Wednesday, September 23, 2009

i climb the tree to see the world

girls i have to share this with you! i absolutely love this. the visuals, the movements and the song. i am really feeling it. its so beautiful. 'pour your body out' i love this expression. each time you bend forward with your arms stretched out, it does feel like emptying yourself, pouring whatever that doesnt serve you out with your exhale. and as you inhale, breathe in the new, lift your hands and heart up to face the sky with complete freshness. every breathe is fresh, every moment is new. flowing with grace and beauty and feeling and merging with the space around you.
i really love my yoga with music. maybe i should choreograph a series of flow to a good piece of music and have a 'yoga flow' night at club81 roof (well, actually some of the yogis who came last sunday mentioned about yoga dancing at the roof next time. haha). it would be fun. oh now i am really inspired to get my headstand done in slow motion. it requires great core work! core core core! its all about the core! haha...and oh i love the running pig!!
behind the scene, if you are interested.


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