Thursday, December 31, 2009

thank you 2009

hey good morning girls! last day of the year. how was your 2009?

2009 has been a very significant year for me, filled with inspiring trips and meeting of many important and influential people in my life. specifically it was from march onwards, life unfolds at a tremendous speed, revealing many 'secrets' haha.. to me. i was reading my journal the other night dated sometime in aug, i felt like so much has transformed since then. in retrospect, it feels as though life has finally taken some kind of shape for me. like the soft clay, after spinning on the turn table for some time, the unwanted and unnecessary edges pinched away. true qualities remain and acknowledged. and now i feel it is ready to be put into the kiln. the beginning of another phase.

yes i am ready to live as a vase! hahaha or maybe bowl.

end of the year is always a good time to tidy up (physically as well as mentally too). the good important things you have learnt from 2009, take them into the new year as your wisdom. the rest which do not serve, trash them permanently.

i wish all of you a very happy 2010. more so, having the courage and confidence to do the things that make you truly happy. to some of us, that might mean having to make some changes in an already well-established pattern of living or working (comfort zone that is). with a bright smile and the sun always shining, there is no fear.


p.s. to all the wonderful friends i met in 2009. thank you margie, rachel, harriet, miranda, roni, evelyn, neil, makino, tenzin d, sonam, geshe dorji, alvin, faith, yangzom, marieke, tashi, tenzin and fred for friendship and love.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


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Monday, December 28, 2009

get ready for tomorrow!

hello girls, how is everyone? temperature dropped last nite again over here. it is freezing now. yes biggest sale ever. leekeng is currently slashing the prices on the items.. haha.. she just told me. pls watch out for those LAST PC! items (they are usually popular items which might be sold out earlier) we are giving them a double slash in prices.

haha.. i have a picture of leekeng like zorro in my mind now haha.. in her mask, slashing with her sword. hm... its not your usual friendly girl next door image... sorry buddy. haha but the way you talked about it 'i am going to slash the prices!' just now, you sounded 'ruthless'. nice. haha...

last nite my friends came over and make such a sumptuous dinner. oh i feel so fortunate to become friends with 4 lovely yoginis this year who are so kind and sweet to me. today i am back to work (oh and i am so glad my 3 meals for the day has been prepared too, food set aside from last nite, which helps me save quite some time so i can concentrate on work.) anyhow, i hope you girls are doing well. 4 more days to 2010! i am counting down....

OK FOR NOW! here are the items from NEW IN this week!
haha i have this thing for fringey jackets and furry vest and to find a light weight one which you can wear it out at nite in singapore, and especially during this festive season, oh i cant help but buy it. hee... wear it over the gold foil short dress with leggings. i think it will be nice. i was too lazy and cold to change into it to show you in the photos. haa..
1229-009 very comfortable loose fitting cotton pants i also tried wearing it like a baggy capri, pulling the pants higher to my calfs. i think the calf length looks better with heels (open toe would be nice) and a blazer on top. dressing it up by a teeny bit. oh plus a nice handbag.
1228-209 pale yellow tie shoulder cotton top play around with the sleeves, you may tie it loosely as shown here.
1228-109 sheer white tie shoulder cotton top or tie it tighter to turn it into a sleeveless tank top. like the roman goddess. haha.. try wearing it drop waist with a loose belt round the hip match with skinny jeans. i think it would be nice too.
ah this is the boyfriend blazer! well its not totally one, which is why i like it. it is not as overly slouchy or oversized. you know what. i think it looks great over a dress with leggings, plus a little sling clutch. this would definitely be my friday work outfit. i just love it! oh i really hope you girls also like this kind of look. am i getting a little too overpowering and emotional here.. haha... 1231-009 suyin's favourite blazer of 2009 haha.. yes i am a little over the top here. i dun care! oh also, its super well made. worth every cent. hahaha!!!!

