Monday, November 30, 2009

Kyurii new tailored harems!

hey girls! this is the harem i would like to preview first. haha too excited. look out for them tomorrow ok! it comes in 2 colours: this dark grey one (below) and also a black one.
here you go, this is the black one! also we include some cool party tops this week! or you can wear these under your work jackets and also look cool!

oh and i really like this jacket, haha the fringe feels really soft. i duno if its too warm for singapore weather, but i love it! well the a/c in singapore is way too cold so you might need this when you go for that xmas party! ok thats it for tonight! ooh i am tired... whole day i have been sitting in front of the computer working. goodnite and sweet dreams!

Kyurii New Arrivals preview!

hey girls! YEAH! i just finished on the layouts for the new launch! i am pretty excited, i hope you are too, over the new stuff! ok preview time!!!
hey there are a couple of items which i love and would like to highlight, please stay tuned ok! yes the tailored harem pants! lets continue on the love for harems!

p.s. this christmas, when you wish upon the star, dont forget to include a little prayer for world peace. may peace prevail on earth. it is definitely something not to be taken for granted.

good morning everyone!

good morning girls! its a beautiful day today! how are you? the birds are back from their long trip to avoid the summer heat! the one with the spiky hairdo and red cheeks, he was sitting outside the balcony chirping loudly as if to announce his presence which got the cats so excited.
remember to check out these lovely scarves and new jackets at they are all in!

oh we also have a new bag launched today too!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

one more thing for tomorrow!

yes! forgot to announce that a limited quantity of scarves will also be sale online tomorrow. some of you who asked us about it, yes its the one i used it with the harems. there are 4 different styles altogether. all in basic colours which is easy for mix and match. please check all of them out. oh yes! one last thing.. haha.. nearly forgot.. yes, that tee i wore with the harem 'change your mind' slogan tee is a kyurii item! its one of my all time favourite tee! take a look! good reminder for all of us, when you cant change the situation, change your mind!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Kyurii whats in: 3 irresistable jackets! haha...

hey girls, yes here are the jackets now on sale tomorrow on at 9am! for those who are looking something different, check this one out! initially when i saw it, i thought it was a little over teh top for my personal taste, however when i was shooting, i begin to really like it especially the cutting, its slightly tapered toward the waist. see if you like it too. this fringe front jacket is great alternative for the black work jacket which can be a little bland after a while. i like its subtle details. understated, very cool. get it get it! then we can wear it together but in different places. hahaha.. i am going to wear it with the faded jeans tomorrow and a simple tee inside.

i am crazy over jackets! oh sometimes actually so many times, i see many really nice winter stuff but they are not suitable for singapore weather. ah.. drives me nuts. but on a more positive note, this is a good time for jackets. so for those who want to rejuvenate their work look, this would be a great time to shop for the jackets. come spring, and it will be harder for me to look for work clothes.
so please enjoy these wonderful jackets while they are around and always have fun dressing up! :P

Kyurii PURPLE weekend!

happy long weekend girls! i had a really purple afternoon yesterday haha.. join me in celebrating the colour purple this weekend. maybe we should borrow 'barney' for a weekend to do a little promotional dance for us.
to leekeng, i think kimi will love it yeah! i seriously dun understand why kids love barney..... haha.. anyway. please check out kyurii PURPLE SALE now! hahaha....

Friday, November 27, 2009

Kyurii: what i wear today!

layer 1: my favourite fringey cardigan
layer 2: very 'suyin' white flowing blouse (haha one of my friend just commented on this blouse being very me. i think she is right. hee..)
layer 3: current favourite colour PURPLE SALE! tank top
oh and since this animal print trend is going on, dont forget to check out this zebra or leopard print recycle bags!

shit! i love this!

i just saw this! stella mccartney FW09 ads. they really are calling out to the little girl in me. i guess there is one in each one of us... no matter how much we have grown, physcially. haha.. i love bambi so much.
hm.. i think composition wise, it can be much better. the animated characters seem to be too equally distributed (like with equal distant between them) on the layout. i would have them maybe, concentrated on one area and maybe reduce the number. now it seems a little overcrowded. ok sorry being an ex-art director i cant help but to comment it. hee.... but still, i love it.

