Thursday, November 29, 2007

whats coming up...

good evening! i am just wokened up by kym's call. after dinner, i fell asleep on my sofa, didnt even realised my b&w cat had quietly made his way to my chest and slept there while the other one slept on a pillow besides me. today i did our first day of shoot, tomorrow i will also be shooting. there will not be any launches this weekend. we hope to get the new collection up by the mid of next week. what's the theme? haha. it will be kyurii xmas collection. when we were preparing, we were brainstorming and thinking if we ever really buy clothes specially for xmas, haha personally we dont. if there is something nice that we like, we will buy, xmas or not. but we wont necessarily go shop for a new dress or a top just for the xmas party, haha. i will probably just do a styling that is suitable for the party. so this year, we decide to approach our xmas collections with practicality and style of coz, haha, we hope the clothes in the collections are what you can wear for that xmas party as well as any other day you like! there will be two parts to the xmas collection. ok back to work. ooh.. quite cold today.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

i have 2 yoga buddies

hi, its about 11:40pm now, just back from my hot yoga and thai dinner. kym joined us. but this time, we did not experiment with the kailan. no mashed up kailan photos. hahaha! yippee eliza also joined pure yoga! she is my second friend whom i brought in as guests and love hot yoga and decide to join. yeah now i have two yoga buddies! mm.. pure should give me some commission haha! just kidding. it really makes me happy when i am able to share with my friends, but i am aware never to push someone into our own likes. we have the right to share, but no right to expect the other person to also like what we like, to enjoy what we enjoy. everyone makes their own decision and we respect that. ok for you guys out there, remember to take time for yourself to rest (what my yoga teacher always reminds us), to feel your inner core, to waken the deepest part of your heart that might be lying dormant amidst the mundane routines of our lives. namaste.

Kyurii WIAW snapshot album: Nicky Xuan

hi everyone, today we share with you what nicky shared with us! lets continue to have fun dressing up! have a great day! i am going off for a meeting with the guys doing our website then hot yoga tonite with eliza! yippee love sweating!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A little note from Kyurii

hi girls, due to an overwhelming response and some delay in yahoo email, we would appreciate it if you would allow us 48hrs to reply to you. dun worry, we got all your emails regarding your will hear from us real soon! thank you for your patience and understanding. sweet dreams.

what inspires

today i am taking it slow. i want to show you guys the inspiration for this current collection. i did blogged about it earlier but here is a montage of the spring collection from adidas by stella mccartney again. i really like the leg warmers over the flat pump. have you got your ballerina pumps? they are definitely one of those things you must get, they are always in style! and be it winter or summer, you can wear them! i have 3 pairs. black, pale gold and the black n silver one you see in some of the photos. saw a quilted one in silver the other day, which is kind of cute, but mm..... i need the money for a new perfume!
becos i just broke my 2 weeks old stella two in one peony! i cant believe it! i am so pissed off with myself and also with the shape of the bottle. its doesnt stand firm, unless you place it flat down. oh well... maybe its me being clumsy. it fell once and stayed intact. the second time round, i wasnt that lucky, it broke into half, spilling all the perfume onto my bedroom floor. feels like i am sleeping in a garden of peonies that night. haha. so yesterday i went to times square after yoga, yeah! they have a xmas promotion on all stella perfumes. great! this time i decide to stick with stella rose instead (my favourite perfume, its my third bottle already) at least the bottle stands firm. and i love the purple, violet, pink colour of both the bottles. which is why i decide to use those colours for the text in the layouts for this collection. oh stella mccartney just launched her organic line of skincare, i havent check it out yet. anyway. ok! i go cook some dinner now! you guys have a nice evening ahead!

i am superwoman

posing like superman while shooting this collection. cao ge's superman playing in the background........ hahahahahahaha, the crush is still on......

