Thursday, November 30, 2006

whats coming up

are you girls in the holiday mood already? we sure are!!! i just finished taking photos for the first batch of clothes for december! i had a great time doing mix and match to create different styles! i am dying to show you guys what we have lined up for december, BUT i have to do the layouts first. for those of you who asked, we hope to have the clothes uploaded by the second weekend of december, in time for the christmas parties! look out!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

marni spring 07

i dun feel winter, and i am excited over spring now! was just looking at the spring collections 2007. marni really caught my eye! love the tailored cut of the dresses, coupled with leggings, love the layering effect created! also loving the prints! of coz!!marni is known for the unique prints on the fabric. for the past 2 years, i think the spring collection of marni are nicer than the fall one, just my personal opinion. marni got really popular here 2 years ago, and that was when i bought my most expensive skirt from marni. costs me 600 sin dollars! hahaha it is still my most expensive piece of designer item in my wardrobe now. and i think it will still be in the near future.
marni spring 2007. all photos from consuelo castiglioni, marni's designer. i love what she is wearing!! ah!! my marni skirt from spring05. i am going to dig it out and wear it in spring. this is paulo melim andersson, chloe's new chief designer, 34 years old swedish, also from central st. martins and royal college of art graduate. really excited to see his creations in march! from marni to chloe!

is it winter now?

hi how are you guys doing? i have been extremely busy lately so have not been blogging. been busy on kyurii, preparing for the xmas special. and also, i chopped off my hair. now its a short bob. i feel more like me when i have short hair! haha energetic and more lively! mm.. what else that had happened.. well today is the coldest day so far in hong kong, but its only 21degree. this global warming issue is really serious i think. i remember when i first came to hk 6 in year 2000, its really cold in november... and throughout the 6 years, it get colder later. this year its really obvious. november is not supposed to be like this. i am not even wearing my jackets yet.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

KYURII NOV part 3 is OUT!!

hi girls, here are the clothes for part 3 of november! after the busy busy week! this selection, besides the 2 red tops we featured, we also love the 2 long cardigans! long is the way to go!! we also love the sassy short dress in black or grey! the clothes will be up on kyurii wardrobe and yahoo auctions tomorrow! check it out! this will be our last selection on the greys and monotones, (next month we will be moving on to something totally different!) so for those who love greys and the black n white, don't miss out this last chance! also, check out the wild leopard print tank top, which will definitely be a very useful item to include in your wardrobe!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


for the next selection (which will be uploaded early next week), we will feature two RED tops! this fall/winter, RED plays an important role! its the colour that accentuates the whole grey and monotones palette! and brings out the life in the otherwise cold gloomy winter. besides wearing red, the easiest way to have some red accent is to paint your nails RED! and i mean bright red! or get a red belt! or red shoes! oh i love red shoes! red lipstick.. mm.. not too sure about that for asians. red earrings are also nice. big chunky ones, not the teeny weeny ones! or a chunky red necklace is also really cool! oh and a red bag! you have to at least have one red item in your wardrobe this season! and when you wear it, let it be the focus of the entire outfit! be bold, wear RED! dun be afraid to stand out from the crowd.
all the photos are from elle dec uk edition.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

rock n roll!

hi! we are now preparing for the next batch of clothes, which we hope to launch by next early next week! ah! busy busy busy.... i bought a new study table, and a comfortable chair from ikea, and a rack to hold the new stocks! and most importantly i got a new laptop, a white mac book!! yippee! the old desktop is ready for backing up files. my hi-fi is right beside me, and besides it is my tv, so i can watch and work on my computer at the same time! haha. the kyurii SOHO hong kong is all set up!! right in the heart of the lively happy happy valley! overlooking the race course. kyurii is ready to rock and roll!!!!

Monday, November 20, 2006

happy valley

last sat night, as i was walking home, i saw 5 paparazzi waiting outside this little posh japanese restaurant. (my house is 2 storeys above it). and there were like 2 groups of fans waiting as well. i was really curious to find out who they were waiting for. so i waited as well, armed with my camera. haha! it was about midnight, it was about 1am that the celeb appeared! i think there was more than one! but i must say i was quite disappointed.. haha!

chey its leon lai! couldnt get a clear shot of him. dun really like him. haha. and there were some others who are not that famous.
in happy valley, you bump into celebs quite often. many lived in the more expensive part of happy valley. the very same afternoon, i bumped into simon yam near the supermarket (second time i saw him! the first time i saw him at the bakery with his daughter. haha i have a confession to make, last time my secondary school mate, leng and i used to go to changi airport and waited for simon yam!! we were so crazy over him then! wahaha!) it feels kind of wierd to see him again after so many years, on the streets in hong kong.
i also saw eason chan, at my old place buying tubs of ice cream from 7-11. i said hi to him! haha. saw him again taking the tram from causeway bay to happy valley couple of months back. eveyrone on the tram were speculating if its really him, as it was so packed. its really quite unbelievable that a celeb is actually squeezing with you on a tram!

