Sunday, September 30, 2007

being good

i have been really good these 3 days, been wearing my glasses and staying away from the computer to give my eyes a well deserved break, which proves to be tough really. the 1am sleep deadline i gave myself is almost impossible to meet, even with medication. i slept around 2am.
i stayed at home on fri, sat and today, cleaning the house a bit, indulging in nat geo and cooking pasta. this morning, i smashed up tomato sardines from the can and made myself a sardine ciabatta. the leftover sardine, i used it to make myself sardine spaghetti for dinner. mm... spaghetti is al dente, added a little ketchup to the sardines, mm.... tasted ok, not too bad.
i can't wait to go out tomorrow! public holiday here tomorrow. my fren went to tokyo! i also want to go! eirma told me she really likes the clothes this weekend! yippee! thanks jeann for your encouragement, leekeng forwarded me your sms. and i realised i spelt embroidery wrongly! this is the correct spelling. sorry for the random list of thoughts here. have a great week ahead! kym discovered his photo on juice hk, together with ar-ho, his colleague from leo burnett, they were at the opening of 'bande a part' (means 'band of outsiders' in french) exhibition @ agnes b. it features 10 photographers capturing the New York underground scene from the late 60’s to the mid 80’s. still on at the agnes b's librairie galerie (wanchai) till 10th Nov.

miss sporty

just went on saw stella mccartney adidas spring 08! i love it! i have to admit that the pair of stella adidas pants that i bought last year has been one major motivation for me to exercise! haha. here are my favourites from spring 08. love the leg warmers, cant wait for the weather to be cool!! am sure to do this with the black leggings from kyurii and my black pump.
i have been thinking of taking up tennis, maybe this is a good reason that i should. i wonder if she has any nice yoga outfits. click on link below to see miss stella's items on available in the shops now.

nicholas again

Someone left a comment about nicholas ghesquiere of balenciaga. i decide to google him again and found this very interesting interview taken from new york times, comes with a photo of him. here is a little of the interview. Quote:
''Q: Your fall collection took on multiculturalism. This is big issue in fashion — specifically its lack of representation. There are so many unaddressed issues, like the rich-poor divide, the fact that more and more people will be living in cities. Why did you go in this direction?
A: It started with the street, really, and it’s been a long time since the street was inspiring. I wanted to show a luxury style in the street? Why should street wear always be casual? My ideal was a mix-and-match — you want to see a girl in that type of jacket but with a real sense of luxury and quality. We are so much into a total look. You have to wear that type of shoe, that dress. There are a lot of stereotypes now in fashion. I wanted to make another proposition.''
to read the whole interview, click on the link below.
to see his RTW 07 collection, go to now i cant wait to see his spring 08 collection. i have been checking on almost daily.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

KyurII SEP D more preview!

hello ladies, these are the 3 items (my favourites) i was talking about on the previous blog. the creaam dress with a subtle embrodiery neckline, the loose-fitting big sleeves black top with lace trim, and the bohemien-feeling embroidery blouse with elastic around sleeves. i just have to feature them here again. hehe. actually i do have a soft spot for anything that has a little bohemien-folk-ethnic feel to it, thats why we decided to do this collection. from time to time you are bound to see these items being trendy again. but really, sometimes we do enjoy dressing a little out of the current trend. leekeng just told me she is thinking of getting a piece of SEP D-1, 3 and 8 for herself! look out for those items! make sure you are faster than she is! : )

swollen eye

i had an eye infection yesterday. i woke up in the morning, rubbed my eye and suddenly i feel that its kind of swollen. ah! scared the hell out of me, when i saw in the mirror that my right eye lid is swollen. rushed to the doctor, to find out that some germ had gotten into my eye through my rubbing. he told me not to work for long hours in front of the computer and to sleep early. haha these are exactly the 2 things i have not been doing lately. so finally i decide to give myself a one day break yesterday. did not even switch on my mac. was feeling drowsy most of the time, due to the medication. the swelling had gone down last night.. so phew.. if not i wouldnt be able to do any shooting. all is well now, but i had better watch my hours over the computer, and sleep by 1am latest. i dun need to be sick again to know when to rest.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

KYURII SEP D preview!

oh this week passes so quickly i can't believe it. over here, most of us are on a holiday mood, next monday is another public holiday, china national day. i just put on some finishing touches on the layouts for this weekend's launch. here is a preview for SEP D! hehe, cant wait to show you! i really like the 2 dresses, especially the black one i featured on the big photo, and also the cream dress which i wore with the grey necklace in the top box! two of my personal favourites! i think i will wear the black one out this weekend. hehe. look out, coming up real soon!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

i ate 2 hairy crabs for dinner

happy mid-autumn festival to all. have you had your mooncake? i have not. haha. its a public holiday today in hk. last night after dinner with kym's family, we went to sheung wan to buy lanterns! i bought the typical white rabbit-on-wheel lantern. its very typical in hk. then we went to cwb, packed with people who went to victoria park to see the lantern show. the cats checking out the rabbit when i got home. today i woke up at 12noon! slept at 3am last nite. hehe, not working but watching nat geo. i am a documentary junkie. after lunch, i worked on some upcoming layouts, then went out for dinner with kym's family again for hairy crab 大閘蟹! i am not really a big fan of the hairy crab, but i find many of my frens here love it. i am more into our chilli crab! yum! oh i also miss the crab bee hoon soup that leekeng brought us to eat at toa payoh. kym's uncle in the background is a self-confessed hairy crab addict, he is the one who suggested tonite's hairy crab feast. it took me almost an hour to finish dissecting the 2 crabs, armed with plastic gloves and scissor and a tool to dig out the tiny pieces of meat. after a while, you start to get the hang of it, it can be quite fun.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Kyurii's Very Own Stylebook!!

