Monday, December 31, 2007

been a great year!

today i have been thinking of what are the things that i feel happy that i did this year. and one of them has to be yoga, to be more specific, i am really happy to be exercising regularly every week. it really does make a difference. so yeah!! a pat on my back for myself. what about you? to everyone out there, here's wishing you all a fantastic year of 2008 ahead, filled with love, peace and joy! ok me getting ready to go out, putting on layer and layer of clothes. so cold today.... ok i am going out for supper and count down now! see you all next year!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Extra Stocks are in for BAS-8

hi there, we got in extra stocks for this cotton long legging! item will arrive in singapore in mid january. we start taking orders now. and we will send you the item once it arrives! do note that this is not a sale item. thanks!


hi girls, sale items which are sold out had just been updated on the wardrobe blog. once you confirmed the items you like, email us. be quick! items are going off really fast! hope you girls enjoy the kyurii sale!

Friday, December 28, 2007

10:45pm news report from happy valley!

a group of 5 - 7 firemen just knocked on my door, becos my neighbour two doors away smelt some burnt smell and called the police! scare the hell out of me! they suspected its coming out from my next door neighbour, 'gwei low' andy's house. but andy is not at home!! they entered my house to check, i thought they are going to climb into andy's house from my windows! that would be exciting! but of coz, they have smarter ways. then when i looked out my window, i realised that there is one big fire engine, another smaller one, one ambulance, plus one police van all parked downstairs. passers-by are staring up at me! and i cant believe that the reporters are already waiting downstairs flashing their cameras (hk media, thumb up!). but the funniest thing is, i dun smell a single thing!! the scene really makes me doubt my sense of smell. the firemen ladder is so cool! it can turn in every angle! but watching them go higher to check the third storey unit, i feel a bit giddy. i have major height phobia.
well, after the check, there was nothing. no fire, no smell. and within seconds, all the fire engines, ambulances, police, reporters, passers-by all vanished as quickly as they appeared. well... what can i say? i feel very thankful i have such an alert neighbour, and such an efficient local media and of coz, such conscientious fire brigade. oh one of the firemen is quite cute. hehehe. men in uniform.... mm.... hahaha andy is not back yet. where is andy? i think he went back his country for the holidays.

our x'mas gifts

i knitted kym a very thin and very long black scarf. thanks to tele, kwan and erica for giving me a crash course on the most basic of knitting. haha. i got a adidas x stella mccartney bag and bottle! : )


hi girls, due to the great response, it will take us a little longer to reply all your emails. BUT dun worry, we will base the sales of items on a first come first serve basis. thank you for your understanding. : )

my current favourite song

yesterday after chanting 'aum' (or 'om') to begin the class, my yoga teacher played a mantra as soft background music for the class. i love to practise asanas to chants or music. that particular tune sounded really familiar, i realised that i also had the cd that she played. the mantra is sung to a tune which is written for it in modern times. i came back and googled it. it is call the gayatri mantra, 'a highly revered mantra in hinduism... which is seen as a Divine awakening of the mind and soul...'. i am totally captivated by the tune, then the chant. i kept singing it.

the mantra in sanskrit:

Oh God! Thou art the Giver of Life,
Remover of pain and sorrow,
The Bestower of happiness,
Oh! Creator of the Universe,
May we receive thy supreme sin-destroying light,
May Thou guide our intellect in the right direction.

here is a link to see deva premal and miten perform gayatri mantra. quiet down, listen and feel what is inside you.

sound is power. different sounds have different effects on human psyche. the chanting of mantra is belived to lift the believer towards the higher self. hahaha everytime i talk such things to kym, he will yawn. i duno why i am so interested in these stuff (the buddhism/hindu philosophy, chakras, ayuveda, yoga) maybe i am some hindu yogini in my past life. but i am not going to question it. may the divine light guide each and every one of us to our highest good.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

so damn happy!