FirstDay items will be available online soon!

this grey blazer, together with a couple of work jackets, we are arranging for them to be on sale online soon! please stay tuned. yes i love blazers. i havent tried it with shorts yet, or maybe i will try it over a short printed dress to be worn with a thin belt. this is nice! i will try it when i get the chance, and yes with boots. you may try it with ankle boots (too warm in singapore for tall boots yeah). more jackets to be up soon! for you to explore them with tees, dresses, shirts, skinnies, tailored pants, shorts! textured jeans! yes! i like and they are coming up soon. watch out for them in the xmas launch next week! fierce!!!

hint hint: i just bought a pair of tailored harems suitable to do this look (above). well, i havent try it out yet but it seems very possible. i am excited.

Kyurii PURPLE SALE starts now!

hey girls, browse through all our past items and if you spot any purple items, there is a discount off that item. here are some of them on sale. wear this as a tube dress under a shoulder biker jacket , with sleek black leggings for a night out! i have been wearing these basic tank tops in shades of purple under the blazers in the recent launches. dont miss them!

try wearing this ribbed tank dress with a wide corset belt, giving it a high waist look and over it, wear this lace bolero jacket to dress it up! i love this look! i really like simple printed dress. now lets try another look. wear it just as it is, without the belt. on top of it, put on a structured shoulder blazer with heels and a nice little handbag. cute and sassy!
leggings! yes.. must-have every winter! you know what i think will go well with this maroon legging, its the cute little glitter dress launched earlier. those who have bought it, pls try it with this legging or any legging, but must be in the purple family! haha....

throwing out the bad stuff..

hello girls! how are you? i wasnt feeling well.. threw up 2 days ago (for no reasons) in the middle of the night. indigestion? i duno. i think maybe its post-trip sickness. everythings been so fast since i am back in hong kong which is a huge contrast to that relaxing one month in nepal and dharamsala. i think the body finally gave in after 21 days of hk tension. i slept through for 2 days. can you imagine? i totally missed 25 nov. i only remembered i text leekeng to tell her i am sick and that i will blog about the sale later. i do remember dragging myself up to upload that sale pix and then crawling back to bed. haha.... and dreamt a lot of dreams, i dreamt of the dalai lama even. haha..
yesterday i woke up in the afternoon, feeling totally well! i did not take any medicine. really wierd. everything back to normal but really hungry. today i am back in action! hee...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


hey girls, yes as promised, PURPLE SALE starts tomorrow 9am. dont forget, first thing tomorrow morning after you turn on your computer is to browse through the items. haha...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

purple is 'the new black'?

hey girls, i am really loving purple! would like to share this article with you. thats carla bruni in a purple dior coat seen in london. you may like to read the whole article here purple is 'the new black'? or maybe put on some lilac eye shadow like natalie portman. she looks so sweet! i am tempted to get a suitable shade from bobbi brown, either that or i will just get some dark purple nail polish. it could be anything but it has to be PURPLE!!!! haha....
this afternoon i went out to run some errands and i happened to be wearing this purple tank top from our earlier collections under my leather jacket. and i really like it! yes becos its purple. and also becos it suddenly reminds me of a photo i took in london. i wore exactly the same things today but i lost that purple scarf a few months ago. anyway. what i would like to say is, it gave me an idea to do a 'PURPLE LILAC & LAVENDER' special on our past purple items! i went back and straightaway told leekeng about it! in fact we do have some really nice items.. here are some which i really like!

ok ok ok... i know what you may be thinking. since they are old items, YES! we will give all of them a good discount for you! but some may only have one or two pcs left. ok so please look out. we are now in the midst of preparing and hope to get them all re-launched this thur!