Tuesday, September 30, 2008

counting down to my purification trip

hi girls, seems like the launch will be out tomorrow nite. sorry to keep you guys waiting. so many things need to be done before i leave next tues for nepal. haha.
i need to get the next batch of clothes shot and layout-ed.
i need to fill in my expenses sheet for the past months.
i need to buy enough cat food for the cats.
i need to start my pre-purification vegetarian diet.
i need to talk lesser to quiet the mind.
i need to start clearing the clutter to get into the right state of mind for the 10day meditation course.
i need to slow down.
i need to make a list of what to bring.
exactly one week to go! i will be on the plane next week at this time!
i need to remember to buy an extra memory card and battery for my camera.
oh i am so excited to begin my 3week BMS (body, mind and soul) purification trip.
i need to get less excited.
calm and steady.
i need to remember to call my parents before i leave.

Monday, September 29, 2008

08SEP B launch day

hello girls, ok latest updates! if you dun see the stuff by tonite, that means it will be up on wednesday. as leekeng is leaving tonite for penang to pick up baby, so she might not have enough time to upload. and she is at the post office now to send out your previous orders! so sorry for the delay! we are small business with limited labour. haha! don't forget to check out the scarves when they are out!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kyurii 08SEP B preview!

p.s. to nicole, sorry for the late reply regarding the 08SEP A item, will let you know if we have any extra stocks. thanks!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

keeping the heart open

i am working now, oh i really hope i can get everything done by tmr! ah!!!
last nite i went to my first kirtan (chanting session) at pure central. i duno if pure singapore has it. its held the last friday of each month over here. I LOVE IT!!! we were encouraged to close our eyes and just feel. feel the connection to the soul. the energy was powerful. am i getting too spiritual here? haha oh well, thats the way i am actually, am letting it shine!
you know i always chant the gayatri mantra at home in the shower, but last nite singing with so many other people, its so strong. the rhythm of the tabla, harmonium, the bells, you can feel the vibration within your body as the sound echo within the room. oh i have to try to go deva premal and miten concert next year! oh and also thanks to bebe, for accompanying me there.
OK! you girls out there, have a fantastic weekend ahead! the new launch should be out next mon! ok i am going to the 108 sun salutation workshop with bebe later. am looking forward to it! namaste.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

beautiful day!

good morning everyone! i am starting a new cycle now! i am sleeping before midnite and waking up at 7:30am. haha what a difference to my past life. i want to keep to this healthy sleeping habit.
OK! the new stuff should be out early next week! look out! ok i am going to have my bread with cheese and coffee now, then shoot, then yoga, then dinner with a girlfriend, then back home to work. you girls have a fantastic day ahead!
p.s. oh i am so happy! this morning i received an sms from ching, she also joined yoga. hee. recently two frens joined. yeah more yoga buddies!
p.s. eirma, you have a great shoot in thailand with anthony redman. tell me all about it when you are back! enjoy!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

music does wonders

wind is blowing, candle light burning, i am listening to cafe del mar volumen seis (my all time favourite chill out choice), sipping lemon honey tea and working. what a perfect typhoon 8 nite....

typhoon again

hello girls! my internet has been very unstable for the last couple of days. up and down.. i am glad to be back. ok typhoon no.8 predicted tonite. lucky i have my yummy vege soup and bread left over from last nite. am just going to work and work and work today.... talk later!
p.s. i just remembered someone asked about my complexion. actually my skin is not perfect but i realised that after i did yoga, it makes my skin clearer. i guess its all the sweating, detox, opens up the pores (but some frens did mention that in the beginning, you do get some pimples, but after that, once you get into a routine, all is fine). i also think becos i exercise more, i tend to drink more, so maybe that helps too. and also maybe, i work at home now and go yoga 6 times a week, i wear lesser make up. but i have to admit i love my complexion after a yoga class. it just glows! haha! so maybe exercise is the way to go to get better complexion. i dun go for facials. anyway i use laneige starwhite elmusion, then water bank cream, then water sleeping pack plus to moisturise. i swear by the water sleeping pack! its a must if i have the air con on at nite (but maybe singapore weather, you dun need to moisturise so much. i cut it down when i am back home). sebamed foam cleanser and toner to wash my face. christian dior serum. estee lauder eye cream. sofina sunscreen. diorsnow UV protective base.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

life is on your side

its a beautiful sunday here today in hong kong. and yesterday too, the sky was so blue. i am reading deepak chopra's 'the path to love ' now. so far its the only book on love that resonates most with my heart. i bought this book a few years ago, and read it then. lately i find myself picking it up again, and am reading it again. we all evolved with time, the words in this book mean so much more to me now than before. here is a meaningful paragraph which i would like to share with you on this beautiful day.

