Tuesday, March 31, 2009


good morning girls! the sun came out today after many days of rain and gloom. anc check this out! MY MINT!!! miracle of life. tiniest mint leaves i have ever seen but the biggest smile on my face. : ) and then look at this. mr skinny proves me wrong. he is growing at such a tremendous speed. he looks kind of bloated now, maybe i gave him too much water. and his wife, at the side is also doing very well. see the difference that smaller blob on his shoulder is growing fast. this was taken just a few days ago. the birds have been feeding on the bread but i never see them in action. i put crumbs out everyday after my breakfast. alright see you girls later! i am going out today to get the accessories and that purple tunic! and yoga and meditation class and girls dinner. tues nite is my girls' spiritual nite out. have a ncie day!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Kyurii April Surprise!

hello girls! here is something to brighten up your week! i saw these rustic looking pendants 2 days ago, i love them. reminds me of the old rustic secret garden thing. i duno maybe i read too much enid blyton when i was young. enchanted garden, faraway land or tree, the children of willow farm or something. i love owls, swans, squirrels, birds, hare, horses, deer, ducks.. all my childhood fantasies. i was so into it, like a real world to me then. anyway. enjoy!!!

if you also like these pendants and would like to get one, please email leekeng at: misskyurii@kyurii.com. S$16.90 each. thank you!

Kyurii NEW IN!

good morning girls! how is your monday morning so far? when you feel like taking a break, go to NEW IN at WWW.KYURII.com to take a browse through the new items and see if you can smell the flowers. haha.

go go go! don't miss it!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kyurii New Arrivals preview!

hello girls! preview preview! this week, we love anything that is violet, lilac, purple, mauve, cherry berry colours! and also i have included a few pieces of flower print dresses! how can we not have flowery dresses in spring? we hope you girls love every item! haha! KYURII NEW ARRIVALS!

Friday, March 27, 2009

thank you lillies.

hi girls, hows your friday nite? i work whole day today. my shoulder is aching.
oh guess what?!? someone plucked the sidewalk lillies off! i could literally feel the 'ouch' when i saw the stem that was snapped off. now maybe its in a vase in someone's house somewhere. wherever they are, whatever human beings do to them, they still bloom with utmost grace and generosity, touching our hearts with their beauty and innocence. nature shows me what contentment is. hey, meet the gnome in my garden. haha. i love the feeling of soil, dirt, grass on my feet. i need to walk around barefoot one of these days.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

to the city!

ok bye! i am going out to the city for yoga and meet up with my frens today! ciao! bye birds! p.s. look like i am doing free adv for pure. haha.

try peach, green and grey!

good morning! its still cold today in hk. i have to dig out the jackets again. crazy weather. i remembered wearing tank top when i was back last thur, today i am wearing a hoodie jacket. alright last nite someone asked us about this pair of shorts, yes i did fold it up to make it shorter! i like it shorter. it can fit a size S and M. I am a UK size 10. ok besides matching it with the basic tanks and tees, i think it will look just as good with this flowery blouses. you know sometimes we are just so used to wearing that tank and shorts combination, things get a little stale. try it with this! i think the colour, peach, green and grey will combine nicely to create a sweet spring look. i also like the colours on this dress! the colour inspiration comes from these beautiful lillies blooming strongly along the sidewalk. aren't they pretty? they look more alive than in a vase.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Miss Kyurii's favourite of the week!

my personal favourite also, i took the blue one though. enjoy!!!

wee...... wee.........

today the eagles keep whistling. they must be having a great time gliding along with the strong easterly wind. i can't see them in the sky but i can hear them clearly. i am turning into a bird lover.
today that bird with the punk hair came visiting again, everyday, without fail. he will sit outside on the same leaf on the palm outside. i googled. they are call the 'red-whiskered bulbul', a passerine bird (known also as perching birds or less accurately as songbirds). it is found mainly in tropical Asia from Pakistan and India through to southeast Asia and China. it has a lifespan of 11 years, only. today he brought a friend along, or maybe his brother or girlfriend. my cats are all ready to pound at them watching them intensely behind the locked balcony door. hehe i put out a bait today. i want them to come closer. they look so cute with their red blush on the cheeks and the spiky hair. hee.... ok i know, this is pathetic yah. now i dun have human colleagues to talk to at work, i am turning to birds (and who knows maybe other creatures in future), to keep me company while i work. (oh i hear you my dearest bro, yeah i know this is freaky, all that spiritual talk and now the birdies, i should move back to the city right?) HAHAHA! dun worry, your sis is not turning into some kind of cuckoo.
mm.... now i know why they say people on lamma, are a bit eccentric. remember my earlier post about it. there is something happening in lamma. ooh.... it brings out your true inner nature. 'LOST' IN LAMMA. oooh........
anyway, back to the birds. haha here is another pair i managed to record on my camera. i have yet to find out what their official name is yet. i must take out my canon EOS soon to capture sharper images. yes! hey hey hey! check this out! he flew on to my balcony for the bread! woohoo!! ok i am going to continue leaving it out there. this is fun but this is also a distraction. i keep looking out whenever i see a flutter of the wings or hear a tweet. i need to focus.......

rainy day, lazy clothes

its cold now in lamma, it rained again this morning. its grey. the kind of day where you dont want to get out of your cozy bed. i am now playing a very soothing reiki cd, the birds are chirping as usual, i am wearing 09BAS49. lazy clothes, i call them. slouchy and baggy. on a grey and rainy morning like this, its perfect for a slouchy tee, messy hair, a cup of coffee and a warm sandwich. ok i am going down to the village to get some bread now.
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

when the rain falls down

its raining very heavily now in lamma. my first rainy day here in this house, the rooftop is entirely wet. lucky i got my clothes in. the thunder just striked, my cats got a shock as they were very near the window watching the rain, and their tails fluffed up.

