Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kyurii items updates: JAN B-3.1, 3.2 extra stocks in!

girls! i got the crochet top finally finally! JAN B-3.1 and 3.2!!!! the items finally arrived this afternoon. what a relief! i sent them off to leekeng straightaway. YEAH!!!! priority goes to those on waiting list. please make your payment by friday, so that we can send out all your items in time for cny! thank you very much. now i leave for tokyo in peace tmr. see you all next tues! have a fantastic weekend ahead!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

thanks buddy! thanks jh!

hello everyone! its still freezing here. and i duno what got into me these few days, i kept going to the yoga class at the wrong time. yesterday was suppose to be 7pm i went at 6pm. today it is supposed to be 6pm i went at 4:15pm. i need to meditate.. my mind is wandering... anyway. i hope everyone out there is doing well, in the holiday mood yet? i bought 'bah gua' today, its like must-eat for me during cny. and leekeng sent me two containers of pineapple tarts and tiny springrolls. thanks buddy! made my day!
i will not go back to sin (the ticket is very expensive), am not going anywhere else this year. stay in hk and be good. i am going to tidy up my house during cny not before. haha! its in a total mess! accumulated mess! clothes, books and way too many magazines!! i have rented a storage space and will store the old magazines and books there. its very common in hk for people do that, as the living space here is very small and way too expensive. oh can't wait for the empty boxes to arrive next week.
as for kyurii, the next collection should be up third or last week of feb. we will see how things go. will update as we go along. remember to collect more ang pao money! hehe...
p.s. yes jiahui! i was just going to write to you on the blog and i saw your comment. i want to thank you for the cd (for xmas), becos i only got it today : ) leekeng sent it to me as initially i thought i would be home in january. thanks! the cd will be good to listen to when i work on the layouts at night. : )

what will you be wearing for cny?

hi girls, how is everyone? are you enjoying the shopping? i think i will probably wear JAN C-9 or JAN B-9.1 with my JAN ACC-10 clutch if i feel i want to be more feminine for cny, or maybe JAN C-2.2 the knitted purple top or the crochet top (if we ever get them, i chased them today, still no concrete answers, i gave them a deadline: wednesday) with skinny jeans if i feel lazy and carry JAN ACC-7 yellow clutch.
i am totally exhausted after the last few days of non stop work. finally i have some time to get excited over the trip to tokyo this thur. went to buy a travel book on tokyo, want to check out new places to visit! will probably go to the UT store harajuku (by uniqlo) for some tshirts maybe.
choose your favourite designs from their past collections.
check out the pantone colours!! and the t-shirt vending machine behind. vending machines for everything. oh the nihonjin....
ok going to take my shower now then do stock listing and then maybe plan a little itinerary. oh after two hours of yoga today.. i think i will have a very good sleep tonite. sweet dreams.

Monday, January 28, 2008

i got the caps!

i will be sending them out to those who ordered soon! yeah we all just donated 220hkd each to worldvision to help a kid in africa!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

KYURII JAN C preview!

hello girls... here is a very late preview of JAN C for you! this batch is a continuation of the colours collection. we hope you find something suitable here for cny and also valentine's day. also, there will also be a couple of clutches, but in black this time. also, this will be the last collection before we take a 2 week break. ok i got to sleep... goodnite.

Friday, January 25, 2008

feels like london today

the weather feels like london today, grey, raining and chilling. went out to see if there are any new stuff today, also to bug that shop again regarding JAN B-2 and 3. they said next week. ok next week we shall see. please note that priority will go to those on waiting list, if you are not on it, please email leekeng.
i saw eason chan again this morning at around 10am, 3rd time. around happy valley again. this time i was outside macdonalds at the bus stop waiting for the bus. this black audi stopped and he came out, went into macs and bought breakfast. the 3 counter aunties were smiling so widely as they served him.. usually i never see them smile. haha.
i need some light! oh give me some sunlight tomorrow please! i need to shoot.... ok going to make a sandwich now and cant wait to go for hot yoga at 6pm!! you girls have a great weekend! we are having something up this weekend. look out!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

some inspiration from S/S 08 runway

temperature dropped to 12degree today.. yesterday was still warm. today i have to take out that thick scarf and wear a coat. haha. just back from the hatha class. drinking mint tea now.. reminded me of my amsterdam trip. cold weather, hot tea = happy days. oh yew kee if you are reading, did you go to tokyo when you were back in singapore? i am going next week. we managed to get the tickets after being on waiting list. but currently my mind is not there yet, still a lot of work to get done first. : )
today i looked through the spring 08 runway and here are some inspirations on mixing colours! have lots of fun exploring!
marc by marc jacobs marc jacobs marni micheal kors

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Kyurii items updates!

hi girls! went to get the extra stocks early this morning! there were a couple of japanese buyers there as well. anyway, i will only know in a few days if they are available becos even the supplier needs to re-order those items. the stocks move so swiftly..... i will keep you guys updated on the knitted cardigan and the crochet tops! fingers crossed, toes also crossed!

