Monday, May 31, 2010


OOPS! hi girls! haha the SALE STARTS TODAY! i just got an email from leekeng! not tomorrow, sorry! aiya always launch on tues ma.. plus my memory failing.. haha.. OK OK so GO NOW TO KYURII.COM!!!
quick quick!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

kyurii announcement

hello girls! happy sunday! we are currently preparing for our BIG MID YEAR SALE! it will start this coming tues! please stay tuned for the latest news. thank you. have a great sunday!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

my first mani stone!

yeah i just painted my first mani stone! i think its not too bad, my first attempt at tibetan script... yeah make a nice paper weight. so happy!

shopping for pebbles

hello girls hows your weekend so far? i just got home, drenched! haha purified! the rain finally came! i feel so happy walking in the rain back home carrying a bag of stones! so heavy. haha.. after brunch today, margie and i went hiking to the other side of lamma, and on our way back to yung shue wan village, we stopped by power station beach to look at the pebbles and stones, and we end up bringing home a bag of stones each! hee.... one really looks like a ciabatta bread with one side flat! i want to paint some mantra like 'om mani padme hum' on the stones and get them blessed. mani stones make nice gifts. oh but i must make sure the tibetan letters are written correctly. haha... ok i go wash the pebbles now! talk soon.

Backorders available!

hello girls! yeah i am preparing to go back to school while leekeng is preparing for delivery. she just told me her hospital bag is already packed, haha but my school bag is not packed yet. haha.. well, that means we will be having a break soon, tentatively we have decided for it to start from 15 June till 15 July. no launch during this time but hopefully i find a nice room to rent with good stable internet then in kathmandu becos i would like to be filling you up with my life there! yes!

ok today i went to get extra stocks for these items! both black and white are sold out earlier but now available!

also this ribbed top, backorder for the white one is now available!

black one selling fast..

today i find myself asking the question, SHALL I CUT MY FRINGE? again haha.... oh i am getting more excited about going back. this trip i need to bring more day to day stuff, like my own bedsheet, so tempted to bring my fav pillow too, my fav cup, things that would make me feel more at home. this time i am going to find a room to rent for a year at least, to save costs (guesthouses are too expensive on the long run) then i can bring over more stuff and chuck them there. hee... create another home in kathmandu. i also plan to stay with my friend's amala (mom in tibetan) in pharping (in the mountain) whenever i am free to really do a retreat. i think a silent retreat probably, with lots of sign language. haha becos she is tibetan and my tibetan is hopeless still. but maybe once i start staying with the locals, there will be a miracle! oh i am excited about setting up another base camp in nepal. i am definitely neglecting the one in singapore lately. haha..

anyhow. i am planning to leave 8th june and start school on the 10th. therefore this coming week is all work for me! counting down.. ok goodnite girls. sim ja nang! (means sleep comfortably in tibetan).

oops sorry i forgot to mention that all the jumpsuits that are sold out are completely sold out here too. so we are not able to get any more backorders. thank you.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

nirvana day

hello girls, today (for tibetans) or tomorrow (for some south east asian countries) we celebrate the birth, death and enlightenment of Buddha. informally, it is called the 'Buddha's birthday' but it actually encompasses the birth, enlightenment and passing away (parinirvana in sanskrit, which means the final nirvana, which occurs upon the death of the body of someone who has attained complete awakening). here, we called it vesak (in sinhalese language, sanskrit is 'vaisakha'), tibetan call it 'saga dawa', japanese call it 'hanamatsuri' (花祭), and 'Buddha Purnima' in india, nepal and bangladesh. anyway all the same. but the dates varies according to the different calendars.

what happened today about 2500 years ago, in 483 BCE (before common era)...

''Forty-five years had passed since the Lord Buddha's enlightenment, and the Blessed One was 80 years old. He and his monks were staying in the village of Beluvagamaka (or Beluva), which was near the present-day city of Basrah, Bihar state, northeast India. It was the time of the monsoon rains retreat, when the Buddha and his disciples stopped traveling.

One day the Buddha asked the monks to leave and find other places to stay during the monsoon. He would remain in Beluvagamaka with only his cousin and companion, Ananda. After the monks had left, Ananda could see that his master was ill...... '' read the whole story

hopefully in future, i can make a thangka accounting this significant day.

