Saturday, January 31, 2009

the answer

hahaha! you girls got it right! good eye sight! its funny how they happened to be near objects of their fur colour when i shot this photo. brown cat behind the brown weaved chair, black n white cat behind my black and white checked jacket. black cat.. mm no comment.
originally i only wanted to take a messy move-in-progress shot of the house. when i downloaded the photos, i realised, hey wait a minute, did i see a second cat in there? mm..could all 3 cats be in it? hahaha. i love how B&W is peeping from behind my jacket. oh these little animals, dun they just make your hearts smile? : )

p.s. to jac, the above photo of B&W aka 'Naughty' is specially for you. you missed him a lot yah, maybe he is missing you too. in this photo. he just sat there and stared and stared. maybe thinking of you.....

Friday, January 30, 2009

spot the 3 cats!

today i realised the difficulties of the packing process with 3 cats in a house. AH!!!!! they are absolutely right when they say curiousity kills a cat! i nearly killed my 3 cats these few days, or rather their curiousity nearly killed them. everytime i pack, they get all excited, and start roaming around where the action is happening! ah!
tessy got his neck entangled by the handle of an empty lane crawford paper bag. the black n white cat jumped right into an empty box which he probably think its solid. good thing, he is kind of fat, his fats protected him from the drop. he looked very disoriented after that. but it didnt stop him from his exploration. woah. and the little black cat, ah! she is everywhere, she hasnt got into any kind of danger YET but she is always suddenly appears in the wierdest places and scare the hell out of me. admist the packing, i would see this black shadow pop out from some boxes. pop run hide...pop run hide...pop run hide... thats what she has been doing these few days. ah........ help....
lets play a little game. can you spot the 3 cats? i will reveal the answer this weekend. maybe we can give a little kyurii gift for the first person who spot all three of them. hahaha! have a fun weekend! i will continue packing and working.
p.s. oh yes girl, we are looking forward to february, month filled with love at kyurii! lots of fun stuff and activities coming up!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

quote from a great yogi

"A "wish" is desire without energy. After a wish may come "intention" - the plan to do a thing, to fulfill a wish or desire. But "will" means: "I act until I get my wish." When you exercise your will power you release the power of life energy - not when you merely wish passively to be able to obtain an objective.
Just as all power lies in His will, so all spiritual and material gifts flow from His boundless abundance. In order to receive His gifts you must eradicate from your mind all thoughts of limitation and poverty. Universal Mind is perfect and knows no lack; to reach that never-failing supply you must maintain a consciousness of abundance. Even when you do not know where the next dollar is coming from, you should refuse to be apprehensive. WHEN YOU DO YOUR PART AND RELY ON GOD TO DO HIS, YOU WILL FIND THAT MYSTERIOUS FORCES COME TO YOUR AID AND THAT YOUR CONSTRUCTIVE WISHES SOON MATERIALIZE. This confidence and consciousness of abundance are attained through meditation.
Since God is the source of all mental power, peace, and prosperity, do not will and act first, but contact God first. Thus you may harness your will and activity to achieve the highest goals."
-Paramahansa Yogananda p.s. shot this when i was in nepal last year, as i was walking through mangal bazaar in patan. early morning, a little boy doing his part in setting up dad's stall. so sweet. i am so missing the country.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

gung hey fatt choy

GONG XI FA CAI! wishing all of you prosperity and abundance. i originally planned to go home to spend cny but i realised that i need this holiday break to PACK! haha so much stuff to pack and moving into lamma, mm.... not as easy as i thought. oh well its easy if you are moving into a fully furnished place. i am lucky, its half furninshed. i only need to coordinate the move of my used bed which i bought from a girl moving out of lamma (becos buying a new bed from say ikea and then moving from hk island by ferry then by small vehicle up the hill to the new place at lamma, is going to cost a bomb!). oh this is good, everything is recycled. i am going to have a lot of fun doing some home styling with a mix of very different furniture. oh yes and with lots of plants! YEAH!
KYURII NEWS, our next launch is next monday! ok you girls have fun! i will be shooting, packing and yoga-ing, woohoo!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

New colour!

