Friday, February 29, 2008

Kyurii items updates!

hello girls! i just came back, they have the clutch we featured earlier (08JAN ACC-10) in spring colours! very lovely!!! for those who are interested, we take pre-order now! you can email leekeng. also, there is stocks for the black one! for those who had asked us about it, you can order now! for detailed photos, please check them out at KYURII WARDROBE now! we hope to consolidate all orders by this sunday and rush to get them next mon morning! thank you!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Kyurii items updates!

hello everyone! went to check stock this morning, FEB A-11.1 and 11.2 are all sold out! no more stocks. but dun worry, girls, i saw some new skirts! and i bought them! woohoo!!! oh we have to work harder to launch them soon!
ok show you guys what i bought yesterday! i am so happy!! i love the heart shaped clasp bangles. love anything heart shaped. also the locket! and the plastic lace bangle, the gold butterfly!! i love butterflies too. and the huge key! the bigger the better! they will be on sale soon.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kyurii items updates!

hi girls, leekeng just gave me an update of the sold out items. for items FEB A-1.1,1.1,1.3, FEB A-2.1,2.2, sorry we are not able to bring in any more stocks. as for the pleated skirts, FEB A-11, i will try. wait for my news!

today is wednesday

hi girls, how is everyone? i am feeling good today. yesteday was yucky day, couldn't get the energy to do anything. i went to perm my fading curls inwards (hate it when they stick out like they always do at shoulder length) and trim my bangs. on my way, found some nice accessories. am trying to get more of them for kyurii. then went for power yoga. after class, i was flat. maurice is tough! too much navasana, side staff pose, one legged standing spilt, shoulder stand and every pose is joined in a flow by chaturanga (push up)! my tummy and arms are crying. can die..... but today i feel fresh when i woke up! namaste maurice.
my hairstylist left today, she is going to live in singapore with her bf who had been stationed there. she asked me if i know any salons as she wants to look for a job. i havent had a clue. anyone knows any nice salons she can try?

Monday, February 25, 2008

Kyurii News

hi girls, we are currently encountering some problem at yahoo email. we hope that it will be resolved soon and leekeng will rpely your emails soon! thank you.

what i am up to..

today is my self-declared off day. after every launch, i suffer from a day of burnt out where i can't do anything. my body feels a little tired, my brain feels extremely tired. there is so much more other stuff to get done that i dun feel like doing any of them. so i went out to shop around instead. i tried to look for cool accessories but i am not liking what i see today. i am so tempted to start making accessories myself but i doubt i have the time. i love accessories and bags! haha.
i am also currently working on a tote with a fren, sokkuan who is an illustrator (based in singapore). she used to be from ogilvy too but singapore office. i hope to collaborate with designers or illustrators to produce a special item every year! it could be a cap, a purse or a tee with an universal message. that would be so cool! just by thinking about it makes me feel energetic! at times like this when i feel really tired, i really need to think about new ideas to motivate myself! i love to work on new projects! anything new excites me! hahaha.
i have to thank you guys for reading my thots. sometimes i find it dull to brainstorm on my own, (we used to work as a writer-art director team in the agency, so i always had someone to bounce ideas around). at times i do ask kym or my brother for their ideas, good thing they are really into fashion. if not i will be miserable. other times, i think i will empty my thots here. it does help a little. i especially love it when you guys drop comments to make the blog interactive! : )
here is one of sokkuan's illustration of miss sophie black for you. i love her thick black hair! to see more of sokkuan's works, click on! have a great week ahead!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Kyurii News

hi girls, please note that this batch is FEB A. i had the item no.s on the photo as JAN C, which is wrong. they all should be FEB A. my mistake. Also, some of you may not receive the mailing list for this batch, as we have some trouble at hotmail which we are trying to sort out now. meanwhile, enjoy!! enjoy not dressing up! enjoy throwing on cardigans!! thats the kind of mood i am in now. hahaha.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Kyurii News: Whats coming up this weekend?