1232-209 stretchable long sleeve top comes in white and black.
1233-009 slight wetlook legging dont miss this one too. i bought this becos i wanted to have a wetlook legging but not want it too over the top. i saw many which are overly shiny. and also i wanted one which is textured but again, not too obvious in the texture. haha very fussy. finally i saw this one.
i actually didnt really like the zip when i bought it, but after i took the photos, i think its adds a little detail to it. if not it will look just like another one of my black leggings. you know how after a while, you look at your closet and realised you buy things that end up looking similar. haha...
yes we are going to try our best to start introducing the summer items prematuredly. its been quite a difficult time for buying but i managed to find some items which i like. simple, no fuss items like this one. i love the 1234-009 strappy neckline great for those to flaunt those nice shoulders.

p.s. hi girls, pls note that the sale does not apply to the items launched this month. thank you.

follow your heart

i was just reading jeff's blog. he is an american guy who lives in japan. he was actually the one whom i wrote to when i wanted to learn thangka painting as i googled thangka and came across his blog. he was really nice, and gave me the contact of tsering art school. which i ended up going.

i just happened to revisit his blog again and i saw some photos of my classmates from his posts dated sometime in 2007 and 2008. haha it was really funny. they are still there but the foreigners come and go. i saw my teacher, yangzom who was still a student then and i also saw tenzin in one of the photos, and he was a teacher then. oh how dearly i miss the whole experience: the environment, the activities i was engaged in and the people i was mixing with.

last week i went to see my teacher. he gave me a simple but sadly made cliche line 'FOLLOW YOUR HEART'. which contains absolute truth and demands absolute courage from one to live it. he told me i dont need any validation or seek any approval from anyone. we live our life true to our heart. i am contemplating on returning for a longer period of time, to the people i love and the things i love to do. coming from the heart, this intention is pure and so powerful. inspired and motivated without asking for anything in return. however from the mind, things become calculative, scheming and relentless at invoking doubt and guilt. internal conflict begins.

this is the roof where we have tea break every 3:30pm. i wonder if i will ever get to this stage. learning the proportion. in precise calculation. 'this is the dolma's head'. dolma is tibetan, tara in sanskrit. female buddha in short. it would be really fantastic if i could one day paint the tara (female buddha) like this one below using my favourite colours, green and pink! (now you know how little i have learnt to complete a full thangka. haha) ok one step at a time. next i hope to learn to combine the different flowers and leaves.
thats my teacher yangzom in a chuba, tibetan national dress. with nice matching pink crocs? haha.. when i go in feb next year during cny (which happens to fall on same date as tibetan new year losar this year) maybe i should get her to go shopping for a chuba with me. and dress totally tibetan. i hope she will be in kathmandu then. she hasnt replied my email yet. and thats tenzin as a teacher last year. haha.. very serious once he steps into the school compound. haha.. haha its funny when i read jeff's post about his first week in school, he also talked about his 3 days learning to draw and colour the loma leaf!! the famous loma leaf which intrigues every foreign student i think.
all photos from jeff at full thangka this is his room taken at the dragon guesthouse, which i will be staying this time. i like the big windows they have. i really miss this kind of living. a small simple room with possessions only enough to be squeezed into a backpack. nothing to get done except painting, reading, writing, spending time with the tibetans. like what my teacher said 'NO DOING. JUST BEING.' nothing to do really. being silent. that doesnt mean things are not happening. it just means you trust the universe so much, you are allowing the space, the silence for things to happen organically, naturally, radically, magically. the result of such action i truly believe is so much more powerful than the actions our mind is used to planning.

anyway, lately i kind of discovered why i really like painting. its the silence it puts me into. the beautiful solitary. i feel we sometimes talk too much and its tiring isnt it? so there i was, painting my 6th 'pema' 2 days ago in the nook on afternoon and at one point, everything was so quiet i hear my own soft regular breathing. i stopped and listened. as if the heart belongs to someone else. it was pure joy. the heart is smiling. all is peace within hues of the crimson petals.

p.s. dear miss dakini, i think i have discovered the magic of painting. thank you for inspiring me with your beautiful paintings when we were in nepal 2 months ago. i am hooked. i showed my teacher the paintings. he looked at it in silence for quite a long time and said to me in the eyes 'you like painting'. it was a really touching moment when someone acknowledges what is in our hearts. yes! we both have good hands! maybe its time to pick up that brush again my fearless dakini... let it come let it all come! its going to be alright.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Kyurii last launch of the year preview!

