Saturday, May 31, 2008

sale delayed

sorry guys, we have postponed the sale to early june, to be launched with the website. so that all the sale items could be under a category and it will be easier for you guys to go through them, rather than on a blog. meanwhile, some of you may like to go through the old items first and start making your list! currently we have working over time putting finishing touches to the website. the small little stuff are taking so much time. we just cant wait to get it launched! sorry for the delay guys!


hi girls, how are you? yes we will be launching the new stuff tomorrow. i am still working at it. and in between work, i have been looking for inspirations on the web (not on fashion though but for my soul. hehe) you know when there are too much work and deadlines, we tend to get anxious. whenever i am aware of myself feeling that, i literally have to tell myself to slow down and to let go. after trying to meet urgent deadlines for the past 9 years of MNC life, i reckon i have had more anxiety than i ever needed in my entire life. haha. i now choose to forsake my previous life for a yogic life. : P
i have been listening to snatam kaur (after my yoga teacher played it in class), i absolutely love it! kym is totally convinced i am turning hindu after he saw who she is. she is actually an american who is a sikh. : ) she sings beautifully.
i am constantly at her website to listen to her songs before my cd from arrives (together with 2 other cds from deva premal and miten. yippee!)
i found my inspiration at her blog, some beautiful words from sri swami satchidananda.
''As yogis let us have a deeper understanding and broader perspective when viewing what is happening in our world. Let's not focus only on the negative side. That is what we see happening sometimes, and people become filled with fear and anxiety. A yogi, on the other hand, will look upon everything with equanimity and balance.''
equanimity and balance, yes, my inspiration. time to go for yin yoga. continue work when i am back.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

thank you

hi girls, we have donated 2500hkd today to HSBC china earthquake relief. we would like to let you know that your purchases this month had helped the earthquake victims in a tiny way. thank you. spreading the love. lets always be reminded of how much we already have in our lives and our hearts be filled with gratitude and kindness. : )

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

2 more looks!

Check out the kyurii items to recreate this look:
- top 08APR E-7
- bottom 08APR D-7.1
- top 08APR B-8.1
- bottom 08BAS-25.1
have fun! all photos from FACEHUNTER

Monday, May 26, 2008

where am i in facebook?

hello girls! yes i am really puzzled too. i cant find myself on facebook too. i can only find the 'suyin tan' from hong kong (my personal account) but the 'suyin tan' from singapore with the kyurii email cannot be found. argh! been trying for the past 30 mins! going nuts! i already checked the status at privacy, everyone should be able to search for me.
anyway. meanwhile, for those who cant find me, please drop your email under comment and i will add you. i am still not very good at facebook yet. hehe. btw i have changed the name to 'suyin kyurii'.
p.s. wai mun, i added you already!

hello monday!

girls girls girls! my energy is back! last week i couldnt really focus on work. i could only focus on my asanas. hee.. now i am preparing for the new stuff now and at the same time, listening to jack johnson (not his new album 'sleep through the static' though. anyone got it already?). oh i like him, and his music of coz! mm... always have this thing for any guy who is musically inclined. hahaha! born in hawaii, he used to be a surfer, after surviving an accident at 17, he became interested in music. and he started writing songs and singing. if a surfer can become a singer-songwriter, we can also be whatever our hearts aspire to be! lets work towards it!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

we are on facebook!

hi girls, kyurii is now on facebook! we are inviting all of you to join! just search for email: or name: Suyin Tan (under Singapore) FACEBOOK now! we hope to get to know you all as friends, other than just customers. in fact, we had already been writing to some of you like friends, therefore, its about time to start facebook! it would be a great space for us to share, about anything under the sun. it doesn't has to be on fashion. we love to know what you are up to lately, daily nitty gritty stuff, or profound topics about life, school, work, travel, boyfriends, shopping anything!
we will be waiting for your friend requests! i also started a 'I Love Kyurii' group, which we hope will be another way for you to find out what's the latest happenings in the house of kyurii. i also hope to start a kyurii yoga group soon! hehe!

Kyurii: Try This Look!