''this is just an experience. i'm here on earth to have experiences. nothing is wrong.
my higher Self knows what is going on. this situation is for my benefit, even if i can't see it now.
my fears may come true, but the outcome will not destroy me. it may even be good. i'll wait and see.
i'm having a strong reaction now, but it isn't the real me. it will pass.
whatever i'm afraid of losing is meant to go. i will be better off when new energies come in.
whatever fear says, nothing can destroy me. when people fall they don't break, they bounce.
change is evitable. resisting change doesn't work.
there is something here for me, if i have the awareness to find it.
the things i fear the most have already happened.
i don't want to hold on anymore. my purpose is to let go and welcome what is to come.
life is on my side.
i am loved, therefore i am safe.''

Friday, September 19, 2008

on the flow

hello hello! i am feeling bright and cheery today! can you girls feel my energy? my positive energy radiating out through the blog to all of you! well nothing big happened though. just one of those moments where you feel at peace with yourself. for those who are working, aren't you glad the weekend is here again! for me, this week felt as if it just flew past me, i should get more stuff done. but i guess i shouldnt be too hard on myself. well, no one should actually. right? if you had one of those tough times at work or any areas of your life this week, its time to let it go! let it all go! have a couple of drinks, let loose and enjoy the weekend!
p.s. i hope you girls like this launch! : )

Thursday, September 18, 2008

08SEP A launching soon

hi girls, quick note here. leekeng is uploading now, i think should be up by tonite. just back from a buying trip, i am going for yoga now then dinner! talk later!
hi girls, i am back. 12:32am now. sorry girls the measurements are not ready yet. i am measuring now. thanks. good nite. sweet dreams.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kyurii 08SEP A preview!

here you go, girls. ok goodnite. zzzz....... i hope you dun see my dark circles in the photos. if you do, its also ok. haha : )

Deva Premal, Miten w.Praful Live Amsterdam

singing 'om namo bhagavate vasudevaya' basically means 'i surrender to join with the divine will'.
it never fails to bring a tear to my eyes each time i listen to this mantra and especially this live version. tears of quiet joy. tears of peace. it just softens my heart. and when the heart is softened, we feel vulnerable and then fear appears. can we instead allow the vulnerability to reside, without the need to build a wall around it? instead of defending, struggling, fighting, wanting control, can we try to allow faith, courage and love to reside? its one of the most difficult things to do in life, but i want to at least try. keeping our hearts soft, creating more space, space for love, love for all sentient beings.
p.s. yew kee, remember i asked you about a concert in amsterdam, this is the one. i hope to be able to attend it next year maybe in aus.

work in progress still

hi girls, i am still working on the layouts. i underestimated my timing. so far, this week has proven to be little overloaded, with all the buying and shooting and layouting. sorry no preview yet. i will see if i can try to squeeze a preview in later tonite, if not then we will launch it directly. but to be realistic, i think we can only launch tomorrow. ok better get back to work! you guys have a wonderful day ahead!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

after the full moon..

how is everyone doing after mooncake festival? did you guys see the full moon? i was lying directly under the full moon, illuminated by her feminine energy. the moon represents the feminine, receptive energy while the sun represents masculine and active energy. in hatha ('ha' means sun, 'tha' means moon) yoga, we join our masculine energy with our feminine energy, thus producing balance and greater power in an individual. now that i am soaked in feminine energy, i am going to balance with a very yang practise in class later. am going to walk to class to feel the sun!
guess what the next full moon, i will be seeing it in nepal! oh! i will be seeing it through the windows of the monastery with the biggest festival party of the country happening outside. hahaha what a pity.
you girls have a fantastic week ahead! and may we all live in perfect balance and harmony. om.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Extra stocks in for 08BAS-31

hello girls! we got extra stocks for the embroidery detail ribbed tank dress (black and grey which are sold out), if you missed out on the last round, please email leekeng for your order. however leekeng is away on a short trip, she will be back on the 18 Sep. thanks and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

whats up

hello good morning! its been hazy over here in hk. how is back in singapore? same same? my cats have been so attached to me lately. they are never more than a metre away from me. haha they must have missed me a lot. i love it when all 4 of us are cuddled up on the couch. if only it is winter and we are right in front of the fireplace.
i have been going out on a buying trip these few days! got some really cool stuff! cant wait to share with you! as leekeng will be away till next wed, we have discussed and confirmed the next launch date to be next wed 17 Sep! make a note!
tomorrow i will start my yoga regime! yeah!!!! i cant wait! ok talk later!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

