Thursday, June 28, 2007

JUN C preview!!

kyurii goes japanese! for the past week, we decided to put aside our vogues and elles uk editions, and turn to the japanese fashion magazines, jille, spring, spur, mini etc. for inspiration! the one thing we had to include in this collection is one-pieces! becos its summer, and in japan, the girls wear a lot of one-pieces in summer. they look so pretty in them! so we decide to do a special feature on them. btw, 'kyurii' is actually cucumber in japanese (pronounced as 'q-li'). leekeng and i were walking around citysuper (its a supermarket) in hk last year, going through all the vegetables and fruits names in japanese and decided that cucumber sounds best. haha. well we hope that we can all look cool as a cucumber in kyurii clothes. clothes will be out this weekend.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

those were the days

ok this trip home, besides work, i get to see a lot of babies. well 3 altogether. most of my frens in singapore have all become moms. its so different as compared to my frens here in hk. but the happiest thing is i finally get to see leng's baby, shahn. she is adorable! this is a photo of us, all my closest secondary school mates from tkgs. oh still remember those days when we were just innocent 16 yo wearing our green uniform hanging around the void decks near my house after school, or we will go to the beach and do nothing or go swimming at big splash. oh those were the days. now leng is a mom. the rest of us in the photo are not. we still cant believe that she would be the first to be a mom. i am really happy for her. and this is finch, leng's cat. i love this photo. she looks like an owl. oh now i can't wait to go back in august to see lee keng's new born baby!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

back in hk

can't believe i am now back in hk. just arrived this evening. this trip back home was really all work. tired............zzzz......

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

extra stocks are in!

woo! been so busy lately. a lot of work to be done before flying back tomorrow, to get more things done in singapore. managed to get more stocks in for JUN B-2.1 and 2.2 as well as JUN B-3 and also JUN B-6 hurry, for those who missed it. ok going out for dinner now. see you all in singapore! ciao!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

KYURII JUN B preview!

hi girls! we have extended our metallic collection with a few more pieces! this week you will see some cool metallic jackets which we think are just right in the balance between being shiny trendy and being practical. we love to be a little shiny now, but definitely not going overboard with it. also, we have included a little cute metallic dress, which is great for a night out! for those who are loving the metallic, don't miss this last batch. oh yes, regarding the sold out black fitted waistcoat which we featured last week, so sorry we tried hard but they are also sold out here. however, we did find this other black waistcoat which caught our eye just a few days ago! check out JUN B-6, a knitted button front waistcoat which is of a similar cut to the last one. we hope you like it as much as we do! clothes should be out on kyurii wardrobe real soon! enjoy!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

tessy loves marc

ok this is the MJ bag that my brother gave me about 2 weeks ago. its always so nice to receive something through the mail. love the anticipation and then the 'ripping off the envelope' part. haha!really happy, even though its not a stam hobo, haha. thanks zin! anyone who is going to london should check out the new marc jacobs store at mayfair. they have many special items like this bag of mine which only costs 10 pounds! so its definitely worth a visit! if you are at MJ website, see under special items. i also like the little shiny wallets. see even tessy loves it! sleeping on it. : ( and soon, bakyim also joins in. AH!! get off my bags guys!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

have you got your metallic mini?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

MARC!!!!!!!! what happened?

ah!!! i was just going through some fashion websites, and i have to say i am SHOCKED to see the brand new slimmed down marc jacobs! OMG! he looks so different!!! check this out! this is marc jacobs Fall/Winter 07.
2007 this is crazy! he is turning into tom ford! ah!!!! i have not come to term with his latest look yet. ah... now he just looks rather good-looking, typically normal and slightly boring. oh i much prefer his goofy geeky look in 2005 which makes such a good juxtaposition to his cool clothes. now he looks like he has an overdose of LV. all polished.
ok you see actually i wanted to show you guys this MJ bag i recieved from my brother earlier, but i got all distracted by his transformation. ok i will show you my new bag tomorrow. got to sleep before 2am today. full day shoot tomorrow. oh i hope kyurii can afford a model soon... i cant do this any longer........

Monday, June 11, 2007


two Bs i want to talk about today: Bangles & Belts! i really like it when maggie wore her diamond bangles all together at the cannes. you can try it with your own mix of bangles! dun be afraid to make it DRAMATIC! really love the overall look! understated sophistication. the back is bare. really cool. and oh BIG belts are in! she wore so many outfits which are belted at the cannes. so cool! if you have any big belts hidden somewhere in your wardrobe, its time to dig them out and buckle up! here are more 'buckle up' looks from
just cavalli. my favourite of the 3 looks. missoni.

Saturday, June 09, 2007


finally finally finally after the long wait, here is a preview of kyurii JUN A! we love this selection which consists of casual pieces with metallic shine, glittery sequin and beads! dress them down with your denim. oh and also watch out for one of my personal favourite item: the waistcoat! we are featuring a fitted black one, and a tailored grey one! both are just as flexible with all your rugged tank tops and rock t-shirts! combine with your skinny jeans and put on your sandals, and that shades! there you go! also this month, we have thrown in some shiny accesories to complete the whole look! we love wearing chunks of bangles, not just one, not only two, mix them all up, broad one with narrow ones, silver and gold, textured and smooth, wear them all! like what maggie cheung did with the diamond bangles of different sizes from chopard at the cannes. ok alright girls, have fun! clothes should be up on tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

discovery n netvigator make my day

my internet has been down for the past 3 days. its really unstable, and its like impossible to get to the customer service officer through the phone!! it really gets on my nerves, especially when it inteferes with work. so i finally cannot 'tahan' anymore. today i am switched to netvigator!! and now i have free cable tv too, but only 2 channels. but it really makes me happy now that i work so much from home. i chose discovery channel which is considered 2 channels. i wanted national geographic so much too. i LOVE documentaries. anyway.
these few days i have been shooting and shooting and doing layouts and doing layouts. so don't forget to tune in this weekend for the new clothes! ok need to get back to work now. ciao! ''the weather is so xxxxing hot. under all these fur, its much cooler to sit in this position.'' - bakyim.