Hello girls! this weekend it will be all about lazy days dressing. dressing without too much thinking or matching. we have days where the last thing we want to do is: think about what goes what doesnt! so what we love to do is throw on a slouchy cardigan over our tanks and put on that worn out pair of jeans or leggings, or just tee and jeans. but on days like these where i dun even feel like putting on any make up, i cant lived without my big shades and a cap or hat! to hide anything and everything. your shades, cap and bag, all these vital accessories help make a huge difference to your outfit on a lazy day! so dun forget to pay a little attention to them!
the new collection will be up this weekend! depending on our speed of work, either saturday nite or sunday! hope you guys love it!! let me get back to the layouts now. see ya!

besides clothes,

i love looking at illustrations. it really takes me away to a different world. i think it satisfies the child in me, in everyone actually. here are ttoday, one of my favourite paintings from mark ryden based in LA. here is MARK RYDEN WEBSITE if you are interested. the other illustrator i am really into currently is robert ryan who does fantastic paper cut and his clients include paul smith, vogue, liberty, roxy quicksilver etc. Click on ROB RYAN WEBSITE to check out more.
i love the message.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

in tune with myself

today i feel so good! physically! mentally i am doing just ok (too much work). i missed yoga for the last 4 days, so today i have to go. went for a hatha class at 6pm. i thought i would be stiff but i am more flexible than anything! felt SUPERB after the practise! i always do, but today is superbly superb! my body feels great! after each practise, i always feel i can slow down. i definitely walk slower. and i love it. usually my mind is racing, there seems like a thousand things to do and it can get a little hard to focus. yoga definitely helps.
ok then i went to the basheer bookshop to find inspirations. i bought 3 books, illustration play, fashion illustration and a little book on deco in paris.
then i went home and cooked myself a simple healthy dinner of organic choi sum with minced pork boiled in chicken broth and rice. haha. i am not much of a cook.
oh its such a good feeling when everything is in balance. not over-eating, not over-exercising, not over-working, not over-sleeping.....
i just made myself a toast with mozerella (suggested by henky who lives in rome). i was asking him if i can just eat my mozerella on its own with virgin olive oil. he suggested with toast, little salt n pepper. and its YUMMY! i love the texture of the mozerella. oh what a simple and nice day. and of coz, i watched chris garver on miami ink tonite. : ) yeah! garver is the best! i will flip if i can get a tattoo done by him.... oh.....

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


hi girls, i just came back. to all those who ordered the pale gold bag, i got them! yippee! ok now i can go on shooting for this coming weekend stuff!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kyurii items updates!

good morning girls! today last chance to place an order for FEB ACC-1.3. for those who already emailed us about it, your bag is secured!! yeah! for those who have not replied our emails, please do so by today. appreciate it!


hello. i can't sleep. shit. i need to get up early tomorrow. loads of things to do. must be the half a cup of coffee i took after dinner. anyway i am so thinking of getting a tattoo. haha i have been watching too much miami ink and LA ink (on travel n living channel). i am so into chris garver now!! hahaha. he is a tattoo artist. i was just surfing his website and i saw his paintings. really cool. anyway. ok goodnite i better go try to sleep. see ya!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Kyurii items updates!

hello girls! i just came back from our bag supplier! good and bad news! the off-white quilted bag is sold out!!! sorry! i nearly fainted when they told me that becos when i bought it the last time, they told me its just launched, then after a few days they are closed for cny. today its their first day they opened. and she told me all shipped to japan lu! AH!!!!!
but good news is: they did a new colour: pale gold! which is even hotter i think! here you go!

for those who pre-ordered the off-white one, please consider if you would like to take this pale gold one instead.
for those who ordered the pink one, your orders are secured. i got the last few!! phew.
VERY IMPT: let leekeng know by tonite! i need to secure the stocks by tomorrow morning! i need to keep up with the nihonjin buyers! we will be emailing to all those who ordered really soon! thanks a lot!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

my personal top 10 list of to-dos in tokyo!

specially to curlyyat who asked for some tips to japan and anyone else who plans on going!

1. SHOP AT PARCO 3 SHIBUYA! thats where you can find the mass popular japanese brands like lowrys farm, jeanasis, osmosis, RNA etc. go to parco 1 if you are interested in japanese designers like limi feu (yohji yamamoto's daughter), tsumori chisato, sunao kuwahara, comme des garcons, frapbois, mercibeacoup, zucca, and more!!

2. BUY A SUPER TRENDY 1000YEN SUNGLASSS! standing in front of parco 3, walk down 'Spain slope' (Supeinzaka) which is a narrow, approximately 100 meter long pedestrian street with stairs, lined with boutiques, cafes and restaurants. it was nicknamed for resembling a spanish street scene. walking down, on your right, is the shop where i get my 1000yen shades everytime i go tokyo! you cant miss it. the shades are displayed right outside!

