Friday, January 29, 2010

Hello our dear readers

Good morning gals, This is leekeng writing. I believe Suyin hasn't got a chance to get onto the WIFI yet and hence have not been able to blog. Spoke to her 2 nites ago and she has started her painting class already.

If you're wondering what's coming up for Kyurii next, we're still having another launch next week (probably on a Tue)before CNY. And Kyurii is gonna to be in Zouk Flea n Easy again on Feb 7! Will announce it again later on. I am now selecting the clothes for Zouk. As some of you know, those clothes that we bring to Zouk will be on great great discount. So if you want to get some good bargains, don't miss it out ok. I am also gonna choose some colourful stuffs to update at FirstDay for next week. Perhaps, I will post up some of the pictures so that if that is the item that you are looking for and you may want to try it on before u buy, you may just head down to Zouk or FirstDay.

The flu bug is on as my little Kimi has just recovered from fever, flu and cough and she has spread some of the virus to me : (. So gals, do take good care of yourself this period and drink more water and eat more fruits (suyin recommends Kiwi). I will keep reminding myself too. Have a good weekend!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

see you soon!

ok girls, the flight is 7pm tonite! will reach kathmandu in about 4 hrs time! this time i am bringing my laptop along, am going to attempt to get online. then i can blog as i go along! ok am going to log off now. talk soon! love to all....

this time, i hope to learn to draw at least a few more objects! haha. ok you girls take care too!

almost 90 days

good morning girls! how are you? i am more or less packed. 3 bags this time becos of the bulky winter clothes. remember to send in your order for the harem pants to leekeng and i will get it for you when i am in kathmandu.
tessy met his first dog (at close range) last sunday. tessy meets latte, the hyper active jack russel. latte means rest and relax tessy. they are so curious to check each other out yet so afraid. for a second or so, their noses nearly touched. the 2 other cats were so scared they went into hiding. it was a wonderful day last sunday. i am so happy i have such good friends, they are my ex-colleages (with their family) i met in hk 10 years ago! already.. time flies. cant believe i have been in hk for a decade. haha.. tessy and latte are still saring at each other.
off we go hiking! i am bringing these hk city people around lamma. haha.. and i realised they have not much stamina! haha too many elevators in the city. yes purple we all love purple! i am bringing my dark purple down jacket to nepal. they told me its about 5-8 degree morning and night. after the very stressful day, this is how tessy looks the next day. haha!
he sat on the mousepad for as long as i work! ah!!! and he refused to budge even though the mouse was moving around his bum.
he is not only my pet, he is my colleague at work. a wierd one who likes to stare at you when you work... creeps..

Monday, January 25, 2010

New arrivals this week! up!

good morning girls! NEW IN! up on now! ok let me go grab breakfast first (so hungry). you girls go take a look! be back shortly. have a great monday!! lots to tell you.. talk soon!

Friday, January 22, 2010

bodhgaya! next desired destination!

oh i love this video, oh reminds me so much of my travel adventure (esp that on the bike! haha dont tell my mom, leekeng)! after bodhgaya, then darjeeling next! maybe. my thangka art school is also at darjeeling (actually the principal is residing there, high up in the mountains drawing. how nice..) and senior students would go there to be really close to nature, in silence and paint.

those interested in traveling in india, you must watch the rest of 'MATT + NAT' travel videos. from mumbai to varanasi to goa to kerala to really energising! good vibes! oh i love that bollywood beat. it puts me in the mood of how i feel when i travel; open, free, hair blowing in the wind, totally surrendering to the unknown, doing things i have never done before, lots of laughter, mixed with surprise or shock of how things are done by a different culture, sadness, amazement, curiosity, touched, wonderment, bliss, longing for comfort and home, a wide diversity of emotions but all happening against a background of complete trust in the universe. oh i cant explain. you feel it in the videos. backpack, dirt and long bumpy rides on bad roads, i am ready to rock india this year! woohoo! haha... maybe just northern india first.

p.s oh i need to make photocopies of my passport. YES! I HAVE TO REMEMBER TO DO THIS.

another week!

today its grey. looks like it will rain anytime. work work work!

1. hot water bottle
2. passport photos for nepal visa
3. mini flask to boil water
4. 3-in-1 milo and coffee! yes!
5. all my painting materials, sketch book, text book
6. the cookies for them
7. ah torch!!! very important note to those who are interested to travel to nepal.

