Tuesday, June 30, 2009

here comes the sun... its alright....

good morning!! let's do a little karaoke session! haha.. i am so inspired by the sun this morning. so i want to share one of my time fav songs with you 'here comes the sun' (yeah! george harrison!). specially going out to you, especially to those who might be having a rough day at work (feels like radio deejay gosh). haha oh i think the younger generations may not know this song.. do you? i wanted to upload the rendition by coldplay but seriously, nothing beats the original version by the beatles!

i just love these simple songs... simple melody simple words. ok enjoy! take a break and sing along.. and don't forget the 'du du du du..' haha!

ok song done, don't forget to check out the full new collection at NEW IN! du du du du.... enjoy your day! big smile! du du du du...

p.s. this song also goes out specially to dear henky. little darling, the smiles returning to the faces. it will be alright.

Kyurii New Arrival launch time!

OK girls, get ready to browse through our new items at NEW IN at www.kyurii.com at 9am today!
goodnite : )

Monday, June 29, 2009

Kyurii Preview Time!

hello girls! yes yes yes! preview time!!! i love this week's items! oh i hope you like them too! i love the colours really.... i had quite a fun time shooting even though i am having a stiff neck. haha... ok let me check with leekeng what time she would be able to get them uploaded. get back to you soon on the launch time! meanwhile enjoy!!
due to the great response on that khaki skinny pants, we have brought in more colours: dark grey and purple! see them below! i also love this dark blue oversized frill sleeve top (see below right bottom), so comfy and i just love it with the skinny jeans! also look out for that one shoulder ruffle neckline top! we got them in 2 colours, red and green. i took the green one! i love it and had been wearing it already! : P oops! also those dresses, i love that white one with the embroidery detail tie at neck one (above photo top left), you can also wear it over a pair of jeans!

sunny day here!

hello girls how are you? i am preparing for the next launch. busy busy busy... talk later! have a wonderful day ahead. sun shining brightly over here in lamma... after a few days of rain and typhoon.

anyway i am currently watching this fim 'HOME' by Yann Arthus-Bertrand on youtube. it shares with us how our planet which originally was no more than a chaos of fire, a cloud of particles, similar to so many similar clusters in the universe, is transformed into a planet where the miracle of life occurs. some really amazing facts... i find it very interesting and intriguing and it certainly makes me respectful of this planet we are living in right now.
if you are also interested in such stuff, go to HOME, a non-profit film about our earth by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and watch it when you are free. its a little over an hour. i watch it bit by bit.

today i learnt from the film that 'it took more than 4 billions years for it to make trees. in the chain of species, trees are a pinnacle, a perfect living sculpture. trees defy gravity. they are the only natural element in perpetual towards the sky.' one of my fav trees is raintree, it reminds me of singapore. everytime i am back, from the airport, the rows of raintrees along ECP are so welcoming.

i just discovered this blog when trying to search for a pix of a raintree. i just love illustrations like these of plants or flowers or birds. my brother bought me 2 paintings of birds from portobello which i haven't found frames for yet. anyway yeah! another inspiration for me today. pencil-paper-paint. those who likes to sketch or doodle a bit, you may like to check this blog out. ok i need to get back to work now. we hope to launch the new stuff soon! : )

Friday, June 26, 2009

a salute to all teachers out there

hi girls, tonite i want to write a little about teachers. one of the toughest jobs i think. to be a good caring teacher, it takes so much patience and effort, to be a mediocre one, piece of cake.

actually i am writing this blog to you, little sis jiahui who just started on her first job as a teacher upon graduation. i can imagine how noisy it is! haha.. it must be tough, yes especially young kids. they can be loud and uncontrollable! i once experienced my fren's 3 yo boy threw a tantrum. mm.. it was loud and wild! haha but my fren assured me that it's not the worst. (eirma if you are reading this, i am talking about khairul at coffee club at taka the other time, remember. haha) so yeah i can imagine.. that noise x 20 times. your patience must be tested to the max every day. but you know what, you have one of the most meaningful job.