about 2am now, just came back from kym's house. guess what!?!? i got the stella mccartney bag and water bottle from him for xmas!! yippee!! i am estatic! thrilled! overjoyed! actually my brother wanted to get me the water bottle, but later decide to get me some accessories from luella bartley. now that i cant afford branded items myself, when i receive such gifts, i appreciate them more. but wait a minute, can you imagine me appearing in my yoga class in my stella outfit with my stella bottle! while all others have is just a volvic or bonaqua mineral water bottle or the most, a nike water bottle. gosh i will be the most superficial student or worse, labelled as the fashion victim in class. oh unthinkable!
but then again, what the heck. if you have it, flaunt it! yeah? alrighty i am so geared up for my hatha class tmr!
we took some photos of our gifts. i hope to show you the photos soon, i left my camera at kym's house. argh..

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Hi girls! boxing day today! have you all unwrap your presents?
don't forget our year end sale is now on! 2 items - 20% off. 4 or more items - 50% off. make sure you browse through our past collections and see if you have missed out anything! this is your best chance to get them. for sold out items, sorry we will not be able to get any more stocks in. look out for the sale items! applies to all collections except nov, dec and basics. first come first served. no refunds. no exchange. enjoy!!

xmas day!

tonite i have xmas dinner at kym's house. on our way to get some gummies at cwb before heading for dinner. corn in cwb
waiting for mini bus. yes i am wearing our xmas items! tie neck dress under the knitted cardigan. i love it! mm.. sort of matches what kym is wearing. grey and black xmas.
this time, we had turkey, spaghetti, minestrone. followed by cai qin (taiwanese female singer) concert dvd playing all night long. kym's dad is her no.1 fan. after a few rounds of alcohol, he was singing along side and kym's mom started dancing to the songs. as for us, we left for midnight movie.

x'mas eve party!

we had a xmas eve party with frens at kym's house. eating lots of sushi and kfc!
yes! me wearing x'mas part 1 DEC A-8 here!
followed by mahjong, xbox, and the lovely massage chair. mm.... who is that handsome guy? hohoho.

Monday, December 24, 2007

i love fairy lights

last night dinner at home. the cats had hangover this morning. i think one of them sipped some leftover alcohol.

Whats coming up for Kyurii?

hello girls! how are you? wishing you all a very merry christmas! our xmas gift to you all would be a SALE!!!! yes, kyurii will be having our year end sale on boxing day! meanwhile, feel free to browse through all our past collections and make a list of the items that you might have missed out! for items which are sold out, sorry we are not able to bring in any more stocks. the sale applies to all items except for nov, dec, basics collections. so dun forget to check out our sale, after your unwrap your presents on boxing day!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

one year anniversary!

last nite went for korean bbq with henky, to celebrate my one year anniversary working full time on kyurii! i survived! i survived!
still remember last year around this time when i decide to leave my job at the adv agency, i was kind of scared and worried about the future. the feeling of plunging into the unknown with no stable salary coming in every month. i am glad i overcame my fear, becos this year has been great! i did what i want to do and love to do! without any compromising. i love the freedom. but of coz, i have to give up the good salary. it makes me realised that having lots of money doesnt mean you will be happy. well, everyone seems to know it but when you really experience it, its quite astounding. when i earn a lot of money, i always feel that i do not have enough. but when i have only money to cover the basic needs in my life, i feel abundance wealth in my heart. i feel assured that i will always be provided. sounds contradicting. haha. its too abstract for me to describe the feeling in words. in short, money is really not everything in life. i am wearing DEC B-5.1 here, hehe finally i decide to take the black one, instead of grey. i have too many grey items this year. anyway, so lets not forget to chase after our dream and happiness when we are busy chasing after money. life has much more to offer us!
p.s. btw the shoe shop is at soy street for those who asked about it.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

orange yellow and red

hi how is everyone? i hope you girls are enjoying the clothes! i personally really like xmas part 2. many pieces are easy for mix and match, and you can wear them all year round. mm.... am i being too hard sell here? hahaha, but thats what i feel. becos i seldom really buy anything specially for xmas. tues night i went for dinner at may's house. 4 of us girls, together with eliza and maggie. all girly talk! hehehe. this is happy, may's schnauzer. he is so adorable! next time i will buy him some biscuits from the three dogs bakery located directly below my house, which is opening soon. the carrots and corn in the soup matches the colour scheme of the house. haha. yummy yummy! thanks may, for cooking us a scrumptious dinner!