"All composite things pass away. Strive for your own liberation with diligence." - Buddha's last words.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

dearest pak pak and his lettuces

oh girls i just got back from the village, i am so happy! finally the lettuce that i have been waiting and waiting for... they are harvested! and i just bought some from 'pak pak'. guess what... it takes almost a month for lettuce to grow till they can be harvested. for so many weeks i have seen the little lettuces growing and growing... and if i see 'pak pak' i will ask him if they are ready.. each time he would say 'no ar... it takes almost a month ga.' with utmost patience. every time i go out to the city, i have to pass by the farm and each time, the lettuces grow bigger and bigger and look juicer and juicer.... this is taken 2 weeks ago.
last few days i also bought lettuce from the supermarket, i just wash them and ate them. but this evening, i really look at every piece of the leaves as i rinse them, with total appreciation and awareness (hey i am not exaggerating here. i seriously paid them my fullest attention.) they look gorgeous (they actually are more curvy. haha) oh how true they say when you have to wait for something, you appreciate them more.

oh thank you pak pak, for continuing to farm which allow us fortunate people in lamma to buy fresh vege straight from the farm. and also, to have the opportunity to watch them grow.

this little experience i had with the lettuces coincide with a book i am reading now 'true perception - the path of the dharma art' by chogyam trungpa rinpoche.
' people have to realize how things are made and produced, how they happen to be so beautiful, so lovely. once something is at its best, its fruition, we tend to neglect that.... whether you are the greatest artist who has already made your name and made a good contribution to the world, or at the beginning's level, we have to realize how difficult it is to start the whole thing. we have to work with the ground, path and fruition levels together..... we have to have some respect for the people who work hard on such situations. we cannot simply say 'things are fine, convenient, therefore i might as well take advantage of it, as long as i have money.''

this also made me think of producing a thangka drawing. esp in the old days where colours have to be grinded from stones or greenery or minerals. like in the book says 'before you get into your fancy work as artists, you have to know the pain and the misery or maybe deny it, that is involved in producing such a work of art.'

now the process is already made easy (at least we dun have to grind stones) but still, whenever i think of having to go through the procedures of treating the piece of cotton (it takes 2 days) before we can paint on it, it gives me headaches. i really think why cant someone come up with 'ready made treated cotton already handsewn onto that bamboo frame' for me to straightaway start my painting. hahaha... you know like one of those mounted canvas thing you can get straight from an art shop. 'i have money i can buy it!' but so sorry it is not available. haha.. you have to do it step by step on your own... woah!
oh great i found a picture of jerome preparing the cotton. it still needs to sit under the sun before progressing to the next step. i know my patience would be truly tested in the years to come..
so now i will always be reminded of pak pak's hard work whenever i come across moments when i get frustrated on the long tedious process of producing thangka (which i am sure there will be plenty).

living in the 21st century a world of conveniences, lets learn to appreciate how things we already took for granted, the simplest things still do take a lot of work to be produced. like toilet paper or like toothbrush. the bristles.. oh my gosh... i dun even know where to start with that. towel from the sheep.. omg..

ok dearest lettuce, i am going to eat you with gratitude tonight and will make a special dedication before dinner later.

NEW IN!!!!!!!

hello girls good morning!!!! how is everyone? here is the lovely cardigan, oh i hope you like it too. thumbs up up up!

which do you like better? white one can go with black stuff... here is the small sling bag. i think it will look really cool with a pair of worn out denim shorts and a tee, complete with shades and sandals. this week, we are having some fun with playsuits and jumpsuits. its fun to dress them up. like with a corset belt, under a jacket, over a tank top. i really like how this black tank top turns out with the floral playsuit! i also like our earlier cropped jacket over it. you may also try a black ankle legngth legging under the playsuit on a cooler day, with a wide belt. sweep your hair into a neat ponytail. go for a smart sleek look, oh yes dun forget to accessorize with that sling bag! and with black ballerina pumps i like. and also bring along a little cropped tailored jacket. haha.. ok can you visualise it? this other playsuit also surprised me. i was thinking to buy or not, i really like the fabric and the pattern. then my supplier kept telling me its doing so well i have to get it. haha... i quite thinking if you girls will like it. i think i must have stayed in the shop for a while, becos she went off to buy her lunch and when she was back, i was still there trying to decide.. hehe... and she laughed at me. so in the end, i got it. also becos another buyer came and ask for extra stocks for this jumpsuit. haha... for a change, its nice! if not its always tops and bottoms.. gets a little boring at times. and i love this one too! ok black one. nice and sexy yah.. bare back... haha... and also this one! LOVE! its like the harem pants.. actually it is. but i wore it as a tube harem dress i call it. i am going to bring this to nepal with me! but i wont wear it like this, it would be a distraction to the monks in school.. hahaha... maybe over a tank top or t-shirt, yes. we also included 2 basic ribbed tanks with a little something (then you dun have to think of how to accessorize! good for lazy people like me at times). these items are flexible to go with your skinnies or you can also wear them for work. we like items like these, totally practical.
hm goes so well with the black zigzag cardigan! haha sorry but i really think so. and with a pair of skinny. thats what i like to be in! hehe.. very me! very the 'me' in the city. not at all the 'me' in developing countries.. haha... i have 2 sides! oh... tibetan chuba and skinny jeans.
hahaha funny.. when i see myself in chuba now. so feminine... haha. ok one more jumpsuit. a sweet one in brown. this one is also nice. try it! wear something you wouldnt normally wear and discover a new side of yourself! have fun at WWW.KYURII.COM ok i am going to do my laundry and then get some groceries at the village and enjoy a great sunny day here on lamma. prayer flags flying, butterflies dancing, the frangipani flowers blooming!
have a beautiful day and week ahead girls. hugs to you!

