Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kyurii: NEW IN!

oops, sorry my fault, i missed out this item when i passed them over to leekeng. she will be uploading this top later today. thank you.

Kyurii: NEW IN!

good morning girls! hey we have launched the new items last nite at 10pm. sorry i wasnt around last nite to tell you about it. go to NEW IN at now to see them all!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kyurii news!

yes girls! we are launching new items soon. i am currently working on them. i will let you know the time soon! thank you! have a nice day ahead!


good morning! last nite i had a really good sleep. i came back at around 11pm. i saw that the light from my neighbour's apartment are off. it was total silence. YEAH!

last nite i went for my tues meditation class. the topic is on wisdom and there was a brief discussion about the swine flu. to have wisdom during this time, is to build up our immune system instead of constantly worrying about it. its useless becos we simply have no control over it. BUT WE DO HAVE CONTROL OVER OURSELVES, by having ample rest, eating balanced diet, lots of vitamin c, lots of water, avoid crowded places unless really necessary, exercise, do not worry too much or create unnecessary anxiety for yourself, (personally i think do not over-watch tv news, enough to know what's going on will do. when you feed yourself with so much negative news everyday, our mind will subconsciously become negative, which in turns affects our body = our health), we are doing our best to protect ourselves in a practical and realistic way.

well, its pretty much common sense yeah. but sometimes we just lose all our senses and perspective especially when we are bombarded by so much anxiety and negativity.

i am going to start a strict regime:
1. eat an orange or kiwi or some fruit everyday.
2. 8 -10 glasses of water per day. flush out all the toxins.
3. be in bed by midnight everyday which might mean cutting down on play time and being more efficient at work.

what about yours? have a think about your own anti-swine regime.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

you are beautiful just the way you are

good morning girls! how are you doing?

you know lately i have not been sleeping well becos the neighbour downstairs who just moved in, they are kind of noisy. for the past few nites around 12 plus, they talked so loud in the balcony, everyone can hear them. i was really pissed off. last nite finally i practised something which is not me, well not the usual me. the 'usual' and 'conditioned' me would be lying in bed trying to find ways to sleep, ipod, ear plugs, grumbling to myself how could they be so inconsiderate, or i will try to endure and tolerate (which i did last few nites, and the loud talking continued)

BUT last nite, i told myself I AM going to do something different. just to challenge myself. i literally had to sit there and pluck up courage and counted 3,2,1 before i stormed out of my bedroom. to keep the momentum going, i opened the bedroom door loudly, slided the door of my balcony with as much energy and noise as i can, i looked down (and that western guy was looking up straight at me) and i shouted 'hey people downstairs! can you keep your volume down! its past 12! i can hear you so clearly from here (i think the whole village can hear you! - nore sure if i said this)! i think i must look so fierce, becos he looked very shocked and scared. then i did what they always do, slam the door loudly and jumped straight into bed. after that, there was a total silence. absolute silence.

now you must be thinking i should be feeling all happy and smiling myself to sleep. but i tell you i was feeling kind of worried after i did that. 'shit, am i being too rude? maybe they are not that loud after all, maybe i should have just knocked on their door and tell them nicely, maybe they will think i am this crazy asian bitch, maybe they will.....' the list of self condemnation goes on.

i was so worried about what they would think of me. i am so timid i hate it. we are being brought up (especially asians in my opinion) that we are not good enough, with all that competitiveness in our society which started from when we are a kid in school, its no wonder we are turned up lacking self-love and self-confidence (confidence here doesnt mean oh i look confident when i did that presentation to the client, or looking pretty to feel confident. its confidence to be who you are, feel what you feel.)

well, its not too late to re-learn all these true values, TO LOVE YOURSELF. TO KNOW WE ARE GOOD ENOUGH JUST AS WE ARE. we do not have to care what others think of us. i am inspired by nick vujicic (he is from melbourne, which is also the place where i first learned from my australian classmates what it means being an individual, we are all unique). please enjoy the video below. i hope you too will be inspired.

to all the lovely girls out there, lets acknowledge the fact that we are beautiful JUST THE WAY WE ARE.
p.s. dear adeline, if you are reading, please drop a note to me. i am thinking of you.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kyurii: First Spring Flea!

hello girls! it just rained so heavily here in hk. the sky was totally dark when i went to the post office in the morning. unpredictable weather lately. my laundry which i hanged out to dry are all wet again. hahaha. anyway. YES! don't miss out our online flea starting this sunday ok! from now on, periodically every 3 months or so, we will hold a flea market on the last sunday of the month. items going at flea prices.

see you at 10pm this sunday! don't forget! there might be only 1 or 2 pcs per item. first order first delivered. have a great weekend! love you all!

