Saturday, December 30, 2006


kyurii first sale starts tomorrow! everything we featured from june to november will be up for sale (unless they are already sold out). starts 31st dec. on a first come first served basis. happy shopping!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

last nite at dinner

AH!!!!! chi sin.....

Monday, December 25, 2006

my risotto was a success!

for xmas eve dinner, i decided that i shall cook! haha! poor kym.. last year's dinner i can't remember if its xmas or his birthday, i really have to admit that my attempts at cooking a sumptuous dinner failed terribly! i will never forget him hiding the olives under the side of his plate, to make me think that he had eaten them! that was really funny. this year however, i succeeded! i found this recipe, for seafood risotto. and it tastes alright! i am so happy!!!!!! kym had two servings! i am never good in the kitchen so this is considered a great success! then i also made this coconut jelly for dessert (in singapore, we call it agar agar) but we forgot to eat it. they are still in my fridge.

Friday, December 22, 2006

what i did today

its coming to the end of a year again. and everytime at this moment, its really unbelievable how fast time seem to pass. and they say, it gets faster as you grow older. ah!!!!! change topic. today i had a really nice christmas lunch with my ex-boss and colleagues. we had oysters and other seafood. i had a france belon.. ooh really strong after taste, mm... not really an oyster lover. i had 3 glasses of chilean white. its a really nice feeling to have a relaxing lunch with wine, and then complete it with dessert and coffee. after that i walked around causeway bay, its packed with people. most companies are on half day today. i want to get something for kym but really have no clue what to buy. last year i made him a fabric corsage (inspired by the one from 'gomme') really huge one. black. he is a daring dresser so he is able to pull it off. then i bought flowers for the house. and a x'mas cd by sarah mclachlan. really nice. i love her voice! so the evening was spent cleaning my messy house while listening to the cd. merry christmas!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

i love bags!

today i bought bags! haha cool trendy clutch bags with chain! i think they are really cool.. i am definitely going to keep one for myself. hehe. watch out for them! coming up soon!

Monday, December 18, 2006


no more static, the sun is out! the weather today is great! reminds me a bit of the autumn in melbourne. the sun is out, the cool breeze is blowing. the sky is blue. but in melbourne, its clear. over here even though its blue sky, its hazy. lately i am always thinking of going somewhere.... my heart wants to fly!!! it just refuses to sit still. i have to use my free time to start plannning for my trip in feb to satisfy my wandering heart.
for my trip to amsterdam during cny, i hope to do antwerp and copenhagen. i have 2 weeks. to antwerp is to see what gives the 'antwerp six' the inspiration to create such amazing clothes. the 'antwerp six' refers to six fashion designers who created a wave in the fashion industry in the 80s. they are walter van beirendonck, ann demeulemeester, dries van noten, dirk van saene, dirk bikkembergs and marina yee. however there is someone more famous who is often credited as one of them, and he is martin margiela!! he actually belongs to the second generation. they all graduated from the antwerp's royal academy of fine arts. this is martin margiela flagship store at central. he is huge here! and also ann d. i really love this row of old buildings. its at on lan street. if you happen to visit hk, please check it out, its very near to lan kwai fong. wouldnt it be so cool to have kyurii office there? ooh..... dreaming again..

Sunday, December 17, 2006



static everywhere!

stupid i hate this. there is static electric everywhere.. on all the doorknobs, on the taps, on the rice cooker, the kitchen basin, on tessy's fur! i hate it!!!!!!!!!!!! i need to wear gloves. or constantly use hand cream. i wanted to cook today but becos of this static thing, i refuse to step into the kitchen. stupid!!

Saturday, December 16, 2006


its finally cold in hong kong.. but not sure for how many days it will last. but finally it feels like winter, like christmas! its currently about 14 degree, the cool dry weather is brought about by an intense northeast monsoon. sometimes when i stroke my cats, there is static electricty on their fur. oooh... cold. watching project runway on tv now. need to drink some hot tea later....

