Wednesday, August 30, 2006

KYURII NEWS: September sneak preview!

good morning guys! i can't wait to share with you what we have for this month! for september, we are really into 'layering'. we feature many pieces suitable for 'layering' in this hot weather, and some bubble sleeves blouses! we also included a short denim skirt with suspenders (we are not sure how suspenders are doing in singapore, but they are hot and we love them!) as for jackets, this time, its a slightly military-influenced one or napoleonic as some call it.
alright now here's a sneak preview of the clothes for you. clothes will be up on this sunday! take a look!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


i am trying to get my mind off the bags... and my dearest fren, christine has been showing me more MJ bags online this afternoon! ah!! and saying that she is not trying to tempt me. and added that if i really want to get one, then i should get the MJ one! its hot hot hot! argh.... she is definitely making me even more tempted. but the good thing is, i can't find a MJ stam hobo anywhere in hk. heard that its sold out and people are on waiting list for that bag. my goodness! just like the hermes birkin bag. how crazy can things get in hk!! we
anyway. before i go home today, just want to share with you guys one more article from vogue uk sep, about wearing gold! i have come to love gold. more specifically, pale gold. i like splashes of gold over a small area. like some gold on a white-top, a gold belt, gold sandals, pale gold nails, gold earrings, i bought gold eye shadow (but dun think i look good with it), a little golden dress would be cool too! (like the one in the middle of the picture below)!

Monday, August 28, 2006

bags bags bags is all i have in my mind...

i am thinking of getting a bag for myself.. and i have been thinking about it whole weekend!! it could be the perfect birthday present for myself! (hahaha what a good excuse to splurge!) this year i am thinking between a chloe (edith or paddington) and a marc jacobs (stam hobo). i went to shop during lunch today, looking at chloe bags at some second hand designer bags shops here, and also to lane crawford to look at the latest brand new ones. after work tonight, i am going to take another look. i still have a month or so to decide...... becos its damn expensive.
the top one is a chloe paddington in metallic black, and the bottom one is a marc jacobs stam hobo (named after model jessica stam) but i am thinking of a black one.

Friday, August 25, 2006

what a week...

finally weekend is here... even though i will be working on kyurii. but still, i am happy its the weekend. this week has been a mad rush for my advertising work as well as for kyurii. as leekeng and i will be on a buying trip tomorrow, this week was spent on getting ready our next batch of clothes, which should be up on the 4th september! so please dun spend all your money before looking at our stuff! haha just kidding! ok i hope you all have a great and interesting weekend ahead! see you guys next week! : ) have fun!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

random shots

kym chasing dogs in causeway bay
i love how this photo of gemma ward (i took outside the ck shop) turns out to be. love the colours!
we love sushi!

kyo wa mokuyobi desu (today is thursday)

konichiwa! tonight i have japanese lesson. looking forward to it as i missed classes for the past two weeks. yube no ban gohan wa sushi o tabemashita. oishii neh! (last nite i had sushi for dinner) before dinner, kym and i walked round causeway bay, as after we take a ticket, we have to wait for our turn and its always a long long queue at that very popular sushi place. we went to I.T. to window shop and we discovered that they have brought in 'mercibeaucoup', the new label of one of our favourite japanese designers, eri utsugi (which i had written about on 27 june). she used to be the designer behind 'frapbois'. i saw something that i quite like, a wide collar top with a cute illustration of a tiger in front. ah....... but its really expensive. i found a picture of the top, circled it in the picture below!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

free for now!

hi guys! woohoo! i just handed in some ideas for a copier machine project! argh.. which i absolutely have no feeling towards. i can take a break for a while now! yippee!
you know i did these montages like last week but didnt have time to upload them. i really like this loose baggy volumy (is there such a word? dun think so. haha) upper body with slim legs silhouette. i love these mini dresses (or long wide tops). they look so comfortable and flowy!
however nowadays i just duno what to wear sometimes. its a transition period, a wierd one. as the weather is still hot, yet the autumn trends are emmerging. its likke you are dying to get into the autumn clothes, but it seems really impractical. but there are people who started wearing their boots already. i still prefer to be in my flip-flops. even though i cant wait to wear my hand warmers which i bought from tokyo though! haha! but i have to wait much longer. the weather will only get cooler in november which is still 3 months away! sigh.. long wait. for now i think i will stick to my baggy mid-sleeves tops, with short skirts or leggings or skinny jeans. and also my favourite one-pieces!
enjoy these photos (all from

please double click to see it larger.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

no problems anymore

yippee! i found out that safari is not really friendly to so now i have changed to firefox and i have no more problems uploading photos!! happy! ok i shall write more tomorrow. rushing off some projects now!