3. GRAB A COFFEE AT STARBUCKS SHIBUYA LOOKING DOWN TO THE HACHIKO CROSSING. Grab a coffee at the starbucks at shibuya. i just love to sit at the bar seat facing the huge window looking down to the tons of people crossing the intersection. great view. everytime i am there, i get that 'i am in tokyo' feeling! also a good place to rest after buying magazines or cds at tsutaya (same building).

4. BUY A SECONDHAND ITEM FROM A JAPANESE DESIGNER AT RAGTAG! thats what i did on my first trip to tokyo. i got a dress from tsumori at ragtag for half the usual price! the items are in excellent condition. you never know what you will find! there is one 3 storey one at shibuya. support recycled clothing! yeah! check out the map at superfuture to locate the shops!

5. EAT ODEN AT 7/11! its a winter dish consisting of several ingredients such as boiled eggs, daikon radish, konnyaku, and processed fish cakes stewed in a light, soy-flavoured dashi broth! we love it! we will eat oden for breakfast haha! the hot soup is just perfect for the cold weather. if there is no oden, then just get any bread, or onigiri or cakes from 7/11 or AM/PM, they taste delicious!! good for those on a really low budget!

6. GET LOST IN DAIKANYAMA! my favourite area, there are so many little stores worth exploring. just get off the station and wander around. you will find a couple of vintage clothing stores, little cafes... my favourite cafe is waffle. if you find it, you have to eat it. best waffle i have tasted and i just love the huge common table listening to the conversations between the locals.

7. QUEUE FOR A CREPE AT HARAJUKU! but i think you have it in singapore too and also in hk. but to eat one whilst walking down Takeshita Dori (Takeshita St), i love it! i love the strawberry and chocolate ice cream one! yummy! for first timers, dont forget to check out the harajuku lolitas and cosplayers at the bridge near the station on a weekend.

8. GO TO ANY DRUGSTORE AND BUY ANYTHING! haha its also one of my personal must-do in tokyo or rather in japan. i duno why but they are so tempting to walk into (even though i am pretty sure i dun need anything). the eyeliners, lip balms, mascaras, things in attractive packaging look so interesting. i always end up buying something. this trip we bought sachets of sweat producing bubble bath thingy to soak in! great after a full day of walking in the cold weather.

9. TAKE A PHOTO IN FRONT OF A VENDING MACHINE! there are just so many of these dispensers around, makes me feel thirsty and i feel like trying out all the different drinks. some of the bottles look so pretty. so vending machines - icon of japan, first trip to tokyo? you must take a photo in front of it! : )

10. TRY TO REMEMBER YOUR WAY TO THE RIGHT EXIT from the subway station back to the hotel. best to check with the hotel front desk before you set off. there are easily more than a dozen exits in the bigger station (like shinjuku) leading to different directions. get out from the wrong one, and you end up on the other side. it can be very confusing especially during the peak hours where the locals are rushing and the language barrier. as compared, singapore mrt or hk mtr are a piece of cake!

i love my converse wedge!

weekend again.. i feel time really flies! some of you have asked about the next batch of clothes. i am in the midst of preparing the next launch, which hopefully will be the last collection on blogger, then we will launch kyurii official website!
OK! whats coming up? cardigans!! i am actually sorting out the clothes right now. after all that jazz for cny, i just want to keep things simple for the next batch. i duno about you, but i am kind of lazy to dress up lately. i dun even feel like putting on my make up, all i want is my big shades and cap to hide my face, and go easy on just a tee, cardi and skinny and my new converse all star wedge hi! oh i have to show you. let me go shoot them now. its one of the special 100th anniversary items. i first saw it in jille (jap mag) a week before i went, but couldnt find it in hk. just knew that it was out only in jan, i was there at the right time! best buy of the trip! go to CONVERSE JAPAN WEBSITE if you want to see more!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Update on the bags!