Monday, January 21, 2008

wish me luck!

hi girls, i will be going to try to get more stocks in for JAN B-2 and 3.1, 3.2 tomorrow! WISH ME LUCK! wait for my news for those who are on waiting list for them!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Hi girls! the new collection is out! leekeng is really fast at uploading. haha i thought it would be up tonight. so hurry, go check out the first batch of the season JAN B/SPRING 08 now!! i got to go blast out the mailing list now! ciao! have a fantastic sunday!! oh and don't forget to go to KYURII BASICS to find the coloured tank tops that we wore in JAN B. a total of 8 colours to choose from!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

KYURII JAN B preview!

hello girls! here is the preview! the new collection will be out tomorrow night! i am so loving the items! and the layouts. i really had a great time working on them, which is also why it took me so long to get the preview up, i was playing around with the colours. cant wait for you to see all the pieces, the clutches and the necklace! and also a range of colourful tanks at kyurii basics!
p.s. i had received some response regarding「This Cap's Worth One LIFE in Africa」, for friends in singapore who would like to give your support, kyurii would be more than happy to assist you. just drop us an email at and title it: CAP. thank you very much!

Friday, January 18, 2008

「This Cap's Worth One LIFE in Africa」

oh i am so excited to go buy the cap! kym and his deejay friend designed a cap for charity. his fren was approached by a shop in hk - 'LIFE' to design a cap, but becos he is not a designer so he got kym involved. i only just knew of it yesterday after its all done. he didnt say anything about it before hand. what a pleasant surprise. all photos are from chan keung's blog.
the slogan says「This Cap's Worth One LIFE in Africa」. it is selling for 220hkd, all proceeds will go to worldvision to sponsor a kid in africa becos the amount per month for food to support an africa kid is exactly 220hkd. the cap only comes in brown to represent bread, and the type in cream representing butter. the whole thing has concept! haha! congrats to kym and chan keung on this fantastic job! so proud of you. haha mm..... we should get kym involved in designing something for kyurii!
to friends out there, if you are thinking of getting a cap, it would be nice if you would consider this meaningful cap. you can find it at: LIFE (旺角瓊華中心shop138). you can also read more about it at deejay chan keung's blog . on this note, lets all be reminded to be grateful for the many, many things we have with us today.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

whats coming up: clutches!

hi girls, how are you doing today? its soooo cold here today. this afternoon i was shooting the clutches, and having a hard time deciding which one i should keep for myself. yes, we have included some clutches in this weekend's launch (just in time to hold all your 'ang paos' for cny!) and whats more, clutches are trendy!! yeah! colourful or textured ones. here's a page from elle feb. oh i really love bags and buying bags. i really hope in future, we can have a kyurii bags thingy, selling all sorts of bags. i think that would be really fun! ok got to get back to work, late night for me tonite, goodnite to you guys! sweet dreams!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

shoot done!

oh i just finished all the shooting for the coming collection. oh took me 3 days. ok now i want to go for the blueberry cheesecake at the nearby starbucks and more importantly, to read. i love to read, takes me off work for a while. then after that i will go and do my groceries. one of my favourite things to do now. haha my life now. much simpler as compared to the previous agency life. happy. also, i am waiting for the travel agent to call, we booked for a weekend trip to tokyo end of this month, but as usual, everyone in hk seem to be going japan, and also we are quite last minute about it. hee. anyway we are on waiting list so we'll see how it goes. : )
anyway. atode!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

fashion week

last nite i went to the young designers fashion show at the convention centre to support my fren's bf's collection. its hk fashion week now. if only its the london fashion week.. haha. but still, its rather interesting and always good to see new things to stimulate the brain. saw tsumori chisato, japanese designer who is hugely popular here in hk. she is one of the judges for the fashion students competition. i like her loose fitting bubbly dresses which always feel so comfortable and love her illustration and use of colours! a tsumori dress costs about 3500-4000hkd here, but still she has huge followers. when i used to make a better living, i am also one of the followers. but i only buy from japan where they are cheaper. well gone were the days. hehe. see two pieces from tsumori's spring 08 below.
this guy won a couples of awards, he is the only one who did something which is a little more alternative. he covered his models' faces with a white mask. reminds me of the year where many designers started covering the models' faces. 'undercover' and viktor & rolf... undercover fall 06, you either love it or hate it. ok let me get back to layouts now!! i bought some cakes for dessert. going to eat them now!

shopping in hong kong!

ok for everyone who will be visiting hong kong, this is specially for you. here are some shops you might want to check out:

1. - sometmes nice, sometimes mediocre. look out for its more expensive line 'the collection'. the branch at East Point Road in Causeway Bay has the best range.

