Wednesday, January 31, 2007

so fast....

i am back in hk again. back last nite. ah.. been so so busy when i was back in singapore. takng stocks, and doing layouts, practically working most of the time this trip! brought a lot of food back this time! my two luggages were filled with clothes when i was going home, now they are filled with food (LCG bak gua for marianne, chinese new year cookies, pandan cakes for my hk frens, they love it!, packs of brahim's curry, chilli paste, satay sauce, mee rebus gravy, i even bought a pack of nasi lemak from the airport and brought it back to hk! i had it for dinner last nite. hehe) ate bak kut this trip, went to the one at rangoon road, now i am able to tell my frens (especially kym's dad) more about bak kut teh this time (i havent had it for many many years). bak kut teh is quite popular among the hk people after donald tsang, the chief executive of HK ate it in singapore. ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aiya dun feel like eating the food in hk la......

Friday, January 26, 2007

Sneak preview of Kyurii JAN D!!

hi girls, i am back in singapore! today i am working from leekeng's soho. take a look at the new clothes! this is also the second and last batch of the 'EVERGREEN' series! the clothes will be up on kyurii wardrobe this weekend! watch out for them! meanwhile, have a great friday nite!!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

going home!

just packed... two luggages filled with clothes to singapore! i haven't even packed my own clothes. haha. for those who had ordered the black and white check bag, you should be getting them real soon! thanks! see you soon!!

Monday, January 22, 2007


hi girls, due to the hot demand for JAN C-8 funnel dress, we got the purple one in!! the grey one is sold out, manage to get the purple one in this morning! anyone who is interested, please email leekeng at thanks!

Friday, January 19, 2007

KYURII JAN C sneak preview

specially for my good friend, eirma. and also for you girls out there! we decide to name this selection ''evergreen'' because its the time of the year where you might want to get clothes that are practical and can last throughout the year, while you wait a little longer to observe the approaching S/S 07 trends before you start shopping. (oh well, at least this is our personal shopping habit.) hope you guys love them as much as we do!
p.s. the clothes will be uploaded on kyurii wardrobe this coming weekend!

haircut suggestion from kym

thanks for the photos.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

what's coming up...

hi girls! we receive emails asking us about when the next batch of clothes will be launched and whats coming up. so we thought we will update everyone over this blog. for the next launch, (if everything goes well) it should be this weekend! watch out!
and yes, for the coming chinese new year, we will have 2 special launches (which will also be the only 2 launches for feb)! currently, we are in the midst of preparing that. you will be seeing splashes of colours, floral prints and geometric shapes!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

major spring/summer 07 trends!

i just bought the feb issue of vogue uk, ooh and i have to share the trends with you!
Trend no. 1: The big easy. everyday urban looks have a gentle, feminine touch.
Trend no. 2: Short cuts. hemlines continue to rise.
Trend no. 3: Shiny shiny. the little metallic dress has replaced the little black dress.
Trend no. 4: Yellow. top-to-toe yellow radiates energy and dazzling style.
Trend no. 5: Ultramarine. shimmering rich silks and satins in blocks of pure colour...
Trend no. 6: Sporty ... sportswear detailing gives feminine pieces a street smart edge
Trend no. 7: Florals. simple floral dresses are good day-to-night options.
Trend no. 8: Future vision. gleaming fabrics, sculpted metal and glamourous sci-fi creations...
all the above is quoted from vogue.
let me digest them and lets talk more about each trend soon!! now i need to go immerse myself in the mag...

Monday, January 15, 2007

to all the girls in singapore

this is kym. he hasnt been to singapore but heard from his hairdresser that we, singaporean gals are all very pretty! therefore he is dying to go to singapore! but before he is there, i think he wants to be seen online first. this is probably (or must be) his favourite photo of himself. he put it on my phone last nite and has just sent it to me (for my blog i think thats his implication). so here it is!
p.s. dear frens, i think kym must be really stressed at work these days. forgive him. and also forgive this third post of mine today..... hahaha.


we hope you enjoy this selection of clothes! check out that dress, we love it!
p.s. was talking too much about the chicken rice, that i nearly forgot to blog this. hehe.

gway png!

