Saturday, November 29, 2008

the selby

my current favourite website check it out! I LOVE IT! i am so inspired! thanks bro for this link!
if i move to lamma and get a place with a rooftop, this is what i will do (see below), i will set up a backdrop and start shooting on the rooftop. that would be fun! and this would be our future kyurii workshop. cool yeah! ah this is kinda like my dressing table. overflowing with accessories. i love all the photography, the styling and the decor. love love love! i feel so inspired looking at all these photos. oh i have so many ideas! thanks again, bro!

love the composition of this photo.
ah superb styling. check out the vines twined around the side of the bed railing. i love it. and superb art direction!

i might be moving house. now i am so excited about doing up the new place. i want to do an eclectic clash of moroccan, exotic, textured, warm, art directed messiness, rustic, wooden, a little quirky, rugs, candles, lots of plants....

Friday, November 28, 2008

back in singapore

hello from singapore! how is everyone doing? oh its a friday nite, i just realised. everyone should be out. i am not. haha kind of tired. everytime before going home, its a mad rush to make sure i did everything i need to do in hk before i leave. and especially this time, i flew in from macau to singapore. for those who asked, yes there will be launches while i am home. i will be working from singapore. the next launch will be sometime early next week! stay tuned!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

extra stocks in for 08NOV B-5!

hi girls! we got more stock in for this pair of very stretchable faded jeans! dont miss it! ok i need to go pack my luggage, i am coming home! see you in singapore!

Monday, November 24, 2008


hello girls, let's JOURNEY INTO THE ECLECTIC! full collection up!

p.s. guess what i am wearing 08NOV B-1.2 today! haha! oh i just love the belt on any tank top with skinny jeans! ok you enjoy and have fun!

mon morning

8am: our website is down. argh....... we are trying to solve the problem now.
11am: ok its fixed now, leekeng is uploading now. stay tuned! thanks!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kyurii NOV B

hi girls! i just finished the layouts! FINALLY! whole weekend non stop working but i sneaked out for an hour of yoga today to give my sore neck and shoulders a break. OK! now its over to leekeng to upload them. sorry we are not sure exactly what time they would be up (pretty much depends on little kimi's behaviour, if she is all nice and cooperative, then her mommy can load them up smoothly) haha. we aim to get it up by tmr afternoon. please keep checking the website or email (for those who are on our mailing list, you will hear from us once its up!)
p.s. thought i would show you some of my favourite items here first. here you go!

i am crazy over gilets now!!

thank you! keep checking! we are forever grateful. have a great week ahead!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Kyurii NOV B preview

hello girls! sorry due to unforseen circumstances (haha sorry i am busy with some other stuff), we will be postponing the new launch to next monday! meanwhile, here's a preview! get ready to journey with us into the eclectic! i personally LOVE this collection, it is exactly what i feel now. right after my rich culture trip to nepal, now back to city life, its time to clash and blend both styles together to create something new! ethnic detail vest with a slogan tee and skinny jeans, loads of bangles and big earrings! i love it! we hope you love it too! stayed tuned! i will be working hard this weekend! you guys relax and have a nice weekend ahead!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

NEW basic items added!

hello girls! we just added 2 new items to the basic collection tomorrow! simple items for you to play around with your styling! here's the preview! this cotton long sleeve top comes in 4 colours.
this ribbed racer back tank comes in 5 colours. stay tuned to WWW.KYURII.COM! leekeng will be uploading them tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New zouk items just added!

have you checked them out? go to WWW.KYURII.COM now!

Monday, November 17, 2008


hello girls! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT to those who turned up yesterday! we really appreciate it. and to those who couldnt make it, here you go! leekeng will be uploading these items on remember to check them out tomorrow! have a great week ahead!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

see you at zouk tomorrow!