09JAN ACC-1 (dark blue tartan) is sold out, i saw this red one today. everything else is the same as the blue one. anyone interested? we will not be posting this up to the website, if you are interested, just drop leekeng an email. thank you!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Extra stocks

hey girls, sorry we couldn't get any more extra stocks for 09JAN ACC-1 (tartan shoulder bag), 09JAN A-8, 09JAN B-8, 09JAN B-10.2
those who are on waiting list for the grey one, you may like to consider the black one, featured below. Extra socks for 09JAN B-13, the leather biker is available if anyone is interested. thanks!

Monday, January 19, 2009

attachment to hairband

today i bought another 2 new hairbands! now i have narrow ones, wide ones, weaved, braided, plastic ones, leather ones, satin ones, shiny ones, matte ones. now i have 9. why does one need so many hairbands? haha...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kyurii 09JAN B part 2 preview

This batch, you will find floral print blossoming, welcoming the approaching spring! the new items will be UP by tomorrow morning! thank you!

Kyurii: Taking order!

hey girls, we are currently taking extra orders for the bags! please email leekeng soon if you are interested. i will be making a trip down early next week! don't miss it. thank you and have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kyurii 09JAN B preview!

hi girls, due to the extreme cold weather, we will be launching 09JAN B bit by bit. i will be shooting the other half this weekend when the weather warms up. haha i think you can guess which is my favourite item this batch. hehe : P yeah! i just love the combination of lime green and purple on this tiered dress.

these items should be uploaded on anytime tomorrow!

i feel a lot of warmth

its still freaking cold here but i feel a lot of your warmth. thank you for your comments. i am working on the layouts now. the little heater is not really helping, i was so very reluctant to keep changing clothes for the shoot. haha. preview coming up soon..... oh i am into hairbands lately. i just bought 2 more today. wide ones, narrow ones, weaved, braided, shiny, matte, altogether i have 7 now. yeah!

Monday, January 12, 2009

wherever the wind takes me

hello girls, thank you so much for your concern. you know lately i have been feeling so much 'up' and 'down', the year end phenomenon still lurking around. i feel i am right in the gap between the past and the future (in terms of relationship, surrounding, environment, lifestyle, diet, way of life). there is no way you can turn back to the past, yet you don't know whats going on to happen in the future. mm.. come to think of it, isnt this where we all should be, living in the PRESENT, not clinging onto the past; not busy planning the future, instead fully aware of NOW, THIS MOMENT. but its so scary, becos now is unknown. you can only live through it, and when it became your past, that you would know. and my mind dislikes the unknown. it wants to plan, needs to know what will happen next, desires control, demands things to happen my way. and lately life has been proving to me that it doesnt exist this way, it has its own flow. and for us to live with our mind leading the way, its just going against life = unhappiness.
today i re-read 'NEW EARTH' by eckhart tolle. let me share my favourite quote of the day from the book: 'YOU DON'T LIVE YOUR LIFE, BUT LIFE LIVES YOU.' how true. i am SO feeling this now.
i need to remind myself of my trip in nepal, i wake up everyday and just see what will happen. i have no agenda, a very rough itinerary (nothing in details, i dun even know where i will be staying the next day) and no expectations. its magical how much help, support and surprises we will receive on the way, if we just allow. things somehow just work out miraculously. i need to do the same in my life now.
ok today 12 jan, 11:43pm, i give ownership of my life back to existence. float with it.
p.s. hey girls, its really been very nice to know all of you online. selling clothes alone will never be able to keep me going for 2 years. honestly, thanks! : )

Kyurii 09JAN B

hi there, 09JAN B launch will be up middle of this week! delay due to the freaking cold weather here, its about 9 degree and i am down with flu. i got myself a heater and it is work in progress now! thanks for your understanding.

Friday, January 09, 2009

your feedback

hi girls, we received some feedback about kyurii a few days ago, thank you. we will try our best to improve. leekeng and i are now planning an annual kyurii meeting sometime in late feb to discuss our plans for 2009. please feel free to let us know your comments if you have any at: we would love to hear from you! thank you and have a great weekend ahead! : )

love or attachment part 2

after tessy, now its the B&W cat. he just stares at me while i work. quite creepy but he is really loving and never demand any attention from me at all. he is happy just staring at me...

