. then we got the batman costume with huge bat ears for michael. then meditation class then dinner. feeling a little tired now... time for some bedtime stories. lets talk more tmr. sweet dreams girls.

Kyurii NEW IN

ok girls for some kyurii news! check this out!!! i saw that broderie lace bolero jacket in black last week!!! when i got the white one, it was completely out of stock, this black one. now they have it. great for work! very classy i love it. take a closer look at it and the other new basic items on www.kyurii.com now! dont miss the yogini culottes!

love cakes

last nite we had a great time! yoginis nite out filled with laughter yoga. we were chatting and laughing fondly of our teacher who is currently in tokyo enjoying his holiday and maybe sneezing a lot yesterday. hahaha... with him, we not only learn yoga, we learn about loving someone for who she or he is. and he is always very ready and honest to show us genuinely how he is like (moody, cynical, warm, distant, inspiring, loving, merciless, all rolled into one huge ball of 'chi' or 'prana' or lifeforce! haha) which makes it kind of like a love/hate relationship. but everytime we talked about him, it just made us laugh so much!!! he will always be a mystery which we all love.

i did learn a lot from that. that its ok to show our dark side becos for those who truly love you, they will know that beneath the darkness, there is always light. that makes one so much more interesting. different textures and flavours.

hey one more thing i need to mention today!! i was so touched by miss harriet's love for us through her baking. she made us cakes and cookies and have them wrapped up very beautifully in individual packs.
before i had them for breakfast, i just feel i have to take some time out to appreciate them and honour the love.. the time and attention taken. i took a few photos and did a little design for it. the lines came from the paper bags she used to pack the cakes. yes love is the best gift of all... when you think about it, life is actually remembered by these little things and moments, isnt it? very real and pure. only interested in giving and sharing, not interested in receiving. thank you once again, miss harriet.

ok i am going to get some work done, then 4pm yoga with rachel and then we will be off to shop for a batman costume for little michael, my 5 yo lover. he is attending a hero party and he wants to be batman. tall, dark, handsome and mysterious... i like. haha..
rachel told me a few nites ago he saw my photo on facebook and asked his mom 'where is suyin? i want her to come and play with me.' AWW............... my heart melting... i feel like flying back to singapore immediately at that moment. i really miss him.
oh did i tell you girls, he actually licked me on my cheek the last time i was at his house!!!! hahaa.. we were sitting on the couch watching 'tom & jerry' (haha things always happen on the couch yeah) and suddenly he turned around and licked my right cheek!!! hahaa gross or sweet?!? for a sec, i duno what to react! but he was looking at me innocently and smiling so sweetly. HE IS CHARM ITSELF. hahaha his mom laughed and said its definitely out of affection! i am smiling both outside and inside, but please pass me that tissue. : )

Monday, September 21, 2009

have a wonderful week!

today i woke up, checked my email, read an email from mr ferry and was grinning and then started laughing about the whole thing. anyway, the message i would like to share with you girls today is, trust your gut feel. haha...

ok i am going to catch the 12 oclock ferry to get your backorders! and then have tea with rachel, she is back in hk for a week. we have a lot to catch up! then dinner at central with the rest of the girls. then we might head over to club71 for drinks. oh busy work this week, with so much activities, i seriously duno how i am going to finish the work before leaving. i have to go get my indian visa done tomorrow and collect my ticket. i almost forgot about that.

and leekeng, please give me a list of what i need to do for you by this week.... thank you thank you.

ps: to mr ferry, welcome to the blog.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Basic culottes this week!

hey girls, we threw in 2 yogini culottes! haha.. i call them that becos i intend to wear them to class. they are really comfortable. i love them! i was so disappointed when they dont have other colours. only dark blue and green but they are both really nice colours. i am wearing them tomorrow!!! haha please note that the green one is slightly longer (pass the knee) than the dark blue one (at the knee).

Kyurii New Basic Items added!

hey girls we have added more colours to the basic strappy tanks! i love this coral one. bright and sharp, brightens up my day! i like it with dark navy blue or denim. it also comes in midnight blue. nice to go under a work jacket.
cobalt blue, for those who want a little sharper colour without going too bright.
sharp pink. this is for those who wants to make a statement! i really like it with the khaki studded vest. try it try it!

beautiful sound fill the house

wow it was a great day today! first time the house is filled with 20 people! highest record so far for club81! haha.. i dun have enough cups to go around. this afternoon, we have kirtan (chanting/singing session) at my house. the energy was great.. even though most of us do not know each other. becos its an open invitation, friends can bring their friends. this group of new friends consists mainly of yogis from myoga. it is led by dileep, their yoga teacher who guest-appears at pure kirtan sometimes and thats how we met. after attending their bhajan last month, they were really excited to do it at my house so thats how this whole thing happened.
thank you everyone who came. this time we didnt do it at the roof becos its too hot and humid, next time we can do it at sunset at the roof, i am sure it would be great! they all like the roof. the energy of the house. i am just so happy that everyone enjoyed themselves and you see their faces glowing after the chanting. we had yummy indian snacks prepared by kit and evelyn at the roof and chatted. some of them playing with the cats. tessy and b&w behaved so well today, not shy at all, allowing guests to stroke them. oh the whole house is filled with beautiful sound and energy. i feel grateful.

to olympia

thank you olympia! i am so happy that you thought of me when you saw these pictures. oh they are lovely! when kyurii has an office, it would definitely look something like that! oh thank you thank you so much. more inspirations for the roof. have a lovely sunday!