hello girls! how is your weekend so far? this morning i was feeling really lethargic. wasnt in the mood to do anything. so i took a very slow walk out to causeway bay through the race course. i took off my sandals and walked barefooted, it feels so good to feel the grass under my feet. it does help increase my energy level a little. i feel a little more connected to mother earth. the international school kids are playing rugby. the sky is blue. the sun is warm. the breeze is a little cool. one purple butterfly flew around me (oh i love the colour purple lately), reminded me of the days at the monastery where i see butterflies of different colours everyday. its a beautiful day today. i emerged from the race course tunnel and was greeted by noise, crowd, and bad air in causeway bay. anyhow i went around sourcing for some accessories for the new launch. i want to start shooting tomorrow. the new launch should be out middle of next week. oh and in the midst of sourcing, i bought a purple cardigan. its my second purple items this month. my frens said i look good in purple. i dun usually wear purple but lately i love black and purple or black and deep blue combination. : ) hint: there would be lots of purple, iris blue, magenta, deep cyan items coming from kyurii soon. these are the colours i love now! this photo was taken in nepal. it was the deepavali holiday at that time, they have 3 days public holidays. all the women were buying loads and loads of bangles. i have to too! i was squeezing in the little shop with them.
p.s. don't forget to check out our KYURII ONLY@ZOUK items tomorrow at zouk flea n easy from 2 to 7pm! have a great weekend!

Friday, November 14, 2008

KYURII ONLY@ZOUK 5 hrs only special!

hi girls, leekeng and i just discussed over skype on the special stuff we want to do at zouk this sunday! here you go! we will try to bring as many of the basic items we can this sunday, and they are all going at half price!
old and new accessories all going from S$5! if you have missed out something from our previous collections, you might like to rummage through the pile and who knows, maybe you'll find it this sunday! oh yes, some clutches and bags are also going at half price! don't miss this ONE DAY, 5 HOURS ONLY opportunity! 2-7pm only.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kyurii ONLY @ ZOUK items preview!

here you go girls! these are just some of the kyurii items which will be on sale this sunday ONLY AT ZOUK! sorry i have no time to shoot everything. there will be lots of bags, accessories, shoes, lots of scarves, leggings, oh yes and some of my second hand clothes (let's recycle)! hehe. don't miss out! be there early! limited items only. oh remember to bring your own shopping bag!
p.s. hey fairy dust, if there are any items leftover, we might sell them online. meanwhile, you study hard!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

35th day of being a vegetarian

just came back from dinner with my girlfriends, girls talk yeah! today is my 35th day of being a vegetarian. yeah! sicne i am back, my frens have been so nice and thoughtful, always making sure that i have something to eat or eating all vege meals with me. today we discovered a nice healthy food place serving organic food and a lot of choices for vegetarians in causeway bay. so yeah! one more choice for me when eating out! I AM STILL GOING STRONG AT DAY 35! so far i have not and am not craving for mcnuggets. i am actually waiting to see when the craving will surface becos usually in the late afternoon after my grocery shopping, around 4,5pm, i will sometimes stop by macdonalds for mcnuggets or fries before yoga. hehe : P not very healthy. fingers crossed, i have no such cravings yet. BUT i think my ultimate challenge would be my trip home end of this month. AH!!!!bbq stingray, chilli crab, nasi lemak (without the ikan bilis, nasi lemak would not be the same! woah it's one of my favourite food), satay, chicken rice!!! oh my gosh.. i can't go on...
i am anticipating to see how things will be then. ok goodnite everyone.

KYURII @ ZOUK 'flea n easy'

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


the 6pm power class today worn me out totally! maurice was merciless!!!!!! even the guys in class were saying that its exceptionally tough today. ah!! but i feel good! so good! so alive! i love the flow, feeling the energy running through my body. i was sweating as if i am doing hot yoga. seriously i find the power class today more strenous than my hot class but i really enjoyed the class today! bring it on! my stomach is flat even after all that salad, bread, risotto and warm chocolate cake. after missing out on my regular yoga routine during my trip, my passion and energy for yoga has doubled or maybe tripled! oh i cant wait to go for class tomorrow! ok goodnite and sweet dreams girls! zzz...........
p.s. to ellen, yes sure i will email you soon about the trip.

kyurii heading to zouk!

ah! i am so excited! we are going to zouk this sunday! oh i just got back from a very fruitful buying trip this morning! got a lot of really cool scarves! oh i love scarves! please look out for them at the zouk 'flea n easy'! we have selected special items (hint: there will be a lot of accessories) to be sold ONLY on that day! this sunday 2 to 7pm, mark it down on your diary! we want to see you all there! (woah i won't be there though, but leekeng will be!)
alrighty, later girls! need to work!