Thursday, December 14, 2006


hi everyone!! latest news from hong kong! i am so happy! and mad at the same time. happy becos i just got extra stocks in for DEC A 1!!! mad becos when i called them up, they told me there is no more stock. ah!!! so you can imagine how shocked i was when i saw it hanging there this afternoon!!! hahaha! so for those who really like it but didn't manage to get it the last round, please email leekeng.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

kyurii mailing list

hi girls, we have started 'kyurii news' mailing list! i think some of you received it over the weekend. if any of you who would like to be added, please drop us an email at and we would be glad to include you! kyurii news will tell you when our stuff are uploaded, and also links you to a preview of the coming collection.
how is everyone? i feel like i havent blog recently. ooh... my apologies. i dun even have time to read the magazines i bought! woah.... have been busy preparing for the next batch of clothes! ah! ah! ah! its like racing against time everyday! with christmas and new year and chinese new year all happening one after another, we really hope to bring you clothes that you can wear on all the occasions! therefore from now till feb i think both leekeng and i will be working like mad! haha!
p.s. those who have ordered the black flat belts and the turtle-neck tops, i have replaced more stocks. you should be getting them soon! sorry we couldn't get any more of dec a 1 and dec a 7.

Friday, December 08, 2006


hi girls! kyurii december part 1 will be out on the wardrobe blog and yahoo auctions tomorrow night! saturday 9th december! here's a preview as promised. hope you love it coz we love it!!! have a great weekend shopping!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

coming soon!

all the clothes for dec part 1 should be in singapore now! woohoo! quite a big selection for this month. we are featuring a total of 18 styles, consisting of dresses, tops, leggings and skirts! all ready for christmas! look out for the preview tomorrow!

duno what title to put...

last nite we had a little farewell dinner for hoiming, my ex-colleague and a good fren i met in hong kong. she will be going to london with her boyfriend for half a year. her boyfriend is a fashion designer who won a competition organised by the hong kong trade development board. the prize is an internship with Preen in london, which is really cool! check out preen spring 07 at if you guys are interested. and my fren is starting her own leather bag business. she makes really really cool leather bags. hand-made! very talented. recently i just realized that many good frens around me in hong kong (most of them my ex-colleagues from d'arcy, tbwa, o&m) are all gradually leaving advertising to set up their own thingy. which is a great i think. one can't be in advertising for their whole life (well some are able to, but not me.) lets extend our creativity to the other areas of our lives!

Monday, December 04, 2006

its december!

how was your weekend? mine was spent on photo shooting, photo shooting and more photo shooting. you girls will be expecting a lot of clothes from kyurii this month! but.. i hope you girls won't be bored of the poses, because i really can't think of any more poses to do. i am already flipping through all my vogues and elles. oh i cant wait to engage real professional models and art-direct a series of fashion spreads for kyurii! that would be really fun! well that is definitely the goal leekeng and i are working towards! its december now! times really flies! actually its juliet, one of our most loyal customers who mentioned that she started buying from us in may that i suddenly realized that yes! we have been doing kyurii for the past 6 months. both leekeng and i have been enjoying ourselves, working hard but happy. we learnt so much, and are still learning. one of the wonderful things is, we actually feel we made many new friends! so many familiar names every month. a big THANK YOU to all of you who have been supporting us for the past 6 months!! you guys have a great week ahead!
p.s. veron, have you given birth? please drop us an email when you are free. let us know how you are doing with baby.

Friday, December 01, 2006

henky yu henky yu henky yu

i have titled this blog 'henky yu' for my friend, henky yu, who wants to search for his name on the net. he is fascinated by the fact that i found yew kee's name on the net. btw, henky is a talented copywriter who took a cool 2-year break from advertising to go to roma to learn italian and to cook. and he is going to quit next month, and will be going back to roma again!
p.s. henky makes excellent pasta! and dessert!

to amsterdam!

oh i am so excited! i just booked myself on a flight to amsterdam in feb (during chinese new year)! it all happened when i was inspired by my ex-colleague's photos (she went there for 3 months, taking a well-deserved break from the madness of the advertising world) then i remembered i had an ex-temasek poly classmate whom we last heard was working in amsterdam. so i started searching for his name on the net, and i found his website! then i wrote to him. i told myself if he replies my email. then i will go! and he really did reply me the next day! so after almost 12 years, yew kee and i are going to meet up again!!!! oh i am so excited. he is having his own design firm in amsterdam, 5 years in europe already! so proud of his achievements. another singaporean who did our country proud (i have been lucky to meet many talented fellow singaporean overseas). and my travelling dates co-incide with the opening of his new design office, so i am really looking forward to the opening party!
this is one of his works, for 'ish' magazine 2004. check out his website: really cool stuff! yew kee, you dun mind i have your works on my blog yeah?
have a great weekend ahead!