Monday, September 21, 2009

have a wonderful week!

today i woke up, checked my email, read an email from mr ferry and was grinning and then started laughing about the whole thing. anyway, the message i would like to share with you girls today is, trust your gut feel. haha...

ok i am going to catch the 12 oclock ferry to get your backorders! and then have tea with rachel, she is back in hk for a week. we have a lot to catch up! then dinner at central with the rest of the girls. then we might head over to club71 for drinks. oh busy work this week, with so much activities, i seriously duno how i am going to finish the work before leaving. i have to go get my indian visa done tomorrow and collect my ticket. i almost forgot about that.

and leekeng, please give me a list of what i need to do for you by this week.... thank you thank you.

ps: to mr ferry, welcome to the blog.


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