Wednesday, August 29, 2007

going back with new clothes!

Yippee! going home tomorrow! for a good 16 days! kyurii autumn collection is coming real soon! sneak preview this weekend! stay tuned! see you guys back in singapore!

Monday, August 20, 2007

busy bee

how is everyone? been really busy with kyurii. now i just can't wait to return to singapore end of this month, and take a little break when kym visits. and i also cant wait to share with new collection with you guys! ok back to work. hang in there!

Monday, August 13, 2007

snow white & shrek

last night, we went to tung chung to visit baby natalie, who is 2 years old and her 11mth old sister, charmaine. and in natalie's make-believe world last night, she is snow white (her mom said she gives different character to everyone everyday), her little sis' charmaine is belle, kym is shrek. i wasnt given any identity (woah), but luckly she didnt say i am fiona. haha. we were amazed at her profound knowledge of the disney characters and their names! she knows not just 'little mermaid' but ariel, not just 'beauty and the beast' but belle (it took me a minute to figure out which story does belle fit in. hehe), and jasmine from aladdin. and i bet she knows pochahontas, aurora, and esmerelda (no kidding, i have to do my research to know who is what). very impressive, little natalie, or snow white, or cinderella, or ariel. i wonder who you are today? where is the balloon?

the balloon is on shrek's head! yeah!

Friday, August 10, 2007

typhoon 8 today

today at about 3pm, the typhoon 8 signal is casted. so for those who are working, get to go home and enjoy a slightly long weekend. at that time, i was at kowloon tong, about to have the meeting with my fren's fren to discuss about the website. there wasnt really any strong winds. when i came back to causeway bay about 6plus, most of the shops were closed. not much people on the streets. most of them at home playing mahjong maybe. my frens did just that, they went to buy food at the supermarket and plan to mahjong the night away! its now signal 3, tropical storm paduk is weakening. ok cont to reply email to customers. have a great weekend ahead!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Kyurii news:

hi girls, please click on: to check out our final sale items!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

happy 42nd birthday, singapore!

''singapura oh singapura sunny island set in the sea,
singapura oh singapura pretty island bloom for you and me.
come along join the song and merry singing
blend our voices join in the chorus.''
to those in sin, this has to be my favourite community song. reminds me of the umbrella dance i did in kindergarten, where life is so simple. even the song is much simpler.
to frens in hk, in celebration of singapore's independence, we have songs, different ones every year, you know you sing them to show your patriotism. they will teach it in school, and yes play it over and over again on the tv. over the years, the songs get more and more like K- songs sung by stephanie sun and others local singers. oh yes, its something like this year handover in hk, where the tv constantly plays that song 'hong kong chi chong yau lei....'. my guess is hk will be having one of these songs every year too. haha.
ok here's wishing you fellow singaporeans a happy national day! let me fly the singapore flag here on the blog. you know what i miss, the mini singapore flag with candies (that are inside the transparent plastic pole). i wonder if they still have it.

what is on my mind

been thinking about the website these few days, it would be cool if we have some kind of a photo album thingy, where you guys can post photos of yourself in your favourite kyurii items. a customer actually suggested something like to us earlier on, which we thought is really interesting. 'my lookbook' in has also given me some ideas. the lookbook allows you to save all your favourite runway looks in an album, add some lines, and share it with the public. they do ratings on it. it would be fun to share what we like most out of the kyurii items with each other. it will definitely give us more inspiration when we buy. we plan to have something like that, but subject to the cost. at this point in time, we cannot afford anything expensive. i am having a meeting with the web experts this friday, well lets see what happens. please feel free to give us any suggestions anytime on anything about kyurii!


just came back from a hair cut. been quite busy lately, there is an endless list of to-dos. i am happy doing each and every one of them, except for the housechores. haha. went for my yoga yesterday. the instructor was from sweden, he sang a beautfiful chant in sanskrit when we were doing the savasana pose - 'corpse position' at the end of the session. it is so calming, the soft powerful sound echoing in the room. tomorrow i have yoga again at 4:15pm and japanese at 9pm with kym. talking about kym, check out his latest styling. far right. haha no la.. this is the image for a tv commercial for some asia 'call for entry tv ad award' thingy. super low budget, so he was pulled in to be one of the talents. it is aired in singapore he said.

Friday, August 03, 2007

whats going on

hi guys, you might be wondering what is kyurii up to these days. well this morning, i went out buying, mmm quite happy with my morning harvest. we really cant wait to launch them! earlier in the week, i was working on the design of some stationery for kyurii, talking to some people about doing a proper website and last but not least, of coz i have been replying your emails. i must say that i am beginning to get the hang of it and am enjoying getting to know our customers. next week, i should start shooting the new autumn collection, and really, try to shoot as much clothes as i can. Becos my next trip back to singapore will be at least 2 weeks, which means no shooting and buying can be done. ok right now i am going to update my stocklists then go through all the clothes, and finalised the different items for the upcoming themes. ok you have a great weekend!

today kimi is 1 week old la!

kimi suntanning, looking like a little silk worm. or popiah, or mummy, or sushi roll, or.... dragon beard candy (龍鬚糖) see photo below. mommy leekeng, you can take jokes hor? haha.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


i decided to take up yoga again, this time at pure yoga. 2 days ago, i went for the trial lesson. i love it. i love the scent of the room, i love the new age language the instructor used, 'surrender to the divine in you' 'inhale the love and positive energy, and exhale the burden, emotional and financial' 'feel your center, be your center, let it shine through', 'honour your body' etc. his voice is calm and soft but powerful. there is just so much noise, reasoning, clutter, judgements, preconceptions, worries, conditioning, fear surrounding (or rather suffocating) us, we really need to take the initiative to find some quiet time, and get a taste of our center (or soul, same thing i am talking about). i read somewhere, that to reach your center, its like peeling an onion, layer by layer until you get to the core. and thats where we find peace. the peace will guide us towards our true path, towards who we are meant to be. next week, i shall start on my twice-a- week yoga regimen. now i shall end this blog with a 'ommmmmmmmmm'. Namaste.
p.s. there are a couple of meanings for namaste - 'i honor the place in you in which the entire Universe dwells', 'i bow to the divine within you' or 'I honor the place in you which is of love, of truth, of light and of peace'.