hi girls! happy valentine's day to all of you! i didnt do anything special as kym was working late last nite. i went for hot yoga and was dead tired by the time i got home. i made myself a nice steak, read some local gossip mags about that edison chan incident, and fell asleep. haha. i hope you girls had a memorable valentine's day yesterday.
for the bag, thanks for your comment annie, asking for an inner shot. too excited that i forgot to shoot the inside. hehe. here you go! both bags have a white fabric lining. please note that the pre-order will end this sunday. thanks!
p.s. for those who had ordered the 08BAS12.5 shocking pink tank tops, sorry for the delay. all the suppliers are still on their cny break. they should be back in business next mon. you will get them real soon!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Kyurii FEB bag! pre-order starts today!

hi girls, here are the bags! in both off-white and shocking pink. sorry for the little delay. they are both similar in design and size. just note that the pink one, unlike the off-white one is patent (shiny) leather. off-white is easy to match (especially if you are a lazy dresser, throw it on any outfit and you will be good).
if you are more of neutral/earthy girl when it comes to clothes, a coloured bag is a great accessory to brighten up the look and add some interest to your outfit! we are accepting pre-order now! price is S$69. please email leekeng if you are interested. thank you very much!

Monday, February 11, 2008

coffee and muffin

hello how is everyone? its about 9 degree here today. cold...... its been tough getting out of my warm bed every morning. today i went to ikea, muji and franc franc to look for some storage units and then stopped by starbucks for a coffee and a muffin. am always hungry lately becos of the cold weather. then came back, put on some jap pop and continue packing the house. i am halfway there. ganbatte!

Sunday, February 10, 2008


today i stayed at home the whole day, getting organised. i am half way there. need to go ikea tmr after yoga to get some baskets to hold some stuff. how are you girls? oh i am suffering from pts, not pms (its post-tokyo-syndrome). its actually our 5th time to the country but you just never get tired of it. i think its every art director's dream place to be, to be surrounded by the beautiful and inspiring things.
getting inspired is really important (to me), or rather knowing how to find inspirations to inspire ourselves is even more important. i cant function when i dun feel inspired. i cant go travelling all the time. i hate feeling 'sian' (singlish for frustrated, lethargic, and maybe a little down, all negative feelings rolled into one), which i do feel a little today. so i put on my mika nakashima cd on, flip through the tsumori chisato book i bought, make myself a cup of green tea and eat a mochi. little things really helps. i like this photo kym took when we were lost in ebisu. i was at the other side of the road. i love the pastel emerald (goes well with my pink socks) they painted over the otherwise dull silver folding gate. we walked around and discovered more.

Friday, February 08, 2008

gong hey fat choi!

hello girls! happy new year! in the year of the rat, let us break free from the rat race. living our lives to our own pace and in balance!
over here, its freezing, coldest cny since a long time. i cant wear the clothes we launched in our last collection, unless i layer it over a turtle neck. yesterday morning, we went to wong tai sin with kym's family. it was a first time for me. hehe felt like a tourist. was snapping away. i have dark circle and eye bag. goodness. not enough sleep. played too much. and my face looks bloated. too early. it was like 9am. hee.. bought a wind chime, that says 'sang yee heng lung' (good business) and 'yat fan fung shun' (everything smooth). YEAH! haha. my house is in a major mess now as i am in the midst of my spring cleaning project. now i am beginning to be daunted by the scale of it. oh i wonder if i can get everything organised by next tues (my deadline). well i have to. i think i will go ikea or muji tmr to get more baskets or boxes. tonite we are going to kym's fren's house at 930pm for more gambling. haha i am bringing my clutch to hold the ang bao! haha. oh did i tell you guys i saw the clutch with the wrist ring selling at harajuku at this shop call Gruce at 5000yen (abt 70sin). yah i know the lady boss has many japanese clients who came up with the designs, including the new white one i bought i think.
p.s. yes we will be doing a pre-order on the quilted shoulder bag. i will be shooting the pink version to show you guys soon! stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

tokyo day 3!