Friday, April 24, 2009

i am so glad i am sitting down

hello everyone, how are you? i am TIRED! physcially. my legs are breaking. i met maurice, my regular yoga teacher on the ferry this morning (he is in lamma as well), so we took the train to the studio together AND HE WALKED SO FAST! FASTER THAN THE HONG KONGERS. (btw he is american who doesnt like it in america) imagine after the rapid walking warm up, then i have his hatha 1, then his hot flow, after that i am totally flat. then i went to collect some stocks, i am so glad to be walking at my leisure pace. but the story does not end here! when i arrived at ifc, central, i bumped into him again!!!!!!!!!!! OH NO! rapid walking again!!! just a minute ago, i was telling myself i dun care what time the ferry is, i am just going to take my own sweet time to walk to the pier. but the minute i bumped into him, my original 60km/h was accelerated to 120km/h!!! to catch that 6:40pm ferry!!

I DUN WAN THE MUSCLES ON MY LEGS (esp my calf) TO GET ANY BIGGER! i am like climbing up a hill everyday to get home, plus all the yoga poses (and he is a tough teacher), plus one day of maurice's speed walking, yes I AM TRAUMATIZED. you are so right, mauriiiiiice. i will probably go into hiding if i see him again on the ferry.

oh what a day! started the same way as it ended but it was a simple happy day. i enjoy talking to my teacher. but you have no idea how happy and grateful i am feeling right now. I CAN SIT DOWN NOW (sob sob and siping my bedtime calming yogi tea) without having to walk anymore tonite.
there will be no yoga for me tomorrow.

photos by maurice mettler. he is not only a fantastic yoga teacher, but also a great photographer. enjoy!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kyurii: TGIF today!

good morning! girls! happy friday to all! have you checked out what's the special TGIF item we have for you today?

also dun miss out, we also have this quilted shoulder bag in dark brown! go to BAGS at to order yours now!

p.s. thanks for your comments girls on my fringe, you will find out next launch if i cut it or not! hehe. : P

keep it long or short?

hello! good evening! how is your day? today i have 3/4 day of the day off. did 2 hrs of yoga then came back to lamma. i am feeling tired physically. i need to sleep early tonite. i am painting my nails now. i want pink nails now for spring. at teh same time, i am contemplating if i should cut my fringe. i had just chopped some off. am thinking if i should continue chopping it till my eyes. now its at my mouth.
anyway. have you girls check out all the new items yet?

p.s. long or short fringe?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

KYURII: This Week's Preview and launch time!

hey girls! after the fun and casual wear last week, this week we tone it down a little with a touch of office look specially for you ladies, working hard in the office. enjoy! i will let you know the launch time soon. stay tuned!

OK i just confirmed with leekeng, the new arrivals will be up on NEW IN at at 10pm TONIGHT!

p.s. here you go, joanne. hehe i could read your mind. : P

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kyurii: 0422-009 Backorder

hello girls, oh i am back. long day for me today. shoot then out to get the stocks then yoga then now home to do layouts for the next launch. anyway. YES! we got in extra stocks for this lovely dress!
however for the white ruffle front tee (item no. 0414-009), so sorry, it is totally sold out. thank you.

Kyurii: Bag Backorder!

hurry! don't miss it this time! good nite girls. talk to you tomorrow. sweet dreams!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

lamma toads

good morning! its still raining here in hk and it is cold. wet everywhere.... oh and i get to enjoy to the 'lamma toads choir' performance every nite. you know they do have the sopranos and altos, and sometimes someone will do a solo piece. its so funny. reminds me of the toad characters in the cartoon 'winds in the willows' i used to watch when i was a kid every sunday morning. haha.

yes! my tickets have arrived! i am going for the deval premal and miten concert and voice workshop in london next month. finally. been saving up for this for the whole of last year. at the same time, to visit my brother. i am so excited about the full day workshop, where there will be a lot of chanting. chant my heart out! yeah! i guess i can join in with the lamma toads when i am back. hehe.

now i need to find the cheapest ticket there. i am waiting for a promotion from any of the airlines. funny its cheaper to fly to amsterdam than to london from hk. need to work out my budget, maybe cheaper to fly to ams, bunk at my fren's place then take a train down to london. i duno. we'll see.

i am thinking maybe we can do a vintage collection for kyurii after london trip. ooh exciting!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

i can do it!

hello girls! good morning! what plans do you have this weekend? for me, i think i have to continue unpacking the boxes of clothes in the other room before my parents arrive end of this month! i am a big procrastinator when it comes to stuff like that. i have been pretending the boxes do not exist by keeping the door closed and not entering the room. hehe. : P
OK! i am just going to shut down the computer, blast some yoga music and get into that room and just DO IT! then tonight i'll have a simple, relaxed dinner with margie at the roof.
OK! i hope you girls have a fruitful and fun-filled weekend! enjoy the sun! hk is grey today.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Kyurii: NEW IN!

