Tuesday, October 31, 2006

3 more days!

back to work after the long weekend. 3 more days at work!! then i will be coming home! i will be flying back to singapore this friday nite after work, and i will be bringing the new clothes with me! some of the new stuff had already been sent back. you guys should be receiving the leopard print cardigans early next week! sorry for the slight delay. ok need to get back to work. write again soon!
this morning on my way to work on the tram...
cool woman driver
yes me in spots again

Friday, October 27, 2006

long weekend ahead for me

hi girls! its going to be a long weekend ahead for me (mon is a public holiday here in hk). i will be working on kyurii! shooting for the next batch of clothes this sun!. we have a lot of clothes lined up for november!! i am putting on some finishing touches before i send off the clothes to singapore! for those who had ordered the leopard print cardigan, you should be getting it real soon! then straight after that i have to prepare for the second batch of clothes for nov. woo exciting!! i wish i can show you girls what i had selected, but the layouts are not ready yet. all i can say is we have about 25 styles this batch!
ok thats it for this week! i hope you guys have a great weekend ahead! ok i am leaving office for my belly dance class at 7pm, and then sushi with my 2 ex-colleagues from ogilvy. yeah!! see you!!

bye philo!

today i want to talk about phoebe philo, my ever-inspiring role model. just by reading articles about her, i feel really motivated, and there will be something in my head that is telling me to THINK BIG, and that IT IS POSSIBLE. i can't fully explain why i have these thoughts. the only explanation i can give myself, is that i think she has achieved all of it, as a woman. both career and family. a balanced life, which is by far i think one of the hardest thing for a woman to achieve. she has a fantastic career and now chooses to resign (in jan this year) to spend more time with her family (given that she just had a baby). and i think thats really something all women want, well at least thats what i want to achieve. therefore, she is my idol. if you are interested to read more about the chloe story and phoebe, please check out this past article: http://observer.guardian.co.uk/magazine/story/0,11913,1492845,00.html and also, http://www.vogue.co.uk/vogue_daily/story/story.asp?stid=31652 about her resignation.
here is phoebe's last collection with chloe, spring 06. and on the right is lovely phoebe! and recently chloe has appointed, finally, phoebe's descendant! i will talk about him next week!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

the other side of england

last nite i heard from my brother that his work visa had been successfully extended for another 2 more years! cool! which means he will be working in london for another 2 years, which means i will be able to go london more often and bunk at his place! this has got to be his best birthday present this year! i am really happy for him. he is so damn bloody lucky becos its never easy for a foreigner to get the work visa approved in london and other parts of europe. i think i must have brought him luck, when i visited him last month. hahaha. oh i just love london... please double click to see it bigger. yes, we went to see the stonehenge in salisbury.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

my belly is aching..

this morning i woke up with my belly, my waist, my bum and my pelvic area aching!! hahaha which means i am uding the right muscles (for last nite belly dance class)! we did the figure 8 movement last nite, drawing a horizontal figure 8 with your hip parallel to the floor. totally exhausting but i really enjoy alana's class. she really explains each movement well and she is always smiling! one hour of her lesson is just not enough!! i think i am addicted to belly dance now. i have 2 lessons per week (2 and half hour of belly dance per week). not enough! wanmie, my fren who attends the class with me, is also totally into it. she wants to be a professional belly dancer! hahaha. we are really going crazy over belly dancing!
i have to add this, i am going to get a full length mirror real soon, and put it in my living room so that i can see if my movements are right when i practise at home. haha!

more leopards! hahahahahahaha

here are some leopards i spotted in london! i got my grey leopard stockings (similar to what the girl wore below), which you guys might probably see in the next batch of kyurii clothes!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

remember to be who you are

last nite i was so happy! becos i checked out one of our customer's blog and i saw photos of her in kyurii clothes! michelle, thanks for your support! last nite leekeng and i were chatting over msn and when we saw your blog, we were so thrilled! we feel very encouraged as we are now managing our full-time job as well as kyurii, so many times we feel really tired late at nite. but we really love what we are doing at kyurii now! so when we received emails telling us how much the clothes are appreciated, it is our greatest motivation!
and your little note 'remember to be who you are' at the end of your blog, i really like it. its something that most of us think we know but on deeper thoughts, we start to doubt. its so easy to feel lost and confused, especially after we start working, with all that peer pressure around, that zombified 'working for money' attitude, we just forget who we really are and what we really want to do in this life. my long long working hours in advertising in hk really drives me nuts at times! haha. and being away from singapore for almost 9 years now, sometimes i suffer from confused identity. really wierd how different countries make you feel and behave diffferently. so thanks for the line! i am going to use it as the title of my blog today : )
p.s michelle, you spelt kyurii wrongly in your blog, should be KYURII, not KYRUII. : P

Monday, October 23, 2006


i feel really cool and fierce today!! haha becos i am wearing the grey leopard print cardigan and my black skinny today (exactly what i posed in yesterday), with my 10 pounds vintage bag i got at bricklane, and my gold pointed shoes! i drew my eyelines really black, thick and defined! plus my black nails, i feel i can roar!!! i just love black, gold and grey now!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Special KYURII announcement

after we launched our october b selection yesterday, we received very positive feedback (thank you thank you!!). one of the interesting enquiries we had was regarding the leopard print cardigan i was wearing, many of you asked if this is on sale. sorry but this is my own cardigan which i bought from topshop london earlier this month. but the interesting thing is, i found a leopard print cardigan on my buying trip yesterday which i totally love! actually we intend to include it in kyurii november selection. but since so many people asked for it, we decide to start selling this wonderful piece tomorrow!! i took one for myself too! haha! i love it becos its cropped and grey! the topshop one i had is not cropped, and the brown spots seems more common! for those who are interested, please email leekeng. they should arrive in singapore late this week, if not early next week. here is a sneak preview!