after the snow, mr and mrs sunshine greeted us today! the sky is blue and cloudless and the light is pure and clear! great! its time to put on my new shades and cap! everytime i go tokyo, i will go to shibuya and buy a pair of 1000yen sunglasses! they are really cool and cheap! oh yes, this is the jacket that i bought. i walked the whole of parco1 in shibuya trying on all the khaki hooded long jackets by the different brands, finally settled on this one from osmosis. its funny that i couldnt find something like this in hk, but in tokyo, everywhere i look, every brand has their own version of this item. Click on OSMOSIS website if you would like to take a look!
i have always like lowrys farm, this time i discovered that now they have a sub brand - apart by lowrys. when we were there, they were shooting a model outside the shop. Check out APART BY LOWRYS website for some japanese styling!
love this pink elephant! today is all about shopping, waiting for each other, walking, stopping to take photographs and buying hot lemon drink from vending machines.... cold...
whle waiting for kym in the shop, i walked around and sniffed a gardenia while trying to take a photo of myself.
i like this photo, if not for the ice that was frozen on the chair, i would've climbed and sat up there. oh i could do this all day, walking around taking photos.
moving on! oh sometimes i wish i have a longer arm to hold the camera to shoot myself. fantastic 4 arm would be great! someone should invent something. hee... but somehow i like how the photo turns out to be.
love seeing murals and graffiti on the walls! it just gives you an instant dose of inspiration!
kym - a cross between the dog and the man in the poster.
love what they did on the wall of this shop. oh.. everything in japan is so aesthetically pleasing. they really do take the effort.
this is the shop, it sells little vintage knick knacks from europe. the nihonjins love anything european.
this is one of my favourite photos this trip. i love the composition, the retro looking bench at the train station, and kym sitting under the huge nonno poster, i just wish he has more shopping bags with him. that would be cool! haha
happy, satisfied, sleeping again with the lazy late afternoon back light shining on us. here we are on our way to narita airport.
this trip, i realised kym can sleep anywhere in any positions. he slept while we stood in the queue for the sushi, he later told me that he even dreamt then. he also slept sitting after he finished his curry rice while i am still eating mine. this is the actual photo i took when his eyes are about to close (if not for his little pinky). hahahah.
yeah!! one last happy thing, i stayed on my budget! omedeto (congrats) to myself. ok now time to work hard again! work hard play hard - kyurii motto for 2008!

tokyo day 2! snow!

the next day, we woke up to discover that it is snowing!! so happy! yuki (snow) everywhere! we never expected it to snow. what a pleasant surprise.
from the hotel room, we overlooked the railway tracks which are all covered with snow. i love snow. looking at the snow always fills my heart up with a quiet kind of happiness. thank you for letting me be there to enjoy this moment.
my frozen smile. : )
today we will be heading for shimokitazawa and then to kichijoji. this is our 5th time to tokyo so we decide to visit the areas just a little away from the hustle and bustle of downtown tokyo.
the snow getting heavier... yippee..
kym's favourite shop - ragtag. it sells secondhand designers items which are just as good as brand new ones, at a much reduced price. brands like comme de garcons, frapbois, mercibeacoup, number (n)ine, undercover, tsumori chisato, marni, hussein chalayan, anything you name it. this trip alone, we went to 5 ragtags. kym's aim: to visit all ragtags in tokyo.
then we went to kichijoji to shop around and then visited the ghibli museum of animaton. if you like anime, you will love hayao miyazaki. and this musuem shows you the creation of the characters like totoro and my favourite, howl's moving castle. i love this photo. the shop, the colour of the pail, the wall, the falling snow, the little fence round the tree...
we walk across the bridge through the park to get to the museum, its just beautiful everywhere i look.
i planned to do the duck paddle boat but its closed due to the heavy snow. next time maybe. : ) i love the swans.
i love the feeling of snow falling on my face (freezing) and also eating the snow. kimochi ne..

then as we walked on, we met Mame (which means beans), this cute little inu who wants to play boru (ball) with us. and on that day, its actually the Setsubun celebrated yearly on the 3 Feb where you are supposed to throw beans. the special ritual of bean throwing (mamemaki) in the temple is to cleanse away all the evil of the former year and drive away disease-bringing evil spirits for coming year. what a co-incidence, we did not throw beans but instead we met a dog call bean. mame kept wanting to play with us, after some broken japanese with his owner, we finally understood he wants us to kick the boru. it was so fun! i am so happy! well at least i have some encounter with bean that day so it should keep us away from evil spirits this year! hehe.
peko peko dinner time! ramen shop along the street. i had moyahi (beansprouts) ramen! atsui (hot)!
tonite, kym fell asleep halfway through viewing the photos we took in the afternoon. again, this is not posed. hahahaha. his fingers are firmly clasped on the camera. sugoii ne.....