Tuesday, May 30, 2006

'bad wardrobe' day

These few days, i really have no mood to dress up. when i say dress up, i dun mean dressing up for an occasion or party. i just mean matching things well, pulling off a look for the day, and simply feeling good about what you wore that day. today i feel like one of those 'bad wardrobe' day (where you can't wait to get home and get out of the clothes!) but i still have my belly dance class tonight. so i have to wait till like 930pm to get home! ah..
so meanwhile at work, i decided to take a look at some fashion shows to get inspired. and indeed! i found 4 outfits that i really like! from Marc by Marc Jacobs RTW (ready to wear) Spring 2006. take a look! photos from style.com. i love the colour and the overall proportion of the clothes. creating a shorter waist with longer legs. keeping the top light and bottom a little heavier. I cant wait to see if i have any similiar looking pieces from my wardrobe to pull off the look! i also love the colours of the one on the top right corner. i have been wearing too much monotone, nudes, red and dark blue (the maritime look). i think i really need some colours to spice up my wardrobe these days! i have been searching for the right colours lately but nothing seems to appeal to my palette, till i saw this outfit! i think i am going to search for these colours to wear! lilac, light blue and yellow and contrast it with something black! i think it will look cool (but it might be tough to find something of the exact shades) i am always amazed at how these designers can take these ordinary colours and combine them in the way we wouldn't thought of! alright! cool. i can feel it. its time to introduce some colours.

Friday, May 26, 2006

beige wall with green vines

Last weekend, i had fun taking the clothes downstairs to get them photographed. my house is near the happy valley race course. there is this wall with vines that surrounds the race course. the beige coloured wall looks great with the green vines dangling down from the top. therefore last weekend i decide to make that the background for 5 pieces of kyurii's latest dresses. here is a preview for you guys! featuring SHAPELY DRESSES. the new dress shape is one that defines a high waist, and finished with a full skirt.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

dots dots dots cont...

Great! its approaching the weekend! i am so excited to go looking for more clothes! i have yet to find any nice polka-dotted clothes. but recently there are more and more dots around. and also, i have not checked out the comme de garcons guerilla store in chai wan yet. but i do have some pictures to show you first.
all photos are from http://www.think-silly.com/luci/

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

sunao kuwahara

this has to be my favourite summer piece. got this in tokyo in march. designer's name: sunao kuwahara. he first started his career with the great master issey miyake in 1989. started his own brand under the name, sunaokuwahara in tokyo during the spring/summer 2003 season. it belongs to his S/S 2006 collection. the special thing about this piece is the sleeves. there are actually 4 sleeve holes in this top! you can create your own look! really cool! take a look at the original interpretation of this top below. i think i still need a little practise on the sleeves! haha photo from www.japanesestreets.com
i will definitely be on a lookout for sunao kuwahara clothes on my next trip to japan. take a look at my favourite pieces from his latest A/W collection.
photos from www.japanesestreets.com
if you want to see the entire collection, click onto http://www.japanesestreet.com/photos/categories.php?cat_id=85

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

my polka dot skirt

this is probably the shortest skirt i have ever worn.

Friday, May 12, 2006

fashion versus style

i find it overwhelming lately about what is going on... 'the white is the new black' thing, the nudes, the monochrome, the ruffles and the laces, the new nautical look (stripes has been around for some time), the pleats, the volume, the long shorts, the high waist dress, yes and the dots i mentioned about yesterday. everything seems to be happening quickly, one after another. maybe its good so we dun look like clones of each other when we go out. right now i am seeing permed hair clones everywhere in hong kong, everyone has wavy hair!! argh...

this thought leads to the very interesting debate about 'fashion versus style' that i recently saw on i saw at: http://www.fcuk.com/campaign_06ss_video_voxpops.html. quote: 'fashion is there to be bought, but style cannot be bought', 'fashion is for a moment, style is something that follows a person forever', 'for fashion, you follow the rules. but for style, you take the rules and you manipulate them.'

it really got me thinking. i think fashion inspires style. can anyone actually be stylish without having any influence from fashion? i am not sure. what about you? are you more stylish or more fashionable?

Thursday, May 11, 2006

dots dots dots dots dots dots dots dots...

i am in love with polka dots! and the more i like them, the more i see them around. haha. i just captured some really nice photos of kiera in polka dots from the latest vogue (attached below). and last evening i also saw photos of the new look of the CdG (comme de garcons) guerilla store here in hong kong. and guess what? yes! the walls are navy blue filled with white polka dots! it looks great, with its cool looking polka dotted shirts. i will be making a trip down with kym this weekend to check it out for myself, and also to take a look at the Undercover guerilla store which is also there. hopefully i can take some photos to show you guys.

i am also very excited about the navy blue polka dotted skirt i bought last week. i haven't worn it yet as i am still thinking about what to match it with. i think i will wear it this saturday. also, i hope to find some good quality and interesting polka dotted clothes to put them online real soon.

DOTS ARE EVERYWHERE (photos from vogue)

my cat, BY also has some dots.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

the birth of the cucumber..

kyurii literally means cucumber in japanese. however i am not blogging about healthy eating ways neither am i into cucumbers! haha, this blog is about my personal views about fashion trends, whats in whats out, designers, what i like what i don't, and practically anything about fashion that i feel like writing about.

actually 'kyurii' is also the name my buddy, natsu and i adopted for our online business of sourcing and selling interesting and trendy clothes. we kind of like the sound of 'kyurii' so we decide to call ourselves 'cucumber' in japanese. haha.
(also because we are both very much into japan! natsu lived in osaka for a year when she was in a student exchange program, so she is quite fluent in her nihongo. for me, i am now actively diligently pursuing my japanese.)

anyway. i hope you guys have fun reading this blog. well, i know i am going to have a great time blogging! stay tuned!

here is a picture of the tasty iced 'kyurii' i had in kyoto early this year, to mark the start of the 'kyurii blog'.