Friday, October 20, 2006

KyURII NEWS: October Part 2 is out!

hi everyone, we were asked many times when the new stuff will be out! and today i am happy to say that we finally manage to meet the deadline for our october part 2 launch!! phew! october b clothes will be out this sunday! we continue with monotone and red as the theme for this month! because we simply love this combination and most importantly, it is what is going on now! you will realise that its a smaller collection as compared to the october a (my apologies, as i was really busy with work after the london trip.) but i personally really like how this selection turns out to be! the styling is very much influenced by what i saw in london! i combine many pieces with skinny jeans in grey and black. keeping the lower body simple and slim, leaving the upper body to be the focus. well, here's a preview of some of the clothes! we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

no words today

love the mood in this photo. i took it at the roman bath restaurant in bath.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

my discovery at nottinghill!

guys! i forgot to tell you this thing i discovered at nottinghill! as i was walking down along portebello road on an early saturday morning, i saw a familiar dress hanging on the rack through the display window! ist the same dress we sold 2 months ago! and i discovered many similar pieces! take a look! recognise any one of them? the red dotted dress? the red and blue floral printed dress (on the right)? haha. they sell many of the stuff from hong kong! i wonder how much are they priced at? its nottinghill. too bad the shop is not opened yet. i bet they wouldn't be cheap! haha...

cant wait for it to be cold!!

its all work work and more work for me this week. i am doing the post production for the tv commercial that we shot last week in shanghai. when i get home, i will work on kyurii. its tiring but i get really energetic once i start working on kyurii. last nite i worked on the layouts of the new batch of clothes till like 3am. personally i really like our october stuff. i am so into these colours now that i simply can't put on clothes of other colours! i have been black and white and grey and red for almost a month now. sometimes with denim. i can't wait to start changing my wardrobe to the winter selection! the tartan jacket which i bought from topshop, i still can't wear it here yet! ah!!!!! still not cold enough! take a look at what i bought from london!! love those hair bands!! and that skull scarf! and i have been wearing the grey and skinny jeans almost everyday. haha! oh and stockings of different shades of grey and my favourite has to be the grey leopard print one! mr weather, please turn cold soon!!!!!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

before i sleep,

just needed to add this bit about shopping. topshop and rokit are the best!! i dun understand why topshop in singapore is so crappy!!! topshop in london, especially the one at oxford circus is the coolest! its HUGE! i wish i have more time to go through their accessories, denim, vintage and even maternity. its 3-storey building and i have to say again, its HUGE. got a leopard print cardigan, and a tartan short sleeve jacket! love them! rokit vintage is also great! we went to the one at brick lane! cool cool cool! got a vintage bag. was trying to find a black chanel vintage bag, but they have a white one (which has turned off white, no blacks).
i have to say i am quite disappointed with h&m. a lot of the clothes look kind of plain.. you really have to go through everything to find something nice. but at topshop, its so easy to spot cool stuff!
ok now i can sleep. goodnite!

london pixs to share

this trip had been really fun, though tiring at times. we flew first to heathrow, to catch a flight to newcastle, which we visited durham (where we escorted gigi, kym's sister to her university). spent two nites in durham, visiting nearby york, before making the flight back to london, as our base. then took a train to bath (really beautiful place, stopover to see the stonehenge at salisbury) for one night. then back to london again for more musicals, galleries, museums and shopping. really happy to catch up with my brother (havent seen him since he left for london which is like one and half year ago already)! spent my birthday with kym, his parents, and my brother! really happy! and had a really delicious seafood dinner in this nice little italian place in soho. received an ipod nano from kym. woohoo! coz its my first ipod. haha. london is still so fantastic no matter how many times i go there! love it! love it love it!

double click to see it clearer.

Friday, October 13, 2006

i am back! again

hi, i am finally back in hong kong. did a super long 23 hr tv commercial shoot, which started from 5am wed morning to 4am thur. just got back this evening, then went to see my friend's flamenco teacher perform and had nice yummy spanish dinner. now i have horrible dark circles. ok just dropping by, write more tomorrow zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...................

Sunday, October 08, 2006

KYURII NEWS: October is out!

i saw so much grey, black and white and a tinge of red around in london! all the sales in topshop are wearing these colours! and i am glad that we have also these trendy colours for autumn for you in our october selection! enjoy!!

i am back!

hi everyone! i am back this afternoon. tis trip has been really tiring! however we didn't shop much though. it was a lot of sightseeing in other parts of england. i went to newcastle, york, bath, and of course london! we didnt go to paris becos we didnt do our homework before travelling, and booking the eurostar tickets one or two days before travelling is super expensive! so make sure you book early! but on the whole, the 10 day trip was great! didnt feel like coming back to asia! really. haha! i shall write more when i am back from shanghai this thursday (going there for a tv commercial shoot). can't wait to be back and really REST!
here is a photo of zin (my brother, he works in london), kym and i, at dover street market in london!
me looking a little groggy outside the balenciaga window at selfridges. bought that tartan hairband (tartan pattern trend happening now! really english and scottish! also bought a cropped tartan jacket, show you another day) ok i see you all when i am back from shanghai on thursday! hang in there! sure hope you like our october selection!