no photos..

i am not able to upload any photos on my blog! today and yesterday.. this is getting frustrating!! am still trying to figure out why! : (

Friday, August 18, 2006

Dare to wear red!!

here's another article to share with you from sep vogue uk. i love red! especially red shoes and red accessories, and also a cute red bag! however this year, my love for red has expanded to red skirts or tops, i like it best when its combined with colours like white or black, creating a very graphic look. and i always magically feel more energetic and bolder whenever i wear red!
when i saw this article, i am really ecstatic! we are offering some cool items in red at kyurii now!! well.. i am happy becos our clothes are in tune with the latest trends. it means a lot to us to make sure our clothes keep pace with the happening trends. one of our objectives is to bring you the latest styling and looks in fashion based on what's going on internationally. even though singapore doesn't have four seasons, we still hope to talk about the seasonal trends (as we believe we can always intepret the fall trends into our summer clothes!) alright enjoy the article and have a nice weekend ahead!!

seasons change

was reading the sep issue of vogue uk before bed last nite, came across some very good information. its about the transformation of last season's looks. take a look!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


last nite i watched 'pirates: the deadman's chest' dvd last nite at kym's house, so that tonite we can go to the cinema to watch the sequel! i love johny depp's black eye line look!
sakaru (skull in japanese) is big in fashion. in japan the trend has been around since early this year, and according to some japanese fashion magazines, the trend has transformed from an obvious skull to now a more subtle one. the subdued skulls could be formed by patterns, it could be abstract skull, the point is not to let your eye see the skull at first sight. very interesting how an icon transformed in trends. we came to know this from masami sensei (our japanese teacher) who has kindly read up some fashion magazines and translated for us. i have been trying to see if i can find some cool sakaru tank tops in hk, but so far, nothing. not cool enough.
this is what i mean by a subtle sakaru
kym's sakaru collection
number nine sakaru chains ok back to work now.

play play play suit

good morning everyone!! been busy yesterday and would be this week i think. brainstorming on a global launch for a japanese brand rechargeable battery. hopefully everything goes well this time. on the last round, all the ideas were killed by the CEO in osaka.
anyway. i am wearing the camourflage dungaree dress today with a t-shirt. i am really into playsuits this summer. haha i think for most of the playsuits or overall or dungaress dresses (whatever you want to call them) i bought for kyurii, i took one set for myself too!!

Friday, August 11, 2006


weekend again! one of the things i love most about weekends is that i get to source for clothes!! i love the process of looking and selecting and finding great looking clothes and then upload them on kyurii wardrobe! tomorrow i am looking forward to some great buys! better make sure i have a big breakfast before all that walking and searching and then carrying the clothes back. i am developing muscles on my arms! haha. i seriously hope it doesn't rain tomorrow. alright i hope you guys have a great weekend ahead too!

the leopard is back!

last winter we saw leopard print too. and they are back again this year. personally i am not crazy over leopard prints. i like to be trendy but to just follow the trends blindly is not appropriate. there are styles which is just not me. i can accept a small leopard print bag, or shoes, or a belt. just a splash will do, definitely not the entire top or pants! a little too overwhelming for me. i much prefer zebra print - black n white, grey n white, like those i bought for kyurii this month. they are more subtle. i feel much more comfortable in them! i kept one set for myself! love them!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

typhoon trio

its now typhoon signal no. 1 in hk now. i am going to take a break from fashion related stuff and blog about typhoons today. : ) there is currently a typhoon trio across the pacific ocean. typhoon bopha, typhoon maria and typhoon saomai (which is vietnamese for the planet 'venus'). i love these names! haha. it makes these typhoons feel so human-like. typhoon bopha which is nearest to hk, is weakening now (i was hoping for a signal no.8 to be hoisted then we don't have to go to work and have to stay indoors). bopha continues its way towards taiwan.
ah! kym is going to taiwan for work tonight. in taiwan now, they are worried about typhoon saomai which is a supertyphoon, category 5 storm, with maximum sustained winds of 256 kilometers per hour and gusts to 312 kilometers per hour. it might follow the path of bopha and could develop into a rare occurrence of a twin typhoon. the forecast said if their paths meet, there might be severe damage caused. mm.... scary. here's an aerial image taken by the NASA's aqua satellite. enjoy!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

barbie cake for you.


