Thursday, June 29, 2006

i was flipping through june jille and discovered that they featured a skirt which is similar to the one which we have on yahoo now. the lantern inspired skirt. take a look!

and also these shorts! we also have one which is similar.

when you feel you have nothing to wear...

or when you feel so bored with your existing styles.. what i do is flip through magazines! and my favourite has to be JILLE. i buy it every month. can you get it in singapore?
after exploring almost all the japanese mags like Nonno (too sweet and cute and young for me), Soup, Cutie (too cute), Sweet (too sweet) Vivi, CanCan, JJ, With, mina, Ray,PS (more too mature and too OL style for me), Kera and Zipper (when i feel like being a little too alternative)..... my second favourite is Spring and then followed by Mini. they inspire me to do different combinations, for eg. like camisole. which is something very common, but take a look at how they are worn in the new way! you can combine it with a capped sleeve t-shirt instead of just wearing it on its own. layering makes it interesting! try camisole over tank top, or camisole over camisole, floral over stripes, clash them! have fun! go wild!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

watashiwa kinyobi ni jeanasis ni ikimasu!

title in english: i go jeanasis this friday! gosh this is the third time i am blogging today... too much to share. i have to show you my favourite mass brand in japan. its jeanasis. please take a look at their website: i love the photography the lighting the overall mood in their catalog. i have that pair of white pointed shoes (i bought the pair of the spring collection which is in black and white stripes) kym and i planned this trip to be a shopping trip (as 1st july is when the sale starts in japan! woohoo!) kaimono ni ikmasu! (go shopping) i hope to find some japanese brand clothes to sell them online! my other favourite brands are lowry's farm, aunt rosa and isbit.


another cool japanese label has to be 'undercover', by designer jun takahashi. he has been elected as fashion's new king of cool. he is my boyfriend, kym's favourite designer. ''mood of Undercover is expressed in two words that are part of the identifying label: "But beautiful." "In my head, there is always something beautiful and something ugly, which are equal," Takahashi says. "Simple beauty does not interest me. But just ugly does not interest me either." quoted from international herald tribune. to me, his works are dark, eerie, wierd, but beautifully crafted with tremendous detailing. its not something that i would like at first sight, i can only say that i am learning to appreciate his works. as i see the meticulous effort put into the detailing that i really truly admire. the japanese are so damn good at that. take a look at the 'undercover lab' tucked away in the back streets of harajuku. very cool. all photos are from

what i like about shopping in japan..

is the architecture of the stores! and also the way they are located. they are practically hidden! as if they do not want people to find their shop. but its this thing about it that is so captivating. i remembered on my tokyo trip last year, kym and i tried to find the martin margiela shop in daikanyama.. for like almost 2 hours, walking round and round residential area. it is so hidden, as in there is no signages (many hi-fashion brand stores in japan are very very low profile about their shop). it is right in the middle of a cluster of surbuban homes. but very pretty! however when we found it, it was already 6pm. and its closed! what a waste. here are some photos of how it looks like. (we did not take these photos, they are from

btw, maison martin margiela is one of the famous designers from belgium, from the royal academy antwerp. he first worked for jean paul gaultier for 3 years before starting his own line 'maison martin margiela' in paris in 1988. besides him, i also like belgium designer, ann demeulemeester. i hope to visit antwerp, the fashion capital of belgium someday. to know more about martin margiela, check out to see his latest fall 2006 ready-to-wear collection, check out

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

eri utsugi 'merci beaucoup'

I am dedicating these two weeks to JAPAN! today i want to introduce a designer i really like, ERI UTSUGI. she used to the creative director for 'frapbois' (another japanese brand, getting very popular here in HK), but she left last year to start up her own line. and therefore, 'mercibeaucoup' (means thank you very much in french) is borned. but her shop will only be ready in august in tokyo, so i wont get to see her clothes this trip. her philosophy on clothes are about creating happy, fun clothes. i think she is still doing this in her own line. it really reflects in her clothes, very quirky very fun. every picture i see her, she is always smiling. last year when i went to frapbois here in HK to buy something, the salesgirl told me Eri came down to the store during her HK trip and she is by nature a very happy person. she looks really young but guess what she is already a mother of 2. cool! so here are photos of her latest collection, from So-en. and also, midnight blue is the colour to watch out for. it is the first tinge of the autumn trend....