2. I.T - the one with orange coloured logo (like the one in Times Square) carries the low end lines, while the one with blue logo (Paterson St) carries international designers collections.

3. Z'by kitterick - some nice stuff. slightly more feminine. Shop no.119 Style House, Park Lane Hotel. Causeway Bay.

4. a.y.k - i just got a nice cropped jacket there. opposite Z'by kitterick. (they belong to the same company)

5. 2% - young, fun, trendy. No.4 Cannon St. Causeway Bay. (many branches all over hk, do check out their other line, the brand name is a 'plus, minus, times, divide' sign. i like it better than 2%)

6. Island Beverly - mall with small shops. might find something there, but need patience to go through all the tiny shops. 1 Great George Street, Causeway Bay.

7. Laforet Mall - mall with small shops. some nice accessories and shoes. Excelsior Plaza, 24-26 East Point Road, Causeway Bay.

8. uniqlo - japanese brand. cheap basic stuff. one in Tsim Sha Tsui (miramar shopping mall) and one newly opened at 2/F, Lee Theatre Plaza, 99 Percival street. Causeway Bay

9. H&M - must go. the branch in Central has the best range.

10. Granville Street - cheap shopping street. Tsim Sha Tsui.

ok have fun to those visiting! weather is still flunctuating, dress in layers!

whats coming up for Kyurii?

hi girls, thanks for all your comments. so sorry, we are not able to get any more of the wrinkled leather jackets in. for those who didnt manage to get them, we do have other bomber jackets coming up, but not in leather though. you may want to look out for them. ok our cny collection will be up this weekend! please look out and stay tuned on the blog for our latest news. i am currently in the midst of the shoots and layouts. one hint of whats coming up: colours!! haha one big hint there.
p.s. joanne, yes, office wear but so far, i am not liking what i see out there. will continue to keep a look out for them!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

no extra stocks for belts

hi girls, we are really happy that many of you like the wide belts! but sorry that we couldnt get more stocks in. the reason being i was late when the new stocks arrived, and they were all snatched up by other buyers. i only managed to get in 3-5pcs each. in future, i will make sure i am there early. hehe : ) and the stocks move very quickly, once they are sold, they will be replaced by new items. its quite difficult to get extra stocks for the old stuff. quite typical of hk, everything just moves at such an incredible pace, especially fashion.
today is such a beautiful day here in hk. blue sky. sun shining. this is taken on my way to yoga, walking past the race course at happy valley to causeway bay. did two hours of yoga today. an hour of hatha followed by an hour of yin yoga. my body feel really good.

Friday, January 11, 2008

cold then warm, then cold again..

just back from kowloon side. today is really warm, about 20degree. i am only wearing a light weight cardigan but yesterday i actually wore a leather jacket. whats wrong with the weather? its been flunctuating so much lately. and according to the weather report, the temperature will drop to a 12 degree next monday. so i think better start shooting for the cny collections before it turns really cold again. my entire house is filled with clothes, ah! clothes for warm days, clothes for cold days, clothes to send for laundry, clothes just back from the laundrette, clothes to shoot, clothes for matching for the shoot......
anyway, you girls have a great weekend ahead!

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Check out the NEW ITEMS now!!!

must-have bomber jacket

today is my off day. i went to trim my fringe. and my hairdresser told me that she is moving to singapore in april with her boyfriend. so i guess in future i will be cutting my hair in singapore. its so hard to find a hairdresser who gets what you want, and sees it the same way as you do. then i went for yoga with henky. then tea with him. then i went to starbucks on my own to read. i bought two books today - 'the philosopher and the monk', and 'osho on yoga'. read for about 2 hrs. happy days.
p.s. oh leekeng is uploading now, i cant wait for you guys to see the stuff. look out for the wrinkled jacket, i personally like it! wear it over a 80s band vintage tee and skinny jean and rock it! must have! just saw a similar one on feb elle uk. but that looks like a thick genuine leather jacket. the one we feature is light weight bonded leather, equally cool!! and totally wearable in singapore. i hope you like it as much as i do. : )

