Wednesday, September 27, 2006

to london and paris!!

i haven't had the time to write more these few days, as i am busy putting together the clothes for october. clothes are finally sent off to singapore today! phew! tonight i will be off for my holidays. i just needed to be away from hong kong! away from the crowd, the rush, the dirt and the bad air! brick lane, spitalfield market, tate modern, english breakfast, liberty, H&M, chloe, mushroom and cheese crepe, the lourve, leonardo da vinci, here i come!!
for this trip, i hope to buy some H&M pieces and include them into our next kyurii selection (heard that the viktor & rolf cross-over H&M stuff will be out only in nov. i will miss that! woah! currently they have having this madonna crew clothes. find out more at
ok for kyurii october selection, it will be launched on the 8th october! sorry for the delay (we usually launch on the 1st and 15th of each month), as leekeng is also away on a trip. please hang in there, and put aside some money for our stuff! haha. meanwhile you take care and i talk to you guys real soon!!!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

posing isn't fun....

i am running out of poses... haha. i am in the midst of posing for the next batch of clothes. did that yesterday morning. did it from 1pm today... will be doing it tomorrow too. gosh... so very tiring. usually i am the one art-directing a photo shoot, now i am the one posing. well i truly hope one day, i will be the art director for the photo shoot, and not the mannequin. however that will be in the future, now we still can't afford a professional model. so meanwhile please bear with my very boring poses. ok let me continue with the shoot, so that we can get the clothes up on time. and before the sun sets. talk later.

Friday, September 22, 2006

working from home

haha these few days i have been working from home, as the new office of my full-time job is not ready for us to move in yet. i actually quite enjoy working from home (maybe becos after nearly 10 years working in advertising agencies, its really nice to be working in a quieter and slower paced environment), with my favourite music on, the cats sleeping near my computer desk. i think they are happy that i am home too during the day. well.. i hope to be doing kyurii full time real soon. it is my real passion.
hows the weather over in singapore? in hong kong now, i can feel a slight chill in the wind. the leaves have not turned brown yet, they are still on the branches. i love it when the leaves start falling off, leaving the tree bare. i love autumn. i cant wait to be in london in autumn. my last trip to london was 2 years ago. ok going to shoot some clothes now. see you guys later!

Thursday, September 21, 2006


just came back from dinner with yvonne and christine (my 2 ex-colleagues from O&M) we had shanghainese at causeway bay, and sitting beside us is a couple from singapore. haha i can tell from the singlish. no one else in the world would speak like us.
now back at home, listing some stocks now and selecting clothes for october. due to my trip to london and leekeng's trip, our next batch of clothes will be launched slightly later. we hope to get it up by the second weekend of october. ok write more later.


want to share this picture below with you. its not an abstract painting, these are the colours you would most probably be seeing this coming winter. different shades of grey will definitely be big. red will be hot! and a dash of opulence by the glittery gold and copper. personally i love this colour scheme! rich and bold, and you can easily create very graphic look with. oh and the other thing, i dyed my hair blue black. so now it looks very black. haha, with dark smokey eyes, and dark nails and black hair, i am going all dark and cynical this coming winter. hahaha.. going crazy. i am estastic whenever i think of my trip next week! i am going to one of my favourite cities in the world, london!! talk more later.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

KYURII NEWS: Sep Part 2 sneak preview!

hi everyone, after a very busy week, we are happy to bring you kyurii september part 2 selection! in part 2, we continue to feature graphic tank-tops, t-shirts and also bubble sleeve tops! we kept the colours basic: trendy black n white and grey! with a dash of gold and red. also keep a look out for a short skirt (comes in 3 colours: khaki, grey and black) which we really like in this selection. haha i took one for myself. we also like the smart casual cropped jacket (comes in 3 colours: khaki, black and white) which is great for work as well as for fun!
ok the clothes will be up on yahoo, ebay and our wardrobe blog tomorrow for bidding. we take orders now. here is a sneak preview for you! enjoy!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

taihen desuyo...

