Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kyurii Item updates!

GOOD NEWS! we got in extra stocks for our favourite bag! in all 3 colours! for those of you who are already on waiting list, you should be hearing from leekeng soon! and for those of you interested, you can place your order straight from WWW.KYURII.COM now!
p.s. phew! you cant imagine how relieved we were when we secured these extra stocks. the items just move so quickly. once sold out, they will not be replaced as new items will arrive, come and go, in and out. i have to keep up with the hong kong pace! sorry to those who are not able to get that 09FEB A-10.2 purple flower dress. i know how frustrating it is. it happens to me here in terms of buying too sometimes, the hong kong buyers they are really fast. in future, we will try our best to launch as simultaneously as possible so that we will not fall behind as its hard to re-order once that happens.

facebook us!

hey girls, the rest of our KYURII RETREAT photos are up on FACEBOOK! if you have not join us, please look for 'Suyin Kyurii' and be a friend of kyurii.

DAY 5 last day

today is the last of our annual kyurii retreat. leekeng will leave tomorrow back to singapore.
10:03 we had breakfast at delilamma this morning and noticed a lot of flowers as we walked back. this is one of them, aren't they beautiful? little things in nature has enormous beauty, if only we see them. 11:00 back to our meeting room. today we discussed about figures! which is something we are both bad at. my head felt so heavy all afternoon... check out the number of bananas we consumed. haha i am only interested in clothes! leaving leekeng to work out what budget.. what figures... what P&L... i dun wan to know! haha.. 04:30 yeah! end of meeting! to the city for kirtan (yoga for the heart) at pure central studio. love the sparkling sea....
leekeng took the grey quilted shoulder bag. she wants me to tell you girls that she will be emailing to those who have ordered this bag soon, becos we successfully secured extra stocks! all 3 colours, black, dark brown and light grey! : )
we dun want to be carrying the same bag. so i use our sophie black tote instead today. : )
this crochet top is one of my favourite new items in the coming launch! hehe i cant wait so i have to wear it today. the white knitted top that leekeng wore is also a new item. hee... we are feeling happy in them! ok i need to sleep now. tomorrow we have to wake up at 7am, have breakfast then take the 8:40am ferry. after sending leekeng to check in, i will be off to one more buying trip.
lastly, it has been such a wonderful 5 day, working hard everyday. and also a precious chance for us to spend some time together to reminisce and laugh about the crazy things we used to do when we were younger. one more fond memory to add on to our friendship which is more precious than any amount of clothes that we can ever sell. thanks leekeng, for being my buddy all these years.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


09:30 breakfast meeting. hearty organic egg omelette breakfast! yummy.
11:00 i love looking at the notice board. here's a interesting one today.

11:20 ferry. after 2 full days on lamma, today finally we went out to the city for yoga! i was dying to get out but leekeng is perfectly happy to stay on lamma. she is so loving this rustic island life. haha i love this photo she took of me, or rather my hair. 03:00. after yoga, we rush back. oh and we bought a lot of lao po bing! its a funny thing, when i go back to singapore, i have to buy lao po bing for singapore frens. when i come back to hong kong, i have to buy pandan cakes for my hk frens. my highest record was 5 pandan cakes and maybe 30 lao po bing. but guess what? leekeng can enter the guinness world record, she bought 30 lao po bing and 30 egg yolk pastries! altogether 60! + 10 (for us to eat tonite) = 70!
the slope leading up the house. its no wonder i am eating like 5 meals a day. ok goodnite girls, we need to continue. i shall end today's blog with this lovely photo. doesn't feel like hong kong at all.

DAY 3!

10:00 we started the day with a hike to the nearby tung o beach. it was a beautiful stretch. i love this photo we took. reminded us of our school days where we often hang around at east coast beach. 12:00 lunch leekeng cooked instant noodles with fresh vegetables we got from the village.
01:00 housework time. so much clothes to wash! leekeng is really into it. she admited that she likes doing housework. she has been washing and hanging my clothes for me. hehe.
02:00 START WORK! today the sun is very bright, we decide to move into the little room. more brainstorming, discussions, so much we want to do, to improve, woah! headache. ok relax, breathe, one step at a time, so much to learn as we go along. we are not born to run a business. where's the yoga mat? we need another yoga break. hehe.
we have been in lamma for 2 whole days without going out to the city. and leekeng is really loving this kampong life and the little room. when i look up, the blue sky above lamma really fills my heart with joy and peace. 09:00 went down to the village for dinner and drinks. another long but fruitful day. goodnite.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kyurii Item updates!

hey girls, we know that many many of you are on the waiting list for 09FEB B-10. sorry that dress is totally sold out. we have brought in a similar dress with different print! we love it we hope you like it too! it will be up on this thurs!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

DAY 2!

