Saturday, September 19, 2009

listening to the lily pond

i would like to share a simple song with you tonite, 'lily pond' by vashti bunyan from her 'just another diamond day' album which i just received from the mail. it is my first birthday present this year. my presents include the cd, a dvd and photo slides of beautiful paintings and a beautiful card. the heart is with joy.

its funny i mentioned about my desire of having my own lily pond at the roof just a while ago. and even though there is no lily pond at my roof now... i feel i have it. love and joy surrounds me at this moment, listening to the 'lily pond'. thank you.

in a lily pond i lay all upon a summer's day
then i chased a dragonfly all across an ancient sky
falling with a thousand stars down the milky way to mars
back again in time for day
in a lily pond i lay.

and the only thing he said to me
was 'young lady i love thee'


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