Monday, June 30, 2008


kym working in the kitchen. last nite i went to the little thai eating place where kym works part time as the sous chef. hahaha.
ok ok, i am kidding. he knows nuts about cooking! but the photo turned out quite convincing yah. he can pass off as a 'thai chai' (thai guy). haha.
last nite we went to this very small thai place at sheung wan, the food is yummylicious! the thai lady is really funny, she cooks and laughs at the same time, and doesnt mind kym snooping around in the open kitchen. celebs eat here too. but only two tables. you can also sit by the road or in the little provision shop next door which also belongs to the same owner.
the place is so tiny and has such a friendly atmosphere that soon we are serving ourselves. hahaha.
this bbq fish is so good! oh this is food cooked with love. i can feel the joy and happiness the lady puts into her cooking. its so nice to sit there and watch her cook. love this quaint, totally chilled out place. must go back soon.
his hair..... kakoii desu ka?

p.s. yeah i bought krishna das' greatest hits of the kali yuga cd from pure after class today. listening to it now. totally uplifting.

yes, more dresses!

hi girsl! good morning! how is everyone? can you believe it that half of 2008 is almost over, july is approaching! its so true that the older you get, the faster you feel time is moving. haha. i am currently working on the next launch which we hope to be up by tomorrow or latest wednesday. depending on my speed. this launch we are sharing with you more dresses! last launch was too little. yes, we agree. last week i went on a buying trip and went crazy on the colourful printed strappy dresses!! some indie print, some retro print. the prints are really nice. i really like them. i bought a lot! and i intend to keep one each for myself. hehe. i hope you like them too.
ok back to work! talk later!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

special yoga weekend

hi girls, to celebrate my first yoga birthday, this weekend will be a special yoga weekend on the blog! yeah! i still remember a year ago, i made a pact with myself to make exercise part of my life and decided to give yoga another try (i did yoga 3 years ago at a gym only for a few classes. nothing clicked. i guess i wasnt ready at that moment). last year this time, i asked the universe for a teacher whose words will resonate with me as i did not want a teacher who only focuses on the physical aspects. it turns out that maurice was the teacher in that trial class at pure i went to. everything fell into place. thank you universe.
usually my passion in a new hobby dies off pretty fast ( i would join a gym, go everyday for 3 months, and never go again). i realised that. and also becos i have started kyurii and did not have a stable and good income like i used to, this 663hkd per month fees meant a lot to me. i cannot be living my old habits again. therefore i made another promise to myself to spread my energy out evenly and steadily. no more of that strong passionate craze which is followed by a total burn-out. i remembered telling my friends i am going to make yoga part of my life after i signed up. haha. at that time, i said that purposely so that if i ever stop going after 3 mths, my frens can use my words against me 'suyin, i thought you said you want to make yoga part of your life? what happened?' haha. but somehow it turns out that my words did come true. yoga has indeed become part of my life. : )
here is a movie trailer of an 1hr documentary titled, Living Yoga, based on the life and teachings of Swami Satchidananda (1914-2002). i hope you enjoy it.
last note, yoga is not just about the asanas, its a way of living. namaste. : )

Friday, June 27, 2008

om shanti

back from class. the yin class was divine. the teacher played a really soothing sound of the water. he said he just wants to flow with the water. me too, just flow and surrender my entire body to the universe. i wish the class will go on and on... the music, the surrendering poses, the meditative atmosphere, the dim light in the dark room, the stillness, the absence of mind. the 'om' chant at the end of the class was calm, soft but powerful, absolutely beautiful. i can feel the vibration from the echo within the room.
i am chanting the gayatri mantra now to end the night in a quiet peaceful way.
oṃ bhūr bhuvaḥ svaḥ
tat savitur vareṇyaṃ
bhargo devasya dhīmahi
dhiyo yo naḥ prachodayāt
p.s. yes guys, i think i am turning into a hindu.

happy 1st yoga birthday to me!

how is everyone? my internet was down for the past 2 days becos of the bad typhoon no.8. my tv was also affected. the strong winds must have blew the cable down. i was told by the technician this morning that the whole building was down.
but it was a nice break, i felt the universe gave me a 2 day break from the internet to commemorate my first year anniversary in yoga. i totally immersed myself in a half day yoga retreat at pure for the last 2 days. it was a bliss! i also gave a trendy skull bandana (coz he's always wearing one) to my first yoga teacher, maurice for sharing his energy and giving awareness to my practise. haha.
also, here's wishing maurice and the other participating teachers strength and love at the first yoga aid challenge held in hk on 4 July, to complete 108 sun salutations to raise money for children in need. spreading the love...
p.s. i suddenly remembered reading someone's comment asking if yoga helps in weight loss. well i think doing yoga regularly does help. some people might perceive yoga as just stretching, and therefore not strenuous, but thats not really accurate. you will be surprised how much calories it can burn, especially if you do the more physically demanding like bikram (hot) yoga or ashtanga (power) yoga. yeah me going for an hour of hot and an hour of yin yoga tonite! : P

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kyurii 08JUN B UP!

go to KYURII.COM now!
ooh typhoon signal 8 now over here.

