Monday, April 28, 2008

KYURII APR E preview!

hi girls, it should be out tonite (tuesday night) or tomorrow morning.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Kyurii's Stylebook: April

all photos are from facehunter.

Friday, April 25, 2008

love you guys!

sometimes leekeng and i would wonder how many people out there know about kyurii? as we do not do any advertising. recently we have customers telling us they know about us from others' blogs. so today leekeng decides to google 'kyurii' and see what pops up. hahaha and yeah! we saw many of your blogs! i finally know how some of you look like. : ) fairy dust, walnutsrice, melly, jo, winnilicious and others.... WE ARE SO HAPPY READING YOUR BLOGS! we have bookmarked them down. and also to those who have added our link to your blogs. thank you for you continuous support! we will continue to work hard! i am all geared up for the shoot tomorrow!
p.s. the quilted bag APR ACC-3.1, 3.2 had arrived singapore this morning, leekeng should be packing them down! you will get them soon!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

love the universe

i forgot to add, i hope you all like our earth day special!

the plastic bags and the bees

hi girls, happy earth day! i hope you are all feeling energetic and positive today! i am! today i refused two plastic bags, one at the bakery downstairs, the other at pure. the loaf of bread is already in a plastic bag, i dun need another one to hold it. at pure, they have a free flow of plastic bags for you to put your sweaty clothes after class, i was about to take one after shower. its so convenient you know. then i realised that i actually brought my own little recycle bag (which i dedicate to hold my yoga clothes). so i really dun need another plastic bag. its interesting that when you are aware of it, you begin to notice the amount of unneccesary plastic bags we are actually using everyday. : P
if you have any recycling ideas to share, please feel free to leave a comment! it can be on kyurii, ideas which you think can help us be environmentally friendly, or your personal recycling tips!
i am watching nat geo now, earth day special, a documentary on the mysterious disappearance of bees (due to a virus caused by CCD, BAN CCD!!! ) which is a major concern to our environment. no bees means no pollinisation, which means the disappearance of certain plant species, which in turn means the disappearance of certain animal species. the whole ecosystem will be screwed up. if this continues, there will be no more bees in the US by 2035. very interesting. can you imagine if the insecticide is responsible of the killings of the bees, what effects would it have on us? after so many reports of vege in china having an overdose of insecticides, i think i should stick to organic vege.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Kyurii EARTHDAY special!

hi girls, tomorrow is 22nd April, earth day! it is actually founded by John McConnell in 1969 and has been celebrated since 1970. It is aimed to inspire awareness of and appreciation for our earth's environment. we will be launching a series of animal print tees, the colour jeans are also part of our earth day special. too bad, our tote is not ready yet. it was intended to be launched today. guys, stay tuned leekeng is uploading now! to all our customers out there, please put the envelopes aside for recycling or you can re-use them. one tip from leekeng: to all the moms out there, use the plastic bags to hold the dirty diapers or sanitary pads! haha. good one!
and as for the plastic bags, this is a tough one. on our side, we couldnt think of any way to reduce their quantity. as we all know, plastic is the hardest to recycle. only 1 percent of plastic bags are recycled worldwide. can you imagine! they stay around for centuries. if we can't recycle, the next best thing to do, is to reuse them. here's an idea: use them as bin liners. i do that for my bathroom bin and bedroom bin.
next trip to the supermarket or when you are out shopping, please bring your own bag. (note: and when our tote is out, bring ours out! hehe. we produce it with this intention in mind.) we really do not need another plastic bag. lets all do our little part!
to read more about recycling of plastic bags, click on its always good to know a little more.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Colour Skinnies - Special Pre-Order!