hey girls, this is the last launch of 2009. items are available tomorrow morning! haha it is still quite cold here but we really hope to bring in some summer items for you. so braving the cool weather, i wore this! ooh i hope you like it. i wanted to shoot outside but nope.. too cold to get out. watch out for the boyfriend blazer ok! so hard to find a nice one this year, but i finally found it close to the end. right oversize-ness, right material, it still gives a slouchy silhouette which i like but at the same time it still has a shape to it.
this is the cotton tee i wore under the blazer. i lie the slight trapeze cut to it, like a A-line tee dress, with slits at the side. comes in 2 colours, its quite sheer. so wear a tank top under it. i love it with leggings!
and this inky print top with ruching at the sleeves like the earlier one in zebra print. but this one the material is more stretchable. i hope you like it just as much. i think its great matched simply with skinnies or maybe with a pencil skirt if you are at work, or smart work pants. the ruching on the sleeves are nice details to make the bland office look interesting.

OK! please look out for them and other new items tomorrow PLUS the BIGGEST KYURII SALE ever haha, on tuesday! have a great day ahead! talk later.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

merry christmas!

hello girls, merry christmas! and happy boxing day. i am cleaning my house as some friends are coming over tomorrow and we are busy preparing for our 09YEAR END SALE!!! KYURII's BIGGEST EVER SALE! it will start 29dec, next tuesday! when you receive our newsletter about it, help us forward it to your friends!

we will still have a small collection launching next monday, so watch out for that too. meanwhile, take care and have a great fantastic weekend!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

i'm yours

my teacher just forwarded this to us, let me share it here. lets celebrate the innocence and such great innate ability to learn almost anything when we were kids. keep that spirit going! merry christmas!

gosh.. you have to check his original tune here! he is a prodigy! such joyful and lively eyes! it seems effortless and i am sure it is for him. oh its such a joy to see a child doing something which he himself enjoys so much and is good at. credits to the attentive and observant parents who help bring out this hidden talent. maybe very musical parents too.
oh sometimes i think its so important to develop an interest or an area which we feel deeply for. something which keep our hearts alive. when you feel alive, this liveliness. such pure joy naturally arises. joy that doesnt depend on any external material. i feel.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Kyurii What I Wear Today!

this morning i woke up at 7am. it was beautiful, i saw the sun slowly emerging out from behind the clouds. the radiating light is gentle yet it is empowering i feel. like its giving me energy for the day. it feels so good to be in tune with nature. as the sun rises, the birds are up and we awake too, full of energy to greet the day as the birds do. then as night falls, the birds return to their nests and we too retreat to a slower pace in the evening. i really hope to get into this natural cycle of things as best as i could. i am so happy and grateful to have the sky above me in this house, this roof has great energy which i know one day i will miss being up here. i had breakfast at the roof. its actually very lively up there around 7am, the birds are having great fun flying across the antennas. the hawks are already soaring in the sky above the hills in the distant. my neighbour's cat is on the deck chair at the roof licking itself. the black cat with the bell downstairs roamed around freely as the human beings are still sleeping. and i heard someone practising her vocals, she sang 'ah....' for as long as her breathe can hold, for 3 times. it was really funny initially i thought it was a strange call coming from perhaps a visiting bird. as it sounded quite sharp. haha..
09MAR C-1.2 blue short dress
also comes in emerald green last piece!
1128-009 beige sling bag
having watched the blue sky slowly emerging from the layers of clouds above my head, i wanted to wear something blue. i opened my closet and saw this short dress. yes! i quite like the match, with the blazer and a pair of black leggings and my adidas. a little preppy.

reminder: dont forget that now, when you spend S$50 at KYURII.COM , we give you a S$10 gift voucher to spend on your next purchase. do it soon! promotion ends on the 27dec. 4 more days only!!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

miss kyurii loves

hey girls, how are you today? its a beautiful day here today. the kind that makes me feel that mr sun is in absolute harmony with miss winter breeze. perfect date. perfect understanding between them. unspoken. when to be still, when to let the other shine. my teacher said it reminded him of the weather of his hometown in south africa. it reminded me of melbourne.

its a crowd out there in hong kong. i prefer it in lamma. i hurriedly took the 4:30pm ferry back to catch the setting sun. i am at the peak of my hibernation now, i need to return to my cave before dark... haha... kidding.

