Thursday, October 29, 2009

KYURII KIDS at Eureka Bazaar this Sunday

Hello gals, how are you? Here's our Kyurii kids ambassadors! If you're free this Sunday, do come by to the Eureka Bazaar at Singapore Flyer, Sky Deck from 1230-830pm. Bring your kids/nephews/nieces dressed in I LOVE PAPA/MAMA Kyurii tee and you will be entitled 50% off your 1st piece of Kyurii Kids wear at the Bazaar! See u!
Kyurii Kids is also on Facebook. Join us as a fan today for more updates!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kyurii @ Eureka Bazaar on Sunday, Nov 1

Hi gals,
We're going to be at the Eureka Bazaar this coming Sunday Nov 1.
Venue: Singapore Flyer, Sky Deck
Our stall is at OC221. It starts from 1230pm till 830pm. All items on sale will be under S$20!!!
Do come over and say Hi! See you : )

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Hello gals, just in case you may not have realised, we have added more items on the Sale.
Sale will end on Sunday! It's your last chance to grab items going at really great prices!
Take me to Kyurii Sale!

Monday, October 26, 2009

KYURII is on FACEBOOK ADS this week

Good morning gals, How was your weekend?
I had a relaxing one with my family - dinners, evening walks at east coast, gathering with family friends.
This week, Kyurii will be on Facebook ads! If you do see our ad, pls help to pass the word to your friends as well. If you're not our Facebook friend yet, pls search for: SUYIN KYURII and invite us. Or if you want us to invite you, pls drop us an email at:
We'll be having promotions on Facebook soon! See you!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

SALE: Any 2 for $22

Hello gals, a lot of you have emailed me about the total amount in your order which was not accurately reflected when you purchased the "Any 2 fo S$22" items. Our system is not that intelligent to capture the final discounted price and hence, you may just calculate the correct amount and transfer us accordingly. Alternatively, you may just drop me an email to clarify.

If you have not visited our sale, have a look!
I am off to meet my ex-colleagues for lunch. You have a good day!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Random shots in Bangkok

After lunch, we tried our luck to catch the big bird toys but we didn't have much luck (or skill?). Am wearing the Kyurii label balloon sleeve blouse here, one of my favourite top!
Kimi is enjoying her cake while we're waiting for our hotel room to check in. We do look a bit tired here.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Leekeng is back @ work

Hello gals, the short holiday trip was extremely tiring but everything went smoothly. Kimi was having slight running nose and fever before the trip and it really got me worried. Luckily, she recovered in time. For the whole trip, i think Little Kimi loves the hotel most. We stayed in Citadines 8 and the 2 bedroom apartment is cozy and comfortable. Little gal found 3 new games in the apartment and they are:
1) Pressing the number lock on the safe
2) Hiding in the cupboard
3) Swimming in the bathtub
Normally, she would not dare to walk around in an unfamiliar environment but this time, she just walks around the apartment like at home.
Here's Kimi on the flight to Bangkok.
Have you checked out the ongoing Kyurii sales now? If you haven't, items are going fast. Hope you manage to get the items you like.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy weekend!

Hi gals, thanks for your lovely emails and comments about my previous few blogs. When Suyin first told me that I would be blogging while she's away, seriously, i was a bit pressurised. Haha, that's becos i can't write as well as her. Besides, while most of our customers are in Singapore, it doesn't seem interesting enough to write about what's going on here? Therefore, i am so glad to know that some of you enjoy reading and looking at Kimi's pix.
As i will leave for my short holiday tomorrow early morning and return only on late sunday night, i will not be able to respond to emails for the 3 days.

Before i head home to pack, i'd like to let you know that we'll be having a year end sale starting next Mon! Items will be going at really attractive prices! So if you've been eyeing on that particular item, get ready! Take care, everyone and enjoy your weekend too!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kimi and her favourite cat

One of my favourite activity with Kimi is taking a stroll with her to our nearby garden in the evenings. There are lots of cats around my estate and Kimi has grown to love cats. Seriously, Mummy is not a big fan of cats. In fact, Mummy is scared of cats since young...Haha, imagine how i survived living in Suyin's house with her 3 catties. Kimi loves cats and sometimes she will ask," Mummy, can you buy me a cat?" At other times, she will bring along her Panda biscuits for her cat friends.

Here's one of Kimi's favourite white cat doing a "downward dog" pose. Hey, cats can do yoga!

Monday, October 12, 2009

How's your mid week?

Hello gals, time really flies. It's mid week again. This weekend, I will be heading for a short holiday to Bangkok with my family. It's Kimi's first 'holiday' trip (excluding the trips to visit relatives in Malaysia and Indonesia for the past 2 years). I have already told her weeks before about the trip and what we could do in Bangkok including shopping and eating 'tom yum soup'. She's certainly looking forward to taking the aeroplane again and having plenty of chances to sit on "thomas the train" - as she loves sitting on MRT (gonna be BTS train in BKK).

