Friday, March 30, 2007

henky's la dolce vita

today is my good friend, henky's last day working in the hk advertising industry! (dun get it wrong, its a happy thing!!) next monday he will fly back to roma for 'la dolce vita' (the sweet life in italian).
this is the handsome author, mr henky yu, a very talented and inspiring copywriter who has decided to put his 10 successful years of advertising career behind him, and leave for italy again to live life. he first went 3 years ago to master the italian culinary skills. and this book is about his adventures in the first year over there. the title of the book translated in english is 'a piece of char siew in the coliseum'. a piece of char siew in the hk slang means you are a bit 'blur blur', in our local slang, its almost like 'blur like sotong'. so if henky is singaporean, he would probably titled it 'a sotong in the coliseum'. we had a very mini autograph signing ceremony at my house. hahaha i read 2 chapters every night as my bedtime stories but my chinese is definitely not as good as my frens here so there are so many 4 characters idioms that i dun really understand!! but still, the stories never fail to make my laugh. quick henky! start writing your second book once you are back in roma! oh i am going to miss you henky!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

my insalata caprese

henky look at my insalata caprese! under your professional guidance, i did it! i bought medium sized tomatoes, so that i can also use it for my pasta for dinner later. so yummy! you said in your book if we can do one thing well everyday, then we would have done 365 things in a year! this is the one thing i did today (well actually this is the second thing i did today). am i efficient? haha. ok go and eat lu! mozerella yummy... i like cheese. for the last two nights when i read henky's book in bed, the way he described the herbs, the pizza and the pasta really makes me hungry!! so today i decided that i have to make pasta! following his instructions, i made a simple spaghetti (with tomatoes and basil) for dinner. haha! and most importantly, my spaghetti is al dente! bravo bravo!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

what inspired MAR B

these pages from vogue are what led us to come up with this month's selections. we really enjoy being inspired by the ongoing fashion trends! and its really important to us that we are selling clothes that reflect whats going on in the fashion scene now. to me, thats actually the part i enjoy most (i hate the stocktake part most!! haha but i am lucky, i have a fantastic partner!!! thank you, leekeng!) haha. i love to study the trends, selecting the suitable trends and then looking out for the clothes, and finally compiling them and sharing them with you! hey for those who bought the white blouse with trim MAR B-13, you may also try wearing a thin light grey long-sleeve top underneath it (like the bottom left outfit in the above photo), and then match it with the striped culottes MAR B-11. and those who bought the white dress, MAR A-7, you can also try wearing it over a slim white or grey pants (see the nicole farhi dress in the above photo). have fun styling the clothes!

Saturday, March 24, 2007


we just can't get enough of pastel colours! haha! after flipping through vogue and elle (and also after the positive feedback we received from you guys about the last selection), we decide to do one more selection in these hues. we hope you enjoy it!! and have a great weekend ahead!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

beautiful sunday here

hi girls, there is no upload this weekend for kyurii. i am actually shooting for the next batch of clothes now. do watch out next weekend! many nice items coming up. i just took some for myself! hehehe.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

i saw the vest!

just browsed through jeanasis japan website and saw their s/s 07 fashion show (jeanasis is one of my favourite retail in japan. its affordable trend. to me, its like the H&M in europe, but with lesser shops) and i saw the cropped black vest that some of you had been asking us to keep a lookout for!! check this out, the fashion show: shop website:
i love the 'nicole richie' look. match it with the tank tops i got (or rocknroll tshirts like you mentioned, karen), combined with skinny jeans and sandals, complete with huge shades. you know.. i have studded belt, i even have a skull scarf which i think will look perfect to create a slightly punk 'nicole richie' look BUT i can't find that tailored vest (at a reasonable price)! argh! i did see one at 'river island' (one of those high street shops) at amsterdam, for 50euros. i didnt get it. this is for marie claire mar uk edition. maybe topshop in singapore has them! but there is no topshops in hk! argh! i like topshop (better than H&M).

Friday, March 16, 2007

snatch snatch snatch!

i just came back from buying! and this mornig i witnessed my first 'ugly buyer' scene! when i arrived at the shop, there were already more than 10 buyers waiting outside, each armed with a huge black plastic bag, waiting for the new stocks to arrive!! i was told to come at 11am (usually i go on the day where stocks arrive, but not at the exact time). luckily the stocks arrived late, as i was late. then suddenly there was an uproar!! oh finally the new clothes had arrived!! the second the stacks of clothes were dropped onto the floor, the men started ripping off the plastic and snatching (and some pushing here and there) whatever there is inside. and i realized they work in pairs, one will snatch anything he sees, and the other one will see if they are nice. gosh....
i was just standing there behind them watching. its impossible for me to get in! there was another girl who is just as petite as me (when compared to the men) besides me. we looked at each other and sighed. after 30secs, they start to slow down, and we quickly squeeze in from behind. you know i have heard of such scenarios but this is the first time i witnessed one. a little overwhelming for me. however luckily, those men, their taste of clothes is different from mine. so despite them snatching, i managed to get some really nice stuff! thats my harvest for today in the photo above. but i'd better not be late in future, if i had arrived at 1130am, i dun think i will be able to get anything. most of the stocks were cleared by in 30mins. and usually there won't be a second round of the same stocks. thats why, many of you asked us if we can get old stocks, its really hard.
everything just come and go so quickly! mm........... good experience.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

what happened?