Monday, December 17, 2007

yesterday at mongkok

i am back from dinner. both eliza and i feel really exhausted after today's hot yoga.. my legs are really wobbly. but after the sweating, i feel really good! last nite kym and i went to mongkok for our junk food and toy shopping trip. he bought 3 boxes of those japanese anime action figures. we girls will never understand why the guys like such stuff. now he has 23 of them, and is thinking of getting a shelf to display them. for me, every time we go mongkok, i will go check out the cheap shoes. specially brought my camera long to take a photo of the shop. you might want to check it out if you are in hk. i heard some singlish in the shop, haha its so easy to spot singaporeans. then eat at my favourite street stall, 'fey ma'.
kym and the ugly plastic bag of toys.
yucks! something in his mouth again?
then drink my favourite lemon head milk tea pearl sago. cheaper and nicer! i wish they have a branch in cwb! discovered this food stall which has a plasma outside showing you whats happening in the kitchen which is not exactly appetising, a few fat 'see lai's wearing quirky camourflage uniform with neon pink and green apron cooking noodles..... mm.. wierd. then we returned to causeway bay to ikea to look at the shelves for his toys... ate a hotdog each. then bought tickets for the 10pm movie.
before movie, i grabbed a brownie from pacific coffee while kym checked his yahoo japan bids.
after movie, we finally went for some decent food: wanton noodles and dessert. hahaha happy days!

off day

hello everyone! I AM NOT GOING TO WORK TODAY. its been exhausting, i am kind of glad all i have to do for this week is buy clothes and work on the website. i am going to take it easy. i will faint if i have to shoot and do layout this week! serious. haha. later i am heading to starbucks to eat my favourite chicken and mushroom pie, and just sit there and people watch and do nothing. then i have yoga with eliza at 7pm. oh this week i have many dinner appointments, yippee! henky just came back from rome for a few weeks, so we will go and eat all the food he misses. spicy food, hotpot, tim sum! will also be going to a fren's house for dinner to celebrate her belated birthday. i also need to get some last minute shopping done! oh yesterday i saw a vintage chanel quilted sling at one of those branded second hand bags shop. its not exactly vintage, its from 5 years ago. i really like it! but its so expensive. ah.... i always wanted one of those chanel vintage, saw some really vintagy ones in london but expensive too.
anyway. this week i must catch up on my beauty sleep! yeah! talk later!

class of 2007

saturday afternoon shoot! haha we did it at the soccer field at taikoo shing near the burnett office. it was really fun! a bunch of mostly art directors trying to art direct the shoot. the idea of taking this photo actually originated from one of our friend's wedding photo idea... then it transformed to being just a 'lets do it for fun' thing. my hk frens are really bo liao as compared to my singapore frens..... hahaha. really fun day! cant wait to see the final stuff. we did many formations, did many foolish poses and tried to look kawaii. check out kym's play on undersized uniform styling! his pants is so tight!! here with yvonne, my ex-writer and hoiming, ex-art director who is running her own leather bag company now.june and debbie kym and ar hoe, the nerds. ar tak, the typical rich classmate who finds himself ostracized by his classmates, and needed an expensive toy to attract much needed attention. check out the LV soccer ball! hahahaerica and forest, the bad student. check out the video tape sonic is holding. porn. haha love all the props the guys have with them. kym's pants looks like its ready to give way anytime! us girls! jacky the beloved photographer! hoiming and baldwin, our frens who are getting married next march. vintage is the theme of their wedding dinner. check out the lovely hats they got from london. what a day! honestly, getting 30 busy art directors, writers, freelancers, entreprenuers and 1 busy professional photorapher altogether on a saturday afternoon for a shoot is not easy at all. its one of those things that you kind of talk and then get really excited about but never get down to do it. really happy that we did it. thank you to everyone. lets remember to act besides talking about the ideas we have!