For those who have not seen our new collection, here's the rest of the items. I am gonna keep one of the harem pants (probably the khaki) for myself and wear this weekend. Yeah!

New Oct items!

Hey gals, i am in the process of updating the website. Here's a closer look of some of the items coming up tomorrow.
For those who missed out the previous padded jacket, here's another similar one. This piece comes with a detachable pin corsage.

If you like the previous gold studs cropped jacket, you may also like this piece.

This drawstring pointelle cardigan is my favourite piece of this launch.

This oversized cap sleeve top can be worn on its own with a pair of legging.

I love ruffles and am considering if i should keep this piece for myself as well.

It's all coming up tomorrow. Stay tuned and hope you are enjoying your Mon!

ps: Suyin smsed me yesterday and wanted to say HELLO to you gals. She's enjoying her stay in Nepal and should be flying to Delhi sometime soon (today?). She met 2 westerners who asked her where she got the Kyurii blouse. Haha, lovely! Hope they will help us to spread the words about Kyurii back in their countries.

OCT B Preview

Hi gals, how's your weekend? A lot of you were asking about the harem pants and tops that Suyin matched in the last batch. Here they are. New launch will be up tomorrow Tue at 9am!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Items that are available again

Hi gals, sometimes you may find that items which were previously listed as SOLD OUT becomes available again. We understand that sometimes customers do change their mind after closing their order. However we really appreciate an email to inform us so that we can release to other customers who were keen. We have relisted some of them under BEST SELLING ITEMS.
For those of u who missed out previously, hope you manage to get it this time.

Birthday Gift for your girlfriends?

Oct is a month of birthday celebrations! If you are fretting over what to get for your girlfriends, here's a suggestion.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Me and my little precious

Hi gals, how's your mid week? My Wednesday is spent with my little precious in the library. As some of you may have read from Suyin's previous blog, my little Kimi is already 2 years 3 months old and has grown to be a little talkative gal. One of our favourite place is the library. Kimi enjoys sitting on the little chair and reading some of those picture books with Mummy.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Leekeng's favourite pieces

Good morning, gals, have you browsed through the NEW IN? Below are my personal favourites.
My favourite colour - white!
I love this piece specifically. The lace ruffle may not stand out in the pix as this is black but it looks really nicer than in pix. Besides, black always makes one look slimmer.hee
Love the studs on this vest.
This piece is unique with its draping flow.
Another white top that i love.
Did u find something you like?

Monday, October 05, 2009

What's coming up tomorrow?

Hey gals, here's a closer look at some of the items coming up tomorrow. have u seen something you like?

OCT A Preview

Hello gals, here's the OCT A preview. All items will be up tomorrow 9am!
Oh yes, i saw this on Urban last week. The slit leggings from River Island reminded me of something similar that we had few launches back.

Here's the ankle length legging from Kyurii. Have a look if u missed it previously.
ps: oh i think i am getting addicted to blogging. will let u know more about the new items later as i will be busy measuring and updating the website today : )

Greetings from Nepal

Good morning gals! This is Leekeng's first blog here passing on Suyin's greetings to you from Nepal. This morning, i received a pleasant surprise email from Suyin. She has arrived in Nepal safely and has met some new friends inclusive of a japanese guy, lama monk, coconut seller and 3 kids! Haha what an adventure and a great contrast of acquantaince. I can't wait to see the photos she has taken. She also managed to get some clothes for Kyurii. yeah.
Ok, i will be back with more updates later of Kyurii, Suyin, as well as a bit of my life too. I would probably have "spoken" to most of you on email already and am looking forward to blogging a bit more on this space during this period. I feel like i am the stand in dj for Suyin, just like dj black...hahaah Wishing u all a great week ahead!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

thank you girls so very much

hey girls thank you for the birthday wishes. i am touched ~_~ i feel we all know each other.

i just finished all the work. i need to start packing now. my flight is at 7:30pm, i need to catch the 4:30pm ferry out. somehow i still cant believe tonite i will be in nepal again, to be cradled in the arms of the snow peak mountains. i will be in kathmandu for about 2 weeks on my own to learn thangka painting, then fly to delhi to meet up with jac, stay for a nite, and then we will take a bus up to dharmasala the next day. we will stay in dharamsala for about 10days. then i will fly back to nepal and stay at the monastery i took my last meditation course at (same time last year)... and soak up everything in the beautiful country before heading back to hk.