Thursday, January 08, 2009

love or attachment

morning morning! today i woke up naturally at 7am. i love the colour of the sky early in the morning. the special tone of blue that looks and feels so clear. i then walked to starbucks to have breakfast and read. am re-reading 'the power of now' by eckhart tolle. my fren just bought it yesterday and i got into re-reading it again. its nice to read the same book at the same time and be able to talk about it. today i remind myself that i have locked my mind into the locker at the yoga studio, i am letting my heart lead the way in 2009. tessy! i need some space. duno what got into him, he keeps meowing and has to be right besides me while i blog and wants me to stroke him constantly. hey tessy, is this love or attachment? are you just feeling needy and desire my attention and company or are you truly sharing your love with me without askingf or anything in return?

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

tears are good

today i went to collect my xmas present from the post office! so excited, was thinking what the present is as i walked there. THANK YOU, LENG! i love it! mm.. its not what i am expecting at all! haha! i knew it could be a stuff toy or something when i felt that package. but when i took it out, it really made me laugh and also want to cry when i saw it. A HUGE DROP OF TEAR!?! how do you know i have been sheding tears quite a bit lately? its the end of the year, people get depressed (mm depressed is not the right word, emotional maybe). nothing major. part and parcel of being a human. its so comforting when i hold that drop of tear in my arms given by a good freind. what i really like about it is the tag behind that says: HUG YOUR SORROW. come to think of it, we only hug our joy and escape from our sadness. maybe this time, we try to sit with the sorrow, be with it, and feel our hearts soften. let the tears flow and clear our eyes.
p.s. thanks again leng, for MR.TEAR and more so, to our wonderful friendship! really brings a tear to my eyes. i feel life. i am still thinking why of all things, a drop of tear. its amazing how a gift can be sent to us in a magical way.

Monday, January 05, 2009


adding the icing!

HELLO hows it going? the sky is blue today with lot of sun! temperature around 15 degree over here. lovely day!
hey girls, you know i always have so many ideas in my head when i am shooting the clothes but i just dun have the time to show you everything. i wish there is another suyin really. as you know, we are already sometimes (or most of the time, hehe) late in our launches (mostly due to me taking too much time to shoot and all that layouts) but we really want to continue doing what we believe in and what we love. SO what we intend to do this year, is to share some styling tips with you on this blog. oh i really hope to do this regularly for your girls at every launch at least on some items. YES I SHALL DO IT!
you know you can always just pick a top and match it with a bottom, easy. but what i think is interesting (and challenging) is how to gel the two together with accessories and little touches (it may be folding the sleeves up just a little) to create that icing on the cake. AESTHETICS! thats what makes dressing up fun right! sometimes we may get it wrong, oh well just run straight home after work or school that day then. haha i remembered doing that. at the end of the day, its all trial and error. in life too. isn't it? just make sure we learnt from the past and MOVE ON! : )
this is the flowery dress i was talking about last nite. my favourite item! i like to match it with black legging or stocking, maybe you can also try it with that faded skinny jeans we launched earlier (i cant remember the item no.) if you want to go for a more casual look. but the thing to keep in mind is, when the top is volumy, keep the bottom defined. maybe add a small sling bag across, but nothing too colourful or fanciful. keep it plain, you want the top to be the focus.

this orange dress, simple nothing too complicated. there is an elastic just below the chest (for those who have more curves, i think this piece will look really sexy and hot), also there is plenty of room to hide the tummy or to show off the tummy (for pregnant ladies i thought this is quite a nice piece too)

another simple dress i think which is appropriate for cny (i prefer the black n white one though) but if some of you might want some colours for cny. after cny, you can easily turn this piece into a work piece by you can also wear this dress under the black blazer, i have no time to shoot that combination. but please try it!

