Tuesday, July 31, 2007

special message to kimi chan

'kimi chan, genki desu ka. anata no me totemo okii desu ne! kimi chan wa mainichi nani o shimasu ka. miruku o nomimasu ka. watashi wa raigetsu ni shingaporu ni ikimasuyo dakara sugu aimasu ne! sorekara asobimashou ka?' : )
p.s. leekeng, i see our kyurii stocks in the background. haha!

Sleeping Beauty

Baby kimi is home today from the hospital. leekeng said she is always sleeping, has to wake her up for meal times! maybe her mom worked too hard before delivery, depriving kimi of her sleep. so now that she is out, she needs her beauty sleep. aww..... she looks so peaceful and sweet. i cant wait to carry her!! guess what, little kimi, i bought you and your cousin, clairie, a cute little dress each yesterday. i am now hooked on buying little baby girls' dresses. they all look sooooooooo kawaii! now wait a minute, who is who? who is kimi and who is clairie?

Monday, July 30, 2007

reply reply and more replying

hello guys! i got my first taste of replying emails to you girls out there. mm.. what a challenge for me. to remember all your orders, your names and who has paid, who hasn't, who reserved, who cancelled, who i have replied, who i haven't. i think leekeng's baby daughter will have a super good memory, given all that replying of emails she did when she is pregnant right up to the very morning of her delivery date. 'sugoii ne!'
alright for those who have placed their orders, please allow us a little more time (10 working days) than usual for the delivery process, as I consolidate orders every 4 days and then email Leekeng's husband for him to do the packing under her supervision. and also for repeat customers, i will have to get you to email me your mailing address again, becos i dun wish to bother leekeng too much at this moment. thank you everyone!

Friday, July 27, 2007

happy birthday!!!

welcome to the world, little kimi! you must be such a lovely pretty girl, i cant wait to see your photos later, your dad just promised over sms to have them uploaded by tonight. hahaha!

today is a special day

i feel restless today, cant really focus on work. one minute i am working and the next minute, i will be thinking about leekeng and baby kimi. we just exchanged sms. she is now waiting for the C-section which will happen at 3pm. its funny when you know when you are going to deliver, i believe all that waiting and anticipation can get really intense at time. i have decided that i would not do anything at 3pm but meditate on sending out good energy to mother and baby for at least half an hour (my fren said it takes 20 minutes to take the baby out) and yes, i am a new age junkie. i duno why but there are times where i really feel emotional thinking about this whole thing, as if i am the one having the baby! haha. maybe its the effect of the full moon drawing close. anyway. i hope to get some photos of baby kimi soon to share with you guys!!!
'ganbatte haha leekeng to kimi-chan! sugu tanoshimi ni shite iru yo!'

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

the world is our oyster

oh this month is an exciting (and also challenging) time for us! a time of changes. leekeng will be delivering this friday... first time mom-to-be! new experience new stage in life!! this time would also be a good time for me to prepare and think of how to bring kyurii forward! there are so much we want to do and can do. keep on supporting us girls! and boys! : )
you know since i started on kyurii, i feel really energetic and happy most of the time (even though my salary has been reduced to a 'enough-to-survive-and-nothing-to-save' amount, i feel secure and driven). at this moment, i can proudly say that there is nothing i would rather be doing than what i am doing now. it took me 9 years of advertising plus 1 year of wedding decoration to get to this point. but nothing is wasted, everything i learnt before has been of a great help today. if you have not found or figure out what you really like to do, dun worry, i believe you will get there. all you need is to want it and be brave enough to execute it when the time comes. sometimes its not a matter of not knowing but not having enough courage to go for it. now that i have taken the plunge, there is no holding back. the world is my oyster, and yours too. woohoo!! i love this carousel by the sea at brighton, an hour away from london. took it in may.

Monday, July 23, 2007

miss stella

stella mccartney comes in second on my favourite Fall RTW 07 list. balenciaga being first. check out the unique cutting! love it!

also love the ways things are combined here!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

straw hat

good morning everyone! what is everyone up to this weekend. not going to the beach for the next few weeks for me, i am peeling now after that day at lantau island. i have patches on my tummy. yeeks. later i am going for harry potter at pacific place with kym and his sister who is back for summer holidays. after that, we will go window shopping at joyce and I.T to look at all the designer clothes. feel like dropping by at H&M in central too. see how. i am looking for a straw hat. being at the beach with a towel over my head to keep the sun out is way too hideous!!
hey zin, you seen any cheap one in london like the one below? get for me. i want one that curls up slightly at the sides. where did you get yours from?