Friday, November 17, 2006

i can feel winter

its getting cold... ankle boots, long sweaters plus leggings, textured stockings, bakerboy hats, here they come!!
if you are free, please check this out: for those who bought the tartan jackets, you might find the fashion editorial an inspiration! last nite after our japanese lesson, kym showed me this video clip from zoozoom over dinner, and it gave me many ideas for the coming kyurii clothes! i am really excited.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Stocks will be coming in!

special kyurii announcement:
we manage to order a little more stock for some of the hit items (attached below). please email leekeng if any of you are interested. stocks will arrive in singapore early next week!


finally i met my deadline. i hope i dun get another one tomorrow. was just looking through under fashion trends. i must say i really like the pinafore look for winter, or rompers you might want to call it. for the past week, i have been trying to find the right one, of the right material so that it can be worn in singapore. and finally two days ago, during lunch time, i found one! which i think is quite nice. BUT there is no more stock for the brown colour one that i think is the prettiest. i have placed for orders, which i really hope we will be able to get it. becos i really want one for myself too. i already bought the thin turtle-necks to go with it. here are some rompers which i like. photos are all from
this is a peter som piece. my favourite of the 4 photos. maybe becos of the overall styling. peter som is chinese raised in san francisco and ony 32 years old. another graduate from the parsons school of design.
i like this material! it will be great to wear to that christmas party! but i would wear a slight darker top inside.
lily cole in this alberta ferretti piece. i quite like lily cole, straight As student-model from uk. but she is like in every mag and every show! well this photo reminds me of my black stockings like what she is wearing, i am going to wear that to work tomorrow! yes the cool breeze is here!
this one is a bit too school-like, but hey thats the look this season!

my black skinny jeans

more advertising deadlines for me.....its been one after another. oh i can't wait to get it done and over with. chat more later!
just one more thing, many people asked where i get the pair of black jeans from, i got it from topshop in london. i was also asked by 3 girls at far east last week when i was home. they came up to me and asked. so after that, i went to check out at topshop in singapore, they also have some similar skinny jeans over there. they definitely have my grey skinny jeans. i was so tempted to buy another lighter grey one. ok see you!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

i cooked.

last night, i fried an egg and stir-fried beef with tomatoes for dinner. edible! hahaha better than the hong kong food.

Monday, November 13, 2006

i dun wan wantons!

i am missing singapore food... argh... i do not know what to eat for dinner tonight.. nothing is appealing. i dun wan wanton noodles, i dun wan dumplings, i dun wan char siew rice, i dun wan 'pei tan sau yuk' congee, i dun wan the fake hainanese chicken rice!!! I WANT MY HAWKER CENTRE FOOD! I WANT MY BBQ STINGRAY.. I WANT BBQ CHICKEN WING.. I WANT EIRMA'S MOM FRIED MACARONI.. I WANT VEGETARIAN BEE HOON.. I WANT FISH BALL KWAY TEOW SOUP IN THE SINGAPORE WAY!! i think i will cook dinner for myself tonight.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

KYURII NEWS: November Part 2 is out!

we started uploading the new selection of clothes up on kyurii wardrobe last night, and by now they should be up on yahoo auctions!
this second batch for november, we bring you a mix of smart jacket, overall, hooded sweaters, skirt and more! we are still in the mood for more monotones. we are a little bias, as we personally love these colours (and also becos it is this winter's favourite colour palette!) you know i am not able to put on clothes of any other colour (except grey, black and white, gold or red) when i go out now! haha.. i just can't. i just can't imagine putting on pastel colours, like pink or yellow now. well, we hope you like kyurii november part 2! check them out!

