Monday, April 30, 2007

hard disk dead

my macbook hard disk is dead! ah!!! i got it only for half a year. sent it to apple for repair, will get it back in middle of may. i feel so lost without my laptop now. woah! well maybe its also good timing as my mom will be here next week. i can spend more time with her. we will go stockholm (sweden is where my favourite comic character, moomin was created, i hope to find a lot of moomins there) and then to london to see my brother. i wanted to bring my laptop over to blog, but now i can't. argh!!! so i will see you guys lesser from now on. take care!
p.s. to the girls, there will be something special coming up for kyurii in may, to celebrate our first year anniversary! please keep a look out on kyurii wardrobe!

Thursday, April 26, 2007


been looking at the fall collections on but am just not in the mood for fall yet. spring to me has just started. i have to show you lanvin rtw spring 07. i absolutely adore the dresses, no chance to see the real thing, but i can almost feel the softness of the fabric. and i keep seeing it on fashion spreads, especially this first one. see this is the same dress from vogue. this has to be my favourite designer dress this season. ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

all runway photos taken from check it out! cool site!

Monday, April 23, 2007


i am so happy yesterday becos i finally found out what kym bought for me! its the original comic book of my favourite cartoon character, moomin. it shall be my bed time story book after henky's book. i put it right beside my is a picture of the book cover i found on the net. moomins are characters in a series of books and comics by finnish writer, tove jansson, originally published in swedish. moomins are a family of scandinavian trolls who are white, round and furry. they really look like hippos. i first saw the cartoon in hong kong, they used to air it every evening. and i fell in love with the story. they are extremely simple but adult in some way.. i cant describe it.
oops. i just realised that last blog i mentioned about a band from norway and today a comic character from finland. i really think the scandinavians are cool! when i was a teenager, guess who is my favourite band? A-ha! of coz they are also scandinavians. hehe.
p.s. thank you, kym!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

quiet is the new loud

its 2:04am now, quite a warm and humid night, the cats are sleeping but not me. been working late for the past few nights, so woke up really late this morning. now am just chilling out to some indie folk from 'kings of inconvenience' their first album - 'quiet is the new loud'. i think henky gave this cd to me like 5 years ago maybe. i really like the soft, simple, mellow tune. best to listen to in the dead of the night. they are from bergen, norway. next time you are at hmv, and in the mood to buy a cd but duno what to get, please check out this album.
music always brings back memories, almost instantly i am transported back to a certain year, a certain experience, a certain moment. the feeling is even more vivid than reading my diary. every event, every moment, experience is remembered by a song. its now 2:40am. see you tomorrow.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

KYURII APR C preview!

After doing pastels and bright colours for spring, its about time we focus on the major spring trend: neutrals! ''neutrals are the new white: sand, rose and khaki tones works with everything'' quoted from vogue. we encourage to explore doing neutrals in layers, showing off the different soft tones.
this week, check out the 4 different bottoms we have selected: flared culottes, tiered short culottes, 3/4 pants and the mauve shorts! all in different shades of khaki tones for going neutral.
p.s. girls, please note that there will be no launches for the next 2 weeks. we hope you have fun going through this fairly large selection!

Friday, April 20, 2007

in love with...

khaki and off-white all over again. this afternoon i checked out to see if i can find anything to do with the spring neutral trends (as its my personal favourite this spring, and also what kyurii will feature this weekend. hehe). i went under runway ABCs and saw 'Khaki' and 'Off-white', and immediately i found many outfits that i really like!! love this lazy, effortless look by yigal azrouel (yet to find out more about this designer) marni spring 07.
LOVE this! marc jacobs spring 07.
also love this! love the proportion. its micheal kors, spring 07.
typically stella mccartney. spring 07.
all photos are from don't forget to look out for KYURII APR C 'go neutral' preview! coming up real soon!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

i am a hk power soldier

today kym forwarded this email to me, and asked me to sign up to be one of the HK power soldiers. 'it is an organisation established by passionate group of citizens who care about hong kong. every member is willing to speak up and ready to take action to protect the environment and society.' quoted from the website. so i signed up. i am now HK power soldier no. 256 or 265 out of 307 (if i remember correctly). tree blooming near my house. so pretty! i am going to start by protecting the environment. i bring my own recycle bag when i go supermarket. i am just thinking that maybe i should start bringing my own lunch box when i buy takeaway. and one luxury i am going to cut down on this summer is: air conditioning. good i can save on my electric bills as well. to my frens in hk, if you didn't receive kym's email on the HK power soldiers, please check out: now!
p.s. to kyurii customers, dun forget to recycle the envelope and plastic bag after you take out the clothes!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

great weather here!

it rained last night. and today i am greeted by the blue sky! (very sadly, blue skies is a rare sight in hk now) so on every blue sky day, i take a picture! from my window, this is the happy valley race course, there is race tonight (every wed). oops i just realised my rosemary is turning brown.... ah...... lack of water or sunlight?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

EXTRA STOCKS ARE IN! new colours!

these stocks are in! same style but in new colours. check out for more photos!!

