Sunday, September 20, 2009

bits and pieces of today

i was chopping up some of the left over ingredients from last nite pasta to make another vege pasta for lunch today. i didnt arranged this for photography.. after i am done with the cutting up, i looked. and realized how pretty everything looks. so i decide to take a shot of it. the basil and rosemary are from the organic farm in lamma. i bought them last weekend. they are growing well in my kitchen. b&w really loves it on the roof. i like how the pink from the slippers and pillowcase echoed each other. didnt planned that too. pink and beige and green and brown.. i like this combination.
b&w has to be black and white. he really loves the sun.
viola! but a bit too salty. i am not very good when it comes to estimation, i can never tell how much salt to put, its either too bland or too salty. and i dun like too taste the food when i am cooking. i like intuitive cooking. haha.. practice makes perfect i guess.


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