Monday, May 24, 2010

This Week lets jump and play!

this playsuit can also double as a pair of wide culottes too. you will see it on the photos when they are up. the black tank top which i wore here is also one of our new items this week. look out for it too.
i love this sexy black jumpsuit. its very well made! and try out the printed jumpsuit, i like to dress it up a little by having a little tailored cardigan (or bolero) over it. matched with heels. and yes i found a nice small quilted sling bag! a black one. look out for all of them. i am working on the layouts now, hopefully i can finish them by tonite. and be up tomorrow morning.

stay tuned on WWW.KYURII.COM for these new arrivals plus that cardigan i wore earlier. highly recommended item! ok talk soon.

woohoo! i feel my energy again!

hello girls! i just finished shooting. oh today i really feel what clothes can do to a person... haha.. i have been so lazy to dress up for the past weeks actually. you know that 'just cant be bothered' feeling (dun feel like doing any things except read and sleep, thats for me).
i am sure all of us get that from time to time. this morning i literally had to pysche myself up to put some make up on (come on, get this done and then i can do my favourite things..) haha... and magic happens as i went along (psycho-ing myself)! very soon, i was looking into the mirror at my made up face and the playsuit i was wearing, thinking 'hm not bad, i look quite nice' (becos i was so not concerned with how i look lately that i kind of forgot how i look haha) and its true they say when you look good, you feel good! haha.. my energy for other things came back! hee....

i bought this cute memo pad last week. exactly how i feel today. haha... dozens of chubas (tibetan traditional dress) plus different clothes for different looks! a contented smile on my face, just like her...
and the shoot went really well with my favourite chants on! so what i learn today is, sometimes even though we feel so lazy to dress up, if we actually get past that feeling and really do it, it actually it can be very beneficial, it helps liven us up and give us the energy (which was somehow missing at that point in time). oh clothes and make up... how can a girl do without them (balanced with books and paint brushes for me). haha..

Sunday, May 23, 2010


hello girls how are you? i am finding it hard to get started on work becos my heart is yearning to be in nepal or dharamsala. to be near the friends and teachers over there. so much longing (that i am feeling a little sick sorethroat and running nose... maybe due to the weather and an overdose of buddhist philosophy..haha i am feeling fatigue) its been slightly more than a month since i got back from dharamsala (but it feels like a long time!!) i am happy here in hk but i long to go back.... my classmate just wrote to tell me school is starting 29 May. i may join anytime.

so i would either leave 8 June to nepal then maybe drop by dharamsala (northern india) in between. OR i will leave 18 june straight to dharamsala first then to kathmandu (becos jet airways has a promo on kathmandu via delhi and the food and service is sooooo good as compared to nepal airlines which i normally take to kathmandu) PLUS PLUS PLUS, the air stewards on jet look like dashing bollywood stars! tall, dark and handsome! haha... or maybe i was lucky to be served by very cute ones on my last flight hahahaa.... ok honestly they are really cute but it is not deciding factor to take jet airways for me la. haha...

Friday, May 21, 2010

What I Wear Today!

check out my new cardigan! hehe.... well it could also be your new cardigan too. i really like it. it looks good over a pair of jeans or denim shorts, or over a work dress. its truly a very flexible piece. very good in quality too. its coming up next week. 900-0419-010 ZIP FRONT DRESS WITH DETACHABLE STRAPS S$39
NOW S$29! (becos we are having our VIP SALE is going on!
its one of my favourite dress. i thought it would be sold out pretty fast but hm... funny. its very well made girls. please dont miss it. : )

someone walked by while i was taking this photo so i pretended to be adjusting my hair.. and my face was cropped off. i didnt want to take another one, so embarassing i think he knows i am taking my own photo. ar.... i have to live with this.... you know in this little village kind of living.. words do get around easily.. ar... : P

Monday, May 17, 2010


good morning girls! go now to WWW.KYURII.COM and check it out! thank you!

we would like to take this opportunity to say special thanks go out to juliet, lizhen, yingying, gladys,olympia, katherine, caijin, kachee, nora,melanie, natalie, karen, deborah, pei pei,nicole, avril, adeline, huishi, ain, siling,bella, lye hoon, yvonne, dana, pamela, joanne, and i am sure there are some names which we may forget to mention here (please forgive us), thank you all for your continuous support and kindness. some of you since the day we started.