Friday, July 20, 2007

define your waist!

i really love belting up my tops these days. i am still looking for a slightly more formal wider belt. quite hard to find one that i like. i saw a black one at zara 2 days ago, what i like about it is, it has 3 small gold buckles on the front to give it more details. am still thinking if i should get it.

clog clog clog

'kino watashi wa kym kun ni kireina nihon no clogs o moraimashita. tottemo ureshii desu ne.'
last nite kym gave me these pretty clogs. they are a bit tight on the toes, but still wearable. i will wear them with my skinny jeans. yeah happy days.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

try something new for tomorrow!

just came back from the starbucks near my house. went there to revise my japanese. after that, went to parknshop to get some cat litter and also got a copy of august elle. they did a feature on the hot trends now, and one of them is call 'boho-tec' which is part bohemian and part hi-tech, yes inspired by balenciaga! it says in elle 'take balenciaga's eclectic traveller who throws on a tasselled palestinian scarf with a slim pink blazer, jodhpurs (the new trouser shape) or hippie tie-dye dress. it should all go wrong, but uncannily, it all works togther.' HOW TRUE! i really admire these designers who so effortlessly (and daringly) clash n mix really different items, and then achieve a level of asethetics that is universally acclaimed. its always easy to look safe and beautiful. but it takes originality and courage to create something new or different yet aesthetically pleasing.
ok! lets think of a new way to mix and match our clothes for work tomorrow! something different something you never thought of before. even if you feel your colleagues might have a comment or two. they always do. so what? wear it! inspire them, who knows they might start to put a bit more thoughts into their outfits. its better to be wrong sometimes than to be boring all the time, i think.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

teach? or not.

about a week ago, hoiming asked me if i want to be a part-time tutor to the final year advertising students at IVE, which is like our temasek polytechnic. she was approached by her ex-lecturer as they wanted to hire people who had worked in the industry. so yesterday we went to meet up with her ex-lecturer. well the campus sort of remind me of the old temasek poly at stirling road which i studied in. i have never thought about being a tutor. mm.... its interesting how life unfolds and presents us with opportunities that we never even thought of.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

more than just the motorcyle bag

balenciaga has to be my favourite fall RTW collection. i love how he combines the colours and the ethnic prints. you know its so hard to find nice colourful or printed clothes for kyurii, i have been searching high and low but the colours are always matched wrongly, either that or, the prints look awful. it gets really frustrating sometimes. oh we can't wait to be making our own clothes. anyway. take a look at these! love the proportion too.

way to go, nicholas ghesquiere. he is only 25 yo when he headed the house of balenciaga under gucci group. in his thirties now. i really feel something for designers in their 30s. haha. maybe becos i am also a child of the 80s. it will be cool to see where he is taking the brand towards. love this clash of a classic tweed jacket and a sporty pants! love it!

Monday, July 16, 2007

sunday at the beach

today woke up feeling a little pain on my feet. they are red from my suntan yesterday. and my tummy too is quite burnt. i joined kym and his frens to lantau island lower cheung sha beach. they went surfing somewhere further down. i suntanned. its good to feel close to nature. my bbq pork belly. this is my first time to this beach and i like it. many ang moh couples or families around, they are much quieter as compared to some beahces where its packed with noisy local teenagers and their blasting radio! so thats great! i actually fell asleep in the late afternoon when the sun is more gentle, with the sea breeze blowing. some cute french guy with his frens on my right. so you can imagine, the sound from the waves, mixed with a sentence or two in french, a distant laughter from kids playing in the sea, how relaxing can it be...the kitten at the food stall on the beach. so cute. nice blue eyes. after the beach, we walk around causeway bay. trying clothes and being goofy in the fitting room at izzue. i asked kym to do some of his favourite pose. so gay. haha. look at that finger! gosh.... yes, that striped top kym tried on is from the ladies section. i end up buying it. for 145hkd, about 29sin. yippee! sale is on. for those who might go to hk at this time, you can check out www.izzue.com. but i think the clothes from The Collection, their high end line, are more interesting. the rest are just so so. i have to put more moisturizer on my feet now and grab some lunch. talk later.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

JUL B preview!

hello ladies, this week we take the japanese styling further to blouses and culottes! as we all know, japanese styling is all about layering, so this collection, we included the different items (from the inner tanks to the outer layer vests) for you to create light layers. we also have some tops and blouses with a slight feminine touch, like this one shown in the bigger photo below. you know i really had a hard time last night choosing which item to get featured bigger, becos i personally like many of them. hehe. we are also excited to share with you 4 different knee-length bottoms, 3 of them culottes and 1 skirt this week. we love to wear them with simple blouses or tanks for a casual, slightly feminine look. great alternative to the usual shorts and mini skirts! and jeans. we hope you like them too! ok guys, this will be the last batch for summer. we hope you all have a great time shopping this collection. we will be back in september (or late august) with autumn trends! meanwhile, stay tuned on the blog, we will continue to fill you up with what we are up to in the month of august.

Friday, July 13, 2007

mittente italia

as i was coming back from my grocery shopping just now, i caught a glimpse of this foreign looking stamp in my letter box. before the lift door closes, i rush out to open my letter box. you see i seldom open my letter box, i only opened it when it gets all busted with letters or in this case, if i sense something exciting. hahaha. i am so happy, the envelope is from italy! i love receiving parcels! it contains a cd from henky! my fren who wrote a book, if you guys remember. this is the second cd he gave me already. and as always, he compiles the songs himself. haha its such an old fashion thing to do, but he is still doing it. thats just so sweet of him. thank you henky. i really appreciate the effort of one writing a simple note, sticking the stamps, and going to the post office to post it. it then travels half the globe, on the plane, or on the ship across the ocean to a different country. the journey of any parcel is amazing.
last friday, i got a jar of candies from kwan. this friday i got a CD from henky. what more can i ask for.

