Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What i am wearing today!

hi girls, just took a quick snapshot of myself. about to leave for yoga, after that dinner with my girlfriend. to those who know me, is what i am wearing very kym? after i shot the photos and look at it, i really feel this is quite uncannily the kym kind of fall styling. skinny jeans in boots. and lengthy cardigan. hahaha. anyway. yes i am wearing the new pair fo grey faded skinny jeans and my new boots! and the new scarf and the new cardigan. ok i got to run, i am going to be late! later!

KYURII Stylebook: Vests!

Are you guys liking the vests? we reckon that they are the best items to create layers in winterless singapore. when its warm, wear it with a tank top, and on days when its cooler, match it with a long sleeve shirt or a long sleeve tee and roll the sleeves to your elbow, then match it with denim or tailored shorts! here on kyurii stylebook, we gathered more ideas on the vest from the celebs and models to share with you! have fun!

monday at mongkok

its 12:25am now, i just came back. after yoga, kym and i went to mongkok. he went to shop for toys, i went to shop for cheap boots. and woohoo! i got it! black and plain high cut (great to tuck my new grey faded skinny jeans into). and its only 150hkd!!! GOOD BUY! then we also checked out some rabbits and chincillas at the pet shops, ate loads of yummy street food as we walked (really fun i feel like a tourist). i had my fav pearl milk tea (from my fav shop, the logo is a cute lemon head cartoon) where the pearls are smaller and much nicer than all the taiwanese franchises. oh it feels like saturday night, haha. becos we both had worked so much over the weekends, and finally tonight we can go out and have fun!

Monday, October 29, 2007

a great start to the week!

hello everyone, i just came back from buying trip! i am so happy today!! becos i found the item which i wanted so much for myself !! a pair of faded grey skinny jeans! i was looking at H&M and some other places (didnt want to spend too much on it, hehe), but i just cant find the right cut and the right tone of grey. and this morning, when i was rummaging through the clothes at my supplier's place, i caught a glimpse of grey beneath the pile, i pulled it out and its a pair of skinny in the perfect faded grey shade! at that moment, i feel like i have struck gold! hahaha! i screamed to the lady boss 'DO YOU STILL HAVE STOCK FOR THIS?' she screamed back 'YES! KYU! i know you will like it. we have stocks put aside for you!' YIPPEE! i am so happy! she calls me KYU, short form for kyurii. haha.
so for those who of you who are looking for a grey pair of jeans, dont buy first!! check out ours first, haha! i am sure you will like it! i will try to put it into the coming collection. ok i hope you girls are having fun with the current clothes! i am off for my 6pm hatha class! see you soon!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

KYURII OCT C preview!

hi girls, its almost 5am now. i just finished all the layouts for OCT C! i am really excited over this collection! please check out the parka, i am still not sure which colour i am going to take for myself. it comes in mint (as featured), light grey and black! tough choice. this week, we are emphasing on layering, so please look out for the vests! most practical item for creating layers. you can wear them over anything and it makes your overall outfit looks more exciting!
clothes should be up on kyuriiwardrobe.blogspot.com later tonight! stay tuned! ok me off to bed now!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

how is everyone doing?

we are now in the midst of preparing this new launch for this weekend! really excited to show you the new stuff. today its the 3rd day of shooting in a row, am absolutely exhausted. but it was really fun doing the mix n match and the styling! and now its back to the computer for selection of photos and layouts. but first i think i am going to treat myself to some ic cream. lets see, should it be vanilla caramel brownie, strawberry cheesecake or cookies n cream?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

what i am wearing today!

hi girls! annoucement to make!!! we just started this 'what i am wearing today' thingy! we hope that you can share with us how you are wearing your kyurii items! just email us a snapshot of yourself, titled it: WHAT I WEAR (you don't have to be in kyurii items from head to toe, but if you are, we would be damn happy!) and we will feature YOUR PHOTO on the blog!!! we hope to start a kyurii community where we can all share with each other our styling preferences and tips! if you dun like your face to be featured, just let us know, we can simply crop it out. suyin in striped one-piece (new item not featured yet), grey scarf (OCT S-2 new colour is in! slightly darker grey), black legging, all from kyurii. ok! you guys get ready that camera out and start snapping away! email us at: kyurii_online@yahoo.com.sg
p.s. and oh that is the black ballerina, black leg warmer, and black hairband that i bought yesterday. i am wearing them all today! ok going out! see ya later!