hi girls! i just bought some really cool coloured jeans! i am so excited becos i am constantly on a lookout for them but for quite long, i couldnt find any. i am quite fussy, i dun like jeans with stupid fancy embrodeiry on the back pockets. finally luck was with me last friday!! i found them! and yes they are plain! no unneccessary frills and trims! and yes, the trend is still going to be around! but the only thing that pissed me, is they dun have it in BLUE IRIS!!! how can it be!!?!?!? blue iris - the colour of 2008, and they dun have the jeans in that colour! but never mind (hint hint: our very own BLUR IRIS series will be coming up next month! i am still in the midst of sourcing for the blue items).
ok back to the colour jeans, we got in 2 colours! deep pink and jade! really cool to go with your tees and ray bans.
for those who would like to get them, please email us and title it: COLOUR JEANS! we hope to get the stocks before tues, and ship them back to singapore by next friday! hip: 40cm (one side), length: 96cm, ankle width: 28cm. it is small size (will fit a UK size 8 or 10) and very stretachable! the price is: S$59. really good deal. hehe. PLEASE DON'T MISS IT! mm.. am i sounding a little too hard sell here, but i really cant help it! becos i am so liking them! i took the deep pink one and wore it this morning already. and we hate to disappoint customers who might have missed the launch dates or are on waiting list, its usually very difficult to re-order old items.
Oops, nearly forgot, we will be launching a special EARTH DAY series this coming tues. remember to tune in!

Friday, April 18, 2008

degas & his tu tu

lets talk a bit about the tutu trend today. at first i was quite skeptical about it, as i never had any particular liking towards anything ballerina. i am curious why so many designers seem fascintaed by it this spring. zac posen, mcqueen, comme de garcons are some of the few. i had to find out what inspired them! the inspiration comes from edgar degas (1834-1917), a french impressionism painter and sculptor, who is considered to be one of the founders of impressionism. during the 1870s, the ballet dancer is one of his favourite theme. one of his paintings 'dancing examination' 1874. see top.
so i ended up buying a couple of tu tu one-pieces and skirts (which we launched in APR B and APR C). i grew to like it as i browsed through the runway shows. to be exact, i actually like the silouette of it. the defined upper body leading to the sudden burst of the tu tu around the lower body. i had fun exploring it on some of the APR C items!
check out some 'degas' look from the runway!
etro blumarine
zac posen
ralph lauren
to see more, go to STYLE HUNTER on, the quintessential stylist's guide!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


i just woke up. i went for yoga from 2:30 to 530pm! woohoo!!!!! felt great doing it but now my body is aching big time. i guess its a little too much exercise here. hahaha! then after dinner, i fell alseep on the sofa. yucks! when i woke up after 30mins, all my cats are also sleeping around me. haha so sweet.. such a warm feeling. ok am going to watch project runway now and also eat my custard danish. talk more about the tu tu trend later! typhoon no.1 now.


i am totally pissed off. this website thing is taking way too long. i get instant headache whenever i work on the website. honestly i really seldom get mad at things. universe, give me the patience and compassion when dealing with the website people. let go let go let go...... i am literally taking deep breath now to calm my rapidly pumping heart. i am going for 2 hr of yoga later.

a man's dream:

car and woman! lots of women! kym just came back from his very happy shoot in KL. so many girls! ah!!! thats him in the driver seat (he is not the talent, he is just the art director trying out to live out his dream for a few minutes).

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Extra stocks are in!

hi girls! today we manage to get extra stocks for 08APR A-4.1. those who want it, please email leekeng now! thanks!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kyurii APR C preview!

oops sorry forgot to mention that, leekeng is uploading soon. they should be out by later tonite! thanks!

Monday, April 14, 2008

ok just a peek!

this is the colour palette we hope to create with the new items! try exploring these colours on your own items! have fun! let me continue with the layouts. i hope to get them done by tonite and pass them to leekeng to upload. oh oh oh...

Saturday, April 12, 2008

whats next?

how are you guys? i am feeling a little exhausted. this month, we have been launching every week, becos there is just so much to share with you! and to keep up with the new stocks that keep flowing in. so are you guys prepared for this coming launch! haha i am not yet. still working on them. but here's a little of what to expect. this week we are going for the lighter hues! shades of burlywood, rosy brown, gentle mauve, slate, ivory with pale yellow, light blue, sand, light khaki and white. my favourite palette for spring!
has anyone seen stella mccartney A/W08, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love the flowy dresses! To see the show, go to STELLA McCARTNEY WEBSITE now!

black cat loves eggtart

hi girls, how is your weekend so far? i am home whole day shooting : ) for those who are still thinking about the quilted bags, gentle reminder: pre-order ends tomorrow. remember to email leekeng if you are interested! thanks!
p.s. my black cat has been stealing bread to eat in the middle of the nite, and she ate my eggtart yesterday evening. ah!