KYURII 08JUN B preview!

08JUN B out tonite! small launch, be quick!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Kyurii News: Whats coming up tomorrow?

hello hello, today i find myself complaining about the heat. haha when it was raining like crazy last few weeks, i was so looking forward to the sun. now that the sun is out, i am complaining about how hot it is. haha human beings, never satisy with the present. i then tried to make up by doing 3 rounds of sun salutation this evening to honour the sun : P hehe. anyway how is everyone doing?
tomorrow we will be launching a special request launch. just a small launch. we have girls emailing us with requests for long skirts. well, i found some nice ones the other day! 3 printed knee length skirts (2 colours each). this is the one i wore as a dress to yoga today! hehe. with this heat, nothing is more comfortable than wearing a airy dress! : P i love it!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Special Feature at!

btw, don't forget to check out kyurii 'SPECIAL FEATURE OF THE WEEK' at . today is the LAST DAY to enjoy the comfy cotton button front dress at a special price of S$29, instead of the usual S$39!!

mr sunshine! you are finally here!

this morning i was woken up by a bright ray of sunlight. i cant believe it. after nearly a month of grey skies, finally i see light!!!! the sky is blue! what a lovely day!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

crochet dress captured by facehunter!

i was just looking through the, and i saw the crochet dress worn by a girl in london bricklane on 15 june! check this out! there you go! for those who bought it, you can also match it with a striped tank top!
p.s. mm.. maybe we should start exploring the london market and since my brother works there.

Kyurii special: gladiator sandal!

hi girls! so sorry we are not able to get any more stocks for the 08JUN A sold out items. ok now for some good news, i went to talk to the shop selling the gladiator sandals and if everything goes well, we should be able to get the stocks in for sale. i am wearing size36 (length from big toe to heel: 23cm, width across toes: 9cm). plus and minus 0.5cm for size37 and size35. Sorry we do not have the exact measurments yet.

if you are interested, please email leekeng at: and let us know your size. the price is S$36. you don't have to pay us yet, we just want to make sure that everyone who is interested are able to get it.
p.s. maybe we should start bringing in shoes. hee.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


hey girls! go straight to KYURII.COM now!
p.s. don't forget to click on 'FEATURE OF THE WEEK' to find out what surprise we have in store for you this week! hee : P we decide to incorporate this little offer for you becos we love you all so much! : ) and its different every week. : )

Monday, June 16, 2008

Whats coming up?

hello girls! we are busy preparing for the next launch! the response was great for 'Let's be Crafty' launch, therefore we decide to go for an encore! here's part 2! the new arrivals should be up on the website by mid week! ok talk to you later, gotto get back to the layouts! : P working my ass off!
p.s. i LOVE that short eyelet dress on the photo but maybe its a little too short to wear it out! haha but if you dare, why not! just make sure you have on your inner protective gear! if not wear it with your legging but i kind of like everything short in summer! bare it all!!!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008


today is the last day of the kyurii 08summer sale! don't miss this last chance! go straight KYURII SUMMER SALE now! sale ends tonight midnight. have a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

one more day

one more reminder on the sale, for those who had purchased and not paid up, please do so quickly. to be fair to other customers, items which are not paid up by this fri, may be released to customers on waiting list. thank you.

sale ends tomorrow!

thanks adelene for your comment. for the 'catalogue', we only included the launches from this year. click on the link and you should be able to see the past catalogues. you may like to try again. thanks for letting us know. yes, if any of you encounter any problem with the website, please feel free to let us know. you may email to: we will gather the comments and feedback the guys doing the website.
the sale will end tomorrow, girls! you may like to go for one last look through the items (including basic) to see if you missed out anything!
p.s. ade, are you in facebook?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

long frizzy hair

last night i got a shock from kym! he came back from pattaya not only with a tattoo (this one he told me about it) but hair extension!! he did the bob marley dreadlocks! (well actually its his second dreadlocks, nothing new to him). mm...
i know he is trying to keep his hair long but i just didnt expect it to happen overnite! or rather over a trip. haha but i have to admit lately i am really into guys with long wavey or textured hair (cannot be long, straight, fine hair with a clean shaven face. YEEKS! makes me squirm) that is tied back into a bun or let loose. and of coz, it must come with a stubble. one great example is none other than mr yohji yamamoto. totemo kakoii desu ne!
i will try to take a photo of the dreadlocks and we can see if its also kakoii. hahaha! but one thing for sure, kym's designer stubble is not that kakoii. its malnourished. haha. oops. he is going to kill me if he sees this. whenever he is japan, he is scornful of all the kakoii japanese men with the full, healthy stubble. maybe he needs to apply some brandy or something.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

3 more days..

hi girls, regarding the sale, once the last piece of item is bought, it will no longer appear in the category. items are going fast! just a reminder, sale ends this friday. thank you.