i often think back about how significant the role my past teachers played in my life, especially those who taught me when i was really young. it never fails to amaze me at how much a teacher's words (praise or criticism) can influence our minds and cause an effect in our later years. good teachers are remembered for life. i am quite lucky to have met some really caring teachers but there are 2 very significant ones in my life. one of them has to be my polytechnic lecturer, lim chong jin who taught us visual communications. he showed us through his own actions what is passion and energy. he is always so lively and full of zest, which was so lacking among the other old half-retired teachers. from him, i realised how important it is to create or find inspiration for ourselves. becos without inspiration, there is no passion, and without passion, there is no energy, and you do your work half dead. and that's no way to live.

the other teacher whom i am really grateful to is, miss ho. she is my dance teacher in primary school. she always encouraged me and gave me so much opportunities in performing. the things i think i can't do, i duno why she thinks i can do it. she believed in me which made me believe in myself. so powerful when we genuinely believe in someone, that transfer of the energy which i experienced from her to me, is what i call magic in life. oh and i have to thank her for the rigorous basic training she put us through every sat. for without that, i will not have the flexibility. hehe.. which is good for my yoga practise today. and she has planted in me the seeds to feel and appreciate the beauty of movement and flow which i am expressing through yoga now.

you know i just feel so many things that we have within us today, actually long began when we were little kids. things we were taught, words our teachers once said to us does make a little impact to our little minds. so yes, sis, press on as you said in your comment. do what you can, there will definitely be days where you feel like putting a huge masking tape over their mouths! hahaha.. just imagine that and laugh! or take a deep inhale and exhale. other than that, i would actually say SHINE ON, jiahui! leekeng and i always marvel that at your age, you are really mature in your thinking. when we were at your age, mm... i'd rather not make any comment. haha. nonetheless, we are proud of you.

p.s. check out my incredible mr skinny cactus. in feb/mar. this is him today. how much he has grown! that's a family of cactus!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

good morning everyone!

hello girls! today i feel very alive! oh ok, i normally feel alive but today i feel extra extra alive! very uplifted! i actually jumped out of bed at 7am! then i chanted. george harrison 'hare krishna maha mantra' and krishna das' 'namah shivaya' really got me going! instant good vibes! haha.. so that i can find some motivation to do my huge pile of laundry!
oh tomorrow i am going out on a buying trip in the morning, then have tea with my beautiful yoginis and our teacher then we'll go to a kirtan at pure central in the evening. been a month since i chanted with a group of people (in london), therefore i am really looking forward to kirtan tmr!
alright now for kyurii news! hey here are your requests for more maxi dresses! just to let you know these are one of the last few maxi dresses we have this summer. so don't miss them!

and yes, leekeng had asked me to get more orders for the bra tops which i will do so tomorrow. i might get grey colour in as well. i like grey when i do yoga.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This week's new items!

hi girls! we are doing a very colourful series this week and next. bright coral, magenta, orange, pink, yellow with grounding purple and dark blue. lately i am always in colours... its hard to wear dark coloured clothes in the heat of summer.

ok i shall talk more later tonite or tmr! need to rush for the 11:20am ferry to make another buying trip! see you soon. have a great day ahead!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Kyurii This Week's Preview!

hello girls, i hope you like the nightwear selection we launched this morning. now i want to share with you the preview for the NEW ARRIVALS tomorrow morning! tomorrow 9am! don't miss this collection!

i just have to share this quote i just read with you. need to balance all these clothes talk with a bit of life. haha...

"Twenty years from now,
you will be more disappointed by the things
that you didn't do than by the ones you did do.
So throw off the bowlines.
Sail away from the safe harbor.
Catch the trade winds in your sails.
Explore. Dream. Discover."
- Mark Twain

i am thinking of what i want to do, and have not done.
1. live in nepal for a bit. maybe volunteer at an orphanage or something.
2. do a yatra (pilgrimage) to mt kailash (i am researching on it now, to happen next year)

what about you? : )

Sunday, June 21, 2009

KYURII NEW IN: nightwear!

preview! preview!

check them out at NEW IN at www.kyurii.com at 9am tomorrow morning! that is 22Jun monday morning!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Kyurii Backorder!

good news! last friday i managed to get the last few remaining pcs for this harem pants in dark grey. sorry the dark blue one is completely sold out. be quick! email leekeng if you are interested. it is still listed as sold out on the website. first hand news here.

