Sunday, September 27, 2009

the sun shines on everyone!

hey girls, how are you? i am in the midst of doing the layouts. children's day is round the corner, also with our pre-children's day sale, i thought it would be nice to share this beautiful song with you 'the sun shines on everyone' by snatam kaur, with beautiful images and voices of children.

i think they should teach this song in school. haha.. but in our crazy society, they may not like it with the 'ram ram hari ram' at the back, associating it with hinduism. (ram means god-like or god or supreme in sanskrit). haha dun see anything wrong with it though. i like it. i like diversity. i love the simple lines of the song, or rather the profound truth of it. 'when the sun shines, it shines on everyone. it doesnt make choices.' think about how many times we are selective in our wishes. we ought to share these spiritual topics with the kids when they are young (well as best as we could, becos we are also still learning ourselves. haha) imagine how much lesser work they need to do when they are adults if they receive strong, steady fundamental teachings as kids... oh you know sometimes i wish there is an revolution to the educational system. oh well.. i would definitely sing this to my kids. but for now, i shall sing it to my cats. hahaha!

'when the sun shines, it shines on everyone. it doesnt make choices.
when it rains, it rains on everyone. it doesnt make choices.
the one spirit lives in everyone. it doesnt make choices.
and we pray, we pray for everyone.
yes we pray, we pray for everyone.
we pray, we pray for everyone. we dont make choices.'

isnt it beautiful? absolutely uplifting. you just smile when you sing this, dont you? at the next bhajan, if i were to lead a chant, i shall do this one.

oh last fri kirtan was great. singing out peace and love from your heart, sending out well wishes to people you love, with a group of people is truly powerful. the collective energy is amazing. we are encouraged to take a moment to remain silent with closed eyes like in meditation after a chant, and feel your heart space. and from that space in your HEART, the clearest knowingness takes place. no confusion. no fear. no doubts at all. the mind and thoughts have absolutely no control over us. its a beautiful silence of gratitude that excludes nothing. all inclusive, it doesnt make choices.

p.s. girls, when we have a kyurii office, we have to do a kirtan together!! those with kids, bring them along! i remember there was one kirtan i went to, a caucasian mom brought her 3yo daughter along and she was dancing on her own when we sang. it was such a beautiful sight. ok next trip i am home, i have to teach little kimi how to chant. haha!


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