NOTE: in nepal, electric failure is part and parcel of every day life. oh and it comes without warning, anytime. at times for 20 mins, sometimes longer. one time, my friend was caught in a blackout in the shower. omg. thats the worst scenario. (touch wood) maybe i should bring 2 this time, one to carry around and 1 to put in the guesthouse. there was one time when i was in my room and the blackout came, but i couldnt even make my way to my bag to take my torch out. it was so dark. there are candles in the room, but i am not as skilled as the locals who can light a match in the dark. that reminds me maybe i should have some carrots for tea later with avocado dip. hopefully my night blindness would improve a bit this time. and also i have to practise my match-lighting skills, but who uses matchsticks nowadays!!! they do in nepal, and i duno why their matchsticks are so skinny and short. i am so scared to light them you know!

8. laptop, ipod, margie's mp3, cameras
9. enough contact lense solution to last a month (one of those hardest things to find in nepal or india, last trip the travel size bottle wasnt enough)

ok back to work. talk soon.

the sun is out! i went down to get groceries. what a lovely day, the village is noisy with the lunch crowd (a mix of tourists and workers who are fixing the water system throughout the island). very relaxed and happy atmosphere. i duno what to cook for lunch. headache. i got my carrot, just cut them up, am munching on them now. the carrot is so sweet! but i forgot to get the avocado. i am having them with plain yogurt (with a dash of sugar. i never like flavoured yogurt. i like the plain ones and add little honey to it). yum. i always have a strong liking for yogurt. the tibetans would call it curd ('sho' in tibetan). its one of their staple food. so you know i am very happy in nepal (lots of yogurt in nepalese/indian dishes too) and dharamsala, curd is everywhere. i have it with the curry, with naan bread, on top of pancakes (tibetan style) with bananas, drink it as lassi, as a dessert with fruits, as part of your main meal, anything!

i am definitely tibetan in one of my past lives. haha...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kyurii What I Wear Today!

warm day today here. time to put on some lighter colours. oh yes the flowers around lamma are beginning to bloom. it is pretty obvious as you walk around, you see splashes of pink and orange... lovely. KYU002-009 tiered cardigan
NEW 0111-010 stud trim skinny jeans

after working in the morning, i took the 1pm ferry out to the bank. then i asked margie to go shopping with me, to get some egg rolls and hk cookies as gifts for my tibetan friends in nepal. i took the 5:20pm ferry back. i never get tired of looking at the sky and the clouds. every day it is different. i am glad i had my camera with me today. you girls have a relaxing evening ahead. i need to go cook and then work. coz i have friends coming into lamma this sunday and then rachels coming again on mon to stay (for only a day with me, after that she can have the whole house and 3 cats to herself). that means i need to get all kyurii work done by this saturday and leave in peace and joy next tues! woohoo!!!!

JAN B special item!

hello good morning girls! OK this very comfortable 'terry towel' hoodie will be up for sale soon! leekeng should be uploading now. stay tuned. to answer some of your questions, its considered light weight, so great for any air-conditioned places, lecture halls and wherever. also great for a sporty look. it does somehow make one feel more lively! haha i am thinking if i should bring this to nepal, i quite like this oversized jacket with skinny jeans and ankle length converse look. but maybe its too thin for the 8 degree over there. oh ok leekeng just told me its up! NEW! 0117-101 grey terry hoodie
its of the same cutting as this black hoodie we launched earlier. then last week i saw them launch a new material so comfy! so... i bought them. haha. so 2 colours for you to choose from!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What I wore yesterday

0111-010 stud trim skinny jeans
the orange flowers at the background are so pretty and the banana trees...
yes we will launch this hoodie soon. thanks for asking.

p.s. lets all take a minute to pray for the people of haiti.
''... we should pray that this kind of natural and man-made disaster never happen again in this world or in any universe. We must pray that the thousands of people who lost their lives this time in Haiti, find peace and that those who are still in midst of being rescued or who are still trapped will be saved and reunited with their families and loved ones.''
- 12th tai situ rinpoche.

Kyurii What I Wear Today!

my favourite background (becos its most deserted) i dun want people to start talking about this crazy girl who goes round taking photo of herself (and at the roof). you know lamma is a small village, community living where everyone knows everyone. there is no secret. hahaha...

0109-210 white dog illustration cap-sleeve tee
0108-010 black acid wash skinny jeans
its super comfortable and snuggly. they hug your legs, very flattering! illusion of skinny legs haha..
0115-110 red sakura print recycle bag
something to brighten your overall outfit. : )

this morning i went out to get your backorders (backorders for the frilly chiffon blouse is now available), run some errands in the city get some stuff for the trip (like hot water bottle haha) then met up with eliza my good friend for coffee. i finally got to see her 6mth old baby boy (her family is stationed in beijing). oh he is such a handsome happy little boy. he keeps smiling. i am so happy for her whole family.