hey girls, i missed out these 2 items yesterday which i also like a lot in this launch. everytime spring is here, i just love light blue denim. when i saw this tube top, i just grabbed it immediately! making sure i am faster than the rest. haha. i think it will also look great with your black skinny jeans.
i love the colours on this dress, so light and refreshing. i want to name it the KYURII Dress of Spring09. hee.. you know i really feel like wearing it out to the village to buy my groceries just now but i think its a bit too much. i am not going out of lamma today you see, but i just want to wear it out of the house! the butterflies will follow me in this dress i am sure...
don't miss them! items are going fast.

OH YES! don't forget to check out which item is featured with a special price today? becos its FRIDAY today!!! go to WWW.KYURII.COM to find out now!

Kyurii: This week's Backorder

hi there! how are you today? i had a great sleep last nite after 2hr of yoga yesterday. oh i hope you all are enjoying the clothes.

this light blue denim playsuit (below) is available for backorder. please email leekeng for it. i will be collecting the stocks tomorrow so let us know soon if you are interested. thanks!

as for this V-neck one-piece (below) as well as the ruffle front detail white tee, yes we hear you. those on waiting list, to be honest, i am not sure if we can get extra stocks for them. but we will definitely try our best. we'll keep you informed. fingers crossed.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kyurii: What's in this week!

GOOD MORNING GIRLS! how is everyone feeling today? bright and lovely day over here on lamma island. after the rain yesterday, the sun is up bright and early today. birds are out looking for food, the cats are suntanning on the balcony. have you check out the new stuff? this batch, we try to do something which is simple and casual. pieces that you can just wear with your shorts or mini skirt, with a few simple plain one-pieces.
i like the sweet coral colour of this slouchy one-piece (top), it can be used as a cover up over your bikini! perfect! its time to hit the beach i need to find my bikini still within one of the boxes. create a beach look, carry a big straw bag on one side, a big bottle of mineral water, shades, flip flops, to be a little dressier, loop earrings or dangly earrings.

this lovely lace panel front detail blouse looks very japanese to me. i love it with skinny jeans and a little sling bag. keeping the hair down. maybe i would try to clip the middle part up leaving the sides long, or tie part of it up (like i did in the last launch) and try to look sweet! hahaha.

ooh... playsuits! fun! great for our younger customers! mm i think i look a bit overaged for it. hahaha! i hope it doesnt affect the way you view the item itself. hee... great for the beach too! very casual. i like it with gladiator sandals. flip flops make it a little too casual, i think. i love the light blue denim one (below).

this white ruffle blouse (below) is one of my favourite items this batch. maybe some of you noticed, i have this thing for ruffles. and on a plain tee, it just adds interest to it without us having to do anything else. i also like the scoop neck and the loose fit, it gives it a very relaxed and comfortable feeling. remember to keep the bottom simple, let the ruffles shine!
i bought this skirt becos i just love the colours! so soft and sweet. i cant find a tight tank top. actually i prefer to match it with a tighter fitting tank top to contrast with the flares of this skirt. perfect for me with not much of a bum. : )
this is another favourite of mine! very limited qty though sorry, i wasnt fast enough when competing with the other buyers. i love it with flip flops and a big shoulder bag. this would be my 2009 beach dress. drawstring can be so flattering. haha...

alright girls, enjoy!!! if you have any questions regarding styling, please email us! we will try our best to answer you. i think i still owe someone a reply. let me go check. meanwhile, have a beautiful day ahead! spreading the love, always. hugs!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kyurii: NEW IN launch time!

hi girls, the new arrivals will be up on NEW IN at by 9am TOMORROW MORNING.

to our dear students, don't forget to use the S$5 voucher if you have joined KYURII STUDENT SHOP group at facebook! those who have not joined, please do so quickly! you have only an hour more to receive the gift voucher! take me to JOIN KYURII STUDENT SHOP now.
go go go!

enjoy and sweet dreams. : )


this morning i saw many many dragonflies flying around but i still went ahead to wash my clothes. now its really raining and my clothes are wet. haha. next time i shall listen to them. nature tells us everything we need to know, if only we observe.

KYURII sneak preview!

enjoy!!! ok i have to stop blogging, stop checking emails, stop msn-ing, stop facebook and back to work to the layouts! ah!! so excited i can't focus. i need to breathe.... ok i hope you like the new background. i feel like i am exposing different parts of the house to you. ok later, hugs! : )

Kyurii: Did you miss out anything on this current launch?