hi ladies, we have created an online stylebook to share with you on how you can mix n match kyurii clothes! one of our customers suggested that we can offer some styling tips. the idea got us really excited and it sparked off the stylebook! so here it is, kyurii's very own stylebook! from time to time, the stylebook will feature different items from the collections and suggest new styling tips to make dressing up all the more fun and interesting! we hope you like it!

Whats coming up for Kyurii?

hello, another beginning of a new week! hope you guys are all doing well on a monday afternoon. i hope you guys like the new clothes launched yesterday! some of you might have noticed that on our special item of the month, we have the word 'basics' on the photo. thats becos we have started a new line! a new basic line consisting of simple clothing. we are currently working our ass off, trying to meet the deadline. for now, i better go eat my late lunch. starving.. then straight back to work! oh i think my dark circles are showing in the photo. please don't click to see bigger photo (but i think the moment i write this, you guys should be clicking on it. haha) but seriously we weren't expecting to use the photos i took in bintan for kyurii, if i had knew, i would have put on my make up. but what the heck, thats the essence of our basics line, maybe. raw, natural, unstyled, complete with dark circles.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

KYURII SEP C sneak preview!

This is the second part of Fall Colours. purple is the colour that is seen a lot on the runway this fall, and i bet you will be seeing a lot of it around you! check out kyurii purple pointelle sleeves top and the purple geometric dress (which is one of my personal favourite!). also, we have added new colours to the ribbed tank tops, so don't miss them in this season's trendiest colours charcoal, violet and jade! match them with the new flippy skirts, we love this look! also don't miss the other 2 dresses in this collection, we love the floral prints and the flattering empire cut! to view the full collection, go to tomorrow. the clothes will be out tomorrow, together with the special feature of the month - my bintan grey piece! have fun!

Friday, September 21, 2007

blueberry night

oh how glad i am to be home! there is a lot of people everywhere i go. this afternoon, i went to kowloon tung for a meeting with the web people. the mtr station is near a university, so at around 5pm when i left, it was jammed with students. i had to squeeze into the train. then i alighted at causeway bay, which is again, as usual, packed with people. but becos i live in happy valley, to get home, i usually have to get to cwb to take a 3min tram home. by the time i am on the tram, my head is throbbing like crazy.
kym is off to his war game tonight. i am going to work. but now i am going to take a nice long shower, then put on my eye mask, eat some blueberries (heard that they improve eyesight, my eyes are so tired lately from working too much on the computer), and update leekeng on this afternoon's meeting. i desperately need to sleep early tonight. ok you guys have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The grey piece

hi there, some of you have asked about the grey dress (see photo below) i wore in bintan, yes, it is a kyurii item. however its new and we have not featured it yet. i really love it. i wanted to wear it only after its launched but i can't resist! it seems like the perfect piece to wear over my bikini to the beach. completing the look with big shades and flip flop and a straw hat. so i sneaked it out of our storeroom before i left for bintan. hee.
for those who also like it, keep a look out! its coming up this weekend, as a special item of the month!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

back to work, with a big smile

i keep sneezing yesterday and today, the pollution is bad in hk. oh i miss the trees in singapore, and the blue skies. this morning, i went to the starbucks near my place for my brunch, had a sherperd pie and coffee, and did a little reading. one of my favourite way to start a day! i feel really energetic after this trip, even though i look a little tired. you know i was doing some re-shoots this afternoon, and was horrified by my dark circles as i went through the photos! i usually dun do much photoshoping to my face, but i guess this time i really need to stamp my dark circles away. hehe.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Kyurii news!

hello to those who had written in, we had gone through all your emails and resumes! THANK YOU! we are really thrilled with your enthusiasm. for those we have shortlisted, you should be hearing from leekeng soon! as for the rest, we would be keeping your personal information for future references. we are really happy that from this recruiting exercise, we got to know some of you better. leekeng and i talked about maybe one day, we should have a kyurii tea party so that we can all meet up, it would be great fun!
if you guys have any things you want to ask us or share with us on kyurii or fashion or anything else, feel free to keep the emails coming or leave comments on this blog, we would be most happy to hear them out.
oh we are currently in the midst of doing a proper website, which we hope to complete by the end of this year, so if you have any suggestions or things you would like to see within the website, please email us! ok thats all for tonight. see you tmr!

