Sunday, August 30, 2009

New items up tomorrow!

hey girls! i am back in lamma with the butterflies and toads and cats.. one home to another home. feeling really tired. before i sleep, i'd better let you girls know that we are updating new items tomorrow morning! please be sure to check them out at NEW IN at KYURII.COM . here is a quick preview. enjoy!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

to bella

today leekeng forwarded me your email! haha you actually got that quote tattooed on your leg! so cool! i love it! even though the photo is really tiny i couldnt see properly but it sure does look good!

''silence has a voice. the rest of the things you hear are only noise.''

wow now you will be carrying this message with you wherever you go. i really like this line becos it reminds me that whenever i feel troubled, frustrated or sad, sometimes all i need to do is to be willing to sit with myself and remain silent. from this stillness, our innate wisdom naturally arises. and i will know what i need to do next.

you know in a way your email came at a right time. i have been too 'active' and 'noisy' lately. i am due some quiet 'suyin' time so thank you.

My favourite item this week!

this is my personal favourite this week! hee.. becos it is simple. sometimes you know i just want something simple, loose fitting and comfy. i love the soft cotton linen mix. i like it as a little dress, with or without belt but it has to go with gladiator sandals which is slightly above the ankle.. mm yes that would be perfect, i like them in brown leather. haha. i hope you like it too! i also like this one with the studs but i cant decide which colour i like more. haha.. i quite like the magenta becos sometimes i always only wear earthy colours or monotone, its nice to have some bright colours.....

but on the other hand, i like the white too.... mm... i am a libran = indecisive. hahaha..
i just like the combination of white with denim blue.. plus some ochre leathery stuff somewhere....

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

miss kyurii says NO to plastic bags!

don't forget to check out the new arrivals now! enjoy!!

Kyurii 09AUG C launch time

hey girls, sorry i forgot to mention the time. NEW ARRIVALS up tomorrow 9am!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Kyurii New In Preview!

hm.. why this week no one asked me for a preview? haha... anyway here it is! we are continuing with our love for embellishment! following sequins, this week, we have zips and studs! we have also included some long slouchy cardigans which are your requests. they go well with the skinnies, and i like a simple rectangular cotton sling bag along with it. alright girls! new arrivals up tomorrow!
ok i got to to continue with work. ooh.. non stop work for me today from the minute i jumped out of bed.. my neck aching now.. haha... i have prepared tidbits for tonite and also tomorrow night. yes! i bought a pack of 'you-can-only-find-it-in-singapore' spicy tapioca chips and a pack of murukku.. i am all ready for the nite! as if i am studying for some exams.. music and tidbits to keep me company. haha....

Kyurii Backorder more updates!

hey girls! good news! we just managed to get extra stocks in for the owl sequin tee, which so many of you asked for when it was launched. and also that mini sequin vest.. yes yes.. we know everyone is going sequin crazy this fall yeah! haha.. oh even leekeng is still not aware these items are available for backorder so first hand news here!
also, we got in extra stocks for this lovely ruffle front zip up one-piece! please don't miss out this time.. haha we actually just 'snatched' it from another buyer through the phone. haha becos that buyer reserved it but didnt show up, so hehe.... i got it! thanks to my dearest supplier now more like a friend. all these backorder items will be updated on the website soon! thank you.

p.s. dear customers, we know that many of you have feedbacked to us that its sometimes very difficult to get the items you like, they are always sold out quickly. leekeng and i are aware of it and we are trying our best to always get a second round for you. thank you. hugs.

haha you know i feel like a broker or something for clothes, when i called up my suppliers just now. 'yes i want 5655. i am taking that! what about 6762? ok reserve for me, also check that item 0287. when? this wed? ok get back to me asap.' all said in a very hurried tone.. you know hk people, they talk so fast.. my adrenaline pumping whole day today. i think leekeng can feel it. hahaha i sent her like dozens of emails today.. haha...

Kyurii Backorder updates!

hey girls! i forgot to announce the backorder for this very comfortable top! we got in extra stocks for you! they will arrive this week. enjoy!