Try this out! Check out the kyurii items for this look:
- inner tank top 08BAS-19.3
- wide neck top 08MAY A-10.1
- skinny jeans 08APR D-10.2

- basic white tee 08BAS-20.4
- shorts 08MAY A-8
- clutch 08JAN ACC-11
photos from facehunter.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Kyurii: Try This Look!

hi girls, we just created 'TRY THIS LOOK with KYURII" thingy! from time to time, we will be selecting our favourite looks from our all time favourite facehunter and then re-creating them with our kyurii items! we hope they will bring you more ideas when it comes to putting together a cool street style! sometimes, its not about the clothes, its more about the styling and how you put things together! with these inspirations, you can re-look at your existing clothes, and create new looks with them! and put your creative mind to work!
all these coming up soon! stay tuned! all the photos from i am a big fan of facehunter, i love the photography! the simple background, the poses, the lighting, all cool!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

there are miracles

四 川 八 級 大 地 震 昨 已 踏 入 第 八 天 , 災 區 仍 出 現 一 個 又 一 個 生 還 奇 。 生 還 者 都 超 越 了 「 黃 金 72 小 時 」 的 搶 救 定 律 , 彭 州 一 名 60 歲 老 婦 被 埋 195 小 時 後 , 昨 傍 晚 成 功 獲 救 。 而 在 相 距 40 多 公 里 的 映 秀 鎮 , 救 援 人 員 昨 日 凌 晨 也 成 功 救 出 一 名 被 困 179 小 時 的 31 歲 男 子 , 他 被 救 出 時 已 記 不 起 被 埋 多 久 。from
lets continue to believe.

Monday, May 19, 2008


today at 2:28pm, a 3 min of silence across china, hong kong and macau was observed to mourn for the earthquake victims. 3 days of mourning across the country started. it's raining here in hk today. the rain really adds to the grief.
the death toll today is estimated at 34,073. another 9,500 remained buried in sichuan and more than 29,000 were missing. watching and reading the news report every day only reminds me again and again how fragile life is, how everything can be taken from you in seconds, regardless of who you are, rich or poor, young or old.
let this be a great teaching for us; to reflect upon how we really want to live our lives. why we are working so hard for every day. what we are chasing after for. is this the life we want if we were to die tomorrow. be it natural calamity, epidemic or any unfortunate events, it can happen to any one of us at anytime.
i always like to remind myself by telling myself, i dun need to wait for unfortunate things to happen in my life to then be 'awakened'. that would be too late. lets start living now. not tomorrow. not when i made more money. not when i moved into a bigger, nicer house. becos the list of desires will just go on yet life is slipping us by. lets re-live our lives now feeling alive, with love, gratitude, and awareness.
p.s. wrote this blog late last nite actually, but i wasnt sure to publish (and keep this blog solely to fashion and styles). after the night rest, i feel its important to express my inner thoughts with you here too. besides fashion, there's a lot more to life. yah? : )

Whats coming up?

forgot to mention, we are now preparing the kyurii sale! dun spend all your money, save some for kyurii sale! : )
sorry, forgot to mention earlier that the sale will start on 31May. part of the proceeds of the summer sale and all may launches will go to the HSBC china sichuan earthquake relief. we hope to do our little bit to help.

Leekeng will be away

hi girls! forgot to mention that 08MAY B launch will be the last for the month as leekeng will be away for the next 2 weeks and i will be working on other stuff and doing lots of yoga. hahaha! oh wait actually, maybe i can try to get one more launch out by the end of this month. so by the time leekeng is back in singapore, she is able to take the orders. ok i shall try! meanwhile, you guys can still email us, i will try my best to answer them! leekeng will also try to reply you as soon as she can get hold of a computer!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

one world

prayers go out to each and every child and adult who perished on the 12th may sichuan 7.8 earthquake. ॐ मणि पद्मे हूँ,

Friday, May 16, 2008

what are you thinking today?

'All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.' - buddha

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kyurii MAY B preview!

browse through the new items now!