Monday, April 16, 2007

good and bad news

hi girls, today i went to see if i can get some extra stocks for APR B-7 (the draping top) and APR B-8 (the knitted cross-back tank) and APR B-10 (the double layer tank-top). ok bad news first. they are all out of stock EXCEPT FOR APR B-10.2 which is the pink double layer tank top!! for those who would like to place an order for this top, please drop leekeng an email. ok good news is, i got in the black one for this double layer tank-top. for those who prefer to go monochromatic, the black one is perfect. also i manage to get 2 new colours for APR B-8 knitted cross-back tanks: khaki and white! keep a look out for them on the blog. coming up real soon.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Preview for Kyurii APR B!

Hi girls, here is a preview of APR B launch! for those who like bright, bold colours, don't miss this last batch of electrifying colours. look out for APR B-1: the 'bang' tank top, which is one of our favourite this batch! we love the length (slightly covering the hip) great for adding a cropped vest over it! the other item we like is APR B-5: the braided pinafore. watch out for them! coming up soon.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

dancing around!

OHAYO minasan!!!! i woke up at 11am today (finally finished APR B layouts at 530am last nite. hehe) and the weather is great today! sun shining! music playing!!! i feel energetic and ready to start work!!! i am blasting my music now haha! listening to ayumi, makes me feel like dancing! not her new cd though. wanted to show you a photo of me dancing. haha just kidding! can die.... but i have to show you guys this bag i bought yesterday! so happy! i love the colour and also the price, and also the size, great for travelling. hehehe.
p.s.: to sandy, thanks for your suggestion! i was really excited when leekeng told me about just an hour ago. and it really got me thinking. we hope to make it happen!!!

we have the rights

these few days, i have been shooting and working on the layouts for the launch this weekend. its nearly 4am now, my shoulders are aching. you know at times like this, i cant help but feel pissed off that some customers used our photos to re-sell KYURII clothes on their personal auctions. we are perfectly ok with them re-selling the items, but we feel they should at least take a little time and re-shoot the clothes, and at least change the typeface or colour of the type of our item description! (even our html is entirely cut and paste). its sad to see our efforts at their disposal. sigh..... i really can't help but feel sad (and angry). after all, its my body and face thats appearing on their auctions. : ( maybe KYURII can start charging them royalty fees. just like how it works in advertising. when we use photos shot by other photographers, we pay royalty fees. and models also charges royalty talent fees when their faces or parts of body appear somewhere else besides the original work. so i should be charging them royalty fees too. sigh.... ok need to get back to the layouts.
Thanks for reading my frustration.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

an ordinary day..

i like bambi among my herbs. i like my new mustard shoes.
and i really like this marc jacobs dress.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

good news!

extra stocks are in for APR A-12.1 and APR A-12.2! for those who didn't manage to get it, don't miss out this time! have a great week ahead!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Preview for Kyurii APR A!

We kick off Kyurii April selections with an array of electrifying colours! we had also added a special 'Feature-of-the-Month' to highlight a variety of Colourful Chiffon Skirts to brighten up your wardrobe! when i first saw the skirts, i was really excited as straightaway a visual comes to my mind; 'the colourful flowy skirt is matched with a bright tank-top, and i am wearing my flip-flops (or maybe that pair of white birkenstocks), and big shades and some simple plastic accessories, eating gelato and walking around in the super crowded causeway bay... ' haha. little did i know that the temperature dropped to a 15degree! woah... here is a preview, more clothes on the kyurii wardrobe soon! we hope you guys have fun exploring these bright and bold colours! happy easter!

whats coming up!

This week, kyurii is featuring bright, bold colours! here is a montage of what inspired our coming selection of clothes! Kyurii APR A will be out real soon! Watch out!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

not much sun again

so cold today.... 14 degree. just came back from kym's sis' birthday dinner.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

why is april always a little gloomy..

maybe because henky left yesterday for rome. one more hk fren who has gone overseas. the sun is gone today and yesterday, the sky is grey and dark (i have to switch on my lights at 2pm) and the temperature dropped dramatically to a 16 degree from 25 degree. 3 years ago, henky left on april 1st, and he said it was drizzling and grey. this year, he left on april 2nd, and its also grey and cold. isn't april suppose to be a month for the flowers to bloom and the sun to shine and the butterflies to mate...... i am getting sentimental which i think is healthy, because we human beings are losing our feelings, losing it to the mundane daily routine, losing it to the same breakfast you eat everyday, losing it to the same clothes you put on without a thought. the mint tea i made last week. i duno why i am showing this photos today, it is of no relevance to what i am writing at all. anyway. yew kee, if you are reading, the weather in hk today is like that of amsterdam (the last few days of my trip where its grey and drizzling). the only thing that is uplifting for the day is: prison break is on tonight! micheal scofield!!!!!!!! its quite amazing how a favourite tv program (or rather a handsome actor) is the best antidote to my gloomy, cold and depressing (and super sien) day. yeah its 930pm now. one more hour to go!

Sunday, April 01, 2007


shooting shooting shooting....