Monday, November 26, 2007

Extra stocks are in for BAS-7.3

hi girls, just to let you know that we just got in more stocks for BAS-7.3 white one, sorry no more stocks for the black and grey one. for those who didn't manage to get it the last time, please give lee keng an email!

wanchai gary

its now 1:20am, just back from dinner and movie. a well deserved night out before returning to work tomorrow. we went to elements, the new shopping mall at kowloon station. had vietnamese for dinner, and had fun with the spinach, hahaha! we took photos of mashed spinach in our mouths to add to the collection of nasi goreng, vege burger, instant noodles and squid ink spag. i tried to do it too but i can't get all the spinach to cover my teeth. mm.... must try again next time. whoever who saw us taking all those photos must be thinking we are nuts. we spent quite a bit of time shooting each other. crazy! haha. anyway. i hope you are enjoying the new clothes!! sweet dreams, i better sleep soon, or maybe go read a bit of my new book 'the power of now'. keep smiling and have a fabulous week ahead!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

KYURII NOV B preview!

work it out, girls! clothes out now at:!


hi girls, the new collection will be up really soon! leekeng and i just went through the list and she should be publishing it onto kyurii wardrobe soon. please bookmark! haaaa... i dun think i have time to do a preview here. still working on the catalogue layout. hahaha. see you in a bit!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

welcome onboard, jiahui!

hi everyone, today let me introduce jiahui, who is our new member in the house of kyurii! jiahui is currently taking a bachelor program in ngee ann polytechnic, majoring in early childhood education. she just joined us a month ago, and is helping us out on kyurii auction sites and the new website. welcome to the team, jiahui! we love your liveliness and passion! you have been a great help, it really took some load off us. thanks! yes, i hope the collection can inspire all of us to do regular exercise, keeping us heathly and happy! ok me back to work! hot yoga at 9pm tonite with girl friends.
p.s. to juliet, we will try our best to get it out by saturday! dont forget to go H&M at central or the one at 'elements' shopping mall (cool new mall, check it out if you have time) located above kowloon mtr station.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

whats coming up...

hello girls! how is everyone today? i had quite a fun time shooting today. this weekend, we will be launching a special WORKOUT collection (inspired by stella mccartney adidas spring 08 which i blogged about earlier) ! haha. so i was pretending to do many different sporty actions, like running, yoga or playing tennis! hahaha! its quite funny! hahaha i probably wont use these photos in the collection, haha just for fun! i had to learn to entertain myself now that i work on my own from home, right? haha. if not it will be be sooooo boring. but of coz, i have cao ge cd on the whole time! i really like to do a slightly sporty styling. note its not a 100% sports gear, but just a mix of sports and casual. it would be what i would like to wear to my yoga practise. i feel the styling just makes you feel energetic and full of life almost instantly, once you put them on, tie your hair back, i feel really happy! and whats better than to feel alive and passionate every day! i cant wait to share it with you all!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

KYURII Stylebook: Scarf Origami Part 2 and 3

hi there, we received some emails asking us how to drape the scarf. so i decided to shoot it, its far too difficult for me to describe it in words. i did these step by step shots which i hope is clear. but even if its not, no worries. the more you explore, the more ways you will discover! there are no fixed steps. the only thing you might want to look out for is, make sure it looks like its been effortlessly executed (i actually like it a little untidy looking). the last thing you want is a neatly folded scarf round your neck. well, scarves never really stay in place anyway, so just let it flow over your shoulders, round your neck! have fun!! hope you guys find the tips helpful!

Monday, November 19, 2007

i left a comment

guess what? i just stumbled on one of my favourite photographer's blog. he is ND chow. fellow singaporean based in tokyo. when i worked as an art director, i always hope to use clang or nd chow for my campaigns. but budget was always the problem. anyway. i was just googling to find some inspiration and realised that he just started a blog. i thought for a while if i should leave a comment, becos it feels kind of funny, like i am writing to someone who dunno me. but vice versa, when i see comments that are left on my blog by some of you, i feel really happy and as if i know you guys. hahaha. so i decided to do it. proud of all fellow singaporeans who are out there living our dreams! yew kee, ganbatte!