KYURII MAY B preview!

take a peek! i have selected some of my personal favourites.

the stuff would be out either late tonite (that is if leekeng is back in time from her belated mother's day japanese buffet dinner, hehe) or tomorrow morning! stay tuned! there will also be tank tops and colour leggings at kyurii basics!
p.s. wah my hair looks quite long yah. lately i am into tying my hair up to a neat, high ponytail but i think i need to trim a little of the fringe, looks messy (thats why i kept looking down in the photos. hehe) after that i will keep it long.

lets take a break from clothes today

namaste! first of all, congrats to gillian on starting her yoga class! yes let me know how you are getting along with it. oh one of the things i look forward to everyday is going for yoga. it has become part of my life. i am reading 'autobiography of a yogi' now by paramahansa yogananda. listening to ravi shankar's chants of india. and am probably turning into a hindu soon... haha. well thats what kym said when he saw the blue-skin krishna (hindu deity) on the book cover of the other book - 'bhagavad gita' which i am also reading now. and also becos i always bug him to eat indian food with me. hahaha.
currently i am in the midst of planning my pilgrimage to nepal which i would like to happen later this year. it will be my second trip to this beautiful country. i first went when i was 19 with my temasek poly classmates. this time, i want to do it on my own. i have to go... i feel the strong need to be close to nature, to the mountains, to the non-material life. best thing is, my cat-sitter, mila who is a nepalese working in hk, has invited me to stay in her house in kathmandu city with her daughters. i love staying with the locals, and try to be as local as can be when i travel. life is all about experiences.
right now the planning keeps me motivated when i am overloaded with work. just bought a lonely planet. : )

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

how is everyone?

i have been in such a lazy mood to do anything. anything except for yoga and reading. oh... its all in the mind.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

there is so much magnificence

'there is so much magnificence in the ocean. waves are coming in, waves are coming in. halleluja' - peter makena
may all sentient beings be guided to our highest good. have a beautiful evening.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Kyurii MAY A out!

hi girls, i just got back. and yes MAY A is out! hahaha yes point taken, joanne, we will try not to launch it on a friday in future, as its probably 'cheong' nite for most of you! hehe. have a great weekend ahead! enjoy!! check out the new arrivals now!

KYURII MAY A preview!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

quick quick get back to work!

hehe today after lunch with eliza, i am supposed to only do one hour of yoga then back home to continue with the layouts. but i just cannot resist doing one more hour. i ended up doing an hour of yin yang and an hour of hatha! hahaha! so there will be a delay for the next launch, hehe, sorry. the new items are supposed to be out today, but i think i can only give them to leekeng to upload tonite! ok ttyl!
oh i think i have to cancel my lunch appointment with another friend tomorrow la. tele, you can only get your bags next week i am afraid. hehe : ) can't believe it, time literally flies!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

a balanced blue with a undertone of purple

"From a color forecasting perspective, we have chosen PANTONE 18-3943 Blue Iris as the color of the year, as it best represents color direction in 2008 for fashion, cosmetics and home products," explains Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®. "As a reflection of the times, Blue Iris brings together the dependable aspect of blue, underscored by a strong, soul-searching purple cast. Emotionally, it is anchoring and meditative with a touch of magic. Look for it artfully combined with deeper plums, red-browns, yellow-greens, grapes and grays."
this is the colour i am loving now! hint: if you also like this colour, look out for the next launch!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

my perfect day

i had a very balanced day today.
after breakfast, i started shooting from 10:30am till 3plus,
then vaccuumed the floor,
then played a bit with my cats,
then around 4pm, i went to starbucks near my place to have tea or lunch,
then read (am reading eckhart tolle's a new earth. what are you guys reading?)
then went for 6pm power yoga,
then showered,
then came home to cook dinner,
then eat and watch tv,
then doze off on the couch for 15mins (exhausted.. i gave a 120% in my power class today),
then continue watching some tvb drama serial till 9plus,
then went through the 485 photos taken this morning, selected 160.
next i am going to work on photoshop and freehand.
its midnite now.
i plan to be in bed by 1:30am,
then read bedtime story,
then sleep by 2am.
tmr continue shooting.