OK today i want to refresh some items. haha... when you are thinking of getting skinny jeans think kyurii! haha.. good night. sweet dreams! love to all....

Monday, December 21, 2009

Today's launch!

enjoy girls! i love this little dress! hope you do too! great light weight jacket to put on when you are wearing something plain like tank and skinny, i like to layer this on and make the whole look more interesting. you can wear it either with the collar draping or unzip it and wear it simply as a cropped cardigan.
go now and browse through the new items!
i think this lace tank top is great to go under your work blazers. i would also just wear it out on its own with skinny for a fun night out! oh i wish i can wear these now.. but i have to wait till it gets much warmer. human nature, when its cold we long for the warmth, when its warm, we wish for the cold. haha...
have a lovely holiday week ahead!
oh yes, the parka is also available now! great for a rainy day.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Kyurii: NEW IN tomorrow

because of the very cold weather over here, i only managed to shoot 4 items this week. so we will be launching them earlier.. tomorrow. also becos xmas is just round the corner. in case you need any last minute shopping.
please make use of our xmas promotion, spend S$50 and receive a S$10 voucher from us for your next purchase. start browsing through to see what you would like to use that S$10 on!

preview time!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Xmas special!

hey girls, a little gift for you. you may like to start browsing for the items you like or your friends may like. just spend S$50 and receive a S$10 voucher from us! which you can use it on your next purchase or you may like to use that S$10 to buy a xmas gift voucher present for your friend.
promotion starts tomorrow for a week only. thank you!

this is how much i am wearing today, two more layers underneath that tee. NEW PARKA! haha sorry very impromptu, leekeng doesnt even know we are launching this item. haha.. i was trying to adjust my hair using my neighbour's windows.. not too bad, it shows off the coat nicely. but not my hair. actually i like this coat a lot when i was on a buying trip but i thought of the warm weather in singapore, you girls probably wont need it. after thinking a while, i decided to still get it and buy just 2 more, in case anyone travelling or for whatever reasons. then we can wear the same coat! haha.. its khaki like most parka. easy to match.
this is how the back looks like. you can draw string it at the waist and at the hem, to give it more of a shape. but i kind of like it loose. so anyone interested, please email leekeng. also, i got in extra stocks for the animal print recycle bag, its under our KYURII XMAS GIFTS! check it out!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

what are your favourite things?

1222-009 long sleeve reindeer tee i like it with leggings and running shoes.
1219-009 cap-sleeved butterfly tee sold out. please email leekeng for backorder. i am going down later to see if we can get more.
1215-009 cap-sleeved rose print tee the colours just make me feel really happy, i think it would be simple and nice with blue jeans or denim shorts. try it! i want to but i cant. today its still at 12 degree.

some of my favourite things: i like this window above the stairs leading to the roof. its like a painting.
i like this type of water colour paintings of birds. you find these in text books in the old days when there is no photography yet. i love it.. my brother bought this for me when we were shopping at nottinghill. i have two. so nice. oh great! i must be getting old.. i find myself very fond of things that are old and subconsciously drawn to comparing the new and the things of my time. this is seriously a sign of regression! haha....
and my current favourite thing to do, is practising on the shading and drawing of the 4 objects i have learnt: leaf, bud, lotus and cloud. haha i used to think to myself when i saw my father taking ages to paint that bloody realistic looking tiger face that he later hung proudly in the bedroom, 'why does he bother to do that? i can just shoot it in a sec and retouch it right to whatever tone you like on photoshop.' NOW i find myself taking ages to paint a single lotus flower. OMG... haha... and check this out. i duno when she or he left the cocoon. i would like to be more attentive when i water my plants next time, it would be so cool to see it when someone is home. amazing now he has wings!

This Week New Items!

go take a look at whats NEW THIS WEEK if you havent do so! : )