Friday, April 11, 2008

we got your bag!

hi there, i am back! for those who already ordered the bags, they are secured! yippee! we are so worried that we can't get hold of the stocks that you ordered. stocks move so quickly here. scary... just like the hk people, walk fast, talk fast. ok! now i can relax a bit. oh yes the bags will be arriving in singapore end of this month. i have decided that i will take the ochre one for myself. hehe! i just love the combination of ochre with denim! you girls have a fantastic weekend ahead!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Kyurii APR ACC bags!

hi girls, pre-order starts now! for those interested, please email leekeng. from the previous off-white quilted bag experience, we learnt that the stocks move really quickly as our supplier ships mainly to japan and korea. the price is S$69. pre-order will end this sunday. however for those who are decisive in their buying habits, you can email us your order now as i will be going out for a buying trip tomorrow, and would like to secure the stocks asap. thanks!
please note that the bag can also be worn as a sling bag, with the straps lengthened.

another chanel inspired, but without the logo of coz. who needs the logo anyway? haha. i am still deciding between the 2 colours. cream looks really nice (more demure), the ochre one goes well with my dark blue skinny, a little more rugged and colour is more unique. mm.....

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

a bag for april!

this morning i went out to shop around! i bought bags!! am going to shoot it and show you tomorrow! i was thinking for so long if i should get it. in the end, i cannot resist! the japanese customer was there buying too, she is so decisive and quick in making her choices. this makes me feel really nervous. i fear that she will sweep up all the stocks (like the other time). but i am libran, i can be really indecisive at times : ( and thats when i lose out to them. HAHAHA. i will try to be quicker! i think i better shoot it and launch it soon in case the stocks are snapped up by the big japanese buyers or the koreans.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


i master the crow pose today!

Kyurii APR B OUT!

hi girls, the new items are out! this is the second part of our flower craze, and also the last batch. so if you love flowers as much as we do, and want to get all geared up for spring, stock up on the floral prints! hehehe. this week, we love the pastel colours tops, in pink, beige, pale green, white, light grey. soft and light. i kept the styling for this batch easy and casual, short skirts with loose-fitting airy tops, or simply with tank tops then layered with any cropped cardigan. also, one more thing, i added colour bars to show you the colours of the flowers on the skirts, due to insufficient lighting, the colours of the skirts are not reflected that well. i am so pissed! i feel like i am not doing justice to the skirts! for the right colour representation, please look at the close up photos, ok? thank you. oh yes, for those who missed out on the flower cardigans, you might want to check out 08APR B-5.1 and 5.2, the cherry print knitted cardigan that comes in grey and white. maybe you will like this one too! check it out! upon requests from our customers, i try to do styling for work with the clothes. in terms of styling, accessories play a major role. with the right accessories, you are able to take the same top to different occasions. to wear this piece to work, all you need is to add a thin belt (forget about wide belts for now, its spring, its all about being thin and light) and with your pencil skirt. i lam wearing the butterfly necklace here but i think its a little under. i should have turn the volume up a few notch with something chunkier. but its ok, with the silver butterfly, the belt will be the main focus. becos everything else is rather plain, just make sure your accessory screams, either in terms of size or colour. it could be your bag OR heels OR a couple of chunky cuff bangles. note that i used 'OR' here becos you only only need one of them. dun wear bangles plus huge earrings plus pendants. faint... its kind of weird to see myself in this work office styling, haha. not used to. i would wear this top with a thin belt and skinny and ballerina flats, thats more me. but for those who need a more formal outfit for work, this is a sleek and smart look which i like very much.
becos some of you have emailed us asking for some styling tips, therefore from now on, i will try to share my styling thoughts here with you on every launch. i hope you like it! and if you have any thing to share or contribute, feel free to drop comments here! lets all be inspired. to check out the new arrivals, click on KYURII WARDROBE now!

Monday, April 07, 2008

tonite is the nite

hi girls, good morning! i feel like i am running a marathon. haha started layout-ing from yesterday till now, the race continues. i think i can see the finish line but there is some distance to cover. thanks for cheering! let me take a quick sip of water and continue running! KYURII APR B should be up tonite.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

whats coming up?

hi girls, who like short skirts? i do! haha! thats why i am pretty excited about this coming launch. we are featuring short chiffon floral print skirts!! sweet and sassy, light and airy! we love them! coming up real soon!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

it should be monday

today i shot about 800 photos for the coming launch. continuing tomorrow, this means we can probably launch on monday to be realistic. eating pandan cake now, my hong kong frens love it. every trip i buy at least 2 pandan cakes back. ok let me go select the photos now, not enough time liao!