Monday, May 05, 2008

have you got your gladiator sandal?

must-have shoes for the summer! i havent got mine yet! you can see them all over on the s/s runway, from balenciaga to chanel to givenchy, check it out! however gladiator sandal is nothing new. its a trend roll-over, which is when a trend from the previous year (same season) 'rolls over' to the next year (same season). i did some research and its been rolling over since 2005. or maybe even 2000 when russell crowe started wearing them! i guess this year is more about getting up to knee length. i was actually looking around for a nice pair to go with the 08APR E tube dresses, but i didnt have enough time and i had to leave for singapore. now that i am back in hk, i shall continue my search! all photos from
those who already got something similar, you can match it with APR E tube dresses and look totally cool! or with your denim shorts and a loose flowy top!
p.s. remember when you were a kid, do you have a pair of gladiator sandals from bata? hahaha i vividly remember my brown one. its funny i think almost every kid owns at least a pair! cute.

Saturday, May 03, 2008


hi sock, to answer your question, i only tried pure yoga in singapore as i am from pure hk. you may like to ask around to see if you have any friends who are able to bring you for free trial lessons in the various yoga places (pure yoga, true yoga, i am sure there are more) to see which one you feel most comfortable in. when you are choosing your yoga studio, it would be nice to take note of how you feel about the teacher's way of teaching. some emphasise mainly on the physical aspects, some balances it with the mental aspects (which i personally prefer). we often forget that asana (poses) is only one of the eight "limbs" of yoga, the majority of which are more concerned with mental and well being than the physical part. asana alone is not equilvalent to yoga. however there is no right or wrong yoga class, it all depends on what you prefer. for those interested to read more about the eight limbs of yoga, click here YOGA JOURNAL. my favourite yoga website.
i started yoga actually like 3 years ago with a gym, but i didnt feel inspired at all. i stopped after a few classes. early last year when i decide to give it one more try. i knew that i was going to look for a studio which focuses solely on yoga and could offer a more comprehensive yoga associated classes like pranayama etc. when i first did my trial lesson at pure, it was maurice's class. i felt really inspired by the way he guides us, not only on the poses, he also touches on the 'philosophical' aspects of yoga, like telling us to 'let go of the fear, the unknown, the desires, the imperfections..', reminds us that we are all individuals, when you are on the mat in class, its not about feeling inferior when you can't do a certain pose, or vice versa feeling superior when you feel you are doing better than the girl next to you.
yoga is truly a way of life more than just exercise. but of coz, we can all kick off yoga with the physical apsect first. lastly, i would say go try the free lessons and experience for yourself. go in with an open heart.
p.s. ok i am going for hatha and yin class soon. talk later!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

ready to head for big wave bay!

hope you all had a wonderful labour day holiday! i bought my 2008 bikini from topshop today. this year i will go flowery and bright! i just love iris blue so much now! so when i saw that iris blue flower print on it, this has to be it! and yeah! there is no topshop in hk, hopefully no one will clash with me. : P
oh yes, guys remember to check out 08BAS 20 the plain basic tees, come in 4 cool colours! check them out at KYURII BASICS. to see the new arrivals 08APR E, click on KYURII WARDROBE!

om... om... om...

i am actually in singapore now, leaving tomorrow back to hong kong. i just came back from an hour of gentle and an hour of core from pure here at ngee ann city. i actually booked 2 classes for this sat but i just cannot wait any longer, having not do yoga for the last 6 days, my whole body feels a little unbalanced. too much food, too little exercise. now after the 2 hours, i feel great!! i especially like it when the teacher connects the asanas and guide us through a lucid, vinyasa flow (maurice does exactly that, i love his class!)
maybe i should upgrade my hk package to a cross-region one, now that i would be back in sin more regularly for work. quite expensive to go for drop in class even though every class is already at half priced for members from pure hk. i am thinking of doing a yoga retreat either in india or nepal within this year. let me start planning! yes! anyone who is thinking of trying a yoga class, i would highly recommend to go ahead and do it.