Thursday, September 24, 2009

just another ferry ride

good morning girls! how are you all doing on a thursday morning? getting ready for the weekend. i am staying in lamma whole day to work. rachel is coming in later. we are going to see the sunset and have dinner together.

yesterday i went to the consulate of india to get my visa done, but haha it wasnt successful. you know before i go, i kind of have this feeling becos of past experience. i never get such things done in one trip (the last time i forgot to bring my passport, yes i can be absent minded). but this time i thought i got everything, 2 photos and the passport. i even read through the website to be sure (this to me, is considered an extra step). but guess what? when i got there, wow nice no queue. i went in. the 5 indian staff were behind the counter chatting happily among themselves. nice energy. i asked them about tourist visa. they told me 'come back tomorrow. we close at 12noon. now its 12:15.' WOAH!!!!! i forgot to check the hours. argh...

whenever it comes to doing stuff like that, i duno what to call them, stuff like applying for something, filling up forms, reading through manuals. i just cant do these things. i am a mess.

anyway i love the relaxed manner of the staff. they told me with a big smile 'it can be done in a day so no rush, you can go back next week.' (no wonder the indians are the happiest people around). yes they are right. no rush. no big deal. its just another trip to the consulate. just another ferry ride.

i smiled to the man said thanks and walked off leisurely to have coffee with miranda and rachel.


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