Monday, March 31, 2008

stock take!

good morning everyone! is everyone going flower crazy like we are? haha. we received your orders and are replying them now. thanks for the great response to this launch. right now, i am doing stock take. clothes everywhere! haha. every week we need to tidy the shelves. anyone interested to help? just kidding. dun think anyone like this job. haha.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

mailing list

hi girls, we are having some problem sending out our mailing list to some of you. apologies to those who have not received it. we are trying our best to solve it now. thank you! enjoy shopping! for those who have not seen the new items, browse through KYURII WARDROBE now!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Kyurii APR A preview!

hi girls!! here is the preview!! and items will be out tomorrow! this weekend it is all about flower print chiffon dresses. flowy and airy which is great for this humid weather. keeping everything soft and sweet!
we couldnt make it to launch on the website so it will be on our blog. please stay tuned. oh i am melting away in singapore... so hot!!!!

Friday, March 28, 2008


doing layouts now at leekeng's house, at the same time entertaining baby kimi! haha. the weather is so hot....

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

i am a girl!

today i found out that my black cat is not a boy! he is a she!! and we had been calling her her chinese name, ah long ah long (dragon) ah! the lady at the cat rescue told me its a boy. the vet told me 'i dun see any testicles'. haha i guess we should be calling her kuro, jian fung (pheonix) instead. haha

Kyurii basic items updates!

hi girls, how are you? extra stocks for 08BAS-19.3 is in! as for the rest of the colours (light grey, dark green and charcoal), stocks are currently not available. today we also brought in a new colour, black too. those who wanted charcoal, you may like to consider black. thanks!
p.s. yeah! i am going back to singapore this thur for more work, final stocktake before the website is launched. oh this is all new to leekeng and i. always learning! kym will also be in singapore for his print shoot for a couple of days. i have been practising singlish with him as he is working with a singaporean photographer. hahaha.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

whats coming up?

hi girls, we are in the midst of preparing the new items. we are going FLOWER CRAZY! and DRESS CRAZY! i had such a fun time shooting today. i shot over 800 shots today. right now i am doing the selection. i hope to give you a preview sometime soon, but the earliest we would be launching is late march, early april. we hope to launch it on the website. hang in there!!


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Your emails

hi everyone, regarding the emails, we will be replying them tomorrow as written on 19th mar blog. thanks for your understanding. you will be hearing from us soon! thank you.

Friday, March 21, 2008

just do it!

i am so happy becos i got in touch with my niece! my little niece who is studying in perth now and who is no longer little. she is 18yo!! i cant believe it! time really flies. in my mind, i am still visualising her as an 8yo girl showing me her hamsters. i just went through her blog, OMG!!! how much she has grown. and how much i have grown too (when i saw on her email 'dear aunty suyin..' hahaha.) and as i read her blog, i was transported to my own uni days in australia and when i was 18yo. haha. keep blogging, jessica! i love reading it!
afterthought: every second, every minute is passing us by. if there is something you want to do, or have been contemplating for some time, let's just do it! taking the first step is always the most difficult, like waking up in the morning. dragging yourself out of the blanket is the toughest, after that everything else just flows. come to think of it, kyurii started only becos we put our thoughts immediately into actions. duno what got into us that day (usually we would only talk talk) but we are glad it happened. its better to do it, if it doesnt work, end it, than taking no action at all.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

happy easter

thanks guys for the encouragment! they mean a lot to us. starting our own small little business is not easy. its very challenging but a lot a lot of hard work. these four days we had been breathing and sleeping kyurii. haha... leekeng didnt even buy anything. no time to shop at all. last nite, we just bought food back to the hotel to eat to save time. tonite i am going to catch up with my sleep and get myself mentally and physically ready for work this long weekend. happy easter holidays to you all! enjoy!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