super bo liau

today someone lodged a complaint. the complainant said that his photo which was featured on yesterday's blog did not fairly portray his actual good looks (puke). the photo he claimed is too ugly. he is very concerned that his popularity amongst his imaginary hk 'mui' (young girls in cantonese) fans will be greatly affected, and in turn, cause adverse effects on his potential singaporean female fans out there who might be reading this blog. therefore, i hereby present this photo which i believe is a more accurate representation of mr kym ma. hahaha i am being super bo liau! but he did complain that all his photos on my blog are ugly. haha. but seriously its difficult to find a photo of him smiling decently. its either funny poses or wierd expressions. this is shot at the east coast niang tou fu kopi tiam when he was playing with his digital camera, caught off guard. i quite like the mood, the pale green, the lighting coming from the side. i took the photo. cool yeah. i like the song, bei pan, kym said it should be 背fat. well hope you are happy with this photo, mr ma. ho siu ho siu!
ok back to work.

wah lau eh!

oh my head has been throbbing since my hot yoga class this afternoon. i think i should just stick to hot hour, instead of hot 1, which to me is more strenous and monotonous. repeating the same set of poses 2 times. i actually felt a little giddy halfway and had to retreat to child pose to take a rest. ok so early night for me tonight, tomorrow morning i want to go out on a buying trip. for those who had sent in your xmas wish list to us, we got them! thanks! no promises, but i will definitely keep a look out for the items tomorrow. i got them written down on a list already!
ok goodnite. shit i am still suffering from my gary chaw crush. i seldom listen to mandarin pop, but i have been listening to his cd all day long. i feel like a teenager all over again. i had asked kym to go re-style his hair like gary. but guess what? i found something similar between kym and gary. check this out.
really funny when i saw that cao ge photo from its actually one of kym's fav poses, this is the one with nasi goreng. he also had one with vege burger, one with instant noodles flowing out and also one with spaghetti in ink squid sauce. super bo liau. mm... boys under 30 yo. understandable.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


i just got home with gary chaw's album! i have to admit i am having a crush on him now. it only started 2 days ago. a friend sent me a link of a taiwan singing competition of this guy singing 'bei pan', and it sort of led me to cao ge, becos i was totally mesmerized by the song. i then watched some of his interviews on youtube. and all that left me in a daze for at least a day, thinking about my own life, my friends, those years working in shanghai after studying in australia, then working in hong kong which also started off really tough (many times during the first few years i feel like quitting and packing up). today, hk feels like my second home, made many close frens here. and after being away from singapore for almost 10 years, i finally feel i am being myself this year. i find myself again after taking the plunge into the unknown to work full time on kyurii. even with much lesser salary and nothing to save, i dun think i can ever go back to my previous lifestyle. i feel a lot of warmth in my heart this year when i work on kyurii, especially when you guys tell us that you like the clothes. so thank you, without your support and encouragement, it will be tough for us to continue. i have come to learn that the universe will always take care of us, each and every one of us. we just have to believe in it and in ourselves. there may be fear lurking around but it will vanish as we trust our hearts more. i seldom write about these deep thoughts, worried that it may bore you. but i really hope that whatever we do at kyurii or write about will always bring upon a positive effect on you. spreading the love. music can spread love i hope our clothes can also spread some love.

Kyurii Basics Nov

hi girls, how do you like my wavy hair? i have managed to tame the curls down to waves. anyway. this very useful long sleeve top is one of the five items that we have selected for this weekend. look out for the rest tomorrow on! and have a fantastic weekend!
also, is there any special item you guys are looking for the coming xmas? we are in the midst of prepararing for xmas. if you want us to help look out for something, please email us at and titled it: Xmas. we will try out best!

Friday, November 16, 2007

about us

its 1:46am now.. i am writing the 'about us' column for our website. mm.. hardest bit to write. we really want to write what we feel about kyurii and what kyurii is all about there. but sometimes finding the right words is difficult. especially when i am art based, not copy based (for those who are not in adv, we work in teams, one art director partnering one writer to create ads). but i guess writing from your heart is more important than anything else. i remember once a dear friend who is a writer telling me that sometimes we all try to be too clever with our words, we forgot to be honest with them.
today at the end of my yoga practice, we brought our hands to prayer position and place it near the throat chakra to illuminate the clarity (saying what we really mean) and compassion of speech. let us all have more awareness with our words, spoken or written. as words do have an effect on the people receiving them. goodnite and have a beautiful day tomorrow.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