this is eri utsugi.

first sunday!

last trip to tokyo, i didnt have the chance to visit the flea markets (as many are open first sundays of the month). finally this sunday is the first sunday of the month. i plan to visit two of them! in harajuku (one of my favourite area in tokyo) one is the yoyogi koen (koen is park in japanese) where you can find mainly fashion items. the other one at togo shrine is more of an antique and kimono flea market (if i can wake up early that day, i will go) i intend to spend most of the time on sunday at harajuku. harajuku on a sunday is great! full of life and activities ranging from shopping to people watching (in yoyogi park, actually once you reach harajuku station, you will see these fashion extremists) to live band performance in the park as well. i love the energy! i did a rough map to share with you guys. double click.

Monday, June 26, 2006

back in hong kong!

i am in the office now. woke up at 5am this morning to catch my 8am flight. then went straight to work. i can see my dark circles appearing..... ah!!!
my trip home was great! really packed with activities. ate chilli crabs!! yummy! and we went to check out the fashion scenes in far east, heeren, icon (far from hong kong but its a good start) bugis, marina. but i just wish shops could bring in more varieties of clothes for singaporeans. maybe bring in some japanese brands (but i do heard its difficult) i saw a lot of stuff are from korea.
speaking about japan, i am now excited over the tokyo trip! leaving this friday. keep a lookout for my trip itinerary this week!
write again tomorrow. really exhausted. can't wait to go home. also, thanks to the girls who bidded for our new stuff on yahoo. domo arigato.

Friday, June 23, 2006

KYURII JUNE / JULY part 1...

after nearly a month of running around and careful selection, we finally came up with 2 selections of clothes to auction. the first selection which we call 'HOT SUMMER MIX'. preview for you attached below. it has a combination of japanese inspired asymmetrical pieces to polka dots to dungaree dress to short skirts! all of it which are things happening in the fashion scene now. and you can easily combine most of them with your stripped tops (i am sure many of you have loads of that) or your really short mini-skirts! these clothes will be up next tuesday! stay tuned.

the next selection will be up by mid july.
alright meanwhile take care! i am heading for the airport now... yippee!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

one whole day of posing...

my legs are aching and my back is sore. hahaha. yesterday, i pretended i was a model (of coz a really bad one and with absolutely no make up at all! i look horrible) and did one whole day of poses in the clothes we are going to auction. with the help of my canon ixus 60 and a tripod. haha. and also, my years of art-directing print advertisment did paid off a little. i particularly remember gigi leung and how she poses (i did fancl house here in hong kong last year and gigi was the celebrity endorsed) so that helped me. everytime we shoot a print campaign, we will take like 100 to 160 photos and then select only 1 key photo. the model wll pose and pose and pose and pose...... and the photgrapher will snap and snap and snap and snap. and yesterday, i shot like 300 photos of myself in all the clothes. SO TIRING but quite fun! the more i pose, the more poses i discovered. but i can't imagine models doing this everyday. tough... this is a montage of all the shots i did for one skirt.

my cats got so bored looking at me posing whole afternoon, they fell alseep.

Monday, June 19, 2006

dungaree dungaree dungareeeeeeeeeee

last weekend of shopping was great! i saw a couple of dungaree dresses that i really like. and yes i bought them! i really hope that you guys will like them too. here is a preview before we post them up on yahoo auctions, specially for those who have been looking out for our stuff.
i got one for myself too. its really short and cute! for those who are daring enough, you can wear it without the jeans! show off your legs! we will get these up tonight or latest by tomorrow night. two colours available: khaki (2 pcs) and salmon (1pc only). Email us at if you want to pre-order it. clothes will arrive in singapore this weekend!