hello! how is everyone doing? havent been blogging as leekeng and i are so busy these 2 days. we worked till 4am last nite, going through the details of the website. so tired... and today whole day meeting. this is not a retreat at all. this is kyurii boot camp. haha we are currently working in our pyjamas, side by side on our laptops. haha.
bad news, 08MAR A-3.2 is sold out. woah! we could not get any more stock. if we see similar items in future, we will bring them in! as for the black guitar pendant, stocks will arrive soon! yeah!!! we will keep you updated! thank you!
also, for those who emailed us, leekeng will reply you in the weekend. sorry for the little delay.
ok we got to get back to work now. tonite is another loooooooooooooong nite for us! ganbatte ne kyurii!
i just realised that we didnt take much photos, all in the hotel. sigh... so sad. we stayed at cosmopolitan, so that i can easily walk home to feed my cats. this huge prada billboard seen from the hotel window is quite an inspiration.

Friday, March 14, 2008

kyurii 4 day retreat!

oh i am so excited about leekeng coming this sunday! we will spend 4 full days on kyurii! it shall be the annual kyurii retreat, more of conference actually. haha. we will check into a hotel near my place and spend time discussing ideas and plans for kyurii. we also have to meet up with the website guys to discuss final details. oh i am also going to slot in some yoga practise in between and of coz, bring her to eat what she likes! and also shopping! oh i hope we will be able to do this every year, in a different country, and with more people joining us! that would be cool.
ok i am going for my yoga soon! talk later!


kym turns 30 today! hahaha. i organised a surprise birthday dinner for him with his good frens and colleagues at his favourite thai restaurant. my first time doing surprise birthday. with everyone off work at different times, i had to bring kym to the petshops to buy some time for his frens to arrive first. luckily with a couple of sms-es, the timing worked out well. he wasnt expecting it at all and was shocked to see all his frens sitting at the restaurant when we arrived. haha. yes! 30 candles on a no. 3 cut out cake! haha kyurii sticker, but not from kyurii. : )
i bought him the ann demeulemeester tee that i really like myself!

happy birthday kym!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

kuro in action!

i am kuro! i had a great time last nite playing with the rats and the whole living room is my playground! woohoo! my eldest brother climbed up to the top of the bookshelf. he is extremely timid and sensitive. strange thing is, i overheard the phone conversation between my owner and a man, they said something about him being gay. mm.. so maybe he is my sister. anyway. i am glad i have my other brother to play with me but he kept staring and growling at me last nite. but i am not scared! i just want to PLAY!!
show you my long limbs! hehe
entangled with the bloody rats!
ooh a little tired. mm.. lacey table cloth, not my taste.
wee.... i discovered i can slide by clinging on to the lacey table cloth with my claws! this is fun!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Kyurii items updates!

hi girls, latest updates on stocks!
08BAS-19 (Hip Waist Ribbed Tanks): extra stocks available! arriving next week!
08MAR-8 (Flower Print Short Dress/Beige): sorry, no more stocks.
08MAR A-3.1 (Wide Ribbed Sleeves Cropped Cardigan/Beige): sorry, no more stocks. only white ones (08MAR A-3.2) are available.
08MAR ACC-1.1 (Quilted Clutch with Detachable Purse/White and Black ones): for those who ordered, yes i secured them!
tomorrow i shall let you know about the black guitar pendant! atode!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Kuroii neko!

today i got another cat! third cat! i always wanted to get a 100% black cat. finally i found him! from my ex-colleague who is now working at animal asia, so she was helping to keep a lookout for a black kitten for me! thanks tele! everyone meet KURO (black in japanese) chinese name: Jian Long (healthy dragon). hahaha so funny! kym gave this name (his own name is Jian Xing - healthy walk). i cant remember when and how this Jian Long joke started. hilarious. i cant imagine saying out this name when i go to the vet. KURO is now about 4 mths old. he has greenish yellow eyes and very long hands and legs and tail. he purrs really loudly when i stroke him. and he licks his nose a i have 3 cats! yeah! i love the number 3!!!! but poor tessy and bakyim (my pther cats) have been hissing and staring at Kuro. i need to separate them for now. and give extra attention to the 2 bigger boys. haha this sunday when leekeng arrives. she wil be terrified! she is scared of cats. last time she was here, i think she couldnt really relax in my house. thats why this time she decide to check into a hotel. hahaha!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Kyurii items updates!

hi girls, leekeng just told me to add extra stocks for 08BAS19, the hip waist ribbed tanks. they should be available. this week, i am chasing for the black guitar pendant! i really hope that i can get them!
p.s. to joanne, regarding 07BAS-1.1 the grey one is sold out, no more stocks. we still have the white one. email leekeng if you are interested. thanks!!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

KYURII MAR A preview!