Have you check these out?

i also like to match this pants with any of those ribbed embroidery trim tank tops we launched earlier. keep the upper body defined and light to contrast with the drapes from the pants. something like this top would go well with the pants. or you can also match it with this simple tank top. i like this one!
i really love the slogan on this tee - 'change your mind'. i feel uplifted instantly when i put this tee on. you like the 'anything is possible' feeling, inifinite possibilities in this universe. this has to be my superwoman tee! haha..
sorry backorder is not available for this chiffon vest. completely sold out.
this embellished top is going fast, great to go under any jacket! go to NEW IN at www.kyurii.com and see all the new items now!

Kyurii New Nightwear!

we hope you girls will love these as much as we do! they will be up this coming monday at 9am!!

meanwhile, have a great weekend ahead! : )

Friday, June 19, 2009

Kyurii What's coming up?

hi everyone! friday night yeah! partying? haha i am working. hey do you girls like nightwear? last week when i was buying, i came across some really sweet little pieces of nighties. ooh i just can't resist them so i got them!! haha we are so very ready to share KYURII NIGHTWEAR with you real soon! stay tuned! i am preparing them this weekend, should be able to get them out to you next monday! something to look forward to when you get into the office.
ok meanwhile, good nite sweet dreams. : )

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kyurii NEW IN: Inner Basic!

hello girls! good morning! as promised, here are the bra tops or tube tops.. duno what to call them. you can remove the straps and wear it strapless. i usually wear them under an oversized tee when i want to do the off-shoulder look like this one. or you can also wear it under a deep neckline top or dress like this one. check them out under INNER BASIC now!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kyurii more backorders available!

hello girls! how was your day? i had a fruitful day! bought quite a lot of lovely stuff! can't to share them with you....
but for now, here are 2 more items that you have requested for backorders, this ankle length pants is now available! i think it will look good with the new cropped boyfriend blazer.
this lovely green dress is also available now at www.kyurii.com. go now!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kyurii This Week Don't Miss!

ok after that long post, back to kyurii updates! here are some items which i hope you girls won't miss. i really like this blazer. what i like about it is that it has the loose fit of a boyfriend blazer but its cropped. whenever i try on a boyfriend blazer i always find them a bit too long for me, the length plus the oversized-ness of it sort of makes me look shorter and smaller. however with this one, when i tried it on, i love it! i still enjoy the loose cut of a boyfriend blazer but i really dun need the length. therefore, i recommend this for those who feel alike. goes well also when worn unbuttoned over a worn out tee with a pair of beaten denim shorts. i like the contrast between the structured, discipline, formal with the casual, laid back, maybe with a little touch of defiance. enjoy!! talk later : )

i am willing to love myself completely

hi girls! oh i just came back from green cottage, remember the magic omelette place. today i had a superb egg benedict. when i was paying, mike said to me 'mm i think you look better in real person than in photos.' took me a second to translate. AH!!!!!!! shit he checked out our website and saw my photos! i contained my surprise and with poise, i replied with a smile 'mm you know actually i dun really like people to know i model for the clothes myself. haha.' i knew it would happen sooner or later. becos before london, ron the other guy asked me for our website so that his wife could maybe buy from us, i was so reluctant to give. mm... i dun really like friends (especially men) who are not customers to see the photos. i am shy.

mm... this is a very interesting emotion. i have not really come to term with the fact that i model the clothes. why? becos its such a contrast to the everyday 'me' especially for people who know me... why am i 'shy/embarassed' to let people know?

i see myself as reserved, not so loud, dun like to be in the limelight person. this model thing really stretched my personal boundaries. and to be honest, i dun really like to look at my own photos after shooting. then gradually, it came to a point, where i would look at them and not think i am looking at myself but actually someone else. i am happy when i am doing it, but it's not something i enjoy doing. its just that at this moment, we do not have the excess money so it's part of my job.