Friday, June 16, 2006

the new utility

i am really not a big fan of the utility dress or dungaree dress or overall or pinafore (so many names to it). but the trend is back. in the S/S collection of marc jacobs, maxmara and hermes, we see a couple of these dresses. and i must say, i have a different opinion about the new utility look now after seeing them. (back in the 90s, the utility wear i remembered are often made of stronger materials, and most common of all, denim) but the ones today, i think are given a new twist. softer materials are used and a feminine twist is given. since i saw these photos, i am thinking maybe i should explore on some dungaree dresses (i just hope i dun end up looking like a female construction worker, or some young girls in their school pinafore) take a look. photos from


was taking the tram home last night from central. pass by the newly renovated louis vuitton near lan kwai fong.looks really nice at night. sorry that its not a sharp image, tram started moving just as i snapped.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

pages from so-en

i really like the child-like innocence that is portrayed. very japanese. kawaii neh...

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


my favourite japanese fashion magazine.

still in stripes

Was just flipping through my favourite japanese fashion magazine, So-En. its always my inspiration every month. there is a few pages on stripes in this issue. which made me realised that stripes is still going on strong. its probably one of the most popular and longest lasting trends. it has been around late last year... and till today, its still around. and every few years, it is bound to come back again. i am a big fan of stripes. its just something which i can't stop buying. whenever i see one now, i really have to stop myself from buying. here are two pages about the legend of stripes from so-en (which i am going to get my japanese sensei to translate for me next week)

i really like the balloony thick stripped dresses from sonia rykiel, especially the red one. (i hope you can see clearly, double click to get a bigger image)

do you guys see a lot of strippes in singapore? i sure do in hong kong.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

home sweet home

oh i am coming home next weekend! i am excited. its not that i haven't been home for a long time, but because i will be bringing all the new clothes with me this trip. its just going to be a short weekend trip home this time, but still, i hope to explore the latest fashion places in singapore and check out some local street styles. yeah! really looking forward to it! i am sure it will be fun filled weekend! most important of all: nasi lemak, real authentic chicken rice, bbq stingray here i come next week!! always missing the food in singapore....
just feel like making today's blog a bit more personal by showing you what i see from my window at work. this is the victoria harbour. enjoy.

Monday, June 12, 2006

KYURII NEWS: Little summer dresses are out!

these elegant short summer dresses are out on kyurii_online yahoo auctions. we have 4 colours altogether (white, off-white, almond and black) the ones in lighter shades are perfect for an afternoon wedding reception. but if you are going for a special dinner date or a wedding dinner, then you might opt for the black or almond colour one! it is empire cut, high waist with a pleated bottom, finishes off with a pinned corsage. we take orders now, clothes will arrive in singapore next weekend! we only have one piece per colour.

Monday, June 05, 2006

i found it!

after walking for hours under the light rain, i found a polka dotted tank top which i think is cool enough to be auctioned on kyurii_online! finally!!

its yellowish green with gold or silver dots! (i got one colour each). the colours sound pretty daring yeah? the shop actually has a more conservative one which is white with black dots (which is sold out) however i think the colourful ones are much more interesting and better looking for summer. i combine it with the grey overall so that it doesn't look over the top. i bought one for myself too. the other two pieces will be under kyurii's june collection (which lee keng and i are trying to get all clothes up by end of june!) we do not want to rush our buying process by just grabbing any clothes to sell. we want to make sure that whatever we sell, are really what we believe to be nice and trendy! so please be patient with us. meanwhile, i will be a very diligent shopper and look around for more unique stuff. so stay tuned.

also, if you guys have any special requests for certain types of clothes (eg. if you need cool-looking cropped light-weight jackets to wear in the office or lecture rooms), please let us know as we do hear from our friends in singapore that it can be pretty difficult to find nice looking jackets as there is no four seasons. so maybe me being in hong kong can keep a look out for you. please feel free to drop me a comment in this blog! i will try my best to see what we can do. : )

lastly, to the girls who bought some clothes from us, we hope you are having fun with them!