6 more days! counting down to kathmandu. i cannot remember most of the tibetan phrases i learnt you know. except that 'nga' is 'I'. nga ga kyi doo. is it i am feeling cold? i will check later to see if i am right. haha...

ok going to take my shower, then milo time and start work!

to fern

no questions, just want to express how glad we are too, to know that you are glad with our service and the clothes! hahaha.. thank you for your support and compliments in your email. it made our day. you take care too!

we are happy that you girls are happy.

feeding the fishies!

margie came back from work around 4pm and off we go! i have saved some bread crumbs from my breakfast to feed the fishies becos last tues when we went, margie said 'hey lets pretend to feed the fishes' and extended her arms out enthusiastically which attracted the fishes. they really think they are going to get some food. hm... i jokingly told margie 'you are creating expectations and then disappointments. not nice!' (i sometimes wonder if sentient beings would feel disappointments) haha... anyway so this week we decide to really feed them some bread! there are 2 orange carps, 1 yellow one and i spotted orange one and the rest are black which seem to be more hungry than the colourful ones. here is margie, redeeming herself from her 'bad' karma.. haha kidding.
yes! i wore the new skinny! hehe.... oh see margie's hand sticking out at the corner haha funny.
i love this part of lamma a lot. its call 'pak kok' village. its more remote and much quieter. the houses are further away from each other and the ferries only come once in an hour and only from aberdeen. at my side of lamma (yung shue wan village), ferries come from central and aberdeen. and ferries are frequent. looks like a turtle right the outline of the rocks. silence is golden. i really like the whole atmosphere here, this part of lamma. margie said she looks like 'chuen goo' (in cantonese meaning village girl, or in singapore, translated as 'kampong girl') in this photo. actually, in fact i think we are. sort of village girls. i think we are born in the wrong generation. i am so happy i have the opportunity to live in lamma in this life. sound of nature, the waves... such things we are deprived of.. such simple joy.
such simple things like eating a fresh apple and nose digging by the sea are enough to make us so happy. hahahaha just kidding. she is scratching a mosquito bite near her mouth. sorry marge, i am making fun of you.
while waiting for the sun to set, no one around. ok time to strike a pose. haha crazy... just want to show you how nice the new skinny is! haha...
thick clouds covered most of the sky, we are not expecting to see any sunset this evening. it had actually turned quite dark. as we chatted by the pier, suddenly a bright piercing light shone through a seam, as if to tell us that light is always there, even though sometimes we cant see it. almost as soon as i took the photo, the light once again disappeared as the sun slided down toward the horizon. the turtle continues to look up to the disappearing light as we make our way back.
another beautiful day with nature.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

latest news! backorder available for this dress!

hey good news! the supplier just called me up to say she has reserved this dress for me from the second batch that is arriving. yeah! so please try to make your order now! i am going down tomorrow morning. let leekeng know asap. thank you! 0113-010 printed satin dress see details on now!

Kyurii updates on sold out items!

good morning girls! ok some updates on sold out items first.
i just checked, sorry this dress is completely sold out here so no backorders. (backorders now available, see latest blog post) good news! backorder for this sold out blouse is available! i am going down to collect them tomorrow. so please email leekeng to secure yours!

OK now for the other items! first of all i highly recommend this tee. but can someone tell me what is printed on the tee? haha i love it but i cant make it out.

is it some animal? when i bought it, i thought it was a horse. the mane of a horse.
but then when i was shooting it, i realised that there is like a paw-like at the bottom. hm.. any one who figured it out, please kindly drop a comment to me. ok the thing i like about the tee, is that it has some subtle print on it, great great great to match under a black jacket. you want some prints but nothing too loud. personally i find it too much of a contrast when you wear a solid colour (esp one without much texture) under a black jacket you know what i mean.. too stark. therefore the soft lines and shades on (esp that on the white version) helps to blend it harmoniously. oh whatever, thats just my intepretation. haha...
NEXT! this pair of skinny! LOVE IT! duno what else to say.. haha...
later i am going to hike with margie again.. i want to wear it out! die die... even though may not be as comfortable as my yoga pants.. dun care. haha... i like the studs which are there but not overpowering. and i like them in that pale gold colour.
this little cute camisoles are the leftovers from a japanese client. i really like the detailing. looking at the photos i think they would be nice with shorts or skirts,
office skirts you know.. esp this green one with black skirt, something to brighten the office environment. and with a cropped cardigan over it. i think it would be nice.
this pair of cotton harem is really comfortable. i quite like the bow you can tie at your waist (low waist). with that, you can simply match this pants with any simple top and look cool.