Friday, April 04, 2008

flower craze conts....

just came back from yoga! after the 5 meals a day trip in singapore, my body went a little haywire! now i feel great again! here are some behind the scene photos for the last launch. we shot in tokyo on our last trip. we thought we could launch it 2 weeks after the shoot on the website. but obviously the deadline is delayed. we were shooting besides the limi feu shop in daikanyama. it used to be a pink wall, i wanted a pink background. but they repainted it white. anyway. then i asked kym to pose also! for fun! hahaha! we didnt use these photos shot for 08APR A-2. it was soooooooo cold then. had to strip off the jacket to create a more spring look. shivering inside. but for kyurii sake, i will do it! for those who would like to wear any of the dresses in cooler countries, you can always wear a light-weight long sleeve turtle neck top under it, like i did here. i also wore it over the kyurii grey jeans.
in hotel waiting for the metrosexual bf to get dressed. i love my pink socks with my pale gold quilted wedges! leekeng also bought a similar pair, she bought the one in white, open toe. nice! today i decide to rest. tomorrow i will start shooting the new items for the coming launch. KYURII FLOWER CRAZE continues!!!! stay tuned! we hope to get them out by sunday!


back in hk, back to yoga, back to my 3 cats. more importantly, its cool in hk, yippee! back to layering!!!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

sophie x kyurii

yeah! i am so excited! we just received the illustration from our fren sokkuan! it looks really cool!!!!!! i love it!! we are producing a limited edition tote! kyurii first ever cross-over collaboration with sophie black! i cant wait to show you guys the illustration but i'd rather show you guys the end product! fingers crossed! we want to launch it in mid april. the minute i reach hk, i am going to start producing it! no time already!!! thanks sokkuan! have lots of fun hanami-ing in japan! check out sokkuan's lovely illustration at IRO IRO. atode!

last 2 days

hello! i am in leekeng's house now. oh well actually i am here everyday for my entire trip. oh we are so happy that you guys like the flower cardigans! we love them too! sorry to those who didnt manage to get them, there is no more extra stocks, all 20pcs are sold out. we didnt manage to keep any for ourselves too. : ( i am also a bit sad...
i just had my breakfast, roti prata and teh. tea in a plastic bag! haha dun think you can find this any where else. my hk frens are always so amused by it. today wearing the basic tank top, i like the blue one best with skinny. me and princess kimi.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

my failing memory

how are you guys doing? last nite i went to clarke quay after i knock off from work (leekeng's house haha) to meet up with my girlfriends. we had dinner at waraku, then went for drinks. we gossiped about the advertising scene and reminisced about the uni days in melbourne. hahaha. and thats when i was once again reminded about my failing memory. my memory really sucks. there were a lot of 'suyin, you mean you dunno? you were there!' within our conversation. GOD help me.....
but i tell you the worse thing is, remembering the stocks and the dates. leekeng will call and say 'buy extra stocks for JAN A1.1 (x5), 3.3(x8), 6.2(x10) and also BAS19 (charcoal, white and grey no need green) 7 each. also the clutch: black one add 5 more, white one 7, yellow one 3. and also for past items NOV B7.1, and that BAS4.1 can we get more stocks? if got, get 8 more each. and also the guitar pendants. pls order 20pcs. when will they arrive? this week, next week? ' AIYO. i am seeing stars..
but not done yet. to all the suppliers, all these items have a separate code nos. 2287 (this one is BAS19, i chased them for so long till its engraved in my head liao), A0034, 67989K, some as long as 7 digits!! crazy right! then the dates, some stocks will arrive this week but duno when yet, some next tues, some fri, some in 2 weeks time, some will never arrive. WAH LAU EH! how to remember. even writing them down, i sometimes forget where i wrote them. HAHAHA. gingko nuts? i think i need some. but i need a PA more.
p.s. btw now that i remember, i better let you guys know that the black guitar pendants will arrive maybe next week. will chase the guy once i reach hk this fri. pre-order is still available. will update again.