i have to show you guys this plate of 'gway png' (it means chicken rice for frens in hk)!! haha. its is the most authentic hainanese chicken rice found in hk! we specially went to 'food republic' in taikoo shing for it (and also for movie). the food court is owned by singaporean, i think its that guy who started breadtalk (in hk, its call simply bread). See! they have the same kind of chilli sauce we have in sin (in hk, they never get the chilli rice right), the same dark soya sauce and the soup tastes the same!!! and that guy who is at the counter sounds totally like a singaporean. it all comes in a package?!!?
everytime i eat it, it feels like i am eating the chicken rice my dad bought back for me, in front of the tv in the living room! haha. oh i can't wait to go home in 2 weeks time! ooh i wish there are more singaporean food in the food court! for desserts, they do have bubor chacha and cheng ting and ice jelly and ice kachang!! sorry guys, i have been thinking about singaporean food so much these days...
kym is lucky. his office is in taikoo shing. he can have it anytime he likes. but he is not singaporean.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

busy weekend

busy busy busy... kyurii jan part 2 coming up soon! watch out!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

shoot shoot shoot

ah... cold ar!! to be wearing summer clothes for photo taking in winter. hope my goose pimples don't show on the photos. haha. sky getting dark now. call it a day! one whole day of shooting... and more shooting tomorrow! tonight no japanese lesson because kym kun has to work overtime. mm... better 'benkyo' after a 1-month break becos sensei went to new zealand for holiday. ganbatte!!!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

cold tonight

just came back from hotpot (or steamboat as we call it) with my ex-colleagues. i just went through the emails at kyurii_online and it makes me really happy when you guys like the clothes!
life feels much simpler now.. listening to damien rice 9 now.. doing our own stuff.. expressing our creativity in our own little ways. yeah, i quit my full time job last dec after 9 years of full-time advertising. from JWT singapore to mccann erickson shanghai, to tbwa and o&m in hk, i am more than ready to say goodbye to the mnc, goodbye to the looooonnng working hours, to the sudden urgent deadlines, to the endless sometimes meaningless demands from clients, goodbye to the title 'associate creative director' and also goodbye to my monthly salary! haha.
i am now ready to embark on the journey of kyurii. i am really excited about the future even though sometimes it feels like i am diving into the unknown. i feel the freedom to create and explore once again!! its not an easy road ahead, but we will head on with courage and faith! goodnite.

Monday, January 08, 2007


after all that partying, this month we decide to sober up and dress everything DOWN! back to basics with jackets, tee and jeans!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

KYURII Buy-of-the-Month!

we can finally share with you the bags i bought last week! the reason why i am so excited is because its always so hard to find an evening bag, or even a smaller bag. it has to balance between practicality and trend, which means it has to hold all my lipgloss, compact powder, tissue, blotters, handphone etc. and at the same time, looks up-to-date. thats why when i found this leopard print bow clutch/sling, $45, i was really glad. its great to hold all your essentials (perfect for holding red packets during cny. haha!). it also comes with 2 separate chains for you to interchange so you can have 3 different looks to one bag!
P.S. for all 3 bags featured this month, we only have 2 items each! This is because the cost price for each bag is quite high and we are not sure how they will be received (even though we really can't resist them!). and also becos leekeng and i snatched one for oursleves, so we are left with only two to sell! : P

Friday, January 05, 2007

a little note from kyurii

hi everyone, here's a reminder: please do not reply to the email 'kyurii news' when you receive the mailing list. that email is only for us to send out our mailing list. we do not regularly check that email. for orders and any other enquiries, you can email us at the usual
also, if we have left out anyone who would like to be on kyurii mailing list, please email us to let us know! thank you very much.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

everything's just wonderful

first thursday of 2007, me sitting at home, listening to lily allen now. my brother got it for me when i visited him. her music really puts me in a happy state! i feel really me when i listen to her! love to listen to her when i pose for kyurii. i can dance now!!! let me blast it louder! 'everything's just wonderful' now... woohoo chorus: 'oh yeah i'm fine. everything's just wonderful. i'm having the time of my life.'
love this song! let me take a photo of the lyrics now. ok downloading now...

thanks zin! for this cd! i love it! it reminds me of the london trip somehow. the part when kym, you and i were rummaging through all the vintage shops at brick lane! you know what i am still faithfully using the billy ray cyrus bag we found. hehe. oh i really miss that!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


ah finally i am able to blog... how is everyone? hope you guys like kyurii first sale! how is the singapore sale ? good? over here its not too bad. but in hk, there are so many sales in a year, that you dun really feel the effect of a sale. anyway, we are currently preparing the first batch of clothes for 2007! we have included some bags in this coming collection! so watch out!