Monday, July 09, 2007

blue sky day!!

perfect blue sky today in hong kong. but bloody hot, especially when i am shooting, and i switch on the air-con for 2 hours. am trying not to use air-conditioning. but there was no way i can through all that posing without it. wanted to go to starbucks to revise my japanese this evening, but after the shoot, i was just dead tired. went to the supermarket to get some groceries to make dinner. now i am sorting out all the photos i did yesterday and today. this coming batch will be the last before we close temporarily for 1 month in preparation for our kyurii princess, leekeng's baby. haha. meanwhile, enjoy the clothes!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

it should be JUL A

sorry guys, i made a mistake in the mailing list. it should be JUL A, not JUL B we are launching this weekend! anyway, have fun!


i really enjoyed myself last night with my frens. after dinner, we went for drinks at einstein, this pub in quarry bay (where we used to hang out after work as its very near all the advertising agencies so we can all meet up) oh again those were the days. sometimes we will even brainstorm ideas there over some alcohol. kind of miss that really.
and i got a gift from kwan from her europe trip. so happy! thanks kwan. its a bottle of candies, which i am going to place right besides my laptop. looking at the colours just make me feel so happy. oh actually i can't wait to eat them! haha. a candy a day keeps the worries away!

Friday, July 06, 2007

mailing list

this afternoon, i was updating our mailing list. and i just realised that many of you have been supporting since we started, and have recommended kyurii to your friends. thanks guys! many of your names are so familiar to me. maybe one day, we should all get together and have a kyurii party or something or do a clothes exchange party!
ok i am going out soon. have a gathering with my ex-colleagues from TBWA at northpoint. 11 of us. yummy food. great friends! wearing my black skinny (which you guys must be so familiar with. haha), with APRA 7.5 (grey tank top). ok you guys have a great weekend ahead!
p.s. for those who want to be in the mailing list, but have yet to receive emails from us. please drop us an email at: kyurii_online@yahoo.com.sg. and title it: mailing list. thanks!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Preview for JUL A!

ah! just finished some final touches to JUL A! its a small collection. and here's the preview specially for you guys. the japanese look continues with these loose and comfortable cotton tunic dresses! i am really excited to see if you guys like it! i personally love it! especially in this hot humid weather, i feel really happy to slip into one of these dresses. sometimes i will belt it up and wear it over leggings or roomy jeans. in fact, i am hooked on them! and leekeng too, she has been grabbing all the clothes for herself (as she is pregnant. haha!) ok goodnight. very tired now.. my eyes are blurring, been staring too much at the computer. ok zzzzzzzzzz....

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

baby william

just spoke to ching today over the phone. she is my university mate from aus. oh i wish i can visit her in melbourne and play with baby william. he is so cute! two of my closest frens married ang mohs (gwei lows) and both have cute looking babies but all boys. i think baby eurasian girls will look even cuter! kym and i always joke that maybe we should go find handsome and pretty ang moh partners respectively, make babies, ditch them but take the babies for ourselves. hahaha.baby william with his little aussie girlfriend. ok enough. a little too much baby talk for me lately.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

dose of japanese fashion

i love to buy fashion magazines and get new ideas for styling! and many hk girls here buy loads of japanese mags every month to keep themselves inspired. you know sometimes you just slump into this mood where you just dunno what to wear and feel damn 'sien' and you end up wearing the same things over and over again. i hate that feeling and i hate being monotonous. so whenever that happens, its time to get new magazines to get new ideas! i like the japanese ones becos they all feature real people and affordable clothes, not just celebs and designers wear.
so here are some ways the japanese wear their one-pieces from my favourite japanese mag, jille june edition to share with you!

Monday, July 02, 2007


we watched shrek last nite. its really funny. i heard transformers is good, but its not showing in hk yet. so what are you guys up to lately? since i am back in hk, i feel kind of tired and lethargic but there is actually a lot on my to-do list. oh well... today is a holiday in hk, and it has been raining quite a bit here, so you know.. the holiday mood plus the cooling weather are perfect excuses for me to take it easy and be a little lazy. i just feel like having a cup of coffee and read a book all day long. oh btw anyone read paul coelho's latest book, 'the witch of portobello'? i plan to get it.
i have been uploading the clothes on yahoo auctions and eating pandan chiffon cake. it is so popular among my frens here in hk. every one who has tasted it love it! so every trip back to hk, i have to buy pandan cake. every trip to singapore, i have to buy 'hang heung lao po ping' wife cakes. haha. trying to take a photo of the fireworks from home last night. happy 10 year anniversary to hk handover!