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

KYURII JAN A Belts preview!

hi girls! here are the belts! i am putting it up on my blog in advance. hehe. i am so excited! i kind of regret buying that expensive mango one, before i check out more places. oh what the heck. we hope to get in more accessories for you in the near future! as we only managed to get in very limited quantity, so first come first served. we hope you will like this coming collection!!!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

KYURII JAN A preview!

hello girls! we kick off 2008 with a collection with items which you can work and play hard in! thats our motto for 2008! WORK HARD PLAY HARD. JAN A features a range of knitted cardigans to leather jackets to hoodies to knee length one-pieces! when it comes to styling, we did both a work and play look! you can easily match the items with your own black skirt for an office look. for play, just do it anyway you like! in terms of colours, we start off with a little dash of yellow with grey and black in this collection.
p.s. watch out for the cyan and yellow tank tops coming up on kyurii basics soon! and also the wide belts that you see in this collection are all on sale! limited pcs though.

Monday, January 07, 2008

to hong kong!

hello there! how is everyone doing on monday? still in the weekend mood? wow seems like many of you are coming to hk. i had many customers asking me about where to shop for the past year. tell you what.. i think i am going to compile all the emails i had written and do a blog on shopping in hk soon. never think in this small way i am helping hk promote its tourism. haha. ok i must continue to work now to get the new collection out by mid week! talk later!!
p.s. the sun energy feels strong today in hk, i just face the window and did sun salutations to honour the light. for those who are as crazy about yoga as i am, i came across this site for some great YOGA VIDEOS including series of sun salutations. enjoy the evening rays!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

layout time

tessy, my assistant art director, helping me out on some photoshop commands here. hahaha.

Friday, January 04, 2008

wandering heart

for the past few weeks, my heart has started to wander.... from india to paris to nepal to tokyo to bali to LA to melbourne... i really feel like packing up and go. travelling is a vital part of my life.
go to a different place and look at a different kind of tree, smell the different air. this is one of the things i love to do, everytime i get out of the airport, i close my eyes and take a breathe. maybe you want to try it. anyone going anywhere soon?

no more fried chicken!

ever since having the kfc chicken on xmas eve, i have been suffering from the craving of fried chicken. ah! i had them for dinner tonight. and also two or three times last two weeks. and i swear i am not a big fan of fried chicken. i think i only had kfc twice in the whole of last year. gosh i feel so unhealthy now. the worse thing is, there is kfc located right next to the building where i do my yoga. so you know its super convenient after yoga to grab them! hahaha... today during savasana (lying there doing full awareness meditation) after the asanas, i was trying so hard to get my mind off the damn chicken. i just knew i have to have them tonite if not the suppressed desires will haunt me in my dreams, i am sure. i have hot yoga at 7pm tmr. GREAT! going to burn off all the chicken fats!

What i am wearing

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


i received my xmas gift from my brother from london! so happy! thanks thanks! was so worried that it might get lost in the post. luella bartley! i like her quirky style! also a fashion grad from st. martins. here is a link to if you want to see her spring 08 collection or read more about her! wow i just realised she has only two stores, one in london and the other one i went to at 'elements' shopping mall here in hk is the only other one. i am so into light pink and black now. you will definitely see me in that combination come spring! am actually in the midst of looking out for pale pink items for kyurii. ooh goes well with my short black nails! i love my signature small short nails. hehe.

sneeze n shoot

hi there, how is everyone? i am in the middle of the shoot and also the sneezing. haha. waiting for the battery to be recharged now. it was so tough getting out of bed this morning, my goodness. there is nothing better to do than to hibernate under the warm blankets in this temperature, and so so reluctant to change into the different outfits. oh i bought some wide belts! earlier many of you asked about my mango corset belt (which was worn with some of the items), so i decide to look out for them. i got some similar ones which give you the same effect, but at a cheaper price. i got mine for about S$60, which i think is a little expensive. ok look out for them soon!

freezing today

about 10-15degree today, coldest of winter so far. what i wore today, with a 'superwarm' tee plus a turtle neck inside, thick scarf and elbow length gloves, still feel a little cold. i think i need to wear a knee length coat tomorrow. i can't imagine how i am going to shoot the jan collections tomorrow under this temperature. i will be putting on more layers just to keep warm. for you in singapore, when you see the photos, it might feel a little too warm. you can always strip off the layers accordingly.

HAPPY 2008