Tuesday, September 29, 2009

i finally got it!

hello girls! on my third attempt, i got my indian visa done! finally! it was a long long queue this morning, and i queued twice becos i forgot to make photo copies of some documents. woah and they are merciless even though they look friendly. i put on my sweetest smile and asked if i have to queue again, 'sorry miss, you have to queue again. next please.' SHIT! hahaha..

but my sweet smile did work on a more important level. the girl in front of me, for some reasons, couldnt get her visa processed on the same day even though she has all the documents (she has to come back next week). and some people were complaining loudly why they cant get theirs done on the same day too. maybe becos there were just so many people today after the holiday yesterday and also becos this coming friday they will have another long 5 day holiday break. the place is packed with visa applicants. when i heard that, i was like shit! i am flying off this sat! they told me last week i can get it on the same day. i was worried.

my turn came, i handed over all the documents to the man and asked as sweetly and as 'innocently' as... a flower (trying to use a bit of a feminine charm.. haha) i asked 'i have a problem. can i get my visa done today as i am flying off this sat?' the man replied 'yes, for you today.' YIPPEE!!!

i felt so relieved! becos there is no way i am coming back here again tomorrow (its just taking too much time and i have tons of work to complete). but i did learn my lesson. dont wait till the last minute. haha...

armed with my coffee, i am off for the 9:40am ferry! and i had a simple strawberry jam sandwich in the leopard bag. it feels kind of nice to have breakfast on the ferry, looking out to the sea. i love the pale grey with beige and a little brown from my bags and hairband (oops sorry it is cropped off the pix). girls, you may like to check out the bag SEPB ACC-1.2 and the grey skinny 0734-009 , it also comes in pale yellow and green . the other colours are sold out. sorry, the biege tank top that i am wearing is sold out. but i think we still have a few pieces of the broderie lace bolero in white left. It also comes in black too. dont miss them!


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