Sunday, September 20, 2009

beautiful sound fill the house

wow it was a great day today! first time the house is filled with 20 people! highest record so far for club81! haha.. i dun have enough cups to go around. this afternoon, we have kirtan (chanting/singing session) at my house. the energy was great.. even though most of us do not know each other. becos its an open invitation, friends can bring their friends. this group of new friends consists mainly of yogis from myoga. it is led by dileep, their yoga teacher who guest-appears at pure kirtan sometimes and thats how we met. after attending their bhajan last month, they were really excited to do it at my house so thats how this whole thing happened.
thank you everyone who came. this time we didnt do it at the roof becos its too hot and humid, next time we can do it at sunset at the roof, i am sure it would be great! they all like the roof. the energy of the house. i am just so happy that everyone enjoyed themselves and you see their faces glowing after the chanting. we had yummy indian snacks prepared by kit and evelyn at the roof and chatted. some of them playing with the cats. tessy and b&w behaved so well today, not shy at all, allowing guests to stroke them. oh the whole house is filled with beautiful sound and energy. i feel grateful.


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