Monday, October 22, 2007

happy shopping

yeah i just bought my black ballerina pump! its one of those very basic things, which i always want to buy, but then end up buying something else. so finally today i got it! so happy! i will shoot it tomorrow and show you! its really hard to resist walking around cwb after my yoga class, hehe. thats the problem with hk, everywhere you go, there are shops. the little legging shop, or accessories shop, or shoe shops... so besides the pump, i also bought a black pair of leg warmers (to go with my new shoes) and a black towel material hair band (to do some variation to my hair)! yippee! and in the afternoon, after meeting up with the website people at kowloon tung, i went to H&M at festival walk, and i bought a black cap!! hahahahaha! funny how buying things can make one so happy!
lately i am crazy over kate moss, so here you go, 3 more photos of her in today's blog. one of her in her black pump! love this simple casual look, grey sweater, black skinny, ankle boots! for those who bought our grey vest JUN A-19, you can wear it like kate here (see below) with a white long sleeve tee! cool!!! Click here and scroll to the bottom to check out JUN A-19!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

the whole of my coming week!

today i worked on the website becos tmr i will be having a meeting in the afternoon. before that i will go and buy new clothes first thing in the morning, after that website meeting then followed by yoga in the evening then back home, to work out the coming collection. tues is a full day shoot, followed by yoga class with my girlfrens at 9pm. wed is a full layout day and probably some work on kyurii website to break the monotony, or maybe i will go for a trim (my hairstylist is back from australia only for a few months so maybe i should really go). i like kate moss' latest hairstyle. she cut her fringe. i am thinking of ways to prevent my hair from sticking out as its at this above shoulder length now, i hate it. i cant wait to get past this length. argh. thur is a full day shoot again plus yoga instead of japanese class which has been cancelled due to kym's busy work schedule. fri is probably buying plus more layouts to do. sat and sun, i hope to get some rest and do some shopping amidst the preparation for the coming new collection. i am thinking of getting a pair of boots and a very comfortable pair of black ballerina pump for the coming winter! i got my ankle boots already, the pair i got from amsterdam early this year which i havent worn yet. hehe.

nba weekend

yesteday we went to watch the nba china games held within the venetian casino in macau. orlando magic vs cleveland cavaliers. kym has an ex-colleague who now works in nba and he got us free tickets worth 680hkd each! very good seats! really cool! i am so happy i got to watch nba at least once in my life, not that i am a fan (in fact i know nothing of orlando magic or cleveland cavaliers) but you know to feel the mood, and cheer to the entertaining mascots and clapping to the familiar tune, played when they are attacking or defending. it was great great fun! the mood was absolutely fantastic! i really enjoyed myself!

Friday, October 19, 2007

KYURII OCT B sneak preview!

Sneak preview time! this weekend we will be launching a small collection of tees, with a little something extra! please keep a look out for the tee with the black vest attached on it, and also the one with patent leather suspenders sewn on it, which comes in 3 colours! we love them! also please don't miss the tee with the black chiffon overlay which we featured here in the photo! one of my personal favourite! i like it becos from far it looks i am wearing a chiffon tube over a white t-shirt. wear it with or without a belt, i love it with my skinny jeans and i can't wait to go shopping for a pair of boots to complete the look! hehe. keep a lookout for the collection on kyuriiwardrobe.blogspot.com this weekend! one hint: be quick, this batch only limited pieces. have a great weekend! see you all on sunday, me going macau tomorrow for some basketball match.

yoga yoga yoga yoga

hello! its public holiday here today but i duno what festival it is. hehe. its a little warmer than usual today. i just got back from my 2pm yoga class. i always feel really good after yoga, like i have extra energy and clearer mind. i have booked the 1pm power yoga class for this sunday and that means i did 4 times this week. yippee! today JESS, the instructor reminded us that yoga is the union of opposites. hatha represents opposing energies: fire and water, male and female, positive and negative. hatha yoga attempts to balance mind and body, and not to go to any extremity. i think this is truly the essence of life. balancing. when we find balance in our mind, body and soul, peace will be with us. ganbatte everyone! one step at a time.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Kyurii News: New stocks are in!

hi there, i am back! and i have ordered new stocks for OCT S-1.1 and OCT S-2! so for those who didn't manage to get the 2 scarves, please start placing your orders with leekeng now. don't miss this opportunity!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

wish me luck!

hi there, for those who are on waiting list for OCT S-1.1 skull scarf and OCT S-2 grey ball detail scarf, i will be going out tomorrow to see if i can get more stocks! wish me luck! wait for my good news!

autumn is here!

ooh been sneezing a lot yesterday and today, the wind is cool now. officially autumn. yeah! can start to wear more layers! yesterday afternoon i wore the side pleat dress from OCT A collection out, i dress it down with my jeans (see below). here are some of my choices from OCT A. what are yours?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

yoga in stella

this morning, i am so happy becos i bought a loaf of brown bread that just came out of the oven from the bakery downstairs. the bread is so soft and warm, and i just love the smell of freshly baked bread. i made myself a simple ham sandwich with some cranberry jam and a nice cup of coffee for breakfast. what a great way to start the day! haha. anyway. ok i am off for my yoga class now, bringing two frens as guests to pure yoga tonite. am wearing my new stella mccartney adidas yoga outfit (my birthday present) to class tonite! yippee! see you all tmr!