Monday, March 23, 2009

power of words

oh btw, i did start another blog titled WORD FROM THE UNIVERSE its a collection of words i read somewhere or hear from people around me (which would be interesting, sometimes quotes from the famous can get a little stale) which mean something to me. this blog serves to fulfil my strong need to record all these beautiful and powerful words down to share with more people, other than keeping them in the moleskine notebook for private viewing. i personally find a lot of strength through reading, through words. therefore, i hope that through this blog, somehow in a tiny way, you can also find strength, love, courage, faith, confidence, contentment, peace from these words. and to know that you are not alone. what you feel, i feel it too. we have the same essence and we look out for the same things in life: joy, peace and love. read each word slowly. maybe just one per day is enough.
let's try to be mindful always of our own words. yes, one of the hardest things to do. let's at least try.
om ah hum.

om home om

today i didnt go out, i mean out of the island. well actually for the past 3 days i remained on the island. weekend i worked. today i devote the whole day to unpacking. since leekeng arrived, i had stopped all unpacking, and havent continued till yesterday. i did my laundry in the morning, cleaned up the rooftop, shifted the bookshelf around in the nook, unpacked 4 more boxes. changed the white, beigy look to a red, magenta, orange, burgundy, funky ethnic clash. then i rewarded myself with a delicious apple crumble from delilamma. i then attempt to trace a very complicated thangka painting to train my patience as a form of meditation. i need to sloooooow down. i think i am going to trace a bit every evening at the roof.
oh and i told leekeng today i understand why she likes to do laundry at my place, today i too experience the joy of it. i like to peg the clothes. and i am loving housework now, i duno why this house just makes me love it. house of love.... haha. oh and i love the wooden clothes pegs. i am beginning to like anything that reminds me of my childhood. i remembered telling my parents when i was home last week, that i really like this simple village community kind of living. my mom said i am getting old, when people get old, they tend to think fondly of their early days. regression. this island marks the start of renunciation and regression of my life. hahaha.

also! life is everywhere. i also found some egg-like stuff on my table cloth! whose eggs!? i wonder if its seeds or eggs. exciting... i shall wait and see. will update you. oh i think i can start another blog documenting my life in lamma. i meditated under the setting sun today. can you see the sun behind the clouds? i feel the strong quiet energy. i must sit with myself at least 15mins a day and 'let your stillness speaks to you', like my yoga teacher said. om shanti om. i love this house. thank you universe, am forever grateful. one with you.

p.s. hey girls, i hope you are enjoying this blog yah, sometimes leekeng and i would joke about my 'schizophrenic blogging style' one day its all fashion 'KYURII 09MAR C PREVIEW!' and then the next day 'OM HOME OM' blabbling on about some spiritual stuff. 2 different worlds. haha that's exactly my current living style. i thought about splitting them up, but i have no time to manage another blog i think. and furthermore, i think life is a balancing act right. work and living. material and spiritual.


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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Kyurii 09MAR C preview!

p.s. sorry please note that the time has been changed to 11pm sun nite to 9am mon morning.


not on kyurii, but on my plants. i have a tiny wild yellow flower growing in one of the pots. and now its 5 little beauties, or maybe 6. instead of 4.
but very sadly, my mint has dried up! the part time maid did not do a good job. i am waiting for a miracle.
the rest of them are doing fine, the super skinny cactus is still very skinny. i am thinking of recording its height to see if it grows in length, since it doesnt grow in width.

Friday, March 20, 2009

silence has a voice

today my fren, florence, from canada whom i met in nepal told me she is going back this year again for another retreat and asked me to join her. simone, another fren i met there from amsterdam also talks about returning. neil, another fren from canada, is in his 3mth retreat now in varanasi, india, had asked me to go back to nepal in june to meet up. by then maybe he will be a fully ordained monk. this is our lecture hall. the moment you enter the hall, the peace and the silence just drown you. you sink naturally into silence. i cant describe it. i miss it but the magic can't be recreated easily.
my heart wants to go back to nepal, and it wants it soon. desires? attachment? whatever. we often talked about the magic of this country. how it seems to draw you back. for many of us, its not the first trip, and people just keep returning. many of them have even lived there doing volunteer work, or just travelling. here are some animal photos simone took in nepal which i really love.
i really like this frog one.
this one is photographed by wayne from australia.
thanks simone, for taking so many shots of the animals. they all have feelings. go vege.
so today i tried to re-live some moments of the life there. i observed a day of silence oh but i am not sure if chatting on msn is considered talking. and i want to start my vege regime again! it went haywire in singapore, eating fish and fishball and sushi! i decide to cook aloo gobi ko tarkari (potato and cauliflower, my favourite nepalese veg curry dish) yum yum. next time i will put 2 tomatoes, i like it more sour.
oh and i have to mention this spice box, you have to get it if you are going nepal. i saw one at my host family's house, and i knew i have to get one. its cheap (S$1.50) and its good, contains all your spices. i even label them. : P and for me, whenever i open it, i smell nepal. i am transported back instantly to my host family's house for one second. me and my magic spice box. haha! and then i ate in silence, not tv, no music. just me and the food. i can really taste. ok enjoy the silence.
''silence has a voice. the rest of the things you hear are only noise.'' - yogi manmoyanard.

p.s. to siling, leekeng showed me your email to us. i heard from leekeng that you are the lead vocal in your band. wow.. that's so nice. do you guys have your own album? if you ever plan to come to hk, just let me know. you know i just feel so inspired by hearing from you all. i duno why, but everytime we receive a personal email from any of you about your life, your dreams, we just feel more motivated. thank you. keep them coming.