i am looking forward to wearing the same few sets of clothes everyday, wearing no make up, having nothing else with me but that backpack, moving from one place to another, having the feeling that i have nothing but everything. i dun belong to anywhere but everywhere. feeling the oneness with people from a different culture, a different country. you know i really like it. a visit to a third world country is extremely humbling. you just forget all your 'worldly' troubles when you see that little half-naked kid casually rummaging through the rubbish to find food, and when we look at him with such sympathy and sadness, he looks back at you with the brightest and most genuine smile you have ever seen. that is the moment when your heart just sobs in silence. for ourselves. what more do we want for ourselves in this lifetime?

to be able to do this sort of trip once a year, i feel blessed. alright! you girls take care of yourself. i will too. i will try to blog as and when i can to share my adventures with you. hugs.

i would like to leave you with this video from mooji . i have been watching a lot of videos of his satsangs. this one moved me a lot. i hope you enjoy and maybe find something helpful from it for yourself, if not, its also ok. just my way of spreading the love with you.

thank you

hello good morning girls! i woke up at 7am this morning to continue work. my fault. bad time management. haha not really actually, there is just too much going on this week, dinners and work. its my birthday today. hee.... one year younger. last nite i had a really nice dinner with kym after a long time. miss margie provided some light before meal entertainment for us, yes, she had another mojito. and made us all laugh so hard. my gosh... you know i seriously think margie you should start to teach laughter yoga too, other than hatha and hot class. and i just realized we forgot to take photos! woah.. i had the camera with me.

thank you so much kym, for the gift. i love it. i can start collecting the whole series of these beautiful moomin illustration books.

Friday, October 02, 2009

love is all around

hey girls, i am feeling a lot of love lately. and i duno why. nothing particularly happy happened. in fact quite the opposite. haha.. but this thing call love, just takes over me. all the things that my mind used to say about love has all disappeared. this new and real definition of love that i feel now, doesnt know how to plan, strategise, expect, control, weigh pros and cons. it may not live up to the standards of the society but it doesnt care. it stops thinking about her or himself. it cannot. it doesnt know how to.

now i finally understood for myself personally completely totally what j krishnamurti means when he said 'love is the absence of me'!! haha... and then my mind would be stricken (or 'hijacked' is the word my teacher likes to use) by fear, 'shit then whats going to happen to me? i might end up with nothing.' hahaha... how funny. the thought can come, but it has no power anymore.

my mind had lost the battle. the heart won hands down. my heart has come to know that love is not that of the mind, not of logic, reasons, thoughts, desires, nor of self gratification. it belongs to the heart and felt when you retreat to your heart space. cannot be understood from the outside. intangible yet real. haha oh anyway... ok its getting too airy.

hey i am listening to snatam kaur now. this song is exactly how my heart feels right now. i would like to share with you beautiful girls out there. i hope it fills your hearts up with pure, joyful, 'me-less' love! effortless, kind, gentle, unconditional loving which is our truest nature.

we are one
under the sun
let your heart sing it this way
love is something
as free as the wind
we are the people
people of love
let us people love today
we are the people
people of love
let us people love today

p.s. and the first person to love is.... YOURSELF. everything starts from us. and if i can go one step further, everything starts from our hearts. let it shine through!

New in this week!

good morning girls! oh i am leaving for nepal and india tomorrow. for a month this time. oh i wont be blogging but leekeng is taking over. so no worries. please stay tuned for any latest updates. i will also try to blog as and when i can. going to miss you girls. will you miss me too? hahaha.. oh i am getting excited over my adventure. share more later. for now, its kyurii time. yes we have noted that many of you like clothes are suitable for work. we will definitely be looking out for more such pieces.

miss lamma goes out to the city!

haha today evelyn, margie and i went to the city to have a nice meal and drinks. haha.. its funny how evelyn said to me in the afternoon she feels like putting on something a little fancier than usual for tonite. that means, lets be fancy together. if not miss evelyn would look too posh (for lamma standard) on her own. as most of the times, we would be in tank tops and shorts or you know really casual clothes, the lamma outfit we call it. so tonite we decide to all put on our jeans and a going out top (margie in her dress) and sandals instead of flip flops! haha! actually its nothing fancy at all. but to the 3 miss lamma, i think this is the furthest we would go. haha.. we went for a little greek yum yum at soho. the deep fried feta cheese is really good! you should see our faces when we took our first bite. hahaha.. i was the first one 'oh my god.. this is so good' and then evelyn took hers, wide eyes and dropped jaw 'oh my god..' and then margie 'oh my god....' haha.. it was hilarious. we had the same expression. haha you girls are so cute! and we are loving the mojitos. margie swears that its the best she ever tasted. she is the mojito expert. haha... it was a great dinner great food and great conversation.
thank you girls! thank you evelyn for that lovely present.