PINK PINK PINK! yes! here is the preview! this batch is a little frilly, airy, flowery (is there such a word? haha). we are getting ready for spring as the weather starts to turn warm. please look for the floral print chiffon short skirts which we love! and also for those who like one of our past hot items JUN B-2.1, we brought in a similar piece with the same cut but different knit pattern! ok remember to go to kyurii wardrobe tonite to check out the rest of the new items!! hopefully this will be the last batch of clothes we will be launching on blogger. we hope to present our next batch to you via kyurii official website. meanwhile, have fun!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Whats coming up at Kyurii?

girls! we will be having a launch tmr nite! its call 'a little pink' so you know what to expect. we go a little feminine and demure this time. keep a lookout!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

entering the ufo!!

just came back from yoga. went with my girlfren tonite, then had dinner. now listening to 'chants of india' by ravi shankar, burning my lavendar aroma oil. going to surf yoga sites. om..............
forgot to tell you about the thing i am looking forward most to lately: going to the chanel mobile art show! chanel contemporary art container by british iraqi architect zaha hadid. idea conceived by who else but karl lagerfield. i truly respect this old man. haha. it will feature pieces by some 20 contemporary artists like yoko ono, sophie calle and nobuyoshi araki. "It's a sort of UFO that lands for a number of weeks in the middle of some of the largest cities in Asia, the U.S. and Europe," said Bousteau, the curator in a statement from chanel. first stop hong kong and will then travel toTokyo, New York, Los Angeles and London! if you happen to be in HK from now till april, please make sure you go! it only costs 10hkd (S$2)! S$2 to feel inspired and see world class exhibition! you cant possibly miss this!
for more details, check out the official website of CHANEL MOBILE ART! i love that gold auilted guitar shaped bag! ah!!!! cant wait!!!! i hope kym don't have to work this weekend! i want to book the tickets for this weekend!!!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


i am totally exhausted after the basics and accessories launch but there is still a lot more stuff to do! the list is endless. haha. i have dark circles! horrifying when i saw myself in the mirror in yoga. haha. its really tough being our own boss and managing a small business. oh i cant wait for leekeng to go full time soon. fainting.. i really feel overloaded at times. maybe i should look for a part time assistant to help me out. ok let me get back to work now, meeting with the website guys tmr. talk later!
p.s. to jiahui, i havent had time to go to the post office to mail you your gift yet. i should be going this fri. : )

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


hi girls, finally they are out! yippee! i met my deadline! enjoy the rainbow selection of tank tops at KYURII BASICS! don't miss the butterfly pendants, heart locket, star-shaped earrings and more at KYURII WARDROBE! we hope you love them as much as we do!!

KYURII news!

hi girls! i just finished the layouts for the accessories! so they will be out tonite too! together with basics! thanks!

Monday, March 03, 2008

KYURII MAR Basics preview!

we love the rainbow colours! there will also be a range of printed tanks in 8 different colours, plus hip waist ribbed tanks, and strappy floral print tanks. stay tuned for tomorrow night launch!

Sunday, March 02, 2008


hi girls, how are you all? i have been super busy. we will be having a basics launch early next week, probably tuesday (looking at my speed now). colourful tank tops, printed, plain, for wearing on its own, and for wearing as an inner layer! all hip waist. look out for the launch!
for those who like the white or yellow or black quilted clutch with detachable purse, we just like to remind you that pre-order ends tonite midnite! thanks!