Monday, June 09, 2008

website is up and about!

hi girls, the website is up again. the website guys 'fixed' it. for those who didnt managed to get in last night, you may like to log in now. for those who managed to get in and purchased, thank you. oh fingers crossed, hopefully tonight during peak hours, everything will be smooth. pray pray.
please note that all the sale items are under SUMMER SALE (including 08JAN - 08APR items) and BASIC SALE categories. go to KYURII.COM now!
p.s. yeah! the sun is finally out here in hk after nearly 2 weeks. its a public holiday here today. dragonboat festival. have you eaten your 'bah zhang' dumplings? i am going to eat mine now! yummy.

Sunday, June 08, 2008


hi girls, yes, we also cannot access our website. ah!!! before we annouced, we were still in it. maybe too many customers on it at the same time. we have already contacted the website guys. hope to get the problem solved soon! so sorry. my worst nightmare had just happened. ah......

7... 5... 3,2,1 !!

sorry girls to have kept you guys waiting! as we want to double double sure before we announce the launch of the website. this morning we are still going through our final check on the quantity of all the items to make sure its right. but some of you had already went in to check it out. haha. we hope you all enjoy the website! check out kyurii 08 summer sale at KYURII.COM now!
If you have any questions regarding the buying process or about the website, please feel free to email us at: or (this email will still be in use to answer all your questions).
p.s. oh one reminder when you are buying online, remember to click 'update' after you type in the quantity of your items in the shopping cart. i always forget to do that myself.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

'Do your practice and all is coming' - Sri K Patthabi Jois

having a headache now. i think its the rain. i am too lazy to take out my umbrella after yoga today. today i bought another yoga mat. i brought my other one back home to sin. i am going to attempt headstand once my sore hamstrings is gone. i need to practise at home against the wall. hehe. oh i duno what got into me. i have never been that much of a sporty person. i would join the gym, go for 3 mths and then never go at all. i am surprised at myself when it comes to yoga. its been almost a year, and i am still practising at least 5 times a week. i guess i found it. i am disciplined (pat on my shoulder hee...) and i feel inspired. it is a part of my life. it must be the best gift i give to my body.
i need to thank myself for making the firm decision last year that i needed some form of exercise within my life and then taking the action. we always thank people, sometimes we forget to thank ourselves. : )
p.s. girls, remember kyurii is on facebook now. search for 'suyin kyurii' or '' and join us! we also invite you to join the 'I LOVE KYURII' group that we set up!


hi girls, we are launching our website. start counting down...

Thursday, June 05, 2008

my black pair

i just wish its a little higher, mid shin would be good. anyway.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

i got it!

just came back from yoga then dinner with kym. his company going pattaya tomorrow for company trip tomorrow. oooh... i would love to have some sun. its been raining and gloomy for almost a week now i think. oh oh! i nearly forgot! to tell you guys the most important thing! i got my gladiator sandals just now!! woohoo! woohoo!!!! i got a black pair. i will take a photo of it tomorrow.
ok now i better get back to uploading. late nite tonite again. listening to norah jones, being nostalgic. haha. i love norah jones on a dark rainy day. ok sweet dreams girls.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

working fast and hard!

hello girls! yes yes! sale sale! so many people have been asking us about the sale. you guys are making me work triple hard! haha! i am day and nite uploading all the over hundred of sale items up to the website. my fingers are moving faster than my brain! ok got to get back to work! keep the presssure coming!

Monday, June 02, 2008

about kyurii sale

hello good afternoon! someone asked us about the sale items. please note that the sale will not include items from this current launch and previous launches in may. thank you.

your emails

hi girls, we recieved your orders. keep your emails coming. leekeng will reply you on tuesday. so no worries if you dun hear form us today. first email first serve.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Kyurii 08MAY C out!

hi girls, i just uploaded the new items on KYURII WARDROBE ! sorry that we havent got the measurements up yet, Leekeng will be updating them soon. we want to get the items up first. the bags and belts will be up soon! oh god.. i am so tired. i havent even done the catalogue layout yet. so sorry. the theme is 'craft' for this week, you will see a lot of embroidery, embellishment, ruffles, eyelet on the pieces. check them out now! i shall continue tomorrow. goodnite.