your feedback

hello! some of you have asked us about the longsleeve top that was worn in the collection (see photo below), well, good news! they will be on sale under kyurii basics this weekend! i am actually working on them now. hehe. we got in 3 basic colours: white, grey and black (which i wore with the skirt NOV A-4.1, 4.2). also, the long black legging which you might have also seen me wearing on previous collections will also be featured on kyurii basics this weekend! look out for them!
the other thing many asked is the tailored jacket. its my personal piece. i got it from tokyo quite some time ago. its a simple jacket but yes, we understand that sometimes its so hard to find one, with the right fit and timeless cut! your feedback is noted. kyurii will try our best to bring in jackets!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

the scarves are out!

hi girls, we just added 2 new scarves into our collection! check them out now at!

Monday, November 12, 2007

hi there!

how did you girls like this collection? this time i did a few styling with a tailored jacket, just to share with you how the different items could be combined with your existing work clothes to suit a work environment. i hope you guys like it. however it is still not very formal formal. that will never be kyurii. and honestly, i dun really know how to do traditional formal styling. i love clashing structured jackets with casual items. did you guys get the grey jeans? today i wore it with a printed tee, under my cropped leather jacket plus my grey ankle boots, sorry no time to take photos before i go out becos of my hair!! took me quite some time to manage the waves. anyway here are how others wear their grey jeans!!

also many of you asked about the scarves, yes all the new scarves that you see on the photos in this collection, they will be on sale. they should be up anytime this week. will let you know as soon as they are ready! thanks.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

what i am wearing today: to yoga

haha new clothes!!! its 5:12pm now. am going to walk to class. see you!

warm sunday

today is a warm day over here. i had a really good sleep last night becos i finished my part of the launch. now its leekeng's turn to get busy, while i take a brief rest before the week begins! i practised my yoga breathing last nite on the bed, and drifted to sleep. so happy as its been quite difficult to fall asleep at night for me, my mind is always so active at night, thinking of how to mix n match (haha), the website, planning what to do for the next day. ok you girls enjoy the clothes, while i take it easy for today. hot yoga at 6pm. yippee.. i am hooked. i got myself a mat yesterday after class so that i can practise my asanas. i am determined to get my 'Parsva Dandasana' - side staff pose going without collapsing for my next power yoga class! this is the pose. my shoulders have no strength, same as my stomach. hahaha.
p.s. thanks henky, me listening to the cd you gave me now. : )

Saturday, November 10, 2007

KYURII NOV A preview!

hello girls! here it is! NOV A collection will be out tomorrow! i didnt show all the clothes here on this photo, to keep you guys in suspense! haha.

Friday, November 09, 2007


hello! how is everyone? feeling sleepy after lunch? haha. i just ate an entire mullet (fish)! had a sudden craving for steam fish so i went to the supermarket, came back and steamed it! i thought i cant finish it (as my lunch is usually light), but i did! i have been eating more since i started my yoga regime again. aw.... i feel so satisfied and contented now after the mullet. haha. anyway.
so are you girls ready for this weekend launch? grey jeans, knee-length cardigan, mini skirts!!! all coming up! i had better get back to work now, if not we will not be on time. going to make myself a cup of kopi then continue with the layouts! talk to you soon! have a great weekend ahead!

here it is!

back from yoga and saw the comment regarding the eyeliner. ok here you go! a photo of the proucts. yes yes, i have been using it for a year, and its the only eyeliner i can manage! haha. the brush (ultra fine eyeline brush) gives me good control, therefore am able to draw exactly what i want, precisely where i want it to be thicker and where thinner. but of coz, practise makes perfect! hehe. and oh, another good thing is the gel eyeliner doesnt smudge. you know how some smudge easily.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

