Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kyurii NEW IN preview!!!

the new items will be out tomorrow morning! so please go to to check them out!

p.s. many many thanks to kwan, my friend who used to be my ex-colleague and her friend for modelling and doing the layouts for us! thank you!

'the happiest man alive' - time magazine

here is a trailer of a film on matthieu ricard, i would like to share with you. i am so happy to meet the 'happiest man alive'. thu je chhe, matthieu la.

another devastating earthquake

''A journalist emerging into the darkened street scattered with downed power lines saw a man, some of his own bones apparently broken, weeping and caressing the hand of a woman who had died in the collapse of a cafe. Two other victims lay dead a few feet (meters) away.'' - yahoo news.

i have a schoolmate, diego (second year student) from chile in thangka school. i hope his family is fine. lets not forget to include the people of chile in our prayers.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

we are all so lucky

hello girls, i cant sleep.. duno why. or maybe i am not willing to sleep. was just reading 'the heart of compassion' a commentary on the thirty-sevenfold practice of a bodhisattva by dilgo khyentse rincpoche. its a great book.

this trip has reconfirmed many things for me. before my thangka lessons started out as a kind of fun thing to do while i am in nepal. even though i had interest in it, i wasnt really sure what i was getting into. i had plans to continue my lessons therefore i made another trip this feb to find out more about how i feel about it. meeting kim this trip was a great boost! and things are clearer to me, on how i want to take the next move.
i would be spending at least 5 mths this year in nepal learning thangka. well i will try. which means i have to juggle between kyurii and thangka. hong kong, nepal and singapore. foreigner students have the flexibility to do that, well as long as we are diligent and pass our exams in mar every year, then we can proceed on to the next year. so i am going to sit for my first year exam next mar. if everything flows. anyhow at this very moment, the most immediate thing to do, is to move out of this wonderful nest of mine by end march or early apr. to save some money. oh i am so going to miss this lovely house. but things can only be for the better. no point clinging on just becos we are used to our comfort zone.
i will be staying at my friend's house, also in lamma. so thats great. still close to nature. i am so lucky. she just bought a house when i came back from nepal last oct as her weekend holiday house. so i am going to house-sit for her when i am in hk. its very big and has really good vibes. i cant wait to show you girls the new place.
so yes changes there will be. i like to call it movement becos the word 'change' is corrupted by the emotion fear. when we tell ourselves, its just a movement of life. life is never stagnant then immediately there is a sense of adventure and exploration and with that, fear is transformed to a sense of curiosity which is much more beneficial. when we explore, we learn. and i feel really fortunate to be able to make choices for myself in life. i see people in nepal or any poor countries where they simply have no choice for the many things that happened and are still happening in their lives. so whenever we are in a position where we can make choices, i think we should rejoice. during the few days before the celebration, when there is no school. i like to help out at the art shop. phuntsok is 5th year student, he is also the art shop manager. and really funny. he is from bhutan.
he said this is laughing buddha. haha...
drolma woke up from her afternoon nap at the art shop. and gombo (rinpoche's dog) is outside in the garden. i always feel he is no ordinary dog. i really like gombo, he is the most gentle rockweiler. so so gentle. everytime i am in rinpoche's house, he likes to rest his head against my thigh and i will stroke his head. oh gombo.. we shall see each other in june. here is gombo on losar morning. ok i think its time for me to sleep now.. talk soon.
ok let me end this blog with a wonderful quote from shantideva, an 8th century indian buddhist scholar.

'All the suffering in the world comes from seeking pleasure for oneself.
All the happiness in the world comes from seeking pleasure for others.'

investigate and see for yourself if it is really true. sweet dreams.

good day!

good morning girls! how are you? my spirits are high. oh so many things to share with you about whats coming up this year. personally as well as for kyurii. changes and movements... haha. i have no time yet to settle down and really write them out. now i need to go out and run some errands. talk tonite!

oh hey dont forget that this week, you get free postage when you shop with us! dont miss the opportunity ok! see you all later! hugs : )


Friday, February 26, 2010

back in hong kong

hi girls, i am back in hk. last nite. i am quite happy to be back to luxury and comfort this time.

let me share more with you about the H.H dilgo khyentse rinpoche 3 day centenary celebrations (20-22feb) at shechen monastery! i volunteered at the art shop booth and donation booth to help the foreign guests who came to attend the ceremony. kunga from bodhgaya in charge of donation and chime (our pink monk, his fav colour is pink! haha) in charge of art shop booth. we had a great time laughing when there was no crowd. sometimes the monks jokes really makes me confused.. sometimes i duno if i should cry or laugh. like me here. haha.. give you an eg. of one which is really cute. one day i was sick so i didnt go to school, one monk asked kim where i am. kim told him i am sick. then he said 'no, she is not sick. she is in my pocket!' and then he pretended to hold a tiny 'me' with his thumb and index fingers (like pinching me from his pocket). hahaha.. monks love hip hop.
but very serious when there is work. here, i am pretending to work here with dechen. but actually i am learning tibetan from them but my tibetan made them laugh so much! haha.. its so easy to learn this way. i find i remember much better like this. then i decide to go in during the afternoon break to find my classmates. they were put in charge of security haha.. very important job. i had a staff card so i was able to walk around freely (without really doing anything). hehe.. so many people outside trying to get into the monastery. many important rinpoches and lamas were at the ceremony. i got a beautiful photo of H.H.Trulshik Rinpoche who is one of the main teachers of HH the 14th Dalai Lama, under the orange leaves. i love the colours..

