Thursday, May 31, 2007

whats coming up..

hi guys! many many of you have been asking us when the new clothes will be out. my apologies. they are supposed to be out this weekend BUT becos i have not re-installed all the neccessary softwares into my new hard disk, i cannot do the layouts. right now, i am busy shooting, many many stuff coming up. please keep a lookout for them next weekend! hang in there!
p.s happy holiday to those in singapore. enjoy the day!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

cheap monday

anonymous who left a comment yesterday, inspired today's blog. lets talk about a very popular denim brand, cheap monday, from stockholm today. its 'an unwashed, very tight fitted stretch denim jean for a shockingly good price!' (quoted from their website). and this is the cheap monday store i went in stockholm. its the weekday store at gotgatan. its call weekday store. becos when the guys started a second-hand store in a stockholm suburb in 2000, the shop was only opened on weekends. and the store was called weekend. it went really well, and a bigger shop in central stockholm was opened and its call weekday, opened every day of the week. i really love the illustrations that are seen through the walls of the shop. bt too bad, i cannot take any photos inside. you can see a little of the shop in their website: (then click on weekday store, stockholm gotgatan. so i bought this little red bag with samples of the wierd illustrations home. and the cool thing about the store is that in the basement, there is a workshop area where the staff are printing these illustrations on the tshirts. and you can see them work through the glass panel. i love the casual feel of the entire store! if kyurii has a store, it must also be a cool casual place. kym must do the illustrations for us! check these creatures out! love them! but my mom kept saying 'aiyo, so scary! nice meh?' when i bought this bag. hahaha. but i really regretted not getting a pair of cheap monday. its about 600kroner. which is about 600hkd. totally reasonable. ah!!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

ever thought about getting one?

coloured jeans can really add a little spice to the overall outfit! i know it might take a little more courage to wear a pair of red denim, but why not? sometimes when you try to wear something which is not so you, you may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome! articles from elle uk edition june.well that sort of happened to me, when i first went to tokyo years ago, i was at 'frapbois' trying on this very me top, then the friendly sales girl (like most sales people are in japan) started introducing me a cardigan which is NOT ME at all (some wierd asymmetrical cuts cardigan which looks like a pair of culottes. haha) to match with the top i was wearing. out of being polite, i decided to just let her do her thing while i stook in front of the mirror. and anyway, she was already draping the cardigan on me as she speaks politely and enthusiastically (as if i can understand everything). but boy was i surprised at my new image! it takes a while to get used to it though. but i love that feeling of that possibility, that possibility to look different, and cool. and it sort of gives you a different vibe! brings out the persona from within. for god knows what reason, i somehow felt more confident. and yes, i bought that wierd cardigan!hahaha. she is definitley one damn good sales person! this is the pair of red jeans which i was about to buy, but then i opted for the yellow one with stripes. anyhow so if you are always wearing the same colour, maybe the next time you go shopping, buy something of a different colour. when you flip through the fashion magazines, choose a style which is beyond your comfort zone and get those items instead. be adventurous! whats the point of buying so many pieces of the same thing?!? right? have fun exploring!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

don't miss out the last week of kyurii sale!

hi gals, go to to check out the sale items now! enjoy!!

amber rainstorm in hk

its raining finally! after days of hot stuffed weather. thunder and lightning, they are all happening now! but thats bad news for me, becos its so dark now, i need the light to shoot! ah!!!! i can only pray that tomorrow will be all clear and bright! meanwhile, i just dun feel like doing anything but rest. after 'entertaining' my mom for nearly a month (and sharing the same bed with her as i only have one room and one queen size bed in my apartment. the problem is my mom always ends up in the centre of the bed!!!! ah!! and i end up at the edge), i really am glad to have my own space again. on a nice rainy afternoon at home with my two cats, watching a documentary on gelada monkeys in the mountains of ethiopia, and eating lao po ping. my mom bought 48 lao po pings altogether. my goodness...

Friday, May 25, 2007

very marc jacobs shades...

gave kym the very marc jacobs shades. does he look better in it? this is the other pair of shades i got from another vintage shop. 5 pounds. i will keep this pair for myself. love the shape! the beanie i got for kym from stockholm is too small for his big head!! so i will wear it instead. goofy, this photo really make me laugh! ok decent one. he can never smile decently to the camera.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

last sunday in london

hi girls, i feel like i am been away for quite some time. quite broke now, but i am glad i made this trip (its actually my mother's day gift for my mom) and also becos my brother is in london and i am in hk, my parents in singapore, so its quite hard to find time together. ok shall not worry too much about money, just stay positive! money is useless if it just stay in the bank, if its well-spent then its cool! ok i am cool. hahaha. life is about experiencing.
us yum cha at lido restuarant in chinatown. yummy. no kidding as good as hk! last sunday, we went to brick lane to shop for vintage, its a must to go to 'absolute vintage' (the best shop to go if you are looking for vintage bags and shoes). if you like vintage items for a little mix and match, you have to check this shop out. even my mom got a pair of vintage sandals. haha. ok show you guys what i bought this trip. item no. 1: the striped yellow and black skinny from kate moss topshop. i originally wanted to go for the red skinny jeans. coloured jeans are hot! but later decided to go for the striped which is more obviously kate moss. red jeans can be from anywhere. typical consumer. item 2: vintage silvery snake skin pattern sling from absolute vintage. for 12 pounds. i really love the strap! haha i cant wait to match it with skinny black jeans, heels and maybe an oversized top. item no.3: very marc jacobs, but sadly not marc jacobs shades from spitalfield market for 6 pounds. ok got to go now, bringing my mom to star avenue in tsimshatsui. argh... i cant believe it that she wants to see jackie chan's hand prints. that is the last place i would go in hk! anyway.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

fetish over rodents in fur coats

feeding the squirrels at st. james park has to be one of the must-do things for us in london. the last time we didnt have enough nuts to feed them, kym bought a pack of salted peanuts from the nearby supermarket but the squirrels didnt like them. this time round i specially bought the unsalted hazelnuts from hk (cheaper to buy over here). hohoho. they love it! all you have to do is, hold the nut in your hand, wave it up and down, and say 'come on, come on' and soon you will spot one running straight towards you! i duno why i get so much kick of out feeding squirrels! influenced by kym. but i remembered when i was a kid, i really like chip n dale. haha.

kate moss

one of my mission this trip is to go and check out the kate moss collection at topshop. went to the one at oxford circus. some of the items are already sold out! i dun really fancy kate moss, but i like the overall look of the collection. very kate moss though. tight jeans, tailored waistcoats, flowery frocks. love the mood and tone of the photographs. try this styling with the bow tie round your neck! hot hot hot! after looking around, i bought the pair of striped skinny jeans! will show you guys soon! check out the behind-the-scenes at love the photography, especially the lighting.

i am back!

i am finally back in hong kong (touched down yesterday). i feel i have been away for a long time. this morning i went to pick up my macbook, yes i am able to blog again. this trip has been quite tiring, bringing my mom around. i did all the navigation. i am never good at map reading and directions, so you can imagine. but it was fun! we flew to london heathrow then transit for stockholm. spent 5 days there before flying back to london to spend a week with my brother. stockholm is beautiful (still cold about 10 degree though). the flowers are blooming and the leaves on the trees are just sooooooo green.i love these plum trees!a view of the neighbouring island from Sodermalm island. stockholm is made up of a series of 14 islands.a wild hare i spotted near Katarina Kyrka (Katarina Church).a typical alley in Gamla Stan which is the oldest part of stockholm. the little quaint buildings are all painted in shades of mustard, brown, orange, pale pink.