villa 121

i am glad we went to bintan. it was the only day where we could really rest and do nothing. if not it will be another day of activities in singapore. our stay at the banyan tree was great. we booked a seafront villa but upon arrival, they upgraded us to the villa-on-the-rocks, which is bigger and more secluded. it was so near to the sea, if there was a tsunami, we will be doomed. its a little scary at night as it was so dark.

love the private outdoor jacuzzi! great for skinny dipping under the stars. and also love the sea-facing sunken shower (below). i had to experience taking a shower looking at the sea but didnt have the courage to go all naked despite the assurance from our host that we were staying in one of the most secluded villas (villa 121 berak) in banyan tree, its totally private. in the end, i decide to bath in my bikini.
you just have to dial 0 and the buggy will arrive outside to drive you to the other parts of the resort. and kym aspires to be one of the buggy drivers. it was the perfect setting for a game of othello. thanks leekeng for sponsoring the othello set. yeah! i won!!

we were given korean leaftlets when we arrived. Mr Ma Kym Han does sound rather koreanish. this guy even asked us if kym is an artiste. hahaha funny! i think this comment must make him feel rather good about himself.
kym's 'rain' impersonation on a deserted stage on a deserted part of the beach. phew. the beach is really nice...... after a peaceful afternoon nap under the gentle sun, we started taking goofy photos again! super 'bo liau'.

ok i shall end this blog with a sexy photo of kym. hahahaha dun puke.

my holiday is over

i am back in hk, after spending 16 days in singapore. the first 10 days was work, work and work! but the last 6 days was great fun! i brought kym around, or rather my frens brought us around. i felt like i am half a tourist. so many new things happening. i finally went to the new esplanade, the revamped clarke quay, saw the merlion, went to the night safari and the day zoo (kym is crazy over animals, now he is saying he wants to go night safari again, we arrived late). my favourite animal, the pygmy hippo!! i am thinking if i should adopt one at the zoo, to help the conservation as there are only less than 3000 in the world. there are 3 in the zoo, this is the photo of the baby one. excited over the emu, as he is australian. so ok understandable. kym showing off his well-coordinated boxer with mr. leopard and the bin. he actually urges me to shoot these photos for him. i really wonder if he really planned to wear that pair of boxer to the zoo or it was just a we also wanted to go dempsey, sentosa for 'cafe del mar' but had no time. just too rush. we only managed to do clarke quay, clubbed at MOS till 4am in the last nite. first time i saw kym danced, haha! we really had a great time at the main arena. the hip-hop room smoove is also good! but rather disappointed with the music they were playing and the room is rather stuffy. i really love dancing! especially when its done once in a blue moon and you just let yourself loose on the dance floor! luckily the next day our flight was at 3pm. i wish i had taken some photos there. i brought kym to bedok to try out some local fare, first time for him to try chwee kueh and soon kueh, and my favourite fish soup! yummy! wish we have it here in hk. me (in my 'open your heart' tshirt plus the new kyurii skirt coming up next week, sorry its blocked by the table) pigging out with my fren in east coast. oh look out for me if you guys happen to flip through juice mag, they shot us when we were in orchard. then outside heeren we were approached by some fashion students for a photo. i was wearing my new kyurii top (coming up next month) and the black leggings from last weekend's collection. after that, we headed for leng's house to play with baby shahn. how fast she grew from the last time i saw her. it should be a wonderful trip for kym. his 3 big-time hobbies are all accomplished in this trip. he loves to observe animals and play with babies and look at pretty gals (so many of them in MOS). oh and also he loves the beach, we went to bintan. and as for me, i feel i know singapore much better this trip. yeah!!!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

KYURII SEP B preview!

say something with your t-shirts! we love slogan tees this week. the clothes will be out tomorrow!

Preview for SEP B will be up tomorrow!

just got back from clarke quay. met up with some of my ex-tkgs classmates for drinks. some of them i haven't seen since secondary 4! even though we were in a rather noisy environment to really chat, but the brief catch up was still great! clarke quay has changed so much.. i feel a bit like a 'mountain tortoise'. hahaha.
btw this weekend, we will be launching a small new collection! look out for the preview coming up here tomorrow! goodnight!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Kyurii Team

good morning! a big THANK YOU to all those who wrote in to us. your enthusiastic responses have been very encouraging. we shall be replying to you real soon.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Want to be part of the Kyurii Team?

hello how is everyone? we are currently looking for a person (base in singapore) to help us with some kyurii work on a part-time basis. if any of you are interested to be part of the kyurii team, please email us at and title it: Kyurii Team. we look forward to hearing from you soon! : )

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Kyurii Fall SEP A /07 sneak preview!

hello girls! kyurii is back! the new fall collection has just arrived! this season we love bold and bright colours! jade green, purple, yellow, magenta, we love them all! contrast them with solid black or grey to make a bold statement. we have included a mixture of tops, dresses, cardigans and leggings into the collection to create easier mix n match. we hope you guys like them!
see the full collection sometime tomorrow at: enjoy!