New colour skinnies added!

hey girls! these are the last 2 colours added to the range of skinnies. they are up now!

please check them out at THIS WEEK'S SPECIAL now! enjoy!! oh yes i forgot to mention that the dark grey one, we are taking orders now! please email leekeng to let her know if you are interested! thank you girls. have a fantastic week ahead!

p.s the light in singapore changes so rapidly.. this is affecting the colours.. ah.. i am shooting halfway and then the room just suddenly becomes so dark, looks like its going to rain.. then within an hour, its bright again. oh gosh the clouds move pretty fast yeah.. haa.. anyway. ok i am on standby mode now, all ready to resume the shoot.. haha...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kyurii New items added!

hello girls, how are you? we have decided to add 2 more pair of jeans: denim blue and black! leekeng told me some of you emailed to ask if we have black coming up. yes we do! here you go! i also like this blue pair. the colour is not as light as the one we had earlier (08NOVB-5) and the size is also slightly bigger. when i wear it, it feels more like slim cut, more than skinny actually, but for M size ladies, it would probably fit nicely. we hope you like it! they will be up tomorrow! stay tuned...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kyurii What's up!

i am not sure if you remember we had something similar earlier, an off shoulder tank but they were in green and red, which were well received. this time, we got in a white one, with a little tie string detail. which we hope you will also like! i cant decide on which colour to buy, so i got in both light grey and black. i like black with denim, then i like the light grey with black skinny. its a tough choice.
i love this simple ruffle zip up one-piece. please try it with leggings! if not just wear it on its own, with ankle strappy sandals.

please dont miss this very well made top. hey you know you can simply unhook the beaded chains in front and wear it as a plain grey ribbed tank top when you want to keep it plain.
love this sexy looking short dress too! try it without belt over leggings, keep it loose and relaxed!
take me shopping at now! enjoy!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

little michael melts my heart

hey girls, how are you today? i spent a very very happy day with rachel, we had breakfast then went for yoga, then lunch then waited for her 5yo son, micheal to come back from school, then watched cartoon network, then went grocery shopping at taka then back to rachel's place to cook...

well, they cooked haha, i entertained micheal. mm.. or rather he entertained me. he is such a lovely soft spoken kid. i adore him. we played 'tom and jerry' = chasing around the house, played magic, he demonstrated 'trikonasana' LOL... and then he wants to share his ice cream with me. i said oh its ok, you can have it. he said 'come here suyin! you have to try it and see if you like it.' then he fed me and then looked me straight in the eyes and asked me 'do you like it?' you know i could tell from his eyes that he was hoping that i will like it, to like something that he likes too.

'do you like it?' - the question might seem like nothing in our adult world... but when you hear it from a kid asking you with such innocence and showing such a genuine concern over my liking for his ice cream. the warmth that exudes from the question just touched me right through. his willingness to share from his own heart, no one asked him to share with me.. you know how so many kids are being 'remote-controlled' by parents to share, to do this, to do that. seeing little micheal acting out of his own will, such sweet little acts, just totally moved me.

then after i tasted the ice cream, i told him 'i love it! thank you!'. he smiled ever so brightly and fed me another spoon. aw..... that just totally melts my heart.

i am again reminded to live totally in the present, with awareness, moment to moment. michael gave me total attention when he played with me. of coz he also gave 'tom & jerry' his total undivided attention when he watches cartoon network, nothing can distract him. haha.. but hey this is living in the now.

and when i left, he didnt even care becos he was eating his second bowl of ice cream! 100% into his ice cream... 'i am eating my ice cream so i am totally eating my ice cream'. his mom asked him to say bye to me, yes he did exactly that, but with his eyes glued to his ice cream. haha.. this is so cool. thank you for the live demonstration of living in the now, guru micheal.

p.s. to rachel, i am so proud and happy for you for raising such great kids, david and micheal. i am so happy to have dinner with your whole family tonite. i see it and i am ready to receive it. thank you.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kyurii This Week NEW IN!

tomorrow 9am at ! don't forget! first thing tomorrow morning! see you there!
sweet dreams girls.