om sweet om

hi there, i am back to my hk life. within 3 and a half hr of flight, i feel i am living another life. like i have 2 separate lives. its funny how a different environment makes one feel. in singapore, i somehow am still the girl who lives with her parents, and has everything done for her. dinner prepared, fruits cut, floor vacuumed, bed made, clothes ironed. sometimes i feel sucked into being the past 'me' which i had long ago discarded. in reality i have been away from singapore for almost 10 years now, and i have evolved (i cant find another word) from aus student life to shanghai and hk corporate life, and now 'yogic x kyurii' life. each trip home, i feel its a way of re-introducing myself to my parents, bit by bit. its interesting to watch their reactions when i tell them things they may not expect from the 'suyin' they know. i feel the best thing they did for me, is to allow me (and my brother) the freedom to live our own lives. i am so grateful. : )
one thing i have to admit is, i quite enjoy the special treatment once in a while. this trip has been the longest so far. 3 weeks. however during the last week, i was dying to return! from my singapore 'home sweet home' to my hk om sweet om for:
1. some much needed peace (my parents always have the tv on on a high volume, ah! drives me nuts!),
2. with no questions asked (my dad was asking me what kind of music i am listening to whenever i played krishna das or deva premal. i think he is worried that his daughter is turning into some yogic freak). hee..
3. and no unnecessary concerns (when i am doing my headstand, my mom will be telling me to watch out for the neck, be careful of this and that, i appreciate it but sometimes, its better to trust and encourage your kids instead of increasing the fear that is already within them when attempting challenges in lives).
oh well, but i know i will be craving for the attention and the pampering in a few months time. human beings. so right now, i am just going to enjoy what i have now with my 3 wonderful cats. om shanti om.
p.s. ok to those who asked, there will be no launches this weekend. i am currently busy preparing on the new stuff which i hope can be completed by earliest next mon!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

08SEP 8th: Feature of the Week

dont miss this ONE WEEK ONLY opportunity to get a dress for less than S$40. ah am i being too 'hard sell'? however we sincerely hope that this promotion is a little way to show our appreciation for the support we received from you. nothing should be taken for granted. you girls had seriously made us work VERY hard! putting us on a very steep learning curve (being first time entrepreneurs). its tough but we are enjoying ourselves : ) if there is any area that we are not perfect yet, please give us some time, we will improve as we go along. THANK YOU GIRLS! hugs and kisses!

Kyurii 08AUG extra stocks update!

i am back in hk! oh i think hk is even hotter than singapore! ok i am going to update you guys on the items that we are able to get extra stocks! those who are already on leekeng's waiting list, you will have the priority. ok here's the list!

Basic items:

please email leekeng soon as she will be away later this week. thanks!

reply re: 08BAS-29.5

earlier i have a comment on ideas to deal with the sheerness of 08BAS-29.5 the white tee dress. well, to do it properly, you can get a cheap satin strappy underdress in nude or light pink and wear it underneath, i duno where you find it in singapore. in hk, you can find them at shops that sells cheap undies and they come in different length and colours with adjustable straps. but i am lazy to go shop for that so i just wear 08BAS-15.2 underneath it. the other thing you can do is, to wear 08APR B-10.2 underneath it. it would be quite nice to have the lacy ruffles at the hem of the plain white tee dress. you may like to try it! one more idea for a cooler day, is to layer it over a light colour tank dress like 08BAS-26.7 yellow, 26.6 peach, 26.5 light grey.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

hi thomas

what is it with kids and thomas? all of them love thomas, even my 2 year old niece. i thought its more of a boy's thing. i was wrong, so wrong. you know i thought after the 2 days of 'pretend-train-with-our-fingers' game with little william at every meal in KL, i dun have to do that anymore. BUT again i was wrong. the next day, i had a family dinner and i saw my niece, rebecca holding a thomas train toy! AH!!! there it goes again! HI TRAIN, HI THOMAS! dinner was spent with thomas again. and after dinner, it was thomas window shopping at toysrus. i have to say i really dun find thomas cute at all, his grey face!! his smile!! his teethless smile! ah! i dun even know if thats a smile. oh and his trianglular eyebrow! hideous. there are other cuter toys around right? i will never understand. its ok. and last nite my fren, eirma told me she is bringing her little son to the thomas musical this weekend! i give up. i declare 'thomas week' this week for me. i embrace thomas, for who he is. lesson here i learn, it doesnt matter how you look like, just be yourself, and you will be loved.
p.s. tonite i am going for a wedding, and my fren's baby girl, shahn will be there but i hope thomas wont be around. i need a break. haha : )

Friday, September 05, 2008

one full day of discussion

after our 9:15am yoga class, it was a full day of work. exhausted.... goodnite.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

hi train

this is my little boyfriend. my uni-mate, chingching's son. i went to KL specially to see him for the first time. he is such a gentle baby, full of love. you can feel his love, his pure energy. he will come and give me cuddles and kisses on his own. i have never met such a loving baby. i only spent 2 days with him. and whenever he says 'hi suuuu yiiiinnnn' in his soft angelic voice, it just melts my heart. i learn so much from him these 2 days. arent babies the most amazing creatures. and to think we were all once like this. haha. oh i am already missing him.

extra stocks for 08AUG C

hello again girls, ok i am back. leekeng just updated me on the sales of the items. we are currently trying to order more stocks for the sold out items, including the checked scarf 08AUG ACC-1.1. i will update you guys soon on that. stay tuned! thank you!
oh i feel so fat now!! after all that gorging in malaysia. i feel my body is not at all balanced now. i am going yoga tmr morning! om shanti om.

back from KL

hi girls, i just came back from KL this afternoon. oh what a trip! : ) ok talk later. need to go get some kyurii stuff done. saw your comments, will reply later!