this is sogyal rinpoche, who is the author of the best-selling book 'The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying'. so many people trying to to take a photo with matthieu ricard, our school famous french monk. his tibetan is so good the monks told me, better than some tibetans themselves. he is a monk for 30 over years. i also took one with matthieu la (la is added as a respect in tibetan), after the celebration at the art shop with drolma. hee.. milk tea is always served during pujas or ceremony, also biscuits. ladies in colourful chubas. poor yangzom, my teacher as security. standing here whole day for 3 days in heels. her job is to make sure that only invited guests are allowed to take seats. sometimes it can get quite rowdy. then as i was standing there 'working' as security, i am more people watching. richard gere couldnt make it (sorry rachel, so no photos for you). and jet li too (only his producer or assistant came i was told). but then i saw manose instead! haha cant believe it! manose, the nepalese bansuri player who travels and plays with deva premal (i went to their concert in london last may). haha... he couldnt believe we actually met in nepal too with me in a chuba! he grew up in boudha (where my school is) and haha.. finally i got a photo with him. the last nite of the celebration concluded with light offering. mandalas are all around us again tonite. my candle has two flames. hm.. so sweet.
with this, i wish you girls a very good sleep with sweet dreams tonite. see you tomorrow.

New launch coming up next Mon!

Hello gals. Look out for our new launch coming up 1st thing on Monday morning! Meanwhile, have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

14feb - losar, chinese new year and valentines day!

i went to kim's house to do our make up and hair (as if there is much to do) haha.. the main reason is for her to teach me how to wear a chuba. mm.. its not difficult but it does take a little practise. we were quite late, hehe... rinpoches are having lunch so we went to school to give presents to our principal, konchog la first. you girls like my choice of chuba? warm grey with pink. kim made the right choice for me. i am so happy with my chuba! our classmates are all staring at us (drooling haha) when we walked in. haha they had never seen us in chubas. we feel like tibetan princesses. haha.. close up of our chubas. this is with tenzin oser, head of teachers. whats angbabu's hand doing at my neck? haha... joking. he is our good friend and a very sweet and helpful monk. then we went for lunch and then went to rinpoche's house to get his blessing. then we went off to our schoolmate, chimme's house for a visit and to see his dogs.
his dogs really love him! haha..
after that, i was totally exhausted. we went back to take a shower and a short rest. then off for dinner. kim gave a farewell and thank you dinner to principal and some graduating monks at hyatt. i changed to my other chuba. green one. this one is more plain. no embroidery. i love it too! i love wearing a chuba. i feel so much like a lady. haha... monks love cameras! haha.. they are pretending to be serious here. phuntsok and kunga 'chicken'. they are constantly joking. i love being with them.
i gave kunga this nickname as he is actually one of the dancers with the bird mask during the lama dance in monastery last week. and also becos i know 3 'kunga's (kunga chicken, kunga big eyes and kunga 007), about 8 'tenzin's i think, and 5 'tashi's, 3 'chimme's, another 4 or 5 'sonam's, 3 'pema's, 2 'dechen's, tibetans have very common names. therefore almost every one has a nickname. haha every morning when attendance is called, we have sonamA, sonamB, sonamC. and also most names are unisex. girls and boys can be tenzins. they do not follow a family surname. they have 2 names, therefore usually the second names will tell you if they are a boy tenzin or girl tenzin. if you see tenzin dolma, tenzin lhamo or tenzin khandro (the second name often refering to some female deity names or meaning goddess) then you know its a girl.
ah this photo above tells me that i put on weight! haha my face is so round here. hey to my dearest friends (especially to rachel) in hk, who asked me if i put on weight earlier, i think you girls are right. haha.. i can see it for myself now. kim also in green, green inside and black outside. what a lovely day.

13feb - full day shopping for losar!

we started the day early! kim's friend, lama suji has agreed to be our personal driver and bodyguard for the day! how fortunate we are! lama suji is ex-driver for venerable thrangu rinpoche, so we are in safe hands and in a very good car! off we go! to the biggest shopping mall in kathmandu. which feels like the 'emporium' mall when i was very very young. i remembered shopping there with my grandmother. see what i mean. haha.. i am loving it.
as we decide to go visit yangsi rinpoche and rabjam rinpoche of our school tomorrow morning, we have to get some gifts. i decided to get a football for khyentse yangsi rinpoche who is maybe 17 or 18 years old. but i later learnt that he likes little white mices. i played with one of them a few days ago. yes, very 'lovely' gift-wrapping! haha... i am really having fun this new year! there was so many people shopping, all last minute losar shoppers like us. we started out feeling really excited, by the end of it, we are tired and frustrated with the long queues and super slow service. and where is our love and compassion for all sentient beings? haha.. we had to go to hyatt for tea and some serenity. eating at hyatt is equivalent to eating at a regular 'cha chan tang' restaurant in hk. about 55hkd for a club sandwich which comes with very good fries. look at the gifts i got! i feel so happy when i see them all laid out like that. i spent like 2 hours deciding which cards to give who and then writing them. its almost midnight when i am done. i am ready for losar tomorrow! see me in my chuba!
yes, the tibetan monks love the spicy korean noodles. haha.. kim got 15 packs of that for the her monk friends in their 4 year retreat. the boot of the classic toyota corolla was filled with instant noodles!