Kyurii NEW IN This Week!

hi there! these items together with more will be available at tomorrow morning at 9am! earlier we had received many positive feedback on the skinny jeans, and to get them in more basic colours. so here you go, a cool pair of faded grey one for you!
yes all about embellishment, sequins and glitters and whatever, this tee is great to be under a blazer or on its own.
skull.. they never seem to be out of style..i love how the eyes kind of have a slight glitter (becos of the sequin layer underneath the die cut).
this pair of pants! you have to get it.. well you dun have to.. haha.. but i really like it. it has a draping effect swept across the tummy area which is flattering and its very comfortable and well made.
i enjoy wearing little cropped vests. they just add layers to a tee, or a tank top so easily and without fuss. this one is trimmed with black sequin which is great, keep you in the trend but not too over the top.
ok! blazers we have many requests for work clothes and in bigger sizes. oh sometimes its so difficult to find nice ones. this oversized blazer works very well for our medium or large sized customers. if you are petite, then you can wear it oversized, keeping your top and bottom tight fitting. you can choose to wear it with the sleeves rolled up or leave it down like i did here.
also we have thrown in a cool looking bag to remind all of us to cut down on plastic bags. its light, easy to fold so that you can keep it in your handbag. whenever you shop, say no to the plastic bags and use this instead. lets do our part.

ok girls please enjoy! i might post the rest of the items up later tonite. for now, i need to take a nap. i duno why singapore is making me so tired.. i slept at maybe 4am last nite.. i think its the lack of exercise. ok i am not blaming on the country. haha...

nature in singapore

hello there! i woke up today missing the birds (instead of the birds chirping, i heard the horn from the bicycle of the man who collects old clothes. haha), the butterflies, the toads, the ferns and the wild nature in lamma. so i decide to see if i can find some nature in singapore.. over the internet. and hey! i am rewarded with so many fantastic blogs dedicated to nature, from a group of fellow singaporeans. i am so happy. i first googled for 'wild singapore' and wow i found 'the wild shores of singapore' website and from there, i found a group of nature lovers. i think i might write to one of them and see if i can join them to explore pulau semakau.. when i saw the photos of the ferry rides on kok sheng's blog god's wonderful creation , i really miss my daily ferry rides. its the most convenient way to be close to nature. haha.. check this out girls.. beautiful marine life in pulau semakau.
nemo!!! my favourite cartoon..

oh this must be coolest looking whatever it is.. maybe he has a degree in graphic design. haha.. so cool.
close up of nemo!
heart shaped cockle (to my hk friends who love our singapore cockles, sorry i dun think this is edible. haha)
arent we fortunate to be with nature.

great! i found my bhajan and my nature community here.. ok let me contact him and see if there is any trips to semakau soon...

Kyurii Backorders updates!

hello girls, i forgot to announce that we got extra stocks for this white bra tube top! get it now!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Kyurii New In Preview!

hey girls, alright, this is what you are waiting for. very different from the last launch. going into autumn, we go sleek and cool. its all about the details, the embellishment, the shoulders.... all items will be up this wednesday morning at 9am. stay tuned.....

Kyurii new launch coming up..

haha it seems i forgot all about the clothes... yes girls! we are launching either tmr or wed morning. we will keep you updated! yes i need to get back to work!

i am getting some bells

good morning girls! i just found this video of Katie Amrita singing.. i duno who she is. but her styling and everything i feel its so me. i totally love her blouse and that huge mala necklace round her neck... great! now i can visualize myself with a guitar and singing (oh girls you know leekeng and i used to teach ourselves guitar when we were in school. haha) but i think i better go learn that 4 major chords again... or better still, go find myself a very talented john lennon lookalike guitarist to back me up. haha.... then i can just focus on the singing and maybe some the percussion instruments, like the tambourine or maybe the bells. cool. once i am back in lamma, i am going to get the bell bracelets (i saw one shop selling it) which can be worn round your ankles. yes i like that. thats better than a guitar. yes! now, can you girls visualize me singing in a satsang, maybe we can have a kirtan for kyurii customers.... kyurii kirtan. cool. any chanting bar around? raw, simple set up with cushions, rugs and candles (like haji lane) singing and chanting.... a modern hip bhajan. i wonder if anyone know any bhajan/kirtan group in singapore? maybe i should go little india to investigate....