Monday, November 10, 2008

08NOV A up!

hello girls! new arrivals 08NOV A is up!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

KYURII NOV A preview!

hello girls, i am still working on the layouts. rush rush! they should be out the next morning, once you get to work, you should be able to see them up on the website! thanks! enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Friday, November 07, 2008

missing the monastery days

A typical day in the monastery.
6:00am wake up for tea and sunrise.

06:30am morning meditation

on one occasion, we join the monks at their morning puja. they do puja prayers every morning at 5:30am. we are allowed to sit and watch. they serve milk tea and a roti during this 2hr puja, here you see the little monks doing a little cleaning up after tea.

love the cushions the different fabrics but still all under the same tone and shade.

07:30am breakfast
after breakfast i usually find a spot and write my journal. during the course, we are to observe silence everyday from 6am till 2pm.

09:00am morning teaching by ani karin, our passionate teacher who is a nun for 25 years. she is from sweden.

11:00am lunch! yummy vegetarian food. most of us bought the cookbook which was compiled by a former student from the US who also loves the food. oh i really miss the handmade chunky peanut butter! its the best i ever tasted! everyone loves it on the roti! after lunch, most of us like to enjoy the warm october sun.

another of my favourite spot is on top of the small hill just behind the main gompa. just lie here and enjoy my apple and book. and at night, its really peaceful to lie here and look at the stars right above you, hearing the dogs barking (crazy dogs of nepal who sleep in the day and bark like mad at night, but we got used to it.) in the background. sometimes after breakfast, we do yoga here. best view! i really feel i am saluting to the sun when i do the surya namaskara (sun salutation) sequence from here.
oh yes anotehr day, another nap. i do this everyday after lunch. the sun is warm, the breeze is cool. what more can i ask for in life?

02:00pm group discussion.
03:00pm afternoon teaching by geshe thubten sherab. i love his class and his sense of humour! 'do you get it? do you get what i mean?' he is always asking us that. haha oh i miss his tibetan accent english too! here is a photo of me getting an autograph from him. hehe. kidding i asked him to write 'om mani padme hum' for me in tibetan on my notebook. : )

05:30pm tea time! we all heading for milk tea!
my roommate, caroline, enjoying her tea at the terrace above the dining hall (above photo), watching the eagles soaring in from the east every evening. there used to be hundreds of them i was told. but the number had decreased significantly for the past few years. they just come soaring in with the wind. you feel so free watching them gliding above you. no effort. no need to flap the wings. just flowing with the wind.
the monks are also having their break. they love to play with bapu, the fluffy dog, the monks are always playing with him. watching them play is such a joy. hearing the monks' laughter and bapu barking in excitement and sometimes howling and whining when they tease him. there are altogether 3 dogs in the monastery.
06:00pm evening meditation
when the sun sets, its time for the evening meditation. another 1 and a half hr of sitting. this is the time of the day which i find it hardest to focus. my mind would get distracted easily, thinking about dinner, what food would we be having, the dogs would start barking, the crickets have already started their symphony (and they are loud!), temperature starts to drop, you start to get weary having woke up at 6am.... you just can't wait to get it done and go for dinner!
07:00pm dinner time! we volunteer to wash the dishes, which is such a fun experience.
08:00pm question and answer time. on the last nite, we had a light offering prayers done in the stupa garden under the stars. we all bought candles and light them. there were thousands of them. the atmosphere was beyond descriptions, beyond words. i just remember feeling we are all the same, we are all looking for happiness and peace in our lives, no matter where you come from, which country, what religion you believe in, rich or poor. we are all looking for the same thing in life. here you see us around chenrezig (embodiment of the compassion of all the buddhas. chenrezig may be the most popular of all buddhist deities, except for Buddha himself. he is beloved throughout the Buddhist world. He is known by different names in different lands: as avalokiteshvara in the ancient sanskrit language of india, as kuan-yin in china, as kannon in japan.) light them up. it was a beautiful experience.) fountain in front of the stupa.

09:00-09:30pm: finally bed time!!! by now, we are all tired. we just go straight to bed and wake up at 5:45am the next day.