Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kyurii 09SEP D is up!

hey hey have you browse through our new items yet? we have kind of divided it into work and play this batch. som ecasual items with a few pieces where you can wear to work. here are some weekend pieces which i like! we havent had any flower printed dresses for a while, so i thought it would be nice to get this piece for this week. sometimes it just feels so wonderful to wear a sweet little floral dress like this on a lovely sunday afternoon and take a walk in nature. isnt it? or is it just me? hee... sometimes we just cant imagine mixing stripes with floral prints, but this piece does it nicely! therefore i like it. takes me beyond what i thought i know.
ruching yes. i just love ruching. doesnt ruching makes a plain tee look so much more interesting and feminine? for this reason, i love this piece a lot. haha.. comes in soft pink and a slightly stronger green.
i thought its a very interesting green. its not dull like a khaki nor is it bright like a hornet green. right in the middle. i like it. i am taking the green one myself. what about you?
2 more interesting white tees for you this week. over time, we received some requests for interesting print tees in white. i duno if these are exactly what you have in mind, but i thought they are quite cool. skull and flowers. nice. haha... i like the oversized-ness of it, haha i am always buying oversized tees. did you recognize it? haha..
i like this disco ball print tee. you know sometimes when under the black jacket, you just need a white base tank or tee with some subtle print, so that the overall look doesnt appear too stark. personally i find it almost vital. haha.. ok ok not vital, but something is nice to take note of. i just cant wear a completely white tank top under a completely black jacket. its too bland. you either need some texture or some print. so i thought this is the perfect tee under a black jacket becos the print is in perfect grey. if the whole disco ball is in black, i wouldnt say its perfect. but the gradual silver grey is good. great. haha... again, its just me.
go to NEW IN! and see them in details now!


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