my friends have always given me very positive comments about it but i always try to brush it off. you know.. not truly receiving the compliments totally. thanks guys, deeply appreciate it. i was actually amazed when one of my friend told me she saw such great confidence and she is inspired by it. i am very happy that it inspires people. but beneath all that 'confidence', lies a side of me which i have not come to term with. i am confident when i take the photos but maybe not so confident of presenting my body in that way to friends, people whom i know and i do not know.

this is good exercise for my 're-educate myself to LOVE MYSELF TOTALLY (both good and bad aspects)' campaign which i launched for myself after london. i love the part of me who is confident when shooting (without ego). at the same time, i acknowledge the 'shy, embarassed' part of me (without criticism). let us all be willing to love ourselves completely. you are just as good as everyone else.

anyway. haha after i told mike i dun really like people to know i model for the clothes, he said with such innocence eyes 'dun worry, i only checked out the website once.' wahahhaha thinking back of his strong conviction now really makes me laugh, ok ok, i believe you.

What I am reading now: Living In The Light by Shakti Gawain.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Kyurii New Arrival preview!

hello girls! its not a big launch this week but still, we love it! maybe you can guess it, i am really into coral, pink, magenta, purple now. up tomorrow at 9am.
have a fantastic day! i am going for yoga tonite. : )

Kyurii for the little ones!

hello girls! good afternoon! in the past, we have received requests from our beautiful mommy customers, asking us if we will have kids wear.... haha! actually leekeng has always been really excited about that. we did talk about it but nothing really happened until recently... i have a close friend, tele in hk, who also has a lot of enthusiasm for kidswear. so i guess its the right time now, for things to unfold. we are really excited but still learning so we will take it one step at a time. with leekeng and tele, the 2 fantastic moms in kyurii, i am sure we will be having lots of fun!
let's kick off with a little cool 'i love papa' tee for father's day (next sunday)! they should have one in an adult size, i would buy it immediately! haha! one for mom one for baby, so nice... oh yes, and we also have 'i love mama' version tee. how can we leave out our mommies even though we missed mother's day. its never too late.
we will be launching them tomorrow so please don't miss our very first item for the kids, if you are a mom or an aunty to the little nephews and nieces.
p.s. thank you so much to tele, for being the buyer in charge of our kidswear. really appreciate it. : )
p.s. also we will launch our regular new arrivals tomorrow too. stay tuned!

little one

hello all! how is your weekend? i went for a walk. i walked to the pagoda facing the sea that reaches out to hong kong island. i saw a very tiny butterfly in the palest shade of indigo, a bright neon green bug and lots of fallen frangipani flowers today. frangipani is one of my favourite trees. i am really happy to be surrounded by so much nature. here is a lovely photo from my fren's fren. a bird has built her nest in of the trees at his rooftop! oh that's so nice.....
nature always makes my heart soft....
grow strong, little one.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Kyurii Flea tomorrow!!

hello girls! i just realised i forgot to mention that tomorrow KYURII will be at the FLEA FLY FLO FUN!
Venue: Pit Building, 1 Republic Boulevard (next to Singapore Flyer)
Date: 13 June Saturday
Time: 1 - 9pm!
more details about the FLEA FLY FLO FUN here.
no plans for the weekend yet? come on down!

Kyurii Item updates!

hello girls! sorry this dress is totally sold out. backorder is not available.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kyurii Backorders!

hi girls, these sold-out items are available for backorders now! thanks!

backorder for this oversized clutch available only in very limited qty. please email leekeng now if you are interested. thanks!

p.s. tmr i am going for the asia yoga conference held here at the hk convention hall, some of the great yogis and yoga teachers will be here for 4 days. so tmr full day of pranayama practise, lectures on patajali yoga sutras and chakras and asanas for me.... i will talk to you girls on friday! if i still have energy, then maybe i will see you all tmr nite. goodnite : ) i better sleep soon, need to take the first ferry at 6:20am tmr. haha..