Monday, October 15, 2007

KYURII Stylebook: Scarf Origami

hello girls! some of you have asked about some tips on how to tie the scarf. here it is! hope its helpful! have fun!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

i am going to rest today

good morning everyone! haha, woke up at around 1pm today. i slept at about 4am. just talked to leekeng over the phone, she also slept really late, uploading the clothes and at the same time tending to little kimi who was crying loudly last nite. haha. this batch, i took quite a lot of pieces for myself, hohoho. btw OCT A-8.1 is the one that i wore in singapore last month and was approached by the girl from Juice mag for a snap. she said she likes the top. i should have given her our namecard! but i didnt bring it along with me then. hehe. ok! i am going to vacuum the house then have dinner with my girlfren tonite at cwb, have some alcohol maybe, chat some girly chat! ok you enjoy the rest of the evening and have a great start at work tomorrow!

KYURII OCT A sneak preview!

hi girls, finally OCT A is ready! enter the GREY area! any shades of GREY from light bluish GREY to dark solid charcoal! GREY is a major colour in fall! and it happens to be my favourite colour! i strongly think its the most easy-going colour on the palette, it compliments almost any other colour, yellow, magenta, purple, red, pink, turquiose, just to name a few. but what we really like is to keep the main outfit in the basic shades of grey with some b&w, then accent with accessories like a pair of shocking red shoes, or a bright yellow bag if you like. if not, keeping it all monotone will be just fine! Click on the fall 07 trend report from style.com to see more grey items from the runway for more inspirations!

Friday, October 12, 2007

friday again?!?

time flies! how are you guys doing? over at the house of kyurii, we are really busy. leekeng is going back to her full time job next week, her maternity leave is over. i will have to start work on the website real soon. we hope you guys like the scarves and the basics launch. we will continue to bring in more basic items for you once a month. so when you feel you need a simple tank top to go under the jacket, or a plain casual top to do some layering, don't forget to browse through kyuriibasics.blogspot.com to see if there are suitable items!
btw, there will be a launch coming up this weekend!! i am not sure if i have time to show you the sneak preview! i will try my best. ok got to get back to work! have a great weekend ahead! happy hari raya to eirma!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

KYURII OCT S sneak preview!

even though there is no winter in singapore, we would still like to introduce some light-weight scarves to add fun to your summer clothes! one thing i love about scarf is, it instantly adds interest to your outfit, as long as the colour matches, you will rarely go wrong. and it goes well with tank tops, a t-shirts, short sleeve, long sleeve, jackets, sweaters anything! ultimate accessory! but do take note of how you wear them. here are some egs from the fall 08 runway to inspire you!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Kyurii Basics!

Hi guys, our new line will be launched officially on kyuriibasics.blogspot this wednesday!! please help us spread the news around, and if you have a blog, you may download the postcard you like best from below and pass the message around. we hope you like the photos. thank you!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Whats coming up?

hi girls! for those who asked about the scarves, they will be available for sale on the 10 Oct!! oh many things coming up this month, with the launch of the official blog for kyurii basics line also on 10 Oct and then a brand new collection aimed on the 14 Oct, so its busy busy busy days for leekeng and i! i better sleep soon. one full day of shooting tomorrow again. kyurii ganbatte ne!

Friday, October 05, 2007


Hi ladies, please note that leekeng is outstationed from the 3rd to 10th oct, if you have any queries or orders, please continue to email us at kyurii_online@yahoo.com.sg. leekeng will try to get back to you at the earliest possible time. please be patient. thank you!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

my birthday yesterday

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

nicholas, you left me speechless!

balenciaga spring 08 paris show! out today! courtesy of kym, who just just forwarded me the link from fashion spot. its not even up on style.com. TAKE A LOOK! i dun even know what to say.... space for spring? i need to find out what he has in mind when designing this. i need to see the full collection to know if i like it. meanwhile, my only word is 'WOW'.

from getty images.


these are from marc jacobs spring 08. i dont particularly like this collection, but i really like how tank tops can be worn with tube tops or tube dresses! you will see this styling a lot in japanese magazines, haha all the kawaii die-hard marc jacobs fans doing their own version. i love buying tube tops, but after buying them, they usually stay in my wardrobe. haha i will only wear them once in a blue moon. but lately i am been trying to dig them out, to wear with my tanks! you try it too!

to google

hi google, please take off that 'love with chinese women' ad, or any dating similar ads. thank you very much.

Monday, October 01, 2007

crazy over scarfs!

i went out today!!! yippee! and i got many scarves!! i am just crazy over them now.. even though the weather is not cold at all, sometimes when it rains, it gets a little cool, people start putting them on. (btw they are thin scarves) i like them over tees, with skinny jeans and a dirty pair of converse. i bought skull print ones, plain ones with trimmings, ruffled ones. we will be featuring them soon! here's a quick snap of some of them! p.s. christine, i found them! hehehe.