Monday, September 28, 2009

yet another ferry ride!!!

girls, guess what? haha this morning i set off happily, making sure i catch the 10:30am ferry to the consulate of india. becos the last time i was late. i need to get my tourist visa as i am leaving this sat. and when i get there, they are closed today!!!!!! hahaha! i cant believe this! its my second attempt and yes, i failed again. i went there, i couldnt remember which floor they are at, so i asked the lady at the lobby counter. and she told me, they are at the 26th floor but they are closed today. its their new year or something.

OF COZ IT IS! its dashain! its the most important festival for the hindus, which shakti, or goddess durga or mother goddess is worshipped for 10 days. goddess durga is one who fights for the good against the evil so that the destruction of the evil and the victory of the good happens. its a week long holiday in india and nepal. i actually had it marked down on my calendar to remind myself just in case i was there at this time (which i did last year). oh my goodness... but i wasnt expecting any inconveniences here in hk! hahahaha i burst out laughing to the lady telling her my experience.

oh well.... then i decide to go collect my ticket at the nepal airline office. but i think i better call them up first. i am glad i did coz no one answered, i guess they are on holiday too! haha.. so ok. just another ferry ride for me. i wonder how many it would take. i cant stop laughing at myself as i make my way back to the pier. and i cant help but smile thinking of and planning my third attempt tomorrow. i need to make sure it is successful!! oh i need some support from the divine.... haha. i think i should call them up tomorrow before i set off. just in case.

anyway. i hope you are liking this blouse. i have been wearing it a lot. i love the airy feeling when i am in it, and i like its wide sleeves, its so comfortable! check it out now!


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