oh i also like this piece. mm i wish you can see the real piece! i kind of like check lately. i also like the feminine feel about this piece with the little corsage and the ruffles at the back. but i like to clash match this with black skinny, add a teeny weeny bit of ruggedness to it. i wouldnt go all feminine with this blouse (i mean matching it with a skirt), oh well you can. everyone has their own style. i would also try tucking it into a high waist black pencil skirt for work, complete wit a belt and heels. hair sweep back in a neat ponytail. : )
stay tuned, tmr i want to talk more about the work pieces in this launch!
p.s. oh i am so excited! tonite i am going for my first hatha 2 class 90mins! yeah!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Kyurii 09JAN A preview!

hello girls! cny is round the corner, we are going pink, orange and red this week! check out my favourite piece, the flowery volumy drop waist drawstring dress! love the cutting and the bright colour! i also like the pretty check blouse, with a little feminine touch of ruffle detail at the back! within this new launch, you can also find some basic work attire, my favourite one is the sleeveless chiffon blouse with the ruffle eyelet trim! its really hard to decide which colour is nicer when i was buying, so i got in both black and white. love it under the blazer! oh yes, the blazers, don't miss that too!
p.s. i will blogging more about my personal favourite items soon! stay tuned. oh yes, this new launch will be up tomorrow morning! sorry for the week of waiting. enjoy the rest of your weekend! oh and one more reminder:
tomorrow is the last day!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

3Jan 2009

its been quite cold here these few days. when i was shooting in the sleeveless blouses, i was feeling so cold. i hope you dun see my goose bumps in the new launch! haha. how is your weekend so far first weekend of 2009. after shooting this morning, i went out for lunch and also to read a bit. now back, need to start work on the layouts. leekeng, if you are reading, i aim to give you the jpgs tomorrow before yoga.
oh yesterday i did hot flow for the first time. it was great! a power 1 class in a hot room. sweated so much feel like a fish. after that i went straight into a power 1 class, and i had trouble flowing from chaturanga to upward facing dog and i can barely get navasana together. haha! but i felt really happy! i tried and now i know where the next challenge lies. i am leaving my comfort zone, i am SO leaving my comfort zone in every way, in life and in yoga in 2009! ready to take my yoga practise one step further, into the unknown realm of hatha 2, hot flow, hot 2, power 2. haha.
p.s. maybe this blog should be renamed 'a little kyurii & yoga a day'
hehe : P

Thursday, January 01, 2009

happy warrior

hello everyone! happy new year! today i spent my first day of 2009 immersed in yoga. like what maurice, my teacher said in class today, every day is a new day, every day is christmas, every day is a new year, every pose is a new pose, relook at each pose like a child again. sometimes when we are so used to certain things, routines or even people, we think we know everything and everyone close to us. but hey, do we?
''warrior 1.. (oh i like that pose, i know that step right leg out, heel to heel alignment, front leg bend, back leg straight, hands up) ''is your front knee over second toe? back leg straight and strong, even weight distribution between both legs, hips squared, lift the toes off your front leg, ground the four corners of your feet down firmly, then relax your toes and plant them down again, hands up besides your ears but keep shoulders and neck relaxed, pull navel in and up from below keeping your lowest ribs soft, engage your core, exhale, see if you can bend your front knee lower to 90 degree but without sinking your hip, let the energy flow through from the feet up the spine and through to your finger tips, keep your fingers soft and light, eyes relaxed, soft gaze, jaws relaxed, with a slight smile, please. and are you still breathing? now keep the mighty warrior spirit, and with grace and beauty, exhale and flow into warrior 2.....''
HAHAHA! thank you maurice, for always reminding me of how much more i do not know each pose (and poking my ribs to check if they are soft and checking on those toes.) well i guess life is a little like yoga, its an ongoing journey with endless stuff to master. the more i go into it, the lesser i know.
with gratitude and humility, i dedicate this first blog of 2009 to each and every one who is part of my life. you all bring a lesson with you. its amazing how much we learn just from the people around us.
OK here's wishing all of you the mighty warrior spirit, let's flow with grace and courage into 2009!

p.s. KYURII SALE! 3 more days! sorry guys, i have been doing too much yoga and neglecting my work (no time to launch this week, sorry). i will continue shooting tmr, ok here's our schedule. 2 major launches for cny coming up! note it!
09JAN A - 5 Jan next monday.
09JAN B - 12 or 13Jan