special thanks to jiahui, who is our customer-turned-kyurii family member who has been helping us so much with our flea market and also day to day work. thank you so very much.

oh i feel i just concluded my oscar thank you speech. hahaha...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kyurii 4th Anniversary VIP SALE!

hi girls, how are you? on a sunday night.. this weekend seems to fly. ok heres some announcement:
can you believe it... sometimes i cant. haha.. time flies! we started in may 2006. oh sometimes when i look at my posts then, it feels like i am reading about my past life or something. haha.. it has been am very enjoyable 4 years. SO WE ARE HAVING A SPECIAL VIP SALE this coming tuesday as a little way to say a big:

THANK YOU TO EACH ONE OF YOU, SO VERY MUCH for the love and support we have always received from you.

there are times which have been difficult (especially this year when the prices for everything has increased significantly; our business has been affected and we have both cut our salary to a bare basic but we are still happy) and also with me starting the thangka school and leekeng with her second child coming in june, sometimes we feel we do not know how to manage... and honestly, we have to admit we are not very good business people we realised. haha... i think with 4 years, there are many others who will be doing so much better than we are. but nonetheless, we hope to continue to try our best to serve you well. kyurii is still around only because of you. you girls are the driving force.
sending you love... i saw this leaf vine hanging down right in the middle of the path as i was rushing for the ferry. so sweet.. brighten my day. also reminds me to always have loving kindness in our hearts (especially in hard times), with a kind heart, comes the inner strength that is needed to deal with any difficulty.
OK so look out for the announcement email from miss kyurii on this VIP SALE sometime tomorrow. we have specially made some of our newer items (this month and last month) on sale for you this time! ok thank you again. sweet dreams.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Items updates!

hi girls, i went out yesterday to try to get extra stocks for this lace dress. sorry all sold out. both grey and black.
also, i checked on this broderie lace dress. also no more stocks. so hurry! this is the LAST PIECE left! this sweet dress which i love, also LAST PIECE left! dont miss becos stocks are going really fast lately over here. this one also LAST PIECE left! grab.. haha.. oh i was just told this girl blush tee also sold out, please EMAIL LEEKENG if you would like one! thank you. its friday! i know many of you are probably waiting for this day! it has been quite an exhausting week for me as well. my mind is being torn apart thinking and studying on the 3 books (a collection of Padmasambhava's advice to Yeshe Tsogyal) i just bought. i cant stop reading. i am deeply and positively stirred by what is written inside, which gave rise to many sleepless nights and finally last nite i gave in, and decided to write to teacher to ask for guidance. haha.. one of my fav past times is investigating these buddhist concepts using my own experiences (or what i hear from people around us). in this way, it gives me full conviction of how life works from a buddhist's point of view of coz. currently i am in the midst of trying to prove 'life is illusory' to myself. tough one. haha.. might sound a little boring to some of you. sorry. anyway. oh i am actually feeling a little fatigue right now as i write.. i need to just let my mind rest...

have a great weekend ahead! hugs! WWW.KYURII.COM goodies coming for our dear loyal customers. we will announce this weekend! please stay tuned ok... talk soon.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What I Wear Today!

went to the post office to post some stuff to meifang. haha.. vain.. i wore my turquiose dangling earrrings (normally only worn with the tibetan dress).
900-0321-010 WIDE WEAVED LEATHER BELT / BROWN S$14.50! we got in extra stocks for those who emailed us about it. you can get it directly from the website now. thank you.


898-0514-110 LACE DRAPE NECK SLEEVELESS PENCIL SHIFT DRESS / GREY (SOLD OUT) S$39. sorry both are sold out. pls email leekeng if you really want one. we will see what we can do.
898-0511-010 CHECKED ASYMMETRIC HEM FLARE SKIRT / PURPLE S$36! last few pcs left..
898-0513-010 BLUSH GIRL PRINT SHORT SLEEVE TEE / BLACK S$26! last piece! please email leekeng if you cant get hold of it. thank you!
898-0512-010 SAFETY PIN PRINT DROP WAIST TUNIC / LIGHT GREY S$32! going fast..
S$39! few pcs left... goes well with the belt! i think.. haha...
898-0509-010 LEATHER RUFFLE BELT WITH ELASTIC BACK / BLACK S$14.90! leekeng said its selling very fast!!! haha! 898-0508-010 LACE UP CORSET BELT WITH SNAP BUTTON FASTENING BEHIND / BLACK
S$14.90! leekeng also said its selling very fast!!! honestly i really like the 2 belts. they are very well made, at S14.90 its a steal! hard sell also must say! hee...