Wednesday, January 26, 2011

something to invoke in-depth thinking

''Most of us are afraid to be alone. Do we ever go out for a walk alone? Very rarely. We always want somebody to go with us because we want to chatter, we want to tell somebody a story, we are all the time talking, talking, talking; so we are never alone, are we? When one grows older and can go for a walk alone, one discovers a great many things. One discovers one's own ways of thinking, and then one begins to observe all the things about one - the beggar, the stupid man, the clever man, the rich and the poor; one becomes aware of the trees, the birds, the light on a leaf. You will see all this when you go out alone. In being alone you will soon find out that you are afraid. And it is because we are afraid that we have invented this thing called religion.... '' read more

i used to read a lot on j.krishnamurti. and guess what? yesterday my teacher emailed to say that he will be giving a talk on 'J. Krishnamurti:You are the World. Education and Secular Ethics at Delhi University on the 9 and 10Mar. i am thrilled... i wonder if he will be speaking from buddhist point of view or in a non-secular way. anyway i really look forward to attending.

i remembered how i was exploring on my own spiritual path vigorously (especially in the last 3 years). and in 2009, i narrowed my search (of zhuang zi tao-ism to hinduism to jainism to carl jung to darwin to osho to sri ramana maharshi) down to the final two: J.Krishnamurti (no religion) and HH Dalai Lama (tibetan buddhism) as the last 2 contenders to take me on the journey. haha..... so it would be extremely interesting for me to listen to Geshe-la speak on J.Krishnamurti.

this is taken during the last night of the Kagyu Monlam, light offering. it was exceptionally moving chanting with so many people from all over the world. may the light of wisdom be instilled in all sentient beings.


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