shit i can't upload photos on blogger. argh!!! since yesterday!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


just came back from buying! so happy becos i have been out everyday, instead of being desk bound like last week! hehe. tomorrow i think i will go out and look for clothes again! then i will shoot this weekend. kym is away to pattaya for ad fes (some annual advertising award and seminar thing) till sunday! so i will make use of the weekend to shoot. last nite i had dinner with charles (photographer friend) and carmen, his producer. they just came back from bangkok shooting zhang ziyi. so i 'kay poh' and ask for any gossips. they said that her english is super good now hahaha... with american accent somemore. of coz la, she is rumoured to be with some rich american guy. oh my gosh, i can't believe that i am quite updated with such gossip news! ah!! oh well hk is full of gossip magazines!
charles and carmen are also the guys who did the jay chow shoot for me two years ago. love working with them! tonight dinner with henky, we going for sushi! oiishi ne. ok my favourite japanese cartoon is on tv now!!! ato de!

Monday, March 12, 2007


today is kym's birthday! had dinner with him and uncle and aunty. i bought him a baby cake (thats what they call it at the cake shop). see how tiny the cake is. hehehe! dinner on sunday. me in the strap cardigan haha.. i took both the grey and the black one! we are so glad that many of you also like it!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

KYURII: Get your postage waived!

many of you have been asking us for discounts when doing bulk purchases, and we have taken that into account. so from now on, when you make a purchase of S$150 (which is roughly 4-5 items) in one receipt, your postage will be waived. happy shopping!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

KYURII MAR A just in!

MAR A is finally out! we hope to give it a light airy spring feel (even though there is no four seasons in singapore)! as you browse through the clothes, you will realize a difference in terms of colours in the styling. this season, we combine light coloured clothes with white skinny jeans, grey pants, beige or khaki shorts (rather than black). however that doesn't mean you must put your black skinny jeans aside. black is still around, but you might want to contrast it with white or beige (prefably not with grey, dark khaki or dark blue). and we LOVE t-shirts! the trick is to create layers with them (if not any interesting t-shirts can look rather plain and boring), we love to wear a thin tank top under the t-shirt, or casually drape a light cardigan over the t-shirt! we also have a special accessories selection from H&M amsterdam, antwerp and brussels. all of them going for only S$16! there must be something for everyone! enjoy!!!

Friday, March 09, 2007

i can finally take a little break

AH!!! finally done! i am finally done with all the shoots and layouts and saving them in jpgs for MAR A (after almost 4 days of working till 4am) MAR A consists of accessories as well as clothes, quite a big collection. now poor leekeng has to upload them and put some finishing touches to them! you guys should be able to see it on sunday pm. my shoulders are aching now. ok i have to go and prepare the stock list. oh shit i forgot to go to the post office to send leekeng the extra stuff... ah.... i am so forgetful nowadays. i will go tomorrow morning! i also have to mop the floor tomorrow, and take the clothes to the laundrette tomorrow.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

grote market in brussels

hoiming just sent me this photo. spot us! haha.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

too much chocolates

i am so full, just had dinner with a few ex-colleagues, and then we had chocolates i bought from belgium. ah... so so so full. ok i am going to work on the new collection now and then sleep! i have to wake up early tomorrow morning to continue shooting!

Saturday, March 03, 2007


i slept for 17 hours straight, waking up at 7pm yesterday. and couldnt sleep since then. its about 6am now on a beautiful sat morning. listening to spinvis (a dutch band, 'spin' means spider and 'vis' is fish). jen (yew kee's neighbour) compiled their songs into a cd for me. thanks jen. its great! i really love it. thats jennifer enjoying mee rebus which yew kee made (i have to say that the prima mee rebus gravy tastes really good, especially for singaporeans overseas.. oh it really makes us want to cry when we tasted it. mee rebus is so reminiscent of our primary school life. no. 1 canteen food)

Friday, March 02, 2007

Special Kyurii News!

1. next week we will be launching the spring 07 collection! are you girls ready?
2. besides the clothes, we will also be having a special selection of tops and accessories from H&M netherlands to spice up your spring look! please watch out for that!
3. to top it up, we have a special discount announcement for you as an appreciation for the support we have been getting from all of you! all of these coming up real soon! returning to my friend's house once again with a h&m bag! haha. h&m is everywhere in europe, everywhere you turn, there seem to be one. oops not only one, seeing 2 or 3 stores in one single street is common. finally saw the full name of H&M in the store in ghent (a nice little university town 30 minutes from brussels in belgium, filled with cool looking students) but i have to say i am not really excited about their latest collaboration with madonna.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

after another gruelling 16 hours...

of flying, i am finally back in hk. well at least i get to have my mee siam in changi airport this morning at 7am before the flight to hk. oh i finally completed my trip, i am so happy. i felt so inspired. i love peeping into the lovely houses by the canals when i walk back to yew kee's house, especially during the evening when the houses are all lighted up. many of them have high ceilings, with bookshelves that lined the entire wall, all the homes are lighted by the tungsten light, which make everything look so warm and cozy especially on a cold winter night. the houses look so nicely decorated but in the simple way, a lot of beige, white and wooden furniture with plants and flowers and dogs inside. i really love it. i already miss walking on the cobbled road, along the prinsengracht (prinsen canal), crossing the quaint bridges, feeling the cold breeze or the light rain. ah...