oh so lovely....

good morning world

its about 6:25am now over here. my favourite time of the day actually, its just that i am not always up this early to be with it. the birds are calling. i just saw a toad hopping around downstairs. everything seems soft now. the light, the sounds, the activtities of the creatures maybe becos the human beings are still asleep. i love the silence. ooh the air is so fresh. there is a huge tree outside which has sweet smelling flowers, i can smell the fragrance. a couple of spotted neck pigeons flew across the balcony. i wonder when the red-whiskered bulbul birds will be back. those with the spiky hairdo and red cheeks. i havent seen them for a while now, i think they migrate south during winter. i googled some time ago to learn that they are native to india. check this out:

''In 1960, 5-10 red-whiskered bulbuls, originally from Calcutta, India, escaped from captivity at the Miami Rare Bird Farm and established themselves in a suburban area in the southern fringes of Miami, Florida.'' haha what a lovely story. i like it. their next generation are what we would call, american born indians. this also exists in the bird world. cool.

i can see some dragon flies and some dark clouds. i hope it doesnt rain today as we are having a kirtan this afternoon at the roof.

bits and pieces of today

i was chopping up some of the left over ingredients from last nite pasta to make another vege pasta for lunch today. i didnt arranged this for photography.. after i am done with the cutting up, i looked. and realized how pretty everything looks. so i decide to take a shot of it. the basil and rosemary are from the organic farm in lamma. i bought them last weekend. they are growing well in my kitchen. b&w really loves it on the roof. i like how the pink from the slippers and pillowcase echoed each other. didnt planned that too. pink and beige and green and brown.. i like this combination.
b&w has to be black and white. he really loves the sun.
viola! but a bit too salty. i am not very good when it comes to estimation, i can never tell how much salt to put, its either too bland or too salty. and i dun like too taste the food when i am cooking. i like intuitive cooking. haha.. practice makes perfect i guess.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

listening to the lily pond

i would like to share a simple song with you tonite, 'lily pond' by vashti bunyan from her 'just another diamond day' album which i just received from the mail. it is my first birthday present this year. my presents include the cd, a dvd and photo slides of beautiful paintings and a beautiful card. the heart is with joy.

its funny i mentioned about my desire of having my own lily pond at the roof just a while ago. and even though there is no lily pond at my roof now... i feel i have it. love and joy surrounds me at this moment, listening to the 'lily pond'. thank you.

in a lily pond i lay all upon a summer's day
then i chased a dragonfly all across an ancient sky
falling with a thousand stars down the milky way to mars
back again in time for day
in a lily pond i lay.

and the only thing he said to me
was 'young lady i love thee'

cheese and organic beer under the stars...

to see the close up, please click here 'change your mind' tee . my friend, evelyn really loves this tee too. leekeng, maybe we can send one back to hk for her.

this is dear miss evelyn victoria aston from the united kingdom. haha.... can you tell she is a teacher? oh i really like her. she is someone whom i can share a lot with. yes and also the one who went for a wind walk during typhoon no.8. haha... organic beer and red wine making the yoginis a bit drunk...
margie is so hungry still after the vege pasta and apple crumbles, she ate my bread.. leaving one last slice for me for breakfast tomorrow. haha... poor thing. she taught too many hot class this week, making her so hungry.
margie took like 5 shots of me with the wine, but none is sharp. argh...
things start to get a little wild... haha.. oh its so nice to have some close girlfriends here in lamma with me.

Friday, September 18, 2009

to lizhen

hey leekeng just shared your email with me. wow i am really excited for you and your new place! its going to be a fun time doing it up. i hope you get your dream place! and dont forget to get some plants for your new home. hahaha... and of coz needless to say that big wardrobe for the kyurii clothes!

and on that note, guess what girls, we are going to have our own label soon! coming up really soon. we will be specially making our own clothes with the kyurii label on it! we are currently in the midst of preparing for that. we will introduce a piece or 2 of kyurii's own label once a month (we will see how it goes how is the response). i am really excited! i will be shooting it next week! we really really hope to eventually launch all clothes with our own label!

have a great friday evening! i am going to prepare dinner, vege pasta, margie and evelyn coming over.

i enjoy sweeping leaves

today is roof top day. oh i really enjoy myself being under the sun, sweeping and tidying up the place and unwrapping all my new plants. but i must say my 9 years experience as an art director was tested today... how to arrange the plants! it is tough.. i realized i bought too many of the same height, now i need some shorter ones. and also of a different kind of leaves would be nice maybe some flowering plants would be good. haha..and i definitely need more wine crates and maybe a few more bricks or something rustic looking.. an old wooden low rise reactnagular table or an old rattan chair would be great.. haha.. oh check out my mini banana tree at that corner..
i am also going to get a few huge canned food.. i want the silver tin cans to turn them into pots. one of those china luncheon meat cans would be nice with the wrapper on. haha.. but i dun eat that. maybe those canned peaches would do.
hehe check out the very big limes or are they lemons the girl said.. i cant remember.
i moved mr frangipani to the other side where he can enjoy the blue sky, and i bought miss bougainvilla to keep him company. oh what a nice match. haha..
today is also laundry day. i did 3 rounds already. i think after blogging i want to do one more round for the yoga clothes. all the pillows and cushions are happy to come out and get a bit of sun after the typhoon.
exhausted... it would be nice to have some iced milo now. you girls have a lovely relaxing weekend. take it easy!