YES! i just found one! the sai sathya sai society, they have a very active bhajan, they even have english and chinese bhajan. very cool. i am going for their next session.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

om shree dhanvantre namaha

hi girls, this is my favourite chant from deva premal and miten with manose on the bamboo flute. i want to share it with you on this lovely relaxing sunday night before the busy week starts again. it always reminds me of the wonderful satsang with them in london. it is one of those moments i will always treasure in my heart.

its a self healing mantra. i sing it when i feel my heart is not opened. haha its me and margie's favourite chant. we would sit on the floor and sing, swaying our body and waving our hands and then tears would probably start flowing.. tears of gratitude.

i also sing it when i need a little courage or guidance, and when i prepare my meals (yes, you can chant this while you are preparing food to promote healing through the food you eat). i love to play it softly early in the morning like 7am and sit facing the trees and sing.. and breathe in the fresh morning air. i think my neighbours might already know this mantra by heart now. haha...

''This is the healing mantra, based on an appeal to the celestial healer, Dhanvantari, who figures in the Lakshmi story and who gave the Nectar of Immortality to the gods. It can be used to enhance one's own healing skills and performance as a practitioner;or for self-healing, in which it is said to be able to work in many ways to promote healing on all levels: physical, mental or emotional.'' - from mantras and their use.

oh and you can find this chant 'in the light of love / om shree dhanvantre namaha' from deva premal and miten live in concert cd & dvd. its out in hmv, i got 2 as gifts for my friends.

yoga poses in kyurii clothes

ah!! my whole body is itchy, the yoga bug has just bitten me! if i am in hk now, i should have just finished my hatha1 and yin class... oh maybe i should pay and go to pure next week when leekeng is back, with jiahui. oh i can also go with rachel. i bet she is also itching now... haha.. you know whats most challenging when doing these poses, its to get into pose in front of that camera within that 10secs timer. haha. but it was really fun.. oh i always feel so alive when and after i do yoga.. like every cell in my body is dancing around with joy! its like how i feel when i danced.. long time ago.

p.s. to maurice, i love how in the last yinyang class, you led us to flow from downward dog to a lunge and then opening up to trikonasana.. i can feel the energy flowing from the ground through the front leg to the hand though to the finger tips.. as the head looks up into the sky completing trikonasana. i had a beautiful experience. thank you.

i am back in my other home

hello girls, i am back home, the home in singapore. i have decided to take it nice and easy this trip. working and discussing kyurii with leekeng. we are in a situation now where we think we need to find someone to invest, if we want to expand. you know we have so much ideas for kyurii but we need the capital. there is so much potential but going into our third year, its quite a tough time for small business.

i was watching about how amazon grew from their garage in seattle on the plane. the road is tough. and the advice given is: grow big fast. yes both leekeng and i feel its time we grow to provide better service for our customers. but being first time entrepreneurs, we are at a loss at times. oh headache... we need a business consultant, anyone know any kind and compassionate mentor to guide us in terms of business? people like george kuek, you know that breadtalk guy.

on the positive side, i think we have been really lucky. many small businesses may not even survive through the first 2 years but we somehow made it through. you know leekeng and i often remind ourselves, no matter how big we get in future (hehe..) or whatever happens, we must not forget how customers like juliet, lizhen, jiahui (who became part of our kyurii family), siling, adelene and many others whose names i did not mention here, gave us your support and love all the way from day one. for without this, how can there be kyurii.. thank you. forever grateful.

i was just looking through my blog.. i feel kind of proud of ourselves. i cant believe we actually did all these you know. out of nothing, came the idea and then we gave it a go, and today we are still at it. hey buddy, thanks for all these hard work. i am so damn proud of ourselves and the energy and spirit we have. shine on! gosh my hair grew with kyurii. haha..
i am actually half way through shooting now, waiting for the battery to be recharged. this coming launch, it will be monotone. sleek and cool. i had fun trying to do some yoga while posing! haha.. if time allows, i will show you some pixs later! haha... \

ok you all have a nice weekend ahead. find some time to relax and rejuvenate. take good care of ourselves so that we can take better care of those around us. enjoy!