ima shigoto o shimasu, tottemo tsukarete neh.. kyo wa tottemo isogashii desuyo. ashita mo isogashii desu.. taihen desuyo. doyobi shigoto o shimasu. nichiyobi ni tanoshiminisuru!! jaa mata neh.
(i am working now, very tired.. today i am so busy. tomorrow i will be busy too. tough... i am working on saturday. looking forward to sunday!! see you.)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

mercibeacoup s/s 07 collection

the weather here suddenly changed drastically, temperature dropped to 24 degree. so today i see many ppl in trench coats and boots. haha.. i am also in a trench jacket myself today, i think its not that cold that you need a coat. but it is good to protect yourself against the rain. grey clouds above me now.
hope to share some happy feeling clothes with you today. kym just emailed me the sneak preview of eri tsugi's S/S 2007 collection. i introduced this japanese designer before on my blog. i love her clothes. i think she must be my favourite japanese designer. after she left frapbois, i havent bought anything from frapbois. now i can't wait to get my first piece from mercibeaucoup. here are some pictures from a local hk magazine. free spirit clothes!
love the fact that she is already a mom of 2. cool mom! she still looks so young! and happy!

love the leggings with knots tied at the sides (bottom left photo). love the colours and the overall mood of the clothes! vibrant and lively! happy clothes!

Friday, September 08, 2006

go wider!

sorry just want to add one more article on belts for the weekend! recently i am really into wide belts! just bought one wide belt yesterday night! similar to the gold one i wore for kyurii september selection, but of a different material. i intend to get a black one this weekend (that is if i find one) so that i can belt it round my black cardigan with a tank-top inside. and hey for those who had made their orders for this belt, you should be getting it next week! for those who are interested, please email leekeng by next tuesday as i need to place orders. thanks! here is an article about wide belts from elle. take a look!!


i am going to end this week's blog with sofia coppola. i really admire her. its not easy to be a director, let alone an oscar winning one. and for a woman, i think its even tougher, given the long long working hours. her latest movie, Marie Antoinette, is coming up in november.
i really like this photo of her for MJ blush perfume. love the overall art direction and how natural she looked, not made up at all.

here is a fashion shot she posed for vogue, seldom see her styled as a tomboy.

she and her bf, expecting her first child.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

street chic

good morning! how is everyone? we are glad many of you like the little vest. i remembered when i came across that piece, i was thrilled! i personally love it! (i took a grey one for myself!) but i was worried about whether it will be well-received in singapore. the black one is sold out. try the grey one for those who wanted the black one, grey is definitely the next hot colour for fall. i will talk more about the colour palette of fall next week.
today i want to share with you street style! i love the london street style!! i sourced out some photos from i have chosen liberty, liberty is one of the oldest buildings on regent street. it is a must to visit this shop when you go london! it is like the old and new in one. it has new designers labels to old classic, vintage pieces, and really cool accessories! my last trip to london was like 2 years ago. i really want to go again soon! ok lets not get distracted now.. here are photos of what the liberty staff are wearing now. take a look!

to read more, please go to:

Monday, September 04, 2006

going fast...

hello everyone! yesterday we finally launched our clothes for september. some of our items went really fast. we are sorry for those who couldn't manage to get the floral print t-shirt, the white mid-sleeve blouse, denim skirt with suspenders, black bubble knitted blouse and the graphic tank-top. they are sold out within yesterday.
i just placed more orders for this black knitted blouse (photo below) this morning and it should arrive in singapore next week. so just in case, any of you are interested, please place your orders with leekeng in advance.

other items like the double layer blouse, the little vest, military-style jacket, halter-neck overall are also going fast. we took many pieces ourselves too, haha. i took the denim skirt with suspenders, double layer blouse, vest, grey knitted bubble sleeve blouse and the black halter-neck overall. well, we hope you like the clothes as much as we do!!

Friday, September 01, 2006

layer up!

layering is definitely not just piling up clothes. and its definitely not just for winter when the weather is cold. layering to me, is not related to the climate. in summer, there are also ways to layer. layering gives interest to your overall outfit.
why do some people look so plain? the most obvious reason is becos they do not accessorize. they only wear one top, and one bottom. putting on a necklace round your neck is also considered layering (at least to me), becos it seems to create another layer on top of your first layer (which is the blouse you are wearing). putting on a belt is also creating layering. these are the most basic layerings.
then comes the secondary layering which is created by other pieces of clothes. sometimes it can be as simple as wearing a longer spag top, and then another shorter thin tank top over it, revealing a little of the spag top. another good eg. would be a tank top under an off-shoulder loose blouse. for bottoms, the most basic is definitely leggings under short skirt, or jeans under dresses. the japanese are great at layerings! they layer all year round. bringing more dimension to the overall figure.
the final layer could be your jacket, or cardigan or scarfs!
layering is also about the mixing of different textures and patterns. usually you don't just layer with clothes of the same fabric, instead have fun mixing knit with cotton, stripes with patterns. experiment with your clothes!
here's a page off vogue sep for you.

well, the above is just some of my thoughts about layering.