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

bought 3 pairs of shoes last week!

last saturday night, i went to mongkok. i seldom go to kowloon side (i live on hong kong island side). mongkok is always packed with young locals and tourists! but everytime if i go, i would drop by 'siu man' building where there are many toy shops (but of course not to buy toys). there are two cheap shoe shops at the ground floor of the building, which sometimes offer nice shoes! i got myself 2 pairs (the silver open-toe and the white ruffle one)! the black open-toe one, i got it at causeway bay plaza (another option to get cheap shoes if you are in causeway bay) during lunch time last friday! haha! the material is not fantastic, therefore usually after 6 months you feel they start to wear out. but by then, i would have bought other cheap trendy shoes to replace them.
i see cheap shoes in far east plaza too, but i think the range is not as varied. the styles here changes very quickly according to the trends in japan. singapore is slower. if you guys happen to be in hong kong and would like to know the exact address of these shops, email me.
i am wearing this pair of white ruffles today, they also have a gold one which also looks good.

Monday, August 07, 2006

good and bad news

last saturday, i went to search for that 'overall capri pants' again, but to no avail (sorry to those who wanted to get it). i dun think there will be any more stock for that piece. the clothes come in so quickly and at the same time, run out quickly too. but to my surprise, i found more stock for the 'flutter sleeve bohemian blouse'!! i was so happy when i saw that! but guess what.. the lady said only 4 pieces left. so i took the last 4 pieces, 2 beige and 2 white. oh well.. better than none i guess. for those who didn't manage to get this piece the last time, you can drop leekeng an email, we would be glad to reserve it for you. clothes will arrive tomorrow. thanks!

KYURII NEWS: August part 2 is out!

good morning! how is everyone doing? some of the clothes for our second selection have arrived! and are already on yahoo and ebay auctions. when buying for this selection, i found many clothes with the the 'bubble' effect! THE BUBBLE is one of the trend coming in fall, which we personally adore!! (to find out more, please go to: ) i got 6 items from this selection myself! haha. take a look!

Friday, August 04, 2006

typhoon signal no.3 still....

today i want to share some wonderfully shot and art-directed A/W fashion editorials from elle. love all the clothes and styling!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

marc by marc jacobs A/W 2006 collection

its typhoon no.3 now in hong kong. there is like signal 1, 3, and 8. if it gets to no.8, we don't have to go to work and must stay indoor. out of the 6 years i have been here, i think i only experienced typhoon no.8 three times. the wind was extremely strong this morning as i came into work. died down now.. but its dark and grey. just like the fall collection i have been browsing through. my second favourite A/W collection is marc by marc jacobs. personally i think its the best out of his three labels. his other two collections are louis vuitton (he is the creative dircetor behind LV) and marc jacobs. attached here is some of the stuff i like from marc by marc jacobs A/W 2006. take a look! all photos are from the man behind the collection.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

kym's journey in search of a fashion store in tokyo

i was going through the photos we took in tokyo.. i remember this particular afternoon very well becos we spent almost an hour walking to the shop. all the way from shibuya to daikanyama. up and down bridges, passing interesting places. many of these brands are so low profile about their shop location. they are so obscure. almost hidden from public. this shop that we are heading to, is call Pledge (mens clothes). its located beside a tofu shop, somewhere in the middle of a residential neghbourhood. here we go!! i hope you can see the captions on the photos.


tsukarete (meaning tired in japanese). just finished a print shoot for my client. from 8am till midnight. shot a ferrari, a porsche and one 'ang moh' ('gwei lo' in cantonese) male model from brazil. will show you some photos tmr. now i need to sleep.... tomorrow morning i need to send the next batch of clothes to singapore. we hope to get this batch up by early next week!
to veron, i read your email to leekeng, thank you for your support. i hope i am doing justice to the clothes. haha sometimes i worry that the clothes are not being presented well. and oh don't worry too much about your weight ok? i am sure you will be alright after giving birth! my friend who was also 45kg before, got back to 50kg quite quickly after birth, no worries! take care! ok really must sleep now... write more tomorrow.
4:04pm: i just uploaded these photos of my shoot. my first time shooting cars.
took some photos around the huge studio while waiting for lighting crew to fine tune the lights. it took us about 4 hours to complete all lighting for one car. meticulous job to get every part of the reflection and highlight area of the car right. but good experience. rare chance to be able to shoot cars, especially very expensive ferrari and porsche. we were so worried when the model had to lie on top of the car, that he would scratch the car. we would not be able to afford to pay for any damage! so all buttons on his clothes had to be covered with tape, and be removed only when his position is right. shoes too have to be worn only when he is up there. i got the lucky job of wearing his shoes for him (mm not sure if its lucky.. its my first time wearing shoes for a man! ) my producer got a better job, she got to hold on to his legs to adjust him to exaactly the right position. haha!