10:00 brunch yum cha. that's the yung shue wan pier at the background where i take ferry everyday. 11:00 straight back to our meeting room.
we found quite a lot of nice stuff yesterday! one of leekeng's favourites! look at her smile. : )
the light from the afternoon sun gave us a lot of energy!
09:00 night falls, we spent the entire day brainstorming except to eat at the village. tiring....
we need a break!! leekeng getting ready....
for yoga!! mighty warrior spirit be with us! confident and determined.
helping us to fly like superwomen! hahaha! alright let me go take my shower and then continue our meeting! goodnite girls, sweet dreams. we would be uploading our 'uncensored' behind-the-blog photos on facebook soon. haha stay tuned.

Monday, February 23, 2009

KYURII 21DAY countdown promotion!

we are starting 2009 KYURII RETREAT with a special promotion! as we in the middle of creating a new look, we thought it would be interesting to do a little COUNTDOWN promotion of 21 MOST _____ ITEMS from 2008. for 21 days, we will feature a different item every day at a very special price (for 1 day only). all the way till mid march when the new look will be revealed! here's a preview of the very first item! as you can see, incredible prices. haha a bit hard sell. well, actually we did a final stocktake, and we found a few pieces of some popular items left in our huge kyurii wardrobe. so here you go, last chance!


hello girls! leekeng is here! today our schedule:
08:00 wake up
09:00 morning breakfast meeting. ooh.. so serious. discussing about expenses. i havent done my petty cash for so many months. leekeng chasing me for it.. haha...
10:30 bank
11:20 have to catch the ferry
12:45 yoga hot hour!
02:00 lunch
03:00 buying trip! yeah! feels like we are going on a shopping trip!
07:00 catch ferry back to lamma for part 2 of the day.
fill you up later! look out for our special promo in the next blog! need to go now!

Friday, February 20, 2009

OM is up

today i realised that the roof faces the direction of the setting sun. the light was amazing as i hung my OM table cloth up on the roof. btw, leekeng, this is our conference room, that is our meeting table. we can sit in full lotus or maybe half lotus pose as we discuss our ideas. haha. we can do sun salutation in the evening. om shanti om. may peace, love and joy reside in this house.
p.s. mm.. what shall i do with the 2 electric blue bar stools which belong the landlord?

close to nature

good morning girls! i woke up automatically at 7am today. i had a really good sleep. this house is pulsating with good energy! been discovering more and more about lamma everyday. yesterday i received a call to inform me that my cable tv has been downgraded. national geographic is no longer available for me. WHAT!?!?!! that's my favourite channels! what do you mean? 'sorry ms tan, due to some xxxxx cable or xxxxxx satellite which does not cover lamma xxxxx no technical xxxxxx support.' i duno what she is talking about, i only know that everyone in lamma cannot get national geographic!
ok good side of it, i save 40hkd per month. and to think about it, i am living so close to nature now... every nite i nearly step onto some dogs poo, hear wierd insect or animal sounds in the middle of the night, have a live-in gecko who appears every nite to provide some entertainment for the cats, see a couple of mating frogs, colourful birds, butterflies, come summer and maybe i might get to see snakes (oh yes they come out when it gets hot i was told). so right, WHO NEEDS NATGEO ANYWAY?!! i dun need it!
i only need plenty of light and fresh air. meditate...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kyurii items updates!

hey girls, good morning! leekeng just updated me on the item qty. for those who are interested in the sold out items, please continue to email her, we are consolidating the orders. and i will call the bag lady rightaway to secure the items. thank you! have a great day ahead! enjoy!
09FEB ACC-1.1 (black) SOLD OUT 09FEB ACC-1.2 (coffee) LAST PC
09FEB ACC-1.3 (light grey) SOLD OUT

happy birthday

happy birthday jiahui. just want to take this opportunity to let you know that we've been so lucky to have you as part of the kyurii team. thank you for your help and friendship, little sister. may the love, peace and joy in your heart continue to shine, bringing light to yourself and everyone you meet. xhugsx

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

KYURII: New Bags on soon!

hey girls! check out this shoulder bag. i love it! becos i can dump a lot of stuff inside, yesterday i had like my book, 2 sets of yoga attire, water, my apple, my jumper, my organiser, my ipod, my small sling purse and my makeup purse. actually the more stuff you have in it, the nicer it looks! slouchy. nice. i like to hang my cardigan over it. which colour do you like best? i am having hard time deciding which one i want.

check them out now under NEW IN at now! leekeng just told me she is uploading now. enjoy!
oh yes don't forget that pre-order ends this friday 12 noon as i want to rush down on friday morning. this shop, as some of you may have encountered with the previous dark blue tartan bag, items are gone very quickly to the big japanese and korean buyers. thanks!

No.81 Preview!

specially for leekeng. the 3 cats are getting ready to welcome you, especially the super-friendly black and white one who always jumps onto my friends' laps or chest even and likes to be really close to people. haha (leekeng is scared of cats) haha my groundfloor neighbour did this cute little signage.
i am on the top floor with the roof!
the cats are loving the stairs. running up and down.... good exercise.
preview of your room, leekeng. you are having your own private bathroom. and most importantly, its a no-cat territory so no worries. this is actually my little chill out room on the roof. i am just going to have lots of pillows, rugs, candles, incense, all my books, plants and a buddha head lamp. i just love the light into this house!