beauty note today

today i decide to blog about beauty tips. becos each time i draw my eyeline, i have to tell someone how much i love my bobbi brown gel eyeliner and the brush!! i got it a year ago, last winter. best cosmetic buy of the year! even though the brush is quite expensive, but is a good investment for those who love drawing eyeline! you are only half good if you get the gel without the brush. it just makes it so easy! the control is superb! i am so hooked to drawing eyeline now, i am getting really good at it! hahaha. remember to get it slanting upwards at the tip! i love it, i think it puts energy into your eyes!
i have chosen this not so dramatic eyeline on gemma ward for your reference, some are too thick and slant upwards too much which may be right for clubbing, not so much for everyday look or work. but this one on gemma ward is just right! try it!!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

a quick note

hi girls, been quite busy to blog. instead, would like with you some montages that i have been looking through these few days. hope its inspiring to you!!! spend a few minutes tonight to think about what to wear tomorrow for work, have fun!

Monday, November 05, 2007

kiwi orange lemon

how was your weekend? saturday we went to an ex-colleague's house for hotpot to celebrate her mom's birthday as well as to watch that very important match of manchester united vs arsenal. (oh its also my brother's birthday that day.) i am not a big soccer fan, but they are. it was really fun, eating in the midst of cheering when man-U scored and cursing when arsenal scored. very happy! there was so much food, everyone ate a lot. so on sunday, i try to burn it all off by doing hot yoga and some pranayama (breathing exercise). letting the divine from within shine through! letting go of all negativity. haha.
i hope everyone has a great monday and a fantastic week ahead! as for frens in hk, please increase your dosage of vitamin C. many frens not feeling too well. i am having running nose and a little sorethroat. ok going to eat some kiwi later. take care, and wear more clothes la! yes, layer up!

Friday, November 02, 2007

cold today

just back from a tim sum lunch with henky, who came back from rome for a few days. so he is craving for all the char siew bao, ha gao, chicken feet, cheong fun, we ate a lot, now i am soooooooo full! haha. luckily i have yoga later at 6pm. this week has been relaxing for me, working at my own pace, no rush. which means there will be no launch this weekend. tmr onwards i will be preparing for the new collection. so now, i think i want to go to the starbucks nearby to browse through the mags i bought, and take it easy on a cool friday afternoon. ciao! tessy at work. haha he really enjoys sitting on my lap while i work. funny cat. he stares at the screen as if he knows whats going on.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Kyurii WIAW snapshot album!

thank you lizhen for being the first to contribute to kyurii WIAW! snapshot album. lizhen emailed to say ''I was scanning a whole lot of pictures from the internet to look for inspiration.. and i came across a pic of a european girl, donning a cardigan as a top! The cardigan which i had got from kyurii gave me the perfect drape and edgy look with this look! I will continue to be inspired with kyurii items!'' i love what you did! i am going to start exploring this interesting tie with my own piece of MAR A-9, maybe i will wear a tee underneath it, and see how it looks, as the weather is turning cool here. thanks again, lizhen! if you too have any styling tips or simply how you mix n match kyurii clothes, do email us and titled it: What I Am Wearing. We are waiting for your photos!!

think wave not curls

this morning i woke up, when i shake my head, my hair feels so light. when i look at the mirror, it looks a little like a badly shaped candy floss. oh well it has over-achieved the volumy effect that i wanted. hahaha! then i washed it, let it dry naturally. thank goodness, it subsided. i think i will keep washing my hair to tame the curls. this is how it looks now. then i remembered sienna miller had a short wavy hairstyle in the past, so i google it. and here it is. ah why does the ends of my hair curl outward instead of inward?!?!?! i think maybe i should get a electric curler to turn them inward manually. oh maybe its ok. i think i am just being paranoid. oh i guess i am not used to it yet. maybe i should explore on splitting my fringe. ok going to get dressed for yoga now. ciao.

i permed my hair

happy halloween! its 12:16am now, just came back from cwb. saw many people in costumes, forgot to bring my camera out. the funniest has to be this fat guy in mr incredible outfit, with his fats oozing out! hahaha. the scariest is the chinese zombie, yeeks! today i went to perm my hair! big waves. to give it more volume at the bottom. i want the effect of a art directed 'i just got out of bed' look you know, but my stylist said i will only achieve it 2 months after perming. now its more wavy than i hope for. i guess i will just tie it up loosely for now. AH!!!! 2 months...