Friday, November 10, 2006

enquiry from the states

oh we are so happy today! becos we received an email from this girl from the states, making enquiries on kyurii clothes. she is also an art director working in advertising. oh this email really made my day! ok rushing rushing rushing for the next blast of kyurii! : P

Thursday, November 09, 2006

NOV A-9 more stocks are in!

oh forgot to mention that, many of you who have asked for NOV A-9, the grey off-shoulder knitted top, good news! we manage to get hold of more stock. they are sent off today from hong kong. you should get them early next week! for those who are interested, please email leekeng. as for the tartan jackets, i am sorry to say that there is no more stock for that. when i got it, i was quite skeptical about buying them as i am not sure if its appropriate for weather in singapore. but having been to singapore last weekend myself, i think its absolutely appropriate (with all that grey skies and the occasional showers) so i will be getting more light weight sweaters in and more jackets! watch out! meanwhile have fun!! once i meet my work deadline, i will talk more about my singapore trip!


ah!!! going crazy! crazy deadlines! advertising is crazy!!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

back in hong kong!

i am back in hong kong now! arrived last nite. the trip has been great! but i cant blog for long now, becos i have a deadline at work tomorrow! argh!!! talk later!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

sunday in singapore

i am still in singapore now! i just had dinner with leekeng at the east coast hawker centre. i ate so much the whole day today, i think i had like 6 meals a day! had bbq stingray, rojak, chicken wings.... yummy! sorry if i am always talking about food becos i really miss singapore food! just got home. and realized we had many emails. leekeng should be replying them now.
we are really glad that many november items are well-received. many grey stuff are so quickly taken. are you guys in love with grey as well now? : )

Saturday, November 04, 2006

good food!

hi guys! i am back in singapore! i just had yummy penang char kway teow in killiney kopitiam at siglap!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

KYURII NEWS: November Part 1 is out!

sorry guys for the long wait! november part 1 is out! still pretty much inspired by london street style, we introduce the tartan trend this month with 2 tartan jackets! combined with black jean and studded belt, go punk with this traditional british fabric! the 2 tartan jackets we featured are light-weight, making them perfect to execute this winter trend in singapore.
we also included a few interesting layering pieces, like a scarf-like halter neck piece, and a shawl top to break the monotony of the usual t-shirts, tank-tops and spaghetti tops.
one of our favourites has to be the halterneck knitted one-piece (comes in 3 colours: grey, black and red) which we absolutely adore when worn with leggings! keeping it short and sassy!
we are continuing with the winter colour palette of dark, monochromatic tones, with a dash of red! you will also see stockings and leggings in our styling. we just want to give the overall clothes a slight touch of winter!
all clothes will be available on this sunday! and on yahoo auctions on monday! look out!

the boots and bag

this is the pair of ankle boots from topshop that i mentioned in my the last blog! i really like it and am thinking if i should really get my brother to get it for me! the bronze one is out of stock for my size!! the black one is still available. ok i will go shopping tonight at causeway bay and see if i can find something similar!
ankle boots are hot! and its also wearable in singapore. wear it with mini. cool! see her bag! i searched high and low in london, trying to find a vintage version of it - the chanel quilted bag. but i can't find it. saw many similar ones (not chanel) though. now i regret not getting the red one i saw.
this is what i would love! the vintage one, which was auctioned on ebay a few months ago.

too much into topshop...

i am just so into topshop uk lately. i have been surfing their website like everyday. i also like their fashion spreads. love the blotchy pale pink background. there are clothes on my list now that i am dying to get. i really hope i can find them. but sad to say, most of the stuff now are winter stuff, i really hope to find something similar which is suitable for singapore. if only there are 4 seasons in singapore. it will make dressing up even more fun! i feel like asking my brother to get me this small bowling bag (see above left photo). this is also a nice bag. i am so into small bags with chains now. and boots! i want to buy boots!! tonite i want to go shop for boots again! i went two days ago, but i can't seem to find anything i really like. i saw one which i adore at topshop online. but they do not have my size! i will show you in the next blog! i also love this layered look, tshirt under a dress. cute and sassy! all photos are from

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

i love you two

today i have to talk about the much awaited viktor & rolf for H&M collection! i just checked it out last nite, i love the simple concept of a love story - a fashion marriage. they even have a viktor & rolf wedding gown which is going to be on sale, for 219.99 pounds. which is a really good buy for a designer wedding gown! if i am getting married i would definitley get that! haha! you guys have to check it out at and please check out campaign images under the menu. the art direction is just great! i wish i was the one who did it! i love the colour, the solemn grey and black and white. the fantastic props! the very mannequin poses. i love the flat clouds and the pigeons and the frames and viktor and rolf looking uncannily alike. kind of spooky.
oh and you have to watch the tv commercial (and also the interview, they did a real wedding for the launch, watch everything la), i love it! love the simple concept of h&m marrying viktor & rolf. i also like the theatrical mood of the tvc, the colour grading, the music, the voice-over. first class art direction. i wish i was there to watch the whole production process. this must be every art director's dream! i so want to create a damn cool, high production value campaign for our own line of clothes.. one day!
kym wants to get the trench coat, and my brother likes some shirt so he is going to queue up on the 11th to try to get it! haha... wish him good luck